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58 Japanese Gifts for People Obsessed with Japan and the Culture

If there’s someone on your list who is obsessed with Japan and its culture, they will truly appreciate receiving a Japanese-inspired gift to celebrate their birthday, Christmas, or even just because. Choose from complete kits to allow them to create their own oriental feast, or subscribe to a service which delivers Japanese snacks and treats that are ready to eat. You could even choose home décor, serving platters, or inspired homemade gift ideas which are all included here to make the job of finding the perfect gift a little bit easier.

The best japanese gifts for people obsessed with the japanese culture.

Japanese Ramen Bowl

Ramen – the saviour of students and single people everywhere. Make sure they at least have something stylish to serve it in with one of these pretty noodle bowl and chopstick sets.


Japanese Flash Cards

Whether they’re planning on visiting Japan, or they just want to expand their vocabulary, this set of flash cards will teach them how to say 60 essential words and phrases with confidence.

Prices Vary

Custom Japanese Name Stamp

Handmade from rubber, wood, and cork, these stamps will feature a first or family name in Japanese Katakana and are available in 4 different shapes; perfect for anyone learning the language.


Matcha Kit

Matcha tea is loved the world over for its amazing health benefits. This ceremonial gift set includes a bamboo whisk, stand, scoop, and a beautiful Tealyra bowl to drink it from.


Rice, Noodle, Fish Book

This 2016 travel book of the year takes readers on a photographic journey spanning 5000 miles of Japan’s noodle houses, teahouses, and tempura temples which combines food, history, and Japanese culture.


Koi Fish Wind Chime

They can keep an eye on the weather with one of these beautiful red, green, or blue porcelain koi fish wind chimes, which emit gentle, deep tones when the wind blows.


Shun Chef’s Knife

Available with or without a sharpener, this stunning chef’s knife is made from VG-MAX steel with an ebony PakkaWood handle, and is handcrafted in Seki City, Japan.


Japanase Quince Candle

With the beautiful notes of rhubarb, passion fruit, and peach, this Japanese quince candle will infuse the home with a fresh, fruity scent, and will burn for approximately 60 hours.


DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Mochi Ice Cream is a Japanese delicacy for those with a sweet tooth, and this kit includes everything needed (apart from ice cream) to create these delicious soft and chewy frozen delights.


Panda Stealing Coin Bank

Kids and adults alike will be queueing up to save their pennies with this adorable coin bank, because who can resist that sneaky little panda popping up to steal their loose change?


Ramen Print

Lovers of Japanese art or Japanese food will appreciate this print of a hand drawn bowl of hot, steaming Ramen, complete with perfectly cooked egg and a couple of gyoza dumplings.


Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art

If you know someone who loves Japanese food but hasn’t a clue how to make it, this comprehensive cookery book turns it into an enjoyable task with photographs and simple explanations.


Sushi Making Kit

With base ingredients included, this kit will enable anyone to create their own delicious and healthy sushi perfectly – it even comes with a rolling mat for perfect results every time.


Japanese Beauty Subscription Box

Take out a subscription to Nomakenolife, and you will giving the gift of a monthly bounty of exciting Japanese and Korean make up and beauty items which each follow a different theme.


Japanese Green Tea Set

Japanese green tea is a deliciously refreshing drink that’s also incredibly healthy, and this set contains four different varieties from small tea estates, each with a distinctly different taste.


Takoyaki Maker

Traditionally made with octopus, Takoyaki balls are small pieces of heaven which can also be made at home using any other protein or even sweet ingredients, and this handy electric Takoyaki maker.


Tokaido Board Game

Players will step into the shoes of travellers as they make their way along Japan’s East Sea Road with Tokaido, the beautiful and elegant board game which makes the perfect Japanese gift.


Essence of Japan: A Coloring Journey

Japan has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing countries in the world, and this coloring book contains 30 examples of its delights just waiting to be brought to life.


Sake Making Kit

This kit contains everything they’ll need – apart from raisins and sugar – to make a full gallon of delicious sake or rice wine in the comfort of their own home.


Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Absolutely stunning and perfectly evocative of a Japanese spring, this ‘snow’ globe is filled with tiny pink flowers which swirl beautifully around the pair of cherry blossom trees inside.


Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go

Bento is a single-portion meal (usually lunch) which makes a change from sandwiches or fast food, and this book contains more than 150 Japanese-inspired Bento recipes for much healthier eating.


Shark Attack Sushi Platter

Sushi is fun to eat, but this platter makes it even more entertaining as it features a shark which holds a sauce ramekin in its gaping mouth, and chopsticks on its tail.


Sake Monthly Subscription Box

With three 10oz bottles delivered every month, they’ll be a sake expert in no time as they sample delicious rice wines from various breweries, many of which can’t be bought in stores.


Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

If you’re looking for a typical and popular Japanese gift, consider a beautiful bonsai forest using the seeds, river stones, growing medium, and steel box which come included in this kit.


Kintsugi Japanese Bowl

The Japanese art of Kintsugi uses gold to repair cracks and breaks in pottery, believing that these golden lines make the item more beautiful; this ceramic bowl is the perfect example.


Japanese Coffee Subscription Box

Roasted by artisans from all over Japan, this monthly selection of coffees will be delivered to their door, along with information and stories on the roasters behind the names.


Bokksu Japanese Snack Subscription Box

With a different theme each month, the Bokksu box will be delivered jam packed with delicious Japanese snacks and treats which can include both sweet and savory items, and delicious Japanese teas.

