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105 Imaginative Home Decor Ideas for the Most Unique Rooms Ever

One of the best festive gifts you can give is a piece of furniture or art work that lifts the style of a room, turning it into a glorious masterpiece. This extensive selection of furnishings has items that will make a room brighten up, feel like a Victorian drama, or simply amaze your friends.


Kardiel Modern Ball Chair

Settle back in style with this signature reproduction of the Eero Aarnio Ball chair with its classic 5 panel interior and fiberglass shell. There are fire retardant cushions and 360 degree high quality stainless steel ball bearing swivel, giving longevity and a smooth rotation every day of the year.

Prices Vary

Baxton Studio Forte Red and Black Patterned Fabric Accent Chair

This clever chair has no discernible legs, giving a pleasing contoured shape that cuts against the norm, and which will be a talking point in the room. Its woven fabric, with the eye catching red circle pattern, is backed up by a steel frame and high density foam giving an amazing of comfort.

Prices Vary

Baxton Studio Chiara Acrylic Coffee Table

This coffee table with the designer look is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and perfect for either environment. The integrated angular legs fashioned from thick, clear acrylic give it an airy look, while the legs also double as storage space for newspapers and magazines.

Prices Vary

Yosemite Coat Rack

This stunning coat stand is made from mangosteen which is reclaimed from fallen tree trunks and then trimmed, sanded and stained by hand to produce a truly individual product. With a grandeur and beauty that is reminiscent of the original tree, this will be a jaw dropping entry to your home.


Deco 79 Teak Wood Stool

For a chair that has the feel of log cabins and outdoor walks, this teak stool positively hits the mark with its open wood construction. With a smooth natural surface and flat bottom base, the stool is as practical as it is attractive, with its organic rustic teak look.


Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo

This easy to balance, hang anywhere set of shelves has a rustic look that gives them charm and elegance in one. Using natural materials, the simple triangular shape is eye catching, whilst the homemade stain of the wood gives this modern material an old style feel of well loved furnishings.


Zuri Furniture Modern Vitali Red Microfiber Leather Sectional

This leather sectional comes in a striking red that will catch any visitor’s eye, and with a seat depth of 23 to 26 inches, it’s sure to be a comfortable perch. Red microfiber leather upholstery is complemented by black stitching details, and 3 large pillows and 4 black throw pillows.

Prices Vary

Homissue Rustic Pipe Shelving Unit

For that rustic look in your home shelving, grab these mounted shelves that are supported by metal pipe. Perfect for storing and displaying a variety of items such as photographs or pot plants, the classy look of the shelves makes one think of warmer, friendlier times, back on homemade steadings.


Emerald Home Paladin Rustic Dining Table w/Hidden Extension

When the farm house clashes with modern taste, this Paladin table is the result, showing a relaxed lived-with vibe but with a robust finish. With comfort and durability in mind, the dining table has a wooden frame and foam cushion construction, allowing the family to sit around this table for years to come.

Prices Vary

DEKADRON Metal World Map

For a feature to grab your visitor’s attention, simply hang this uniquely designed world map on your wall with just a basic nail. Made from matt black, textured static powder coated metal, the design leaps out at you as it hangs 2cm away from the wall.


The Lucky Gardener DIY Terrarium Kit

Create your own terrarium feature in your house with this fun set that contains everything you will need, from the proprietary soil mix to lichen and moss. With a container that’s pleasing to the eye and the know how of the item’s creators, you’ll have a verdant table top realm in no time.


State Shape Wall Hooks

These carved by hand, state-shaped coat hooks give a homely feel to any hallway and are made from rich walnut. Celebrate your favorite states to visit, or where your family is located, and give your house a touch of geographical pride with these special coat hooks.


Colorful Felt Leaf Wreath

This alternative styling for a wreath brings a touch of class and color to any home, and with its sparse look is easily combined with other decorations. Made from felt leaves in the classic laurel wreath style, there’s a touch of familiarity that keeps the warmth of this decoration front and center.


