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33 Brilliant Housewarming Gift Baskets to Congratulate Them

One of the difficult decisions when purchasing a housewarming gift basket is choosing what should be in the basket so that your recipient’s tastes are catered for. This varied list will give you a wide range of ideas and budgets with which to play, as well as new ideas you have never thought of.

Housewarming Gift Baskets

Welcome Home House Warming Gift Basket

The clever house shape of this housewarming gift basket will be truly appreciated by anyone just moved into their new home, almost as much as the basket’s contents. With cookies, crackers, cheese, pretzels, toffee, mints and a gourmet summer sausage, this varied gift will hit the perfect spot.


Village Housewarming Gift Basket for New Homeowners

This ornate basket is overflowing with great gifts for anyone moved into a new home. Whether they are old or young, they will all enjoy the various gourmet food items like the roasted salted pistachios, as much as the included new home journal or the charming tea house filled with apple cinnamon tea.

Prices Vary

Gift Basket Village Housewarming Gift Basket

This delightful gift basket is made by the Gift Basket company in the USA at their own facility. The unique collection of gourmet goodies in this set includes Cayman Island rum cake from the famous Tortuga rum company, and a terrific collection of Earl Grey tea which comes in an adorable cottage house box.


Sincerest Greetings Gourmet Gift Basket

This gift hamper is an absolute delight for any chocolate lover as it contains a creamy Ghirardelli cocoa mix, luscious Almond Roca, and gourmet savory popcorn. Everything contained in the basket will let your recipient relax after the stress of moving into a home, ready to enjoy their new abode.


California Delicious Golden State Gourmet Foods Basket

This generous box of gifts will lift the spirits of any movers after the effort of setting up a new home. With chocolate truffles, European cookies, cheese, crackers, biscotti and many other indulgent treats, there is something for all tastes whether they are ready for a feast or are simply looking to snack.


Encore Gourmet Gift Basket

This indulgent basket of food is a wonderful gift for anyone who has faced the trials and tribulations of moving house and all the paraphernalia that comes with it. This classy selection will satisfy exhausted limbs and tired minds that just need to be pampered for a little while.

Price varies

The Royal Treatment Wine Gift Basket

A little wine always goes down well with an indulgent snack, and with this basket you get to choose between a Californian Chardonnay or a Bowstring Estate Reserve Red, or indeed, one of each. Fit for a king, this thoughtful gift basket will be appreciated by anyone with occasion to celebrate.

Price varies

Home Sweet Home Gift Basket

Packed into their own little house, this fantastic collection of goodies will lift anyone’s spirits or help them to celebrate any occasion. Featuring Ernest Hemmingway tea bags, latte coffee, Angelina’s sweet butter cookies and J.Morgan Confections homemade licorice petites, there’s plenty to go round, as you’ll definitely be asked to the celebration.

Prices Vary

As Good As Gold Gift Basket

There’s a golden feel to this gift basket and that’s because of the quality items that are held within. From chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn to lemon dolcetto wafers , and Ghirardelli caramel milk chocolates to the simple but delicious oatmeal tea cookies, all these items are of a standard above the rest.


Welcome to the Neighborhood! Gift Basket

This superb gift basket is full of tasty gourmet goodies ideal for anyone who has just moved into their new home, or maybe as a birthday gift or a thank you idea. The purchase also includes a free gift message which can be added at checkout to make this gift even more special.

Prices Vary

Fresh Fruit and Cookies Basket

This gift basket strikes a different chord than that of others by emphasizing premium healthy fruits alongside fresh baked cookies, giving the perfect combination of flavors and tastes. Presented in a charming French country basket, this is one gift that won’t be passed over or forgotten.


The Royal Champagne Gift Basket

If one is going to celebrate then surely champagne is required. This delightful gift basket combines gourmet fare and delicious sweet confections with luxury champagne. There’s chocolates, truffles, almonds, cheese, and popcorn included so your recipients can celebrate in style for that most important occasion in their lives.

Price varies

Where The Heart Is Housewarming Gift Basket

For a gift basket that speaks to the heart, you will find few better than this Gift Basket Village offering. Featuring a coffee mug that reads “Love Builds A Happy Home”, the contents speak of your care and consideration for the recipients. With a bow to top your basket, this is the perfect gift.

Prices Vary

Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolates

What better combination for a housewarming basket than glorious fresh fruit with indulgent Godiva chocolate. There’s premium pears, apples and plums picked at their prime along with sumptuous chocolates and confections from Godiva. They’ll be so impressed by this basket, they will want to move house again.


Healthy Choices Fruit Gift

Now you can even spoil the healthiest of your friends with this special housewarming gift basket. This abundant harvest contains premium fruit such as pears, crisp apples and juicy plums nestling alongside freshly baked cookies and Northwood Wisconsin cheddar cheese. So delicious, they’ll be begging for another basket.


Grand Indulgence Gourmet Gift Basket

This terrific combination of sweet and savory products makes this an excellent all round gift basket that should please most palettes. Fermin Iberico ham and sparkling French lemonade sit alongside gourmet white cheddar popcorn and Camembert in a vintage-style woven basket that is useable once the edible gifts have long gone.


