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21 Homemade Gifts for Parents That Kids Can Make

Parents treasure gifts their kids make over almost everything else in life. That’s why refrigerators are covered in random art, shelves are cluttered with funky little clay pots, and attics are filled with boxes upon boxes of old science projects. Get together with your kids and make your spouse one of the gifts on this list. But make sure it’s something you can handle looking at forever.

Parents treasure homemade gifts over everything else! Here are our favorite gifts for parents that kids can make themselves.

Mosaic Picture Frames

Surround the person you love with a gift made with love by you and the kids. You’ve got the materials for this project hanging around the house already—a recycled Styrofoam tray, a cereal box, a couple of pictures, craft paint, and some glue.

These kid-made picture frames have a cool Mediterranean look.

Handprint Apron

Here’s a homemade gift for mom that’s perfect for the little-bitty ones to help make. It’s an apron decorated with hand and footprints. The handprints form the petals of flowers, and the footprints go together to make a butterfly. It’s cute and creative—something mom will love.

Sharpie Bookmark

Ever heard of Sharpie alcohol art? You take colored Sharpie markers, combine them with rubbing alcohol, and the result is a unique, impressionist vibe that looks professional. The kids do the Sharpie part, you do the alcohol part, and you have a beautiful bookmark that makes a great gift for parents.

Hula Hoop Rug

A hula hoop project that doesn’t mean embarrassing yourself with your hip action—or lack thereof. This one is all about you and your kids finger-knitting a big ball of yarn on a circular frame made from a hula hoop. It’s a big project and will take several sessions, but the end product is stunning.

Upcycled Key Windchime

What do you do with all those old keys? Do you even remember what they unlock? We can tell you: they unlock mom and dad’s heart. This homemade gift for parents is the essence of DIY economy. It’s easy, fast, and only takes products you’ve got around the house.

Bead Bowl

Calling all dads, teenagers, babysitters, and grandparents: we found a homemade gift for mom that’s all that. All you need is a glass bowl, cooking spray (or oil), a bunch of Perler beads, and an oven. And don’t forget the key ingredient, which is a younger sibling to help add that special inspiration to the process.

Mosaic Suncatcher

Don’t pay top-dollar for handmade gifts when you can follow a tutorial like this one and make art that looks like it should be sold in a fancy-schmancy boutique!

The colorful glass suncatchers on this DIY page will be fun to create with kids, and they make perfect gifts for parents.

Key Chain for Dad

Long, long ago both mom and dad joyfully accepted the fact that part of the job description reads chauffeur. Remind them how much you appreciate them driving you around town for over a decade with a special key chain that says “I Love You.” They deserve it.

Handy Ring Dish

There’s a total “awwwww” factor to all these handmade gifts for parents. We think this one has them beat, though. It’s a ring dish in the shape of a hand with one simple word painted in the palm: mama. It gets awwwwesomer, though—the hand is made from an outline of your child’s hand.

Modern Art Plates

Discover your budding Picasso, Van Gogh, Manet, or Andrew Calder when you make these homemade plates. They’re shut the front door easy and omigod cute. All you need is plastic plates and your choice of magic markers or porcelain plates. The rest is gift-giving history.

Paper Mache Bowls

All children need a papier-mache experience—don’t deny them. Yes, it’s papier-mache. Because it’s French, and that makes it better. This homemade gift for parents is also better because when you make it with the little ones, they get their hands all gooey and goopy, which they will absolutely love.

Pinecone Luminary Candles

This project looks like it should be for older kids, but the process is really simple enough for any children past the toddler age. And even toddlers can get in on the act at the front end, if you enlist their help iin gathering the pine cones. These candles have a lovely, snowy-winter theme.

Sugar Scrub

Calgon take me away! This sweet (oh yes we did) gift is designed for anyone looking for a last minute gift for parents that kids can make. All it takes is sugar, olive oil, and the essential oil of your choice. You mix the ingredients together in a jar, decorate the outside, and you’re done.

Lavender Soap

We’ll stay on the bath them for one more gift—these heart shaped lavender bath soaps for mom. Or dad, because man or woman, lavender is hard to resist. You’ll need a goat’s milk soap base, lavender oil, and lavender flowers (the tutorial uses organic ones). Follow the four steps, and in a little over an hour, you’ll have a great gift for mom or dad.

Easter Flower Bottles

Office stickers, tape, and glass juice bottles. That’s all you need for this homemade vase tutorial. Kids of any age will enjoy preparing this gift for their parents. The youngest only need to stick a few stickers, and the oldest can get creative with the tape.

Pinwheel Necklace

Every mom needs a colorful pinwheel necklace made by one of her little babies. This tutorial shows you how to make a perfect one with basic art supplies—a wooden wheel, a lanyard, and paints. Any child who can paint inside the lines can make this gift.

Embroidered Felt Purse

Nothing ever felt so good as when you took the time to make a gift for your momma! This tutorial is designed as a treasure purse for a little girl, but we think it would be great for a little girl to make as a bag for her mother. The sewing is sew simple, it’s like it’s tailor-made for dad and a young daughter to make together.

Recycled Lid Photo Magnets

Things parents love: gifts made for them by their kids. Things parents love more: things made for them by their kids that are actual pictures of their kids. This homemade gift for parents is the double jackpot. Make that triple—they’ll get to put them on the fridge and see them every day.

Composition Notebook iPad Cover

This one has a “gift for dad” feel to it, although it’s perfectly good as a gift for either parent. It’s a clever combination of the box an iPad comes in and a composition notebook. Follow the instructions, put the two together, and you guessed it: you got that iPad covered.

Decorated Golf Balls

If they can hold a marker, they can make this custom gift for dad. Get a dozen or so and make an afternoon of it with the whole family—except for whomever you’re giving the gift to, of course. Pick a theme, pick up a marker, and make the prettiest golf balls in the world.

Send A Hug

When you want to hug someone really, really bad, nothing can stop you, not even distance. Not anymore—not with this homemade gift. This tutorial shows you how to mail-a-hug for Grandparent’s day, and it can be used for any kind of parent. Send mom or dad a hug at work, or even home. They’ll get a nice surprise in the mailbox: an extra love-hug from their favorite person.


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