Handmade Metal Tree of Life Roots

This stunning tree of life design is hand crafted from cast-off steel drums in Haiti and follows 4 generations of tradition in metal sculpture. Being fair trade, you’ll feel not only the warmth of the piece, but also of your own heart, as you appreciate the natural color variations within the metal.


EcWorld Enterprises Cinema Studio Floor Prop Light

This delightful piece would accent an interior design that says movie set or home theater with its on-set look. With adjustable legs for height options, the piece can be placed anywhere and will light up any corner or star home-decor performer for visitors to see.


Lucid Mirror

This clever piece gives the exhilaration of seeing the sun burst from behind banks of rolling clouds, or of walking in a forest, or just having a good look at yourself. Combing over 70 layers to make an illusionistic work of art, this picture-come-mirror will blow the minds of any visitors.


Lake Topography Art

Transport yourself off to the tree lined oasis that you dipped into last summer with this captivating, but informatively designed map that is laser cut to show up to 8 levels of the water’s depths, on terraced pieces of wood. With over 4,000 lakes and coastal regions available, you’ll find your oasis.

Prices vary

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

For sports fans of the diamond game, these blueprints of their team’s stadium will grace a pride of place in their home and let others see their allegiance in a classy way. Complete with the stadium’s design specs and highlights of major events, this piece will engross you for the days to come.


TANGKULA Dining Table Set

This stylish set of dining chairs and table is made from high quality steel tube frame with a tempered glass top to give a charming appearance alongside a practical function. With each chair capable of holding 300lbs, and the table 250lbs, this set is ideal for any bustling family.


nuLOOM Cozy Diamond Trellis Shag Area Rug

Made in Turkey from 100% polypropylene, this rug is created using the latest technology to give you a stylish edge to your room, bedroom or hallway. Its diamond style pattern is both bright and welcoming, and at 7’10’’x10’ feet, this rug covers a substantial amount of floor.


Wine Barrel Guitar Rack

For those of a musical lilt, check out this delightful guitar holder, made from reclaimed oak barrel staves from Napa Valley wine. With endearing imperfections and one of a kind patina, each holder is unique and has a padded hook on which to rest the precious guitar.

Prices vary

Fire Escape Shelf

This fun shelf portrays a fire escape running up your wall and provides a talking piece for your room with which to decorate with plants or other items. The design means that there is still open viewing of your precious items but that the mock fire escape dominates the wall.


Flip Rack

Check out this ingenious coat rack that has 25 beechwood triangles for your coats, which tip down to become hooks when you need them, then flip back up when not required. With the warmth of wood and a secure, hidden mounting, this rack is perfect for hallways.


Majestic Forest Bookends

Make a show of your book collection with this delightful set of bookends that show a copse of trees, handmade in birch plywood. Using photos of real groves, the artist represents shadows and turns in the leaves to portray that woodland charm he sees, into your room.


Smart Lighting Panels

These wall panels will give any room that funky touch by creating signature scenes by linking up to music or sounds from an interconnected device. Whether you simply want to dance with the lights or dream into their colors, this wall set will make your room come alive.

Prices vary

Small Birds Flying Set

This small flock of flying birds come from Haiti and are a result of metalworking expertise that has passed down the generations. A fair trade product, they are distinctive by the gorgeous color variation from sliver, dark tones to the brown, bronze tones, making the birds almost shimmer in the light.


Mates For Life

One of the most fascinating aspects of this delightful piece of art is that the animal couples selected are all couples that stay together. All the portrayed species are those which decide to hang on to their one and only and help send a message to whatever couple the piece is dedicated to.

Prices vary

Anmytek Round Wooden Chandelier

Give the room a medieval look without having to suffer from dripping wax and go-dark candles, with this 9 inch wooden frame. There’s a 40 inch rubber insulated cord at the heart of the power supply and a round clear glass cover with exposed decorative hardware.


L.R. Resources Mystic Macramé Pouf Ottoman

This portable pouf is filled with 100% polystyrene in the shape of EPS balls that provide a comfortable seat that is truly soft. Light enough to be carried form room to room, this ottoman is great as an emergency seat as it requires no fixing and is easy to carry around your house.


