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30 Hot Toys for Christmas 2014

Here is a sampling of some of the hot toys for Christmas 2014. These are the gifts that are topping the lists for kids across the country, and are likely to be a hit when opened on Christmas morning.

30 Hot Toys for Christmas 2014- a must read for all parents before doing any Christmas shopping!

Zoomer Dino

Kids will have a blast playing with this Zoomer Dino. He moves around and follows hand commands, acting like a dinosaur sometimes and an obedient dog at other times. There’s even a feature where you can make him mad, but be ready to run away.


Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll

This is the first Christmas since Frozen came out, so be prepared to see a lot of Frozen-related items on the top of wish lists this year. This one will probably top them all, featuring a singing Elsa and even an Olaf to go with her.


Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

Well, it’s 2014 and we don’t have flying cars yet, but that doesn’t mean your kid can’t play with one. This is like an ordinary RC car, until it takes flight, at which point it’s like an RC plane. This combination of toys makes it a sure winner. One of the top toys of 2014 for sure.

Prices Vary

My Walkin’ Pup

Your child will love walking the dog, because this one never needs to be picked up after. Instead it delights them with motions and sounds that make it seem real. It’s totally fluffy too, so when you combine that with lifelike motions it’s going to impress.


Kidizoom Smartwatch

Even though smartphone watches haven’t really caught on with adults, kids will still love having a lot of different functions right on their wrist. They’re pitching this one to both boys and girls, making it a good choice for kids that like their technology


Zoomer Zuppies

This electronic dog responds to your touch, so there’s lots to do with them. There’s a bunch of secret tricks that it can do, and your child will have fun exploring all of the things they can do. It’s like discovering a new toy again and again as you go along.


MiP Personal Robot

This is the year of personalized robots, with dogs and dinosaurs coming out with special tricks and abilities. This robot is meant to serve as a personal assistant, helping you do things, and otherwise just being a fun robot to have around the house.


Let’s Imagine Elmo

While it’s unlikely that this one will reach the heights of Tickle Me Elmo from 1996, you can’t fault them for trying, and this is a version that helps kids use their imagination. It’s a good follow-up to the Tickle Time Elmo and will be well-received by Sesame Street faithful.


Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1

This is one toy that might go over better with the big kid in your home. It’s a very good Lego rendition of the Ecto-1 from the film Ghostbusters. It comes with minifigures of the Ghostbusters, including Peter, Ray, Egon, and even Winston who joins on mid-movie.


Stomp and Chomp Grimlock

If they saw Transformers Age of Extinction this past summer then they will totally want this Stomp and Chop Grimlock which features the dinobot that made an appearance. He transforms with one step, so it doesn’t take forever to transform him.

Prices Vary

Portable NES/SNES Game System

Your kids will be able to dust off your old game cartridges from your childhood and experience what you did with this portable gaming system. It includes a port on top that accepts the old SNES cartridges, and the even older NES cartridges. It comes with a screen so it’s an all in one system he can take anywhere.


Monster High Freaky Fusion

What happens when you take the upper parts of Monster High dolls and mix them with different animals and other parts? Monster High Freaky Fusion, that’s what! The next toy to come out in the Monster High line will be a hit with established fans.


LeapTV Active Video Game System

This is what you get when you add in educational materials to a Wii. It’s a video game system that will get your kids moving and learning at the same time. Their images are captured and portrayed on screen so they can see themselves in the TV. Easily one of the best toys of 2014.


Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart

If they love their Doc McStuffins they’ll love this mobile cart just as much. It lets them go around the house providing medical attention to their different stuffed animals and family members. It comes with an EKG and other medical tools they can use.

Prices Vary

Imaginext Supernova Battle Rover

There’s plenty for your little guy to see and do with this Supernova Battle Rover by Imaginext. There’s a space shuttle for exploring distant planets, and characters that can move within the rover. Plus it’s battle ready for epic encounters.


Ninja Turtles Stretch N’ Shout Leonardo

Hot off the most recent incarnation of Ninja Turtle movies, this Stretch N’ Shout line of toys should be a hit. Borrowing features from the old Stretch Armstrong dolls, Leo will shout when you give him a stretch and then return to his original shape.


Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack

Get them up to speed quickly with Skylander Trap Team with this starter pack. You’ll need to pick the system your child has in order to get the right pack. It’s available on Xbox One, PS4, Wii, and other systems and comes in a limited or standard edition.


Rapid Madness Blaster

You can bet at least one play weapon will be a hot toy this year, and all signs are pointing to it being the Rapid Madness Blaster this year. It unleashes 20 quick darts before the person even knows what hit them, and can shoot up to 50 feet!


Paw Patrol

Get them any toy from the Paw Patrol line if they’re a fan of the show and watch their eyes light up as the show becomes a part of the real world. There’s all the main characters that they’d recognize along with their respective rescue vehicles.


