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33 Best Makeup Gift Sets EVER (seriously)

The art of makeup goes back thousands of years, to the days of the Egyptian Queens like Cleopatra. In the modern world, you don’t have to be royalty to know the secrets of makeup—a touch here, a dash there, and you’re ready for a night of partying, an evening of glamor, or maybe just another day at the office. There’s a makeup gift set on this list to meet any and all needs.

The right makeup gift set can be just the right present, and you don’t even need to wait for a holiday to give it. Some of my favorites are in this collection, as well as some new finds.

Premium Pro Set

Go all the way and get her a makeup gift set that has everything she needs. The ninety piece set from Cameo comes in a collapsible case and contains eye shadow, lip gloss, face powders, lipstick, nail polish, glitter, creams, brushes, and applicators—that’s just a start.


Smashbox Try It Set

Impress your woman with this bit of trivia: Smashbox was founded by brothers Dean and Davis Factor. That name should ring a bell. Their grandfather was Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor. Yes, he was a real man. This Try It Set has the right idea: when it comes to make up, you gotta be bold. You gotta Try It!

Prices Vary

Handmade Mineral Set

For the woman who’s not into the whole commercial beauty product scene, this makeup gift set is handmade to order and free of synthetic chemicals, dyes, fillers, and fragrances. The twelve piece kit includes all the basics like foundation, concealer, blush, and several colors of eye shadow.


Estee Lauder Makeup & Skin Care Set

This seven piece makeup gift set from beauty giants Estee Lauder has all the bases covered. You get to choose her moisturizer, anti-aging eye cream, face and neck cream, eye shadow palette, lipstick, and mascara. It’s all packed into a fashionable travel bag she can take anywhere.

Prices Vary

Cameo Premium Beauty Set

Word up! She’ll look like a secret agent—of beauty, that is—when she shows up with this aluminum train case full of the latest makeup products from Cameo. The durable comes stocked with fce powders, lipstick, lip gloss, blushes, and brushes. Cameo make up is PETA member—all products made with no animal testing.


Organic Makeup Set

If she likes all-natural products and goes absolutely giddy for organics, then you’ve found the right makeup gift set for her. This kit is custom made upon ordering and includes mascara, eyeliner, and glaze. It’s one hundred percent free of chemicals, preservatives, and all synthetic colors and fragrances.


Pro Lipliner Set

A pair of perfectly made up lips begs for the right lip liner to accent the lipstick. It marries it to the rest of the face, give the lips more definition, and makes the color pop. This set of twelve waterproof liner pencils is a great gift to complete a professional makeup kit.

Prices Vary

Stila Trust In Love Gift Set

Stila’s Trust In Love Box is designed as a way for a man to tell a woman he loves her and that he’s thinking about her all the time. Buy this makeup gift for her and she’ll have a selection of soft and sexy eye shadow, extra thick Mascara, and lip glaze to make her ready for kissing.

Prices Vary

Shany 78 Color Pro Kit

The real pros know that Shany makes top-of-the-line makeup—that’s why you find their products in film, tv, and runway modeling. This seventy-eight color kit is filled with sixty eye shadow variations, twelve highlighting and liner shades, and extras to give her a full palette to choose from.


iPhone 6 Makeup Kit

Sneaky! Since everyone is wearing skinny jeans these days anyway, there’s no room for bringing along the classic ladies compact. All anyone every brings with them when they go out is their phone—and here’s a great idea that combines an iPhone case and a mini-makeup kit. Brilliant!


BR Eye and Lip Set

She needs a complete makeup kit she can take with her on business trips—something that’s got it all, not some little halfhearted job, either. This makeup set from BR is an all-in-one palette for the eyes, lips, and face. The stylish shell case closes down into a convenient travel size.


Maybelline New York Smoke Palette

Smoking hot and sultry—va-va-voom! Guys, this is the right makeup gift set if your woman goes for the dark, mystery eyes look. It’s a limited edition kit from Maybelline that’s all about the eyes and lips. It comes with instructions so she can get that sexy New York look in no time.


Beauty By the Book

The Dynamic Duo of beauty is here—in pop star pink. This little beauty kit comes in a fashionable carrying case and contains LoveGrey’s signature ShakeDown Liquid Mineral Makeup and coordinated Sheer Finishing veil. She throws in a custom ergo-grip foundation brush and a notebook to keep track of all her style ideas.


Organic Lipstick Sampler

You’ve been waiting to exhale all this time—you can do it. We found you an all organic, noxious chemical-free way to have fabulous looking lips. Fifteen shades of goodness made from certified organic seed oils, natural waxes, and avocado butter. Now—don’t forget to inhale after you let out that big sigh of relief.


Bare Minerals Obesessions Set

This makeup gift set from Bare Minerals delivers the good with seven all-time customer favorites. It comes with their Prime Time Foundation, Mineral Veil Finishing Powder, pink Blush in Beauty, buttercup Queen Phyllis eye shadow, Volumizing Mascara, and pink Marvelous Moxie Lipstick and Rebel Lipgloss.