The Levitating Lightbulb

This almost magical light is a talking piece suitable for any table and will raise many an inquiring eye. Through the mysterious power of magnets, the LED bulb floats above the quarter sawn oak base with electrical induction used to keep the light on, while your friends and family simply stare in amazement.


Persian-Rugs Gray Abstract Area Rug

This abstract Persian rug measures over 5×7 feet but is easy to maintain, requiring only a mild detergent to remove stains. The super soft fibers give a comfortable feel under your feet while the abstract pattern allows it to blend into many different rooms where its colors are already present.


Safavieh Lighting Collection Tory Ivory Shell Lamp Set

This gorgeous pair of table lamps feature a white cotton shade to set off their marble effect bodies. Crafted from shell and polyresin, the internal bulbs are 100W making it perfect for a living room, den, library of office. Assembly required on arrival of these items.


A History of Existing Life

Made on German etching paper using 200 year old archival inks, this fantastic tree image represents the broad spectrum of life on this planet. The limbs of the tree take the onlooker through a trail of related families, showing when the families connected and revealing our singular history.

Prices vary

Umbra Fotochain Multi Picture Frames

These modern looking photo frames are ideal if you are looking to make your home with that crisp and classical style that modern people look for. Easy to set up and coming in a set of 3, the frames are hung, suspended by a metal chain, from a sleek matching knob on the wall.


Personalized Faux Bois Vase

This stunning bark like vase represents something long and permanent, and with your initials emblazoned upon the trunk, it will say something about your own relationship. Long lasting and ideal for a bridal shower, wedding or even an anniversary, this vase shows relationships built to last.


Divano Roma Furniture Velvet Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise

This classic style piece of furniture features a sectional sofa with a reversible chaise lounge in a variety of colors. There’s sophisticated and soft velvet on a hardwood frame, and also overstuffed cushions and 2 decorative pillows, allowing you to relax in totally luxury. Perfect for a small apartment or studio.

Prices Vary

Baseball Stadium Lights End Table

Baseball lovers will adore this representation of their favorite stadium which includes a lighting setup to make the most of the 3D representation. This beechwood end table has the stadium sat under glass, making the table fit for general use but also available as a show piece for your guests and family.


Scratch Map Deluxe

For those who like to tour the world, this scratch map will provide a helpful record of travels and also enlightening new facts about where you have been. Printed in gold and black, there are vivid bursts of color underneath the map which burst forth when revealed.

Prices vary

Deco Square Gold Metal Wall Mirror Panel

This stunning piece of wall art has 100 individual metallic gold frames encompassing small round mirrors linked together by gold chains. The metal mirror art measures 29x2x39 inches and weighs in at only 2.5lbs, is easy to hang, and gives you a glamorous and modern styled wall.

Prices Vary

Couch Arm Table

Sometimes when we sit, a table is not within reach and we end up with a selection of drinks and snacks in our hands, or worse still, all over us. This handy tray allows you to rest your beverages and snacks at your chair, safely anchored by adjustable spring straps.


Art Deco Toggle Switch

For the ultimate in art deco switches take a look at this eye catching piece of mechanical art. Crafted from decorative plywood, the switch easily installs in your room by simply attaching it over the existing switch using the original screws, and creates a totally different look to your room.


Stilnovo Athy Pendant Lamp

This aluminum lamp sets a modern look to a room with its accented red interior ring and sheds light from a 100W bulb, optimally reflected through the shade. The lamp is a series of 3 nested black shades topped by a reverse flared white reflector, giving it a unique look.

Prices Vary

Hanging Cocktail Bar

It’s five o’clock somewhere and you need your cocktail making spirits at hand, but how do you store such items elegantly and practically? This clever wall cupboard is made from Paulownia wood and raw metal and has a fold down shelf which is perfect for a mixing station.