Champagne and Chocolates

There’s nothing like champagne for a celebration and this gift basket delivers on this front and so much more. Premium champagne is combined with gourmet chocolate and presented in an elegant champagne chiller to keep that special bottle on ice until the big moment you have been waiting for arrives.

Price varies

Great Arrivals Settling In Housewarming Gift Basket

This stylish gift basket contains a classic collection of premium foodstuffs that will appeal to everyone’s palette. Godiva chocolates, multiple varieties of cookies, butter crunch candy, delicious coffee, and cheese spreads nestle together along with potato chips, smoked almonds and green and white tea in a “home sweet home” gift box.

Prices Vary

Home Sweet Home Housewarming Gift Basket

This elegant “home sweet home” gift box is filled with enough tasty treats to bring joy to any celebration. Whether it be a new house, a new child or even just a gift to say thanks for being there, this collection of premium foods will delight and allow your recipient to indulge.

Prices Vary

Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket

This delicious basket is ideal for those with a sweet tooth as it contains a mix of fruit and chocolates. Inside you’ll find juicy apples and pears along with succulent plums and kiwi fruit. Nestled with these are Lindt sea salt chocolates, sparkling French lemonade, crispy pineapple slices and white cheddar popcorn.


Housewarming Gift Basket

This housewarming gift basket is ideal for those friends moving into a new place to live as it will fill their home with the smell of gourmet coffee and hickory smoked bacon. Other items will warm their heart, like the fresh blueberry pomegranate jam. All items are delivered in a reusable handcrafted basket.


Country Estate

This delightful basket comes with the feel of a country estate, blending good wine with gourmet sweets and savory snacks. There are pomegranate truffle creams to be devoured and a range of cheese, fruits and chocolates to accompany both of the classic red and white wines that are included in the gift.


Napa Estates Chardonnay Luxury Gift Basket

When tasting a wine, it should be accompanied by excellent treats to tickle your taste buds. This maxim is well understood by this classy gift box that would suit a friend who likes to indulge in flavors and who understands gentle combinations that rain sweet juices across your tongue.


California Classic Wine Basket

Superior Californian wines are at the heart of this gift basket which would suit a friend who delights in full and rich flavors. Within the keepsake leather container are a rich variety of gourmet foods including Guylian chocolate truffles, almond biscotti and oatmeal tea cookies. Perfect for any wine aficionado or snacking sophisticate.

Price varies

Housewarming Gift Italian

This housewarming gift comes with a distinctly Italian feel featuring award winning foods such as artisan pasta, sumptuous basil pesto alla Genovese, and crunchy biscotti. The items are presented artfully in a red stainless steel colander to allow your recipient to quickly create an authentic Italian meal.


Unique House Warming Gift Basket

This new home welcome basket differs from most others in that it contains a deluxe 10 inch square black felt letter board with 310 letters and characters. Also within are 2 premium, oversized dish towels and a “No Place Like Home” soy candle. These and other items within make this a quirky gift basket.


California Wine Quartet

This basket contains a quartet of Californian wines that will suit a varied palette. Ranging from a Zinfandel to a bold Cabernet, these wines are served with a selection of artisan fare and epicurean confections such as Sabatino Tartufi truffle honey and Droga chocolates. A truly fine basket of wines.


GreatArrivals Home is Where You Hang Your Hammer

This cheeky housewarming gift basket delivers quality foods in a toolbox and is perfect for new homeowners or for those fixing up an older house. There is Hardware Café Hacksaw hazelnut chocolate cocoa, dry roasted peanuts, East Shore specialty dipping pretzels and much more in the unusual gift box.

Prices Vary

Toast of California Wine Basket

This gift box celebrates the spirit of California by including two classic Californian wines and a hand-selected range of gourmet foods that show a sophistication and prestige that best suits the Golden state. Tablet, cherries, chocolate, and popcorn are just some of the items that accompany these fantastic wines.


Golden Gourmet

In this delectable fare of sweet and savory goods are Camembert cheese, olive oil crostini, popcorn, chocolates from Lindt, Ghirardelli and Godiva and fresh fruit and nuts. With a golden themed basket, this gift is ideal for sending your best wishes for a birthday, house warming or any other memorable occasion.


Housewarming Gift

This terrific housewarming gift collection contains a wide range of sweet and savory items as well as a celebratory bottle of wine. Ideal for new home owners or indeed for any special occasion such as a birthday or new job, the range of foodstuffs supplied will appeal to a wide spectrum of palettes.


3 Thoughtful Diy Housewarming Gift Baskets

Diy Housewarming Gift Basket

If you are looking for ideas for a gift basket for new home owners then check out this blog post that gives ideas on how to put together a practical and substantial basket at reasonable cost. Those who receive your gift will find it thoughtful and personal whilst still having a quality feel.

Bless This Home Diy Housewarming Basket

This blog post will show you how to put together a quality gift basket with numerous personal touches. By helping you choose a range of items with which to stock the basket, you can be sure that your efforts will look welcoming whilst showing your own unique style.

Diy Housewarming Basket

With thoughtful consideration of what is required in a housewarming basket, this blog will take you through how to create one of your own for any friends or relatives that are recently moved. With color photographs to help you get the right feel for your basket, you’ll be sure to create something stylish.

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