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22 Gifts for Hunger Game Fans

Hunger Games is going strong, with two more films yet to be released, and an avid fan base ready for more. These gifts are sure to put a smile on their face and feature different characters and accessories from both the books and films.

22 Gifts for Hunger Games Fans- may the gifts be ever in your favor.

The District 12 Strategy Game

Do you have what it takes to strategize your way out of trouble? This game is based on the book and movies and features characters and tie-ins that fans will be familiar with. Cards, game pieces, and a detailed game board make this a lot of fun to play.


Mockingjay Pin

When you wear this Mockingjay pin you’ll feel like an extra pulled right from the movie. It is an exact replica, and a symbol of rebellion for those that wear it. If the Mockingjays are your favorite from Hunger Games you’ll want this pin.


Hunger Games 1000 Piece Puzzle

This puzzle features the flaming Mockingjay that is often used as art on book covers and movie posters. The difficulty increases because much of the logo looks the same thanks to the flames. Puzzler lovers that happen to be HG fans will appreciate this challenge.

Prices Vary

Catching Fire Action Figures

When you want to reenact scenes from the movie only action figures will do. These figures stand 7 inches and look like the characters from the film, so you don’t have to use your imagination much. You can save your imagination for dreaming up epic fight sequences.


District 12 Training Shirt

You’ll look just like a member of District 12 training for the Hunger Games when you don this replica training shirt. Wear it to the gym or when you’re out running and you’ll look like you are getting in shape for the game of your life.

Prices Vary

Replica Sack Nylon #5

Represent District 5 with this nylon sack. This is the district that provides the power in the form of electricity in the world of the Hunger Games. This is a training sack that is meant to replicate those that were shown in the films.


Mockingjay Light Bulb

This light bulb filament is in the shape of a Mockingjay so when you turn the light on it looks like a glowing bird on fire. It doesn’t shed a whole lot of light because it’s meant to be looked at directly, not to light the room.


Katniss Everdeen Doll

Mattel has gotten in on the Hunger Games action and created a Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll for the occasion. She’s pretty lifelike, and resembles Jennifer Lawrence from the movies. This can be played with or kept as a collectible, but it’s a lot more fun to open it up and play with it.


Peeta Mellark Doll

Every Barbie needs a Ken, and Mattel hasn’t overlooked the fact that there’s a built in suiter in the form of Peeta Mellark. If you’ve gone ahead with the Katniss Barbie it only makes sense to grab the Peeta Ken and make it a set.


District 12 Metal Keychain

District 12 is represented in this metal keychain. District 12 may be the poorest of all the districts, but it is where we first find our heroine Katniss, and many of the parts of the film and books is based on what happens there.


Hand-woven Leather Vintage Bracelet

This bracelet is hand-woven and looks like a vintage piece, or something that would have been worn by a character in the films. It has the bird from the logo holding an arrow, as well as several leather straps to form the bracelet around it.

Prices Vary

Hunger Games Arrow Ring

Here’s a very simple ring that features an arrow that wraps around your finger. Arrows play a significant role in Hunger Games, and the ring is designed to reference their consistent appearance. It’s a pretty ring that is sure to be loved by fans.

Prices Vary

The Hunger Games Movie Socks

These socks let you wear some Hunger Games memorabilia wherever you go. If you’re wearing pants no one needs to know that you’ve got special socks on. But if you’re wearing shorts or a skirt you can wear these socks and show off your love of the franchise.

Prices Vary

Mockingjay Book Art Shirt

This t-shirt has a light blue background and art from the book on it. It’s got the word Mockingjay across the front as well as a lifelike bird flying across it. Rather than the typical logo that is all over the Hunger Games universe, this keeps it real.

Prices Vary

Peeta Polar Fleece

If Peeta’s your man you’ll love to snuggle up with this fleece blanket. It features his face and some other Hunger Games icons on it. and it will definitely keep you warm. It also has Peeta’s name at the bottom, as if you needed a reminder.

Prices Vary

Cutout Arrow Metal Cuff

This metal cuff has an arrow cut out of the middle of it, and the name Katniss carved into it. It’s a very striking piece, and one that is sure to start a conversation with any other Hunger Game fans that see it. Show support for you favorite Tribute Katniss.

Prices Vary

The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook

Learn how to make foods like the ones featured in the film. This is an unofficial guide to cooking like they do in the movies, and is packed with tasty items that you probably wouldn’t otherwise know how to make, like Roasted Parsnips and Big Game Soup.


Katniss’ Arena Jacket Replica

You’ll look just like Katniss when you sport this jacket like the one she wore within the arena. It’s a replica, not the real thing, but it looks just like it so you won’t have to worry about it not looking right. Keep warm in style this winter!


Double Buckle District 12 Backpack

When you come from District 12 you’d better make sure your belongings are secure. This backpack features two buckles so you can strap your things up tight and not worry about anyone getting into your bag. It has Hunger Games logos and the number 12 on it.

Prices Vary

Mockingjay Headphones

These headphones feature the Mockingjay logo from the books and movie on a pair of flashy orange headphones. It’s great for when you’re watching the movies solo and want to be considerate of those around you. The band that goes on your head reads Hunger Games.

Prices Vary

Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection

You’ll be able to come up with plenty of different styles with this nail polish collection that is inspired by Hunger Games. The colors it contains are earthy tones and very much like what you see in the films so you can replicate the look.

Prices Vary

Hardcover Book Trilogy

No true fan can say they’re a fan until they’ve read the entire trilogy, and this boxed set of hardcover books makes it easy. Hardcover is the way to go when you want something that is more collectible, and that looks great on the shelf and feels great in your hands.

Prices Vary

4 DIY Hunger Games Gifts

DIY Hunger Games Keychain Pendants

You can make your very own Hunger Games keychain pendants to keep or to give as a small gift. They are easy enough to make as long as you follow the provided instructions and use the printables that they give. You can choose between several designs.

Hunger Games Cupcakes

If you’re attending a viewing party and are looking for an edible gift to bring, look no further than these Hunger Games cupcakes. They look like they’re on fire when you get the frosting just right, and they show you how to do it so they come out looking great.

Stenciled Shoe Tutorial

You can make your own Hunger Games shoes when you follow this tutorial. It involves using stencils so you get the design just right, and features the slogan from the books and movie “May the odds be ever in your favor.”. These look like they were store bought when finished.

Bottle Cap Collection Tutorial

You can create a collection of bottle caps with many different logos and emblems from the movie. All that you need is some bottle caps and the designs that they provide, and then follow the directions and you’re all set. You’ll probably want to make the whole set if it’s a gift.


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