Keter Urban Knit Pouf Set

This elegant set of poufs are made from durable, rust proof, all weather polypropylene resin for superb durability and comes as a table and 2 seating poufs set. Ideal for use as patio furniture, kid’s party furnishings or as a corner piece to your living room, this set is both practical and stylish.


Floating Utensil Holder

Have your utensils to hand within the kitchen with this floating holder, that can be mounted underneath a cabinet or hung up on a wall. The holder grips spoons, whisks and spatulas tight, keeping your utensils tidy but also within reach, so you can easily use them when necessary.


Huge Classic World Map

Give an old style feel to your room with this massive map of the world that shows a classical depiction, complete with political detail and country boundaries. A practical item as well as an artistic piece, the map will be a talking point for visitors or a great reference for your children.


Egyptian Morrocan Handmade Leather Ottoman Pouf

Poufs are such handy seats or even make shift tables in a room, but few look as elegant as this Egyptian pouf in genuine leather, that’s handcrafted in its country of origin. Handily, the pouf is also empty rather than stuffed, making this also great storage in your room.


Frankenstein Switch Plate

Ideal for anyone having a film theme or a gothic feel to their room, this clever switch goes over the original but still operates your lights easily and effectively. The plywood switch plate is laser engraved with coils around the terminals and gives that old time movie feel to any room.


Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holders

Pick any state you desire and have your keys hang from these magnetic holders that feature 4 hidden, super strong neodymium magnets, that hold any magnet friendly items you care to store. The holders hang easily using adhesive strips or screws, which are both included for your ease.


Textured Wood Wall Art

For an abstract piece of art on your wall, check out this wooden mosaic piece, of which each part was separately sanded and smoothed to show their interior rings. The pieces were then hung in such a way to create a 3D effect that will give you hours of contemplation.


Stone & Beam Modern Arc Metal Frame Mirror

Ideal for a room showing gothic, rustic or even modern tendencies, this sweeping metal design suggests a cathedral window and incorporates glass and iron with a silver finish. Not suitable for areas of high moisture, this piece wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth and requires hanging hardware.

Prices Vary

Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

Bringing a completely different take on the term wallflower, this clever planter is designed to retain soil and moisture on your wall but let a bright array of greenery emerge to light up your room. Lush with hand selected succulents, the portable garden can be hung from a wall or fence, indoors or outdoors.


Cork Globe

Made from cork, this 3 dimensional globe is interactive with red pushpins marking spots that you cherish most, and allowing the attachment of pictures, tickets or other mementoes. This personalized keepsake has the capacity to develop and become even more of a potted history of your world travels.

Prices vary

Yoka Lighting Modern Metal Pendant Lighting

This modern lighting arrangement also has a Victorian steampunk look to it that would fit well into any classical room. Hardwired, the light is electroplate finished in gold color and is a perfect fixture for a kitchen, living room, dining room or even smart entrance foyers.


Rivet Motion Patterned Wool Area Rug

This 100% wool rug has a striking design that features a simple but stylish flat weave with beautiful shades of gray. Hand woven for texture and superior durability, the rug is hand tufted in India and has a low pile height, making it easy to vacuum without worry.

Prices Vary

Mid Century Modern Extra Large Velvet Sofa

This mid-century, extra-large sofa comes with tufted details and is upholstered in soft velvet fabric on a hardwood frame. Comfortably seating 4 people, the sofa is ideal for a large modern living room, fitting into any smart decor, and comes with only minor assembly required.

Prices Vary

Handcrafted Hanging Mason Jar Sconces

Check out this wall decor that takes a different approach to the usual flower vases, in that it has a warm glow created by battery operated removable LED lights. Complete with strong hangers at the rear, the vases are suitable for hanging in a hallway, garden, living room or anywhere you like.

Prices Vary

Safavieh Home Collection Hartwick Grey Side Table

This adorable side table will add a different feel to any room with its legs that look like a wood branch pile, giving your home that perfect accent. Made from teak wood, the table has a delightful, gray finish on top and is a perfect side table to pull out for extra guests.