Prices vary

Japanese Coffee Maker

Stunningly different to look at, this coffee maker will make a unique addition to the kitchen and uses a wick burner instead of electricity to brew each round of their coffee of choice.



Like Sudoku only better, this wooden puzzle uses colored marbles instead of numbers to solve each mind-bending conundrum, and makes a beautiful ornament for when it’s not in use.


Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking

With more than 150 color photographs, this cookery book by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto will introduce readers to the art of Japanese cooking in a simple and interesting way.


Japanese Sake Kit Kat Bars

KitKat comes in many different flavors, but this Japanese import edition has been infused with the flavors of Japanese Sake for a totally different taste with a 0.8% alcohol content.


Miso Ramen Complete Dinner Kit

It’s not always easy to find the ingredients to make an authentic Ramen, but this kit contains all the hard to source items needed to create a delicious dish for 4 people.


Ramune Japanese Soda Variety Pack

Put some Japanese fizz into the fun with a soda variety pack, which includes flavors such as melon, strawberry, and blueberry, and a cute marble stopper to add to the experience.


Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Create a miniature arboretum with this set, which includes enough seeds, growing medium, burlap growing bags, and markers to produce four beautiful bonsai trees for some indoor greenery and foliage.


Japanese Prints Notecards

Woodblock prints are rather iconic in the world of Japanese art, and this set includes 20 notecards in 5 different designs (plus envelopes), presented in a beautiful keepsake box.


Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in the impermanence of things, and this book not only explores the history, but also contains advice on how to embrace this ancient thought process.


Haku Mizunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu

Soy sauce is a staple in many Asian dishes, but when a recipe calls for something special, this Shoyu has been aged in Mizunara wood whiskey barrels for a unique, rich flavor.


Japan Crate

If noodles are their go-to foods, this monthly subscription crate will supply them with 8-10 packs of different Japanese noodles and accompaniments to keep them from getting bored with the same old thing.


10 Piece Takashi Knife Block Set

Anyone with a keen interest in cooking needs a decent set of knives, and this knife block contains 8 knives and one pair of scissors which have been handcrafted in Japan.


Tatami Slippers

The perfect shoe for wearing indoors, the Tatami Slipper is a cool and comfortable linen open toe shoe with moisture-wicking properties for hot summer days, and anti-fatigue soles for hard-working feet.


Cherry Blossom String Lights

Japan is known for its beautiful cherry blossom in the spring, but with this set of pretty battery operated string lights, it can be cherry blossom season all year long.


Gummy Sushi Candy Bento Sets

Bento boxes are designed to hold a variety of healthy lunch items for a single serve meal, but these sets contain delicious candy sushi along with chopsticks, fortune cookies, and 2 mystery toys.

Prices Vary

Sushi Socks

They won’t know whether to eat them or wear them when they see this sweet gift set, which contains two pairs of socks which cleverly look like salmon maki and nigiri.


Swimming Koi Sculptures

If they don’t or can’t have a pond, these stunning ceramic koi fish can be placed in the ground to look like they’re swimming in a sea of plants and vegetation, instead.

$30.00- $85.00

Noren Doorway Curtain

This curtain can be used across a doorway or on the wall as a stunning fabric art piece, which depicts a simple line drawing of the famous Fuji Mountain.


Green Herbal Tea Kit

With green teas from Japan, Sri Lanka, and India, this set also contains 9 flavorsome herbs which can be mixed with the teas to create their own signature blend.


11 Diy Japanese and Japan Inspired Gift Ideas

Diy Shibori Fabric

The Japanese art of shibori is similar to tie dye, but uses a variety of different methods and indigo dye to create stunning blue and white fabrics – this handy tutorial shows you how.

Diy Japanese Printed Bowls

Start off with some plain rice bowls, and with a steady hand and some great ideas, you can turn them into a set of beautiful Japanese printed bowls for sauces or special trinkets.

Diy Japanese Ribbon Eggs

Washi tape comes in all kinds of colors and designs, which makes this fun activity an absolute breeze. Blow out real eggs or use plastic ones for some cute oriental Easter decorations.

Japanese Wind Chime

This DIY wind chime has a distinctly different sound when the wind blows, because instead of metal or bamboo pipes, it’s made using a glass dome and pretty crystal beads.

Japanese Woven Trivet

These trivets can be found in many Japanese kitchens, and this DIY version is deceptively easy to make, using an embroidery hoop, a glue gun, and jute string or twine.

Origami Vases

You’d think that homemade Japanese gifts would be difficult to make, but not with this easy to follow guide, which takes you through the steps needed to create these beautiful origami vases.

Diy Kintsugi

It’s the cracks and flaws that make things beautiful according to the art of Kintsugi, and this post will show you how to mend a bowl with gold which the Japanese would find stunning.

Origami Bento Bags

These ‘Bento’ bags are absolutely beautiful, and a great alternative to the lunch boxes they are based on. This tutorial shows you how to make them in whatever size you need.

Origami Cats

Origami is such a fun skill to have, and this project will give you the knowledge you need to create adorable origami cats with a few folds and some artistic decoration.

Diy Japanese Wall Sconce

This DIY project might not be the simplest, but the time and effort will be worth it when you are left with a stunning Japanese-inspired lamp which is made using hand-curved wood.

Japense Greeting Card

If you’re giving someone a Japanese gift, you may as well have a Japanese greetings card to go with it. Use Wanoiki stamps as shown in this blog to create stunning works of art.


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