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19 Mom Gift Ideas for Daughters

There’s a special bond between mother and daughter. It’s a relationship that’s like no other in life. Finding the right gift for mom isn’t about the size or the price—it’s about the sentiment. This list of mom gift ideas hits all the right heart spots, from the funny to the poignant to the practical, there’s something here for daughter to make the day right.

These mom gift ideas for daughters are great! Make sure to check this list out if you are having trouble finding a unique gift for your mom.

Willow Tree Close to Me

This beautiful statue says it all. Mother is a comfort, a guide, a protector, and above all, she’s there when her little girl needs a shoulder. This gift comes in a tasteful gift box with a card ready to be personalized for birthdays or mother’s day.


Musical Jewelry Box

Sentimental moms will love this music box. Creative daughters can personalize the cover with their own message and photographs. When mom opens the box, it will play a verse of “What a Wonderful World” by jazz great Louis Armstrong. She’ll keep it on her dresser for years, and every time she opens the box she’ll think of her wonderful daughter.


Stone Sculptures

These beautiful stone sculptures make the perfect gifts for a daughter to give a mom who’s on the arty, indie, and creative side of things. They’re inspired by the African “Loving Family” theme. Each one is handmade and comes ready to display on a mantle or sideboard.


Mommy Medicine

Some moms don’t want their daughters to grow up, ever. Others can’t wait—because they know they’ll have the perfect wine-drinking partner for years to come. This gift is for the moms who fall in the latter category. Mom and daughter can have a book club of two and be perfectly happy.

Prices Vary

Pillow for Mom

Moms can’t play favorites. But every mom knows if she does it right, all her kids will think they’re the favorite. This mom gift for daughter plays the game just right: even if it’s not true, mom and daughter can exchange this sweet gift with a wink and a smile.


100 Reasons

Mom knows why her daughters need her. From day one, she provides everything in that little child’s life. As the years go by the needs change, but they’re never less important, they’re just different. This book lets mom know her daughter understands everything she’s done, does, and will do in the years to come.


Bronze Mom Frame

This gift is simple, cute, and to the point. After all, every gift every year doesn’t have to be a show-stopping blockbuster. Sometimes a simple “I Love You” with a picture is all it takes to remind mom you love her. This frame does the job and will bring a smile to mom’s face.


Suncatcher Wind Chime

This gift strikes a balance. It’s pretty without being gaudy, heartfelt without being maudlin, and sweet without being saccharine. Mom will take this out of the box and know exactly where she wants to put it right away. And whenever the wind makes the chimes jingle, she’ll remember her thoughtful daughter.


Calla Lily Print

Here’s another gift for an arty mom who doesn’t want a traditional mother’s day or birthday gift. It’s a Spanish-style calla lily print that evokes the feel of early 20th century modern art. The eight by ten print comes ready for framing on heavy cardstock.


Personalized Mason Jars

Take a minute and find the perfect quote that sums up everything you feel about mom. Take more than a minute—then write the makers of this gift and have them custom-engrave it on this pair of sixteen ounce mason jars. Mom will love them.


Thank You Necklace

This handmade pendant has an antique feel and comes with a saying that’s absolutely perfect—for the perfect mom. A thoughtful daughter can decide whether to give it as a keychain, a pin, or a necklace. Just contact the artisan and let her know. It also comes with a special quotation card to make the gift complete.


White Heart Block

Sometimes the best thing to do is get out of your own way. Don’t try to say too much. Let the gift speak for itself. This handmade heart block says everything you need to say to your mom. She’ll know at a glance you love her.

Prices Vary

Custom Mom Frame

This custom frame is perfect for the office. It’s handmade from a simple piece of cherry, maple, or walnut. It will stand the test of time. Choose your message and the artist will hand carve it into the piece. This one will become a family heirloom if you choose just right.

Prices Vary

Personalized Wallet

If mom is forever losing her driver’s license and debit cards, rectify the situation this year with this personalized leather wallet. It’s big enough to carry everything she needs when she goes out shopping and small enough to carry alone without a purse.


Funny Plaque

The family that tells it like it is knows there’s no such thing as normal. Everyone is simply their own special brand of crazy. If that describes your tribe—and everyone knows it—then this gift will make mom laugh out loud as soon as she opens it.

Prices Vary

Personalized Print

This print is a lovely way for a daughter to say “I Love You” on mother’s day, a birthday, or for no reason at all—just because. The artist offers a full color palette to choose from, and you can provide the quote or use the one she suggests. It’s up to you to make it right for mom.


“Day Off” Sweatshirt

This special sweatshirt reminds us of one particular episode of the slow-motion train wreck that was the reality show “Being Bobby Brown.” Bobby and Whitney (may she rest in peace, queen of all divas forever) check in to a posh resort for mother’s day, and Bobby surprises her with…the kids! Needless, to say, Whitney was none too pleased. She wanted the day off.


Sweet Pea Hearts

When one heart isn’t enough to express how much you love your mom—go for five. Five nail art heart pieces, set on upcycled wood and ready to hang on the wall. This one is for the mom who likes things handmade and rustic.

Prices Vary

Nesting Birds

This understated necklace is for the mom who’s not into showy or ostentatious displays, but prefers to keep things subtle. Handmade in Massachusetts, two parent birds sit on a perch with up to four baby birds. It’s made to sit right at the collarbone as a gentle reminder of love and family.


7 DIY Mom Gift Ideas for Daughters

Memory Jar

This DIY is super-easy to do but is super sweet. All you need is a mason jar, the downloadable/printable templates provided, and a little bit of ribbon or colored string for accent, and you’re in business. The idea is to fill the jar with memories from the year before, so mom can keep them close to her heart.

Ceramic Hand Dish

Dad, get your crafting hands ready. This one is perfect to make with your daughter for mom on her birthday or mother’s day. A quick trip to the craft store and an afternoon following this step-by-stpe tutorial with the little one will yield a great gift for mom.

Sleep Mask

You may have noticed that mom’s number one complaint is lack of sleep. It could be she needs the right sleep mask, made by her special little girl. This DIY uses basic sewing materials and will take under an hour to complete—and mom might finally get that rest she so deserves.

Watercolor Typography Art

For the seriously crafty daughter only. This tutorial teaches you how to make watercolor typography art so you can make amazing personalized cards and gifts—starting with the number one person on your list, your mother. Once you know how, you can use this technique for the rest of your life.

Mom and Me

Here’s another one for a youngster to make for mom on her birthday or on mother’s day—so dad, get that crafting hat back on, download the template provided and get busy. You’ll spend some quality time with your little one and end up with an oh-so-sweet gift for your lady all in one shot.

Washer Necklace

Calling all daughters who like to make jewelry: this DIY is special for you. Get out your hammer, your tools, and your creative inspiration. This DIY shows you an easy, simple way to make custom washer necklaces—the message you stamp on the washer is up to you.

Embroidered Photo Transfer

This DIY is really unique. It’s special because it combines some seriously traditional skills—needlepoint, to be specific—with modern computer skills. The instructions teach an inspired daughter how to take a mommy-and-me type photo and turn it into a classic embroidered hoop, which can be personalized in any way you like.

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