Air Purifying Planter

The perfect air purifier is a green one and this one is especially efficient by amplifying a houseplant’s power to clean air by eight times, using a NASA discovery. It is an easy to maintain system which requires no power to help you breathe easy in your room.


Living Composter

Not simply a food waste bin, this sculptural compost container is a worm farm but a lot better looking than the average one, and a lot better designed. Odorless and capable of processing over 2 pounds of food a week, this biomorphic worm house delivers potent vermicompost, an incredibly strong plant food.


Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter

The neutral colors on this stunning stoneware pot allow it to blend into any room, and its compact size means it is able to fit on a window sill or a desktop. Durable, due to the stoneware build, this planter is a perfect gift due to its ability to work with almost any scheme.


Modern Chandelier Rain Drop Lighting

This distinctly modern take on a chandelier sparkles from every angle as the “rain drops” catch the light like a shower from above. Supported by a chrome, stainless steel canopy, the light uses 3 x GU10 bulbs and is a great look for any modern suite or hallway.


Modway Bertoia Style Diamond Chair

This modern take on a chair comes with a steel frame for strong support and a vinyl seat pad ensuring your comfort when seated for a long time. Ideal for any surface as the chair has plastic non-marking feet, making it safe for kids to use and for delicate floors.

Prices Vary

Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table Tennis Dining Combination

When the space for games is at a premium, this table tennis and pool combo will be just the perfect fit. The item also becomes a great dining table and is made from sturdy engineered wood, while the pool table has True Roll bumpers to ensure smooth and accurate play.

Prices Vary

Antiqued Brass Growhouse

This old fashioned plant grow-house fits perfectly into your kitchen with its elegant Mason jars and brass edging. There are 8 full spectrum LED lights controlled by a sensitive timer, set for your plants daily light need, meaning this house can be used even in darker rooms or where the sunlight struggles to reach.


nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Sporting a modern Moroccan trellis design, this delightful rug is machine made, although you would struggle to know. Constructed of 100% polypropylene, the rug has a pile height of 0.5 inches, allowing you to snuggle into its warmth and to feel a comforting smoothness under your feet.


Metal Blue Angel Wings Hanging Wall Decor

Give an angelic touch to your room with this fantastic pair of angel wings that are made from distressed metal and stand a fabulous 28 inches high. Great for a rustic or farmhouse decor, these wings grab the attention, not just with their size but with the gleam of the metal, too.

Prices Vary

Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Showing all the phases of the moon, this lunar inspired tableau is 6 inches wide and is permanent, non-toxic ink block printed on cotton blend, drop cloth canvas. With a mystical feel, it fits into any room, modern or classic, due to the simple blending colors employed.


IMAX Tilton Copper and Wood Table Lamp

Made of iron and pine wood, this sturdy night lamp is expertly handcrafted and uses a unique blend of materials to ensure maximum durability and an exotic finish. Capable of illuminating an entire room, this is the perfect bedside light, guiding your way on those dark mornings.

Prices Vary

Kinetic Gear Key Holder

Steampunk is a growing genre in books and is making its way into household decor as evidenced by this clever key holder. Laser engraved plywood produces a key holder that has gears that move in unison, allowing the mechanism to open and close with ease and deliver your keys.


Song Lyrics Wall Decal Dave Matthews Band

Wall decals are a great way to enhance any room and can be used to proclaim favorite song lyrics or literary quotes in a stylish fashion on any wall. These Dave Matthews Band decals last for up to 5 years in the outdoor environment and virtually forever indoors, allowing your expressions to last a long time.


Double Rack & Pinion Switch Plate

This rack and pinion device gives a Steampunk theme to your light switch whilst still maintaining its function, allowing great styling of bland light switches. Complete with swirling lines of Victorian ornamentation, these over-switches are installed using the standard switch screws that come with the original unit.


Toggle Switch Plate

Reminiscent of Lovecraft and Goya, this gothic inspired light switch takes us back to the time of Victorian science fiction and progress to be made. Perfect for a themed room that seeks the days of steampunk and delightful swