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38 Kindergarten Graduation Gifts (+ DIY Graduation Gift Ideas)

Kindergarten is a tough year. You’ve got to figure out all the letters and their sounds. You start putting those things together and making words of your own. The whole time you have to pay attention to your handwriting and make sure you don’t go above or below the lines. All that stress finally paid off and that wonderful ankle biter is now officially a student and will be starting the first grade soon. Here are some great ways to congratulate your kindergartener, inspire them to keep learning, and have a little fun at the same time.

That special little guy or girl has finally learned all their numbers and letters and everything else they have to master before nap time. Here are some great ways to say congratulations and still give them a cool gift they will actually use.

College Fund Piggy Bank

For that wunderkind that can’t get enough learning, they might need to start saving for college. Harvard is already over $50,000 a year and in another 12 years, who knows how much it will cost. It’s never too soon to start saving and this little piggy bank will help them get their priorities straight right now.

Prices Vary

Monster Pop Molds (penguin/robot/dino)

These popsicle molds can make wonderful treats that parents and kids alike will love. Mom’s will love that they can make treats from great juice and kids will love the popsicles without understanding the nutritional value. The kids can choose from monsters, penguins, robots, or dinos to name a few. Just choose the right mold for the right kinderconqueror and you’re on your way to plenty of smiles.


My First Microscope

Kindergarten is about learning how to learn. Now, it’s time to take it to the next level and actually learn a few things on their own. Science is the most basic form of fun. Science is everything from flowers and trees to pets to dirt. With a microscope, the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect blend of toy and education.


Crayola Creativity Tub

After Kindergarten, there are about 12 weeks of summer vacation. What better way to unwind from all that complicated learning than to color, paint, and draw. This kit includes everything they need to let their creativity run wild. This gives mom and dad a break from the constant energy bundle of an unoccupied 6 year old, too.


Magnetic Building Blocks

This is an original spin on an old toy: Magnets. Magnets are a toy on their own. This set of magnetic building blocks will help develop those essential STEM skills that are growing even more important these days. Youngsters will get to delve into engineering on their own for the first time since learning how to activate those brain juices.

Prices Vary

Lafcadio by Shel Silverstein

Kindergarten is the beginning of the education system. We mark this by having a small graduation ceremony that symbolizes their graduation from little kid to big kid. Over 50 years ago, Shel Silverstein wrote the first of many children’s books that he would pen in his life.

Prices Vary

A Treasury of Curious George

Curious George was one of the original characters for kids to enjoy. This book gathers many of the beloved stories of the Man in the Yellow Hat and George that everyone loves. This is a great time for little ones to start reading on their own and Curious George can supply that opportunity better than many of the mindless characters and heroes you’ll find at the local book store.

Prices Vary

Wooden Writing Table

This is a fun twist on a writing table. Instead of using this space to write stories on paper, kids get a chance to experiment with visual storytelling which will reinforce their writing and storytelling skills. Parents will appreciate this down the road so they don’t have to hear the same repetitive things over and over.

Prices Vary

Balancing Barnyard Playset

This sort of toy is often something that would be outgrown by 5 or 6, but this is actually a puzzle game that can challenge even some of the more advanced kids in this group. At the same time, they can review some of their knowledge of animals. As an added bonus, they could put these under the microscope for some closer investigation.


Picasso Tiles

These tiles are great. Parents might have more fun playing with these things than kids. The price seems a bit high but when you get your hands on these things, you’ll realize quickly that these tiles could easily replace a night out while still allowing the entire family to hone their STEM skills.


Rory’s Story Cubes

These die are like none other. This is not a typical dice game. These cubes have multiple play methods, too. Kids can use these with friends or on their own. They can use this as practice for telling stories or for writing creative fiction. Either way, the fun never stops with a relative infinite number of possibilities. There are several special dice sets available.

Prices Vary

EMIDO Brain Flakes

Brain Flakes can link together to create just about anything. These flakes are designed for kids, but can definitely become a whole family activity. The possibilities are as limitless as the user’s imagination. There will no doubt be hours of enjoyment with these wonderful little flakes.

Prices Vary

SainSmart Tetris Cube

A throwback to the 80s classic video game, this brain teaser links those famous blocks in a 3D cube. The most gifted among us will tinker with this little toy for hours. This is another way for kids to refresh those STEM skills and to focus on problem solving instead of letting all that newfound brain power go to waste.

Prices Vary

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks

The original linked building block is still a great gift. Chances are, a kindergartener is used to using Mega Blocks or the Lego Duplo brand of blocks. You could be introducing this youngster to their very first Lego kit. Skip the themed sets and go for the creativity unlocking, STEM mastering original Lego kit.


Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, there are many youngsters that spend their free time buried in tablets and never get to experience some of the simplest things that life has to offer. Give this child the chance to express themselves through art… or just experiment and make a mess.

Prices Vary

That’s Gross! Science Lab

Science is the most fun subject for kids to explore and it will likely be the first one they really get into on their own. This science kit takes the gross out factor and runs with it. The good news is that everything they make they can actually eat. It’s all just sugary junk, but at 6, kids can afford the empty carbs.


