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44 Unique Jewelry Birthday Gifts for Her Under $200

Are you after a birthday gift for a woman you love? Whether she’s your wife or a family member, it can be difficult getting something which she hasn’t got, and buying jewelry birthday gifts seems like an easy idea. But our list of unique pieces is bound to have something she’ll fall in love with, no matter her interests.

Diy Morse Code Bracelets

Origami Menagerie Necklaces

You wouldn’t know these were made from sterling silver just by looking at them. They look as delicate as paper and the intricate designs make them look like they’re actual origami hanging on a chain. Choose from 5 different animals and you’ve got a perfect birthday gift for her.


Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

Feminism is a big topic at the moment, with many proud to come out and fight for equal rights for women. This shattered glass necklace is a strong symbolic statement for all the women who have smashed it, who are smashing it and the future generations who will carry on smashing it for womankind.


femPOWERment Necklace

Stand up for what you believe in and show it off with pride. This necklace celebrates feminism and female empowerment in a subtle way. It features 4 blue stones, each representing a different trait of a strong woman, which will help you feel empowered day after day.


We Are One Necklace

There are so many variations of relationships, no two are the same. This “We Are One” necklace will make a great gift for your loved one, whatever the occasion. Notice the slight imperfections on the rings? They’re to symbolize the imperfections in any relationship but they’re still linked together, despite the flaws.


Castaway Gemstone Necklace

If you need jewelry birthday gifts, this unique necklace could be what you’re looking for. The designer salvages gemstones and turns them into beautiful necklaces, and because of this, no two pieces are the same. Perfect for the unique woman you need to buy a gift for.


I’ll Be There Necklace

Finding something meaningful to buy a best friend isn’t the easiest task but we think we’ve found a great gift for you. The 22K gold plated brass trees are paired with a special promise which will show your friend that you’ll be there for her, no matter what lies ahead.


Kindred Animal Necklaces

Do you know your kindred animal? Or do you have some characteristics which some people say remind them of a specific animal? These bronze pendants, presented on a card with their key traits printed on it, will let you show off your inner narwhal or bee with pride.


Moon Phase Bib Necklace

The lunar cycle is a beautiful and fascinating phenomenon and we’re lucky if we catch a glimpse of the moon in its different phases, especially if we live in a city. This necklace is the perfect way to show you off your love of the lunar phases.


New Beginnings Sea Glass Necklace

Life isn’t predictable and no matter how much we plan, and think our lives are heading the way we want, it throws us a curveball and we have to start again. This necklace will act as a reminder that no matter what’s happened, it’ll all be OK again in the end.


The Path Necklace

Perfect for reminding us to make our own way through life and not blindly follow others, this necklace comes with a powerful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Featuring green tourmaline, smoky quartz and a silver bar, all three have properties which will help you stay focussed while you find your path.


Live Well Earrings

With a Maori symbol which is used to represent comfort and strength, and a pendant of square cut garnet which represents courage and love, these earrings are a perfect reminder of the goodness in ourselves and others. They’d make beautiful jewelry birthday gifts for the wonderful woman in your life.


Circle of Life Nesting Rings Necklace

Without our mothers and grandmothers, we wouldn’t be around today. Pay homage to the strong women in your families with this Circle of Life necklace. The golden ring around the outside symbolises the protector and the inner silver circles represent the birth of children, making families stronger.

Price varies

Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace

This gorgeous gold necklace has a vintage feel to it which makes it perfect for the woman you know who absolutely loves vintage things. They look so delicate – these unique pieces will make the finishing touch to any outfit and we’re sure she’ll love it.


Keys to Mom’s Heart Locket

The perfect necklace would make a beautiful gift for any mother. Open up the heart and you’ll find a set of keys, one for each of her children. She’ll be able to keep them close, no matter how old they get and where life takes them.

Price varies

Hidden Message Heart Necklace

Inspired by an I-beam, this necklace holds a hidden message. Lift it up, look at the bottom, and you’ll see a heart in the end. It’s romantic without being completely obvious and it would make a perfect gift for a woman who isn’t into over the top romantic gestures.


Quiet Courage Necklace

Combining garnet, quartz and a yin-yang charm, this necklace is designed to bring courage and balance to its wearer’s life. The quartz adds calmness, something that we all could all use a little more of. It’ll suit whoever you give it to and will go with any outfit or style.