Prices Vary

The Beauty Book Set

Write another chapter in the your never ending Book of Love with The Beauty Book from SHANY. This set is perfect for novice makeup artists or busy women on the go. It’s chock full of fifteen lipstick creams of different colors, and thirty-six shades of eye shadow with different finishes.

Prices Vary

Shimmer Lip Set

Her lips need to shimmer and shine no matter what the occasion. This ten piece set of lipsticks—all in vibrant reds and pinks—has the right color for any event. From a night out on the town to a formal ball, from prom night to a casual dinner, these moisturizing aloe-infused sticks will keep her lips soft and lovely.

Prices Vary

Studio Brush Set

Brush up on your technique with the best set of makeup brushes on the market. Every makeup set needs a set of studio quality brushes. They’re the link between the product and your face—the interface, if you will. This set of twelve is made from natural hair so they’re long-lasting and non-irritating.

Prices Vary

Elf Essentials

It’s all about the Eyes, Lips, and Face, fellas. Women know E.L.F. as the company that delivers high quality beauty products without breaking the bank—and that’s exactly what this set of essentials does. It’s an eighty-three piece studio set that gives her all the must haves to create any look she desires.

Prices Vary

Shany All In One

Three layers of makeup are what make up this bangin’ beginner’s makeup kit. Layer One: forty five shades of matte and shimmer. Layer two: twelve pans of lip gloss, two eyeliners, a lipstick, and a mascara. The third layer: it’s all about that base!


Clinique Spring Set

Spring is right around the corner. Time to get out of the house, get out in the world and show off all that gym work you’ve done since New Year’s—because you did stick to your resolutions, we know it. This eight piece kit from Clinique will help her put the cherry on top when the weather turns warm.

Prices Vary

OPI All Stars Mini Lacquer Set

The job is not done until the nails are just right. Guys, she’ll love this makeup gift, because she’ll have ten shades of premium nail lacquer from OPI to accent her outfit, shoes, and makeup. When she settles on her favorite, you’ll know what shade to get her next time.

Prices Vary

All She Wants Lip Gloss Set

Lips are for popping! No matter what skin tone she has, no matter what event she has to get all dolled up for, she’ll find a lip gloss tone to match in this twelve piece set of minis. This set is perfect for travelling, or to have on hand for that extra accent that makes the look—you guessed it—pop.


Fit and Fabulous

Guys, don’t let them fool you: yes, they do put on makeup before they go to the gym. And if they’re running to meet you for a quick drink right after their workout, you know they touch up in the bathroom. Now that you know her secret, get her this makeup set made specifically for before and after gym-time.

Prices Vary

The Glamorous Look Eye Collection

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this makeup set is designed to give her the glamorous eyes that set souls afire. It comes with volumizing mascara, a sultry eye shadow trio, and liners to add the perfect accent. She’ll put a spell on you when she uses this one, guys.

Prices Vary

Victoria’s Secret Ultimate Bombshell Collection

She’s hot already. You know it and she knows it. Give her this gift and she’ll have the ultimate weapon in her arsenal. This all-in-one kit comes with fifty five shades of lip, cheek, and eye tricks that will take her from hot to bombshell.

Prices Vary

Nail Art Pens

Sometimes painting the nails is not enough. They need that extra touch to take them over the edge. To take them from the everyday to the sublime and the glamorous. This set of nail art pens is the final piece of the puzzle for making nails that are unique and absolutely fabulous, darling.


Aesthetica Contour Series

High fashion and low impact—it almost sounds too good to be true, but the artists at Aesthetica pulled it off. They made a fully loaded, professional contour kit that’s certified vegan, gluten-, paraben-, and animal-cruelty free. Guys, give her this makeup gift set and she can have her cake and eat it, too.

Prices Vary

MAC Touch Up Kit

No list is complete without at least one item from MAC. Every woman knows that, and we do, too. This Glamour Days touch up kit is elegant, compact, and so high class all it needs is three pieces. Give her this gift and she’ll be the envy of the ladies room—guaranteed.

Prices Vary

Violet Grey TSA Ready Kit

You want me to what? I refuse! We’ve heard of women who are so attached to their favorite makeup that they’d rather miss a flight than give up their products during TSA screening. This will never happen again with this Violet Grey TSA-approved travel makeup set.


Chanel Double The Delight Kit

She’s the definition of high fashion and beauty. She’s a legend and icon—Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. They say she freed women from corsets of the 19th century and gave them license to be themselves: beautiful in any phase of life. Guys, give her the legacy of Coco. She’s worth it.


Boxy Charm Monthly Box

Make a long-term deposit on the karma credit card, gentlemen. Get her a monthly subscription to Boxy Charm. Each month she’ll get four or five full size makeup items from high-end beauty suppliers. Her array of options will grow all year long, and you’ll be the hero.

Prices Vary

Full Professional Kit

When the professionals roll up, they don’t mess around. They bring the entire bag of tricks—or rolling suitcase full of makeup, in this case. There are simply too many products in this makeup set to mention them all. Suffice it to say that she’ll have nothing but the best, and will lack for nothing.

Prices Vary

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