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23 Heartwarming Jewelry Gifts for Dog Lovers (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings)

Looking for jewelry for dog lovers can be a pretty easy task – anything with a dog on will be well received! However, if you want to give a gift which is heart-warming, sweet, and will be treasured forever, take a look at this collection of necklaces, rings, and earrings which have been specially selected for their uniqueness and tug-on-the-heart-strings appeal.
Jewelry for Dog Lovers

Custom Dog Paw Print Ring

Dog lovers know that their pet’s paw prints are as unique as a baby’s fingerprint, which is why this dainty ring can be embossed with an actual replica of their dog’s cute pads.


Rose Gold Heart Urn

Losing a dog is the hardest part of owing one, but this pendant allows a fur baby to remain next to their parent’s heart, even when they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.


Dog Hair Brooch

At first glance this copper hair clip looks like a fancy heart, but look more closely and you’ll notice the sweet outline of a dog’s head with its adorable droopy ears.


Personalized Dog Photo Necklace

What if you could have a ‘mini me’ of your pet with you all the time? This silver, gold, or rose gold pendant is engraved straight from a photograph for an incredibly detailed gift.


Dachshund Ring

OMG, how utterly adorable is this sweet ring? Made from sterling silver, it features a sleeping dachshund curled up on a soft, inviting pillow as his ear droops lazily down.


Custom Pet Portrait Dog Necklace

If you’re looking for jewelry for dog lovers you’ve found the perfect gift, because this round pendant comes engraved with the profile of their breed of dog, along with their name.


Personalized Rainbow Bridge Necklace

This simple pendant will make a touching gift for any dog lover who’s lost a beloved pet, as it can be engraved with a paw print, rainbow, or even just their initials.


Personalized Dog Nose Print Necklace

Take a cast of their dog’s nose, and in return you will receive a sterling silver pendant with an impression of the nose on one side, and their name on the reverse.


Pomeranian Necklace

Pomeranian lovers will fall in love with this super cute pendant which has been crafted into the shape of a pom, and can be personalized with any name or short text.


Balloon Dog Necklace

There’s something endlessly appealing about balloon dogs – they take us back to a more innocent time – and these silver, gold, or rose gold pendants capture that feeling perfectly.


Terrier Dog Necklace

Terriers might be tiny terrors but they’re adorable with it. Make a dog mom’s day with the gift of one of these sweet little pendants which are available in a choice of finishes.


Dog Wax Seal Necklace

This ‘wax seal’ pendant represents the gratitude we feel towards our dogs for the endless loyalty, love, companionship, and friendship they offer, with one simple Italian word above a patiently waiting pup.


Chihuahua Earrings

Such a sweet gift for dog lovers, this pair of Chihuahua earrings can be made from silver or gold and are designed to sit prettily on the earlobe of any pierced ear.


Custom Dog Keychain

Take a photo of a much-loved dog and have it turned into one of these very special pendants, which come in stainless steel or sterling silver and can be engraved on the back.


White Terrier Dog Earrings

Utterly adorable, these endearing little terriers have been hand made from porcelain clay and come sporting tiny bow ties as they dangle delicately on a pair of sterling silver or gold filled hooks.


Sterling Silver Pet Memorial Ring

Whether their dog is still here or has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, these delicate rings can be stamped with an appropriate symbol – a paw print, heart with wings, or the pet’s name.


Dog Paw Charm Necklace

Whether you choose a keyring, necklace, or bracelet, this sweet paw print pendant is a delightful way to keep fur babies near, and comes with a single initial charm, too.


Poodle Necklace

Add a new twist to jewelry for dog lovers with this poodle pendant, which is made from silver and engraved with the dog’s complete skeleton for a much more unusual look.


Handmade Boxer Dog Ring

Dogs have their owners wrapped around their little fingers – well, paws – and now you can turn the tables with a sterling silver boxer ring which will wrap around their human’s finger instead.


Dog Lover Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

This whimsical silver cuff is super cute and will appeal to dog lovers everywhere, as it’s been stamped with tiny images of a sweet little dog in love.


Boston Terrier Dog Necklace

Handmade in exquisite detail, this tiny Boston Terrier has been created using ceramic clay, and has the most adorable expression on his face as he hangs from a 24” silver ball chain.


Labrador Brooch

A labrador’s face is unmistakable, so when she wears this beautiful pewter pin badge everyone will know that one of the gentlest dogs around has her heart completely.


Great Dane Ring

Great Danes have the most expressive faces, which is why this solid silver ring is so endearing – it captures the dog’s expression perfectly; have it personalized for a totally customized gift.


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