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52 Adorable Llama Gifts That Will Make You Spit (With Happiness)

Everyone loves a llama, which means there’s a huge choice of gifts to choose from. We have selected a range of what we consider to be the most spit-worthy gifts that will really ‘alpaca punch’. It doesn’t matter who you’re buying for, because this collection contains everything from kawaii gel pens to adorable plush llamacorns (for those who can’t choose a favorite), and there are even some racy ladies’ undies to set pulses racing.

The most adorable gifts for llama lovers.

Llama Butler Doorstop

With impeccable manners, this super soft llama will happily hold the door open all day while looking cool and relaxed as he sits on his weighted bottom on the floor.


No Prob-llama DIY Cross Stitch Kit

Llamas are relaxing creatures to watch, what with their fluffy coats and funny little faces – ramp that relaxation up a notch with this sweet cross stitch kit to while away the time.


I Llove Llamas Coloring Book

Full of beautiful and often funny pictures just waiting to be colored in, I Love Llamas is an activity book which will appeal to lovers of these majestic creatures, however old they are.


Llama Night Light

Playroom, bedroom, or even quirky living room, this cute llama nightlight will cast a homey glow over the surroundings, and can stand on a table or hang on the wall.


Llama Destroys the World Book

With fun repetition and delightful illustrations, Llama Destroys the World is the perfect book for bedtime as young readers tag along on Llama’s hilarious adventures which result in a big, black hole.


The Llama Mug

What a wonderful way to start the day! Give someone the gift of calming chamomile tea, served in this charming and perennially happy llama mug, complete with his colorful blanket.


Douglas Zephyr Llama Plush Stuffed Animal

Most llama gifts feature animals with snow white fur, but this lifelike plush sports a coat of shaggy gray wool, along with beautiful long eyelashes and gorgeously stitched facial features.


Only You Can Prevent Drama Shirt

Showing them that they are responsible for their own outcome, this tee features the now-famous slogan about llamas, drama, and why it’s down to them to make sure it doesn’t happen.


Pikmi Pops Giant Pajama Llama Stuffed Animal

Move over drama llama, there’s a new kid in town! Pajama Llama is a giant stuffed plush which folds into a popcorn box, and pops out of her sleeping bag and into pajamas.


Llama Flannel Handmade Scarf

Made from cozy gray flannel, this adorable infinity scarf comes in different sizes to suit toddlers right up to adults, and is covered in THE cutest all over white llama design.


Llama Gel Pens

Make boring homework a thing of the past with these jolly kawaii gel pens, which contain black ink and are designed to look like darling llamas in 4 pastel colors.


Llama with Treats

Delight a loved one with a tasty treat for their next birthday or Valentine’s Day. This cuddly creature comes with delicious cookies, including frosted buttercream, chocolate chip, and decadent devil’s food.


Llama Head Pens

Choose from gray, yellow, white, and pink for this super cute llama pen, which is based on the sweetest kawaii design and holds black gel ink for super smooth writing.


Zen Llama Garden Sculpture

Add some charm to the garden by positioning one of these solid cast stone meditating llamas – which comes in 2 different sizes – in their favorite outdoor spot.

$35.00- $69.00

Llama Card Game

Suitable for 2 – 6 players, this fast paced card game is harder than it looks as players must play, pick, or quit the game in order to lose all of their markers first.


Furry Llama Pillow

While getting up close and personal with a real life llama might not be that easy, cuddling up to one is, with this super soft pillow which sports cotton and faux fur.


A Couch for Llama

This book will become a family favorite as readers join the Lago family in buying a new couch, only to lose it to a llama who discovers the joys of home furnishings.


GUND Cotton Candy Plush Stuffed Llamacorn

If you can’t decide between a unicorn gift and a llama gift, why not choose both, with this adorable Cotton Candy Llamacorn, with its beautiful shimmery horn and rainbow hooves and tail?


Spit Happens Llama Wish Bracelet

We all know in life that spit happens, so let them hedge their bets by wishing on this sweet llama bracelet which, when the string breaks, will make their secret wish come true.


Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch

If you’re searching for a sweet llama gift, this pretty zippered pouch will fit the bill. Made from a delightful aqua cotton, the curious woolly animal is decorated in yellow and Mediterranean orange.


Llama Lap Warmer

A genuine llama might not be that cool to cuddle, but this lap warmer will heat up the coldest of days. Just pop it in the microwave for a soothing cold-weather companion.


Pets Alive Boppi The Booty Shakin Llama

Dancing divas are everywhere, even in the animal kingdom as the adorable Booty Shakin’ Llama shows. With three awesome songs included, this llama will work that twerk to perfection.


Rosa Vila Llama Necklace

If cuddly toys aren’t quite what you’re looking for, how about giving her this cute stainless steel origami llama pendant – which hangs on a 17” chain – instead?


Hand Drawn Llama Earrings

These earrings are absolutely adorable! Made from surgical steel, this pretty pair have been hand drawn with colored pencils before being sealed within a clear resin dome and set onto stainless steel posts.


Giant Crocheted Llama

Standing almost 18” tall and just under two foot long, the gorgeous Yolanda has been hand crocheted, and comes with her own blanket which can be created in any colors you like.


No Drama Llama Coffee Mug

Imagine how much fun it would be to drink coffee from this cool mug! With a head and neck making up the handle, this ‘No Drama Llama’ mug makes an awesome birthday gift.


Lana The Llama Who Wants To Be A Unicorn

We all wish we were something we’re not, even Lana the llama, who wants to be a unicorn. This beautiful book follows her as she discovers that she’s perfect, just the way she is.


Yarn Llama Kit

If they can’t have a pet llama, they can at least make one instead. This kit contains everything needed to create, wrap, and accessorize their own little llama at home.


Llama Planter

Small but perfectly formed, this planter has been created in the shape of a llama and has been texturized to look like fur – the perfect size for a succulent or other small plant.


Fa-La-La-Llama Enamel Pin

Even the woolliest of llamas need a little something extra to keep them warm in the winter, like a pretty pink scarf; this sweet enamel pin shows exactly how it’s done.


Alpaca Llama Hooded Blanket

There are worse things to be than a llama! Cute, cuddly, and loved by all, now they can channel their inner alpaca with this warm and cozy hooded blanket.


Llama Cookie Cutter

If they eat, drink, and sleep llamas, this cookie cutter will make at least one of the three a lot easier as it comes in the shape of a sweet little alpaca.


Llamaste Tank Top

Bow to the divine in her by presenting her with this totally awesome racer back tank top, which features a meditating llama along with the spiritual greeting of ‘llamaste’.


Llama Spa Kit

Llamas and birthday cake – what more could a girl ask for? This gift set contains llama-themed bath products which have all been infused with the sweet smell of a celebration sponge.


Craft-tastic I Love Llamas Kit

Let’s face it, when it comes to llamas, one is never enough. This kit comes with six incredible projects – including a headband, stuffie, and pom bracelet – all based around the theme of alpacas.


Llama Llama's Little Library

Llamas have little faces which appeal to young and old, and this box set contains 4 sweet bedtime board books which include Llama Llama Wakey-Wake, and Llama Llama Nighty-Night.


TOMS Redondo Llama Loafer Flat

Every pair of these incredibly cool TOMS shoes will buy another pair to be donated to a child in need, and what’s more, they’re covered in blue, gray, and white llamas!

Prices Vary

Recycled Glass Llama Nightlight

This stunning glass nightlight looks amazing during the day, but once night falls and it’s switched on, the colors in the recycled glass come to life in a sweet llama silhouette.


Men's Llama Socks

These sweet socks will add a touch of fun under even the most sombre of suits, thanks to the adorable llama faces peeping out from the side of his ankles.


Umbra Zoola Llama Chrome Ring Holder

A llama can carry up to 75lbs on its back, but this one holds a much more precious cargo as its been created in shining chrome to hold her most treasured rings.


Llama Shaped Cake Baking Set

Llama-mad little ones will cook up a storm in the kitchen with this 12” silicone cake mold, which also comes with a squeezable frosting bottle, 4 tips, and a recipe leaflet.


She's a Bad Mama Llama Shirt

Let her show her true colors by wearing this uber cool t-shirt; with the bada*s mama llama on the front sporting a red bandana, it will show everyone she means business.


Llama Chia Pet

Chia seeds are good for your health, and woolly mammals are good for the soul – put them together in this sweet llama pottery planter which sprouts a lush, edible coat.


Llama Bathtub Art Print

Arriving ready to frame, this print will make a fab addition to the home of any animal lover you know, because what could be funnier than a llama in the bath?


Llamas Journal

The lightly-lined pages in this notebook are perfect for both writing and drawing, and there is also a handy inside back pocket for holding photos, tickets, and other scraps of paper.


Gold Llama Acent Lamp

We’ve seen llamas with packs on their backs, but never an entire lamp! This one is cast in resin and steel and finished in a stylish matte gold with an on/off cord switch.


Larry the Llama Doormat

Who wouldn’t want to be greeted at the door by a hardworking llama? This coir mat, with its adorable basket-carrying llama in blue and yellow, will make a beautiful ‘welcome’ change.


Llama Llama Red Pajama

The delightful rhyming text and beautifully whimsical illustrations make Llama Llama Red Pajama a stunning book for bedtime reading, and will have young readers coming back again and again.

Prices Vary

Soludos Velvet Llama Sneaker

Utterly adorable, these velvet slip on sneakers will make anyone fall in love as the brown and white llamas on the uppers are joined by a pair of little pink hearts.


Llama Face Panties

Add a little llama to her lingerie with a fun pair of novelty panties, which sport a life sized alpaca face and pointy ears printed on both the front and the back.


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