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23 Best Kids Box Clothing Subscriptions of 2019

Finding new and exciting clothes for our kids can be really tough. They want to be up to date with the latest fashions and sometimes this comes at a cost. Have you ever thought about trying a kids clothing subscription box? Delivered monthly, you’ll find items inside, which are up to date and cheaper than retail price.

Diy Mock Suspenders

StichFix for Kids

Clothes shopping with kids can be a nightmare, so do it on their own territory with a subscription box which sends 8-12 cool pieces of clothing for them to try before they buy.

Prices vary

Say It With a Sock

With no pressure to order every month, the Sock of the Month Club will post a fancy schmancy pair of socks in graphics or patterns (or both) to brighten up the dullest of days.

Prices vary

The Collective Child

With nothing to pay upfront, Collective Child will supply your kid with handpicked clothes, shoes, and accessories based on the initial questionnaire, for him or her to try before you buy.

Prices vary


Sign up to the Fabkids VIP program and receive up to 40% off retail price plus early access to new clothes. Shop the site and choose styles you know your child will love. Once a month, you’ll be sent an email with chosen outfits for your child and you decide whether to keep them or skip that month.

Prices vary

Kids on 45th

Save the planet as well the pennies with this kids clothing subscription box which offers nearly new clothes at up to 90% off the original price, tailored towards your child’s needs and size.

Prices vary

Panda Pals

Socks will never be boring again when you buy a subscription to Sock Panda, which will deliver two pairs of fun socks, along with a hidden surprise, every single month.

Prices vary

Izzy and Liv

With items selected especially for Brown Sugar Girls, this subscription box will ship out every quarter to give her a host of clothing and accessory items which are perfect for the approaching season.

Prices vary


Kids outgrow their clothes so quickly, so why pay the full price when you can buy gently-loved items for a fraction of the cost? Relovable can kit them out while saving the planet.

Prices vary

Choulala Box

Fostering independence while also being more eco-friendly, the Choulala Box provides a more capsule wardrobe for boys and girls which will teach them self-dressing and confidence right from the start.

Prices vary

Tiny Hands

Give a sweet (and sometimes savory) treat to a jewelry loving girl every month with Tiny Hands, the company behind these adorable food related necklaces which look good enough to eat.

Prices vary

Nike Adventure Club

From once a month to once a quarter, your child can have a pair of Converse or Nikes delivered directly to the door, along with suggested adventures which are tucked into the box.

Prices vary

Wee Blessing

With up to 60% off the retail cost, each of the 3-4 outfits included in every delivery come on a ‘try before you buy’ basis, so you can both be sure you love them.

Prices vary

Little Bookish Wardrobe

An incredible way to bring reading to life, every month your child will receive an exciting book with a costume he or she can wear to be just like the story’s character.

Prices vary

Petite Princess Box

With a new theme every month, your Petite Princess subscription box will include at least 4 items that are designed for young royals in training, such as accessories, toys, and maybe even a tiara.

Prices vary

Why and Whale

With unique and unusual items that can’t be found in stores, Why and Whale fill their boxes with awesome small-business toys, clothing, and accessories that will delight both kids and parents alike.

Prices vary

Rockets of Awesome

You can review and approve what’s included in your box before it even arrives. Fill out a style profile for your kid and then wait for the approval email to drop. Once you’ve approved the items, the box will land on your doorstep and if your kid doesn’t like them all, you can return them for free.

Prices vary


This is a must have subscription box for your daughter. Fill out a style profile together, telling Kidpik about the colors, styles and patterns she likes and they’ll do the rest. She’ll receive 7 mix and match pieces, enough to put together 3 brand new outfits.

Prices vary


This subscription box for kids is available with no monthly requirement. You can order a box for your children as and when you need them. Your kids can try on the items and if they like them, pay for them. If they don’t, send them back free of charge.

Prices vary

Twinkle Clothes

It couldn’t be easier to sign up to this kids clothing subscription box. All you have to do is fill out a style survey for your child and Twinkle will do the rest. You’ll be billed monthly and your box will take between 7-10 days to arrive.

Prices vary


Receive 3 handpicked cotton outfits for your brand-new bundle of joy each month inside this subscription box. There’ll be one for playtime, naptime and a fun day out. All the outfits are made from normal or even organic cotton, which won’t irritate or hurt your gorgeous new baby’s skin.



Suitable for newborns right up to 12 year olds, this subscription box for kids will contain 4 outfits put together just for your child. Based on the style profile you fill out, they’ll receive hand picked outfits just for them at 40-60% off retail price. And if they love everything, you’ll get a 10% discount.

Prices vary

Baby Tote Box

As well as being personalized to your baby’s gender, this subscription box also takes into account their development stage. Available from newborn to 24 months, choose from two boxes and receive items such as a personalized clothing pieces, decals and products for either baby or mommy.


Kid Supply Box

Your kids will love receiving this subscription box directly to their front door every month. Packed full of cool clothing and accessories, your child will always look forward to the next box arriving. You’ll find products from size 4-16 inside and they’re all up to 50% off retail price.


Lil’ Fashion Box

For a starting price of just $19.99 a month, you can get hand picked outfits sent to your house for your little girl. They’ll be age and season appropriate, as well as Mom approved. You and your daughter will love this surprise treat every month.


9 Simple and Adorable Diy Children’s Clothing Tutorials

Diy Bleached Out Tees

These DIY bleached out tees will make excellent gifts for friends and family or just a way to jazz up some old t-shirts. Follow this tutorial and you can make some truly personal and unique t-shirts for your kids, just design them on their latest interests.

Diy Two-Color Leggings Tutorial

Who wants to follow the fashion crowd anyway? Your kid will love these two color leggings. This tutorial will show you how to sew two pairs of leggings together to make a unique pair, something no one else will have. Your child will be the envy of their friends.

Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

The perfect way to make an old pillowcase into something new that your child will love. Follow this online tutorial and you can fashion that odd pillowcase you’ve found at the back of your wardrobe into a brand new dress for your little girl.

The 10-Minute Skirt

When you go shopping for skirts for your daughter, you’ll either find that they’re too expensive or not age appropriate. Why not try and make them yourself? This DIY tutorial will show you how to make your own skirts for her, ones she’ll love and be comfortable in.

Baby Boy Cardigan Onesie Tutorial

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make an adorable baby vest for your new bundle of joy. You’ll be able to make a cardigan vest for your baby boy with interchangeable bow ties. A simple way to make a new outfit every time you dress him in it.

Diy Robot Tee

You’ll be able to make your own robot t-shirt with this tutorial. Inside, you’ll find a printable image which you can use for an applique or a stencil, however you like. Apply it to any t-shirt, short or long sleeved and you’ll create your child’s new favorite item.

Sweatpants to Pocket Skirt Tutorial

Girls need comfy and suitable clothing just like boys do but sometimes they want to wear a skirt. This tutorial will show you how to make a DIY skirt using old sweatpants…whether they’re ones she’s too big for or a pair you picked up in the sale, it’s super easy to make.

Diy Ruffled Scarf

It’s really easy to make one of these ruffle scarves for your child. All you need is some of your old shirts, two is ideal as you’ve got two different colors and patterns. Your kid will soon be looking so super stylish, you’ll probably want to make one for yourself.

Diy Mock Suspenders

Whether you’re making this for your son or daughter, these DIY mock suspenders will instantly transform any outfit. Follow this tutorial and you’ll soon be making suspenders for them in every color, one to match each outfit they own. You could even add little accessories to them, such as a heart or stars.

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