4M Tin Can Robot

Nothing says, “Welcome to the future” quite like giving someone their very own robot. This isn’t the most complex robot, but with the robot uprising due any day now, you may want to stick with this little innocent guy instead. He’s a real functional robot and teaches the importance of recycling and repurposing common products.


20 DIY Kindergarten Graduation Gift

Paper Toys

A great gift to throw in with a graduation package is some handmade paper toys. These toys are a throwback to simpler times. Include some blank paper and markers so kids can learn to create their own paper toys to make an entire scene.

Football Toss Game

If you’ve got a little spare plywood lying around the garage, consider turning some of it into a game. With a little bit of planning and elbow grease, you can make a great outdoor activity that will encourage a more active lifestyle now. This could be modified to be a baseball or soccer game if that is more appropriate for your special graduate.

Sock Dragon

Surprise your little graduate with a bit of mystical magic by gifting them with this adorable sock dragon! Its bright colors and cuddly body make it a great toy for any child, and will ignite their summer imagination after a long year at school. Keep in mind, this sewing pattern is a tad more challenging.

Pillow Play Shield

If your child loves imaginative play and dressing up this pillow play shield is a great graduation gift for them. They can have the ultimate pillow fight when armed with this pillow shield and a foam sword. Step by step instructions are provided, and it is a relatively easy pattern.

Captain America Shield

If your child has a special stuffed animal or doll in their life, this adorable Captain America shield would make a great gift for their buddy. This little surprise will show that even their stuffed animal gets to celebrate your child’s graduation with them. It is perfect for any little super heroes.

DIY Checkers Game

If you have a child who loves board games, treat them to a personalized checkers game for their graduation. Checkers is a great game for exercising the brain, and you can customize this one specifically for your little graduate. If you have spare plywood and easy access to the craft store, this DIY is perfect.

Dump Truck Floor Pillow

This awesome dump truck pillow makes a great place for your child to sit down to read. Keep them learning by giving them a comfortable space to explore books and work on projects. This is a wonderful sewing project and a great gift for your new graduate.

Travel Lego Box

Now that school is over and your little one has graduated, this travel Lego box makes the perfect gift as you embark on summer adventures with your child. Let their creativity travel with you as they build anywhere you go. All you need is a flip top box, a Lego ground piece, and some paint.

Honeycomb Crayons

Crayons are a timeless gift for children. Why not take it one step further and create personalized crayons for you little graduate. These honeycomb crayons will look awesome while they color and inspire them to use their imagination while they create. You could also get whatever mold you like. The possibilities are endless.

Crochet Puppy

Let’s be honest; everyone loves puppies! This crochet puppy is adorable and makes a great surprise for your kindergarten graduate. For anyone who is handy with crochet needles this is a great pattern to make for your child. It even comes with its own leash! This pattern may seem long, but the puppy is small.

Art Journal

Inspire your new graduate to continue creating with this wonderful art journal. This journal is great for drawing on the go. There are several pockets so your child can keep whatever they need in it, such as pencils, a notepad, or even stickers. This is a great gift for the young artist.

Giant Lawn Dominoes

Now that summer has started, give your child a cool outdoor toy to celebrate their graduation and end of the school year. You can create this gift with some two-by-four’s, wood stain, and chalk paint. This DIY does require a saw, so be prepared to use one to cut your dominoes to length.

Penny Pocket Pillow

This quick and easy sewing pattern makes a great DIY pocket pillow to gift your child with. It gives them a small space to keep their journals, books, treasures, and more. You could go so far as to use a fabric with a graduation design to really show your kindergarten graduate how proud you are.

Donut Shoes

Everyone loves new shoes, and your young graduate is no exception. These donut shoes are a super easy and awesome DIY for any shoe loving child. With some fabric paint and a little bit of time, you can create custom donut sprinkle shoes for your child to explore summer in.

Apple Pouch

This zippered apple pouch is a great gift for your little graduate. It gives them a place to keep all of their change or anything small that they like to carry around. It’s also great for school, because they can keep their lunch money in it. This DIY requires sewing and creates a sturdy pouch.

School Bus Bookshelf

There’s a good chance your little graduate really enjoyed school and is sad to see it end. This adorable school bus bookshelf is a great gift to keep them in the school spirit while encouraging them to read and learn. This project requires a few different saws to create and isn’t that hard to build.

Leather Piggy Bank

Encourage your graduate to save their change with this cute leather piggy bank. You will need some leather, a craft knife, and patience for this DIY, but it is worth it. Continue your child’s learning by helping them understand math while they save up for their future or the next toy.

Stuffed Balloon Animal

Congratulate your graduate with this whimsical stuffed balloon animal. Balloon animals themselves are pretty awesome, so why not create one that will last and that your child can cuddle. You’ll need yarn, a sewing machine, and hand needles to create this super unique stuffed animal. There is also a version for a larger size.

Mini Fringe Purse

If your graduate is really into fashion or just loves purses, this mini fringe purse is a great gift. It requires virtually no sewing skills and is made of faux leather. The purse looks amazing and gives your child their own bag to carry things in. Plus, the fringe is super fun to play with.

Play Suitcase

Now that your child has graduated kindergarten, they will be spending a lot of time at home with summer beginning. Give them a place to exercise their imagination at to celebrate their graduation. This play suitcase has four different scenes to spark your child’s creativity. Grab an old suitcase and get working.

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