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11 Last Minute Gifts for Mom

Despite all your best intentions, you’re left it to the last minute. Shame on you! Okay, now that the obligatory guilt is done—it is a mom list ya know—we’ve got you covered. Take a quick peek at this short list of last minute gifts for mom. Save the day. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

These are some really great last minute gifts for mom when you are in a pinch.

Gardening Tools and Organizer

Our internal surveys conclude that nine out of ten happy moms love to spend time in the garden. Further data suggest that children who give mom gardening supplies for Mother’s Day or their birthday are the best kids ever. You can do it. You can be that good child.

Prices Vary

Wine Accessory Kit

Now we’re talking. Wine is a good icebreaker, it’s a good way to smooth things over, it’s good with almost any food you can name, it’s good—let’s just stop right there and say it: wine is good. This nine piece wine kit will turn mom from an amateur into a pro in an instant.

Prices Vary

French Press

Give your dear old mom a taste of coffee beyond Maxwell House and Mr. Coffee: a French Press. These simple devices make delicious fresh coffee that’s light years better than drip. The best part about them is they’re as good as espresso but much less hassle.

Prices Vary

Infuser Water Bottle

Give your mom the gift of awesome healthy juicing this year. She’ll think you’ve been planning this one for months. This juicer was rated as “The Best Juice of 2015.” She’s been talking about eating and drinking healthy—now she’s got the chance.

Prices Vary

Oven Mitts

This is the ultimate practical, last minute gift for mom. Be strategic with this one, though: you have to know your mom. There are some who will absolutely love this gift for any occasion. Others, however, will look right through you and say “You got this on the way over, didn’t you?”

Prices Vary

Satin Sleep Mask

Mom deserves a rest. Give it to her with this satin sleep mask. She can slip it on and drift away. The magic thing about this sleep mask is that it’s also noise cancelling—or at least if you conspire diligently enough, the two of you can convince your dad she can’t hear him when she’s wearing it.

Prices Vary

Engraverd Wine Glass

Get her this wine glass and a bottle of quality wine to go with it, and mom will pretend she doesn’t know you got it at the last minute. All that really matters is you got the gift. And if you can show up to give her a hug, tell her you love her, and share a glass, everyone wins.

Prices Vary

Kolumbo Travel Umbrella

What is it about umbrellas? Are they with all of the left socks and Tupperware lids? Lost in some bizarre domestic black hole that not even our most advanced scientists can identify, much less explains? Your mom needs and umbrella. We all need a new umbrella: it’s a default part of being alive.

Prices Vary

Emergency Sewing Kit

Mom needs a sewing kit for her purse, her car, and to take out on her adventures traveling out in the world. This one comes with scissors, measuring tape, safety pins, buttons, needle threaders, a seam ripper, and twelve spools of thread. Mom will be all set for patching up clothes on the go.


Slow Cooker

This cooker is pretty amazing: it’s a slow cooker, a steamer, a rice cooker, a browner, a yogurt maker, a warmer, and a canner all in one. Give this to mom this year so she can make healthy foods of all sorts. It cooks quickly and locks in all the natural vitamins and minerals for optimum taste and satisfaction.

Prices Vary

Looking Glasss Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds appear out of nowhere and bring moments of joy. Then they disappear just as quickly, but they leave a good feeling in our hearts. This avant-garde looking glass bird feeder will bring joy and positive vibes to your mom’s life and garden.


5 DIY Last Minute Gifts for Mom

Asparagus Flower Vase

We’ve got a great last minute DIY gift you can throw together in about ten minutes. All you need is an old coffee can, two pounds of asparagus, two rubber bands, a ribbon, and the flowers of your choice. If your mom loves vegetables and flowers, this one will win the day.

MUM Wall Art

We think it’s cute the way the English call their moms “Mum.” If you agree, then you can make this beautiful piece of home décor that spells it out. The steps are easy to follow and you can embellish it as much as your taste, and the time you have to make it, allows.

Flower Wreath

Make your mom a springtime flower wreath using basic materials you can find at any craft store. You don’t need special skills for this—if you can cut flowers out of colored paper and pin them to a Styrofoam ring, then you’ve got the skills. Mom will love this colorful gift.

Beaded Bracelet

This artsy tutorial combines the idea of a friendship bracelet with craft of beading to make a one-of-a-kind gift mom will really appreciate. You’ll need to start a day ahead of time—this is a last minute gift, not a last second gift—and choose the thread and beads just right to make a color scheme you know will win your mom’s heart.

Last Minute Printables

Okay, so this one is totally a last second DIY gift. It’s so last second you can make it in five minutes and your mom will never be the wiser. You’ll need a frame, a computer, and a printer—that’s it. And if you’re really pressed for time, then just take a frame down off the wall, use it for mom, and replace it for yourself later.

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