Y Fliker Lift Self-Propelling Scooter

What really makes this scooter stand apart from the rest is that all they have to do is pull back on the handles which lifts up the front wheel, and cruise on the two back wheels. This will allow them to really feel like their gliding with no effort.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set

This is the perfect addition to any respectable Star Wars toy set, and features a motion controlled Star Destroyer. There’s not much that can stand up to the fire power that it has, and it’s a big time menace in the Star Wars films.


Minnie Mouse Musical Touch ‘n Crawl

This Minnie Mouse crawling toy is sure to delight any baby that is in crawl mode, or is working their way to crawl mode. She can crawl too, and she plays music and is also soft and cuddly for when baby catches up to her.


Zero Gravity Laser Racer

This laser racer knows no bounds, and when it comes to a wall it just keeps right on going. Up the wall, onto the ceiling, not even gravity has control over this racer. It’s controlled by a laser, just point where you want it to go.


Barbie Endless Curls

Barbie can stand up to endless curling and straightening, so your child will be able to try out many different styles, and see which ones look best on her. It’s the latest installment in the Barbie universe, and one that is sure to be a fan favorite.


Lego Minecraft Micro World – The End

If they’re into Minecraft chances are they’re into Legos, and the two go really well together. In this set they’ve recreated the The End biome from the game in detail, and it includes everything you’d expect to find there, even the Ender Dragon.


Nerf Mega Thunder Bow Blaster

Nerf has gone bow with this Thunder Bow Blaster. It allows the user to shoot 100 feet and comes with 10 darts so they won’t have to chase them as much. It can hold up to 5 darts at a time so they’ll need to reload five times less often.

Prices Vary

Cabbage Patch Kids Twinkle Toes

Cabbage Patch Kids are making a comeback this year and they’re doing it thanks to the Twinkle Toes line which features light up shoes with the Skechers logo. This only serves to make them more cute, which is why they’re capturing a new audience of kids.

Prices Vary

Little People Musical Preschool

This is the perfect gift for your little one that loves the toys put out by Fisher-Price. It has over 35 different sounds, and will capture their attention and imagination for a long time. Like most Fisher-Price it’s built to last as well, so they can play with it again and again.

Prices Vary

Beados Deluxe Super Studio

This deluxe super studio of Beados will give your child everything they need to start making interesting and colorful creations at home. It’s a very unique way of creating, and is sure to get their creative juices flowing.


Crayola Paint Maker

Crayola is good at coming up with new ways to stay on top in the paint and crayon department. Here they’ve come up with a cool paint making set, which allows kids to mix their own paints similar to the way adults do when they’re remodeling a room.


Star Realms Deckbuilding Game

This game is addictively fun and is set up in a way that will allow them to play for hours without getting bored. It’s one of the hottest games going right now, so it might be a task trying to find a copy at a reasonable price.


8 DIY Toys and Add-Ons

Lego Mini Figure Stand

Build a place for your kids to store all of their Lego minifigures. This is a multi-tiered stand that is built just right to hold them all in place without worrying about losing them. You can build it to the size you need depending on how many Legos they have.

DIY Nessie Stuffed Animal

Create a stuffed animal version of everyone’s favorite water monster with these instructions for a DIY Nessie. The Loch Ness Monster never looked cuter than this, and you can make it as big as you want, even big enough for them to ride.

Ninja Turtles Backpack Charms

Capitalize on the popularity of the Ninja Turtles with these backpack charms. Makes a great add-on gift for any TMNT based gift, or if you’re getting them a backpack and you know that they’re fans of the Turtles.

Sock Monkey Amigurumi

This is an amigurumi project which means you’ll be crocheting, and it produces a nice looking sock monkey. This cute monkey is sure to be a hit with any kid that likes monkeys in general. They provide the pattern so it comes out perfect.

Make Your Own Slime

Make a bunch of oozing slime with these instructions. You don’t have to skimp since you’re making it yourself, and the more you make the more fun it is to play with. It won’t stick to things, and stores easy in a plastic container.

Dino Plush

Make this dino plush for the dinosaur lover in your life. They’ll think it’s cute and want to take it with them everywhere they go. It’s the sort of stuffed animal that becomes a best friend so don’t be surprised if one day you have to tear it away from them.

DIY Chess Board

This is a very nice looking chessboard that you can make out of common materials. Nuts and bolts form the pieces, and they give plenty of pics to know you’ve got it right. Perfect for any chess-loving kid that shows signs of being a prodigy.

Magic Foaming Treasure Stars

These stars are great for use in an arts and crafts project with your child. They foam up and leave a colorful trail behind before dissolving completely. They are super fun to use and they make a pretty picture as you use them.


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