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32 Ermahgerd-Spicy Hot Sauce Gift Sets for Chili Heads

It’s true that some like it hot when it comes to their condiments, so what better way to celebrate an occasion than by giving your chili head a hot sauce gift set? From ermahgerd-spicy to something a little less intense, these gift sets will add a proper zing to meal times, and we’ve even included some make-at-home recipes so you can turn up the heat in your own kitchen.

The best hot sauce gift sets for spice-lovers.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Give them their own signature sauce with this kit which comes with all the ingredients and special equipment needed to create 6 bottles of sizzling sauces to call their own.


Hot Sauce Flavors of the World 30 Pack

Take their tastebuds on a trip around the world with this pack of 30 delicious samplers, which include sauces from all four corners of the globe, which range from mild to blow-your-socks-off-hot.


Thoughtfully Hot Sauce Book Gift Set

Set their world on fire with a sampler set of 15 flaming sauces, including Extremely Hot Red and Fiery Diablo Rojo, which come presented in a fun wrestling book-style box.


Hot and Spicy Crate

If you know someone who can never get hot enough when it comes to condiments, this Man Crate, which contains 3 panic-inducing sauces, jerky, and popcorn, is guaranteed to make them sweat.


The Good Hurt Fuego Hot Sauce Gift Set

It’s a thin line between pleasure and pain, and this hot sauce gift set blurs that line to create a collection of fiery flavors that will have the sauce connoisseur in tears.


Sriracha On-The-Go Packs

Travelling, whether for work or leisure, involves eating out a lot, so make sure they are well stocked up with this 50 pack of Sriracha hot chilli sauce sachets.


Palo Alto Firefighters Habanero Hot Sauce

No-one knows more about infernos than a firefighter, and this charitable Habanero hot sauce is made using peppers grown in a Palo Alto hero’s backyard for a tasty medium heat.


ASS KICKIN Hot Sauce Gourmet Gift Set

If they like the kind of heat that makes them cuss, this gift set is the perfect choice as it contains four varieties of Habanero sauce with which to make an ass of themselves.


Cholula Hot Sauce Variety Pack

There’s nothing chill about Cholula hot sauce, because these sauces (which come in very pretty bottles) are made with chillies and more chillies for sauces that bite and bite hard.


Tabasco Sauce Keychain

There’s always one person who can’t be without their favorite Sriracha sauce, so make sure they have it to hand with this mini bottle, which fits neatly into the included silicone keychain.


Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio

Add fuel to the fire in the form of liquor with a trio of hot sauces which combine tequila, bourbon, and moonshine with the likes of jalapeno, chipotle, and the fiery habanero.


African Heat Hot Sauce Trio

Handmade by African artisans, these sauces are a fusion of Swaziland and Colombian flavors, and use delicious ingredients such as pineapple, chipotle, and the spicy cayenne pepper for a new taste experience.


The Kicking Horse Dynamite Hot Sauce Gift Set

The packaging says it all – six sticks of dynamite which artfully conceal the delicious sauces inside, which range from the mild garlic herb to the explosive and mind blowing whiskey habanero.

Prices Vary

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

This sauce isn’t named ‘Beyond Insanity’ for nothing, because only the craziest taste-chasers would attempt to take on the 135,000 Scoville Unit heat, which of course makes it all the more inviting.


Secret Aardvark Set 3-Pack

Drunken Jerk would normally be classed as an insult, but in this case it’s the name of a rum ‘n jerk seasoning sauce, which also comes with Drunken Garlic and Aardvark habanero varieties.


Fuego Box Hot Sauce Tasting Booklet

Help them keep track of all their tasting triumphs with the Fuego Hot Sauce Log, which comes with a tick list for each new taste, along with space for a few handy notes.

Prices Vary

You're the Bomb Hot Sauce Gift Set

The hand grenade bottles are a clue to the sauces which are waiting inside, and with names like Hot Mamma, Vampire Slayer, and Bringing the Heat, it might be time to take cover.

Prices Vary

The Spicy Goods Gift Set

The perfect combination of heat and sweet, this hot sauce gift set contains two hot sauces (Zana habanero and Riza ghost pepper) and a delicious spicy honey to sweeten things up.


Momofuku Spicy Sauce

Don’t let the innocent packaging fool you, because this innocuous bottle contains a sauce which is packed with Korean gochujang, miso, soy sauce, and rice vinegar for dipping, dressing, or as a spicy marinade.

Prices Vary

Trio of Travel-Sized Hot Sauces

If they like their sauce the way they like their coffee – hot – they will love these travel sized bottles which combine ingredients like coffee and tequila with fiery hot peppers.


Global Hot Sauce Gift Set

With five unique flavors, this gift pack of hot sauces will take them on a tour of the exotic with tastes from Rio, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the great Australian Outback.


DIY Hot Sauce Kit

The perfect hot sauce takes skill and patience to make, and with this kit they can put together two exciting blends of both red and yellow sauces and tweak them to their liking.


Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

Some sauces are so hot that they actually hide the taste, but these Louisiana-style blends skilfully combine heat with flavor for a taste explosion, and come presented in a Zombie Cajun gift box.

Prices Vary

Sound the Alarm Gift Set Fire Truck Hot Sauce Sampler

Made in Louisiana, these sauces boast names such as Raging Inferno, Blaze, and Smoke Eater, which leaves you in no doubt as to why they are presented in a fire truck gift box!


Fuego Box Hot Sauce Subcription Box

They’ll never run out of hot sauce again when they have this monthly subscription which delivers up to three new flavors of sauce to their door, with a choice of three heat levels.

Prices vary

Yellowbird Hot Sauce Gift Set

With no artificial ingredients, this trio of Yellowbird sauces come in three vibrant flavors – Serrano, Jalapeno, and Habanero – and are packaged in handy squeezy bottles so they can get every last drop.

Prices Vary

ManCrates Hot Sauce Making Kit

Food always tastes better when it’s homemade, and lovers of all thing spicy will love the Carolina Reaper, Naga Morich, and Habanero sauces they can make with this all-inclusive kit.


Humble House Sauce Variety Pack

Despite the name, there’s nothing humble about these sauces – rich, full-bodied, and full of flavor without being too hot and spicy, they’re perfect for those without an asbestos mouth.


Habanero Hot Sauce

Offering an incredible fusion of flavors, these hot sauces combine peppers with some unusual ingredients – the flavor of real carrots, the tang of strawberries, and even the sweetness of plump, juicy blueberries.


Farmer's Market Hot Sauce

Farmers’ Markets are renowned for their delicious, home cooked foods and these unusual sauces live up to their name, with locally-sourced ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, and lemongrass.


3 Homemade Hot Sauce Recipes for a Spicy DIY Gift

Diy Hot Sauce

Here’s a hot sauce they won’t find in the supermarket! Make up a batch using this recipe (fermented or quick cook), and tweak it to suit the tastebuds of your lucky recipient.

Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce

If you want to make hot sauce instead of buying it, follow these recipes which use habanero and jalapeno peppers to create delicious, spicy habanero and Sriracha sauces.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Hot Sauce

This guide to making hot sauce contains not only different recipes, but also provides information on fermenting, storing, and even selling your creations, as well as the history of this delicious condiment.

Easy Homemade Hot Sauce

From the vibrant color to the fun and funky name, this recipe uses just chillies, salt, water, and apple cider vinegar to create a delicious hot sauce that will keep for several months.

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