Yoga Pose Charm Bracelet

Yoga is so on trend at the moment and for die hard yogis. It’s more than a fad, it’s a lifestyle and this bracelet will help them to stay focussed even after their practice has finished. Featuring poses such as lotus and warrior, this will be a perfect gift for any yoga loving woman.


Meteor Showers Meteorite Necklace

Shooting stars are magical to see but did you know that they’re actually falling pieces of meteorite? The designer of these necklaces goes out and finds these pieces and turns them into these unique pieces. Perfect for the science geeks or the ones who believe in magic.


Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace

Hanging on an 18” chain is this gorgeous tribute to our solar system. Featuring the Sun and the nine planets surrounding it, these digital images of the real thing make a perfect gift for any lover of the planets. It’ll definitely be a talking point with friends and family.


Loved Locket

The traditional locket is still such a classic piece of jewelry but like all classic things, sometimes they need a bit of an update. This new take on a locket is simply beautiful. Lift up the heart motif lid and find the message “loved” and a picture of a loved one.


Good Friends Are Like Stars Necklace

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there”…what a great message to represent the power of good friends. It would make a perfect gift for the consistent friends who you have in your life but can’t always be there for.


Love “Nose” Necklace

The bond between elephants has long been used to represent the relationships we have as humans, and this cute elephant necklace takes it a step further by forming a heart with the elephant heads and their intertwining trunks. Made from sterling silver and on a 18” chain, it’s a lovely way to show someone you care.


Kantha Chandeliers Earrings

If you’re into recyclable materials and zero waste, these earrings are for you. Every pair is unique as they’re made from wooden beads which have been wrapped in recycled saris – these earrings would make great jewelry birthday gifts for someone you know…or you could just keep them for yourself.


Phone Charging Bracelet

We’ve all been there…wanting to use our phone to call someone or take a photo of something really cool but the battery is close to dead. Now you’ll no longer have that problem with this; the phone charging bracelet. Just slip it off and plug it into your iPhone to charge it up to 50%.


Reach for the Moon Charm Necklace

Let someone know that you have faith in them and tell them to aim for the stars. This necklace has three gemstones, blue moonstone, blue topaz and iolite, all of which have different properties. There’s also a crescent moon charm, to remind them to set their goals high.


Magic Is Believing In Yourself Necklace

The perfect gift for someone who needs a little magic in their lives and who needs a little reminder that the most powerful magic of all is the magic of believing in themselves. A wire-wrapped tanzanite, a silver “Believe” charm and a golden wand to help them achieve self-belief every day.


Nest Egg Necklace

Mama will always be protective of her babies, no matter how old they’ve gotten or where life has taken them. Keep them close to your heart with this, a gorgeous sterling silver dome which, when opened, will reveal up to four amazonite eggs. One to represent each of your babies.

Price varies

Elephant and Her Little Peanuts Necklace

Remember that scene in Dumbo? Where the mother is reaching over with her trunk to comfort him, and sing him a lullaby to get him to sleep? An elephant’s bond with its baby is amazing and now you can have your own tribute to motherhood with this sweet elephant necklace.

Price varies

It’s A Grand Thing Necklace

Celebrate the matriarchs in your family with this beautiful floral sterling silver necklace. It has a gorgeously green peridot drop, which symbolizes healing and harmony. All the branches in the open metalwork stem from one place, showing how family grows through the generations. All from one person.


Tiny Rose Gold Anatomical Heart Pendant

Cast in bronze and then plated in rose gold, this pendant foregoes the typical Valentine’s shape heart we’ve all come to recognize and instead replaces it with an anatomical one. It would make a great gift for someone who doesn’t want the soppy romantic gestures.


Happy Camper Necklace

Whether you have fond memories of your childhood camper or you just identify as a bit of a free spirit, this simple necklace is for you. Hanging on an 18” chain, this silver charm will give everyone a little bit of an insight into what make you happy.


Strong Women Pendant

“Strong Women. May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them”. This is a perfect quote to empower women and make us all stand as equals. It would be an ideal gift for a woman in your life, to show her that she is strong and powerful when she needs to be.


Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

Hidden within this 14K gold plated pendant lies a mood boosting secret. Essential oil infused wicks will slot nicely inside the long pendant and will release aromatherapy blends which will help you with energy, focus, and calm. No one will know your secret unless you choose to share it.

Price varies

Solar System Bubble Cuff Bracelet

Pay tribute to our beautiful solar system with this gorgeous bubble cuff bracelet. Featuring digital images which perfectly capture the colors of the nine planets and the Sun, you’ll be able to show everyone how much you appreciate the beauty of the cosmos.


Be Truthful Be Gentle Be Fearless Necklace

Live by these three mantras and your life will be a lot more mindful. “Be Truthful, Be Gentle, Be Fearless” are things we should all be doing and now you can help remind others, and yourself, with these three simple sterling silver bars which hang on a delicate chain.


Heart Nebula Pendant

Perfect for any science or space loving geek, this tribute to the wonderful Heart Nebula in the Cassiopeia constellation is set in a glass dome. The beautiful swirls of black and crimson hydrogen cloud are sure to catch people’s eyes and become a talking point.


Blossoms Earrings

These drop earrings may look super simple but you can customize them however you like. Pop the cork out of the top and add anything you like; freshly trimmed flowers, mantras or maybe some inspirational quotes? The vases can even hold water so your floral arrangements can stay fresh throughout the day.


Custom Soundwave Necklace

Hearing someone say “I love you” is something we never forget. If you’re looking for jewelry birthday gifts for someone you love, why not get them this custom soundwave necklace? Record yourself saying something special and have the soundwaves put onto the silver bar which hangs from an 18” chain.


Reclaimed Guitar String Bracelet

Perfect for lovers of music, using reclaimed materials or both, this guitar string bracelet is a gorgeous mixture of blue and gold. The unique shape means tiny beads of blue dyed Howlite beads can be held in place by the golden guitar string.


Years Teach Much Necklace

Show someone that taking each day as it comes isn’t a bad thing; in fact it will eventually lead to wisdom. On a 31” chain and accompanied by a trio of gold rings, this sterling silver pendant has a quote engraved on it which will make them look even more enlightened.


Eyeglass Holder Necklace

We all love multi-functional pieces and this necklace is no exception. When used on its own, it looks like a simple circle design which would go well with any outfit, but it can also be used to hold our glasses so we’ll never lose them again.


Glass Memory Locket

Traditional lockets keep our memories hidden inside a hinged door but this locket allows you to show them off to the world. Fill it with photos, drawings or small objects which you hold dear and let the whole world see them. You can also change up the objects inside as often as you like.


Growing Stronger Side by Side Necklace

This eye-catching gold and silver pendant necklace will make a perfect gift for someone you love. The intertwined trees have been laser cut on brass and then coated in 24K gold and if you lift it up, you’ll find a meaningful quote on sterling silver plated brass.


Hostess Necklace

Handmade in Uganda, this striking necklace not only uses recycled paper but it also empowers the makers to move away from poverty and to get a good education and job. The paper is tightly rolled and then coated in varnish to keep it strong and durable.


5 Diy Jewelry Gifts She’ll Love

Diy Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

If you need a good birthday present for someone you know but can’t afford anything expensive, why not make some jewelery instead? This tutorial shows you how to make wire wrapped stone necklaces, perfect for anyone who is into crystals and their hidden powers.

Diy Easy Braided Bracelet

Play around with the dimensions and colors used in this tutorial and you’ll have unique braided bracelets your loved one will adore. Change the size of rings that are used, mix up the color of the cord, and voila! You’ll have a variety of braided bracelets which will make perfect jewelry birthday gifts.

Diy Faux Druzy Jewelry

Follow this video tutorial and you’ll be able to make some DIY faux druzy jewelry for you to give to your loved ones as gifts. These crystallized sparkling mineral pieces look just like the real thing and people won’t be able to tell the difference.

Diy Beachy Bohemian Beaded Hoop Earrings

Looking very boho, these beachy earrings will be well received by whoever you gift them to. Made from gold wire and colored beads, they’ll definitely add a touch of beach glamor to any outfit, whether you’re heading to the seaside or not.

Diy Morse Code Bracelets

Send secret messages to your friends and loved ones using your own form of Morse code. Using small beads, you’ll be able to spell out messages which can only be understood by you and them. Make sure you include a translator though otherwise they’ll never be able to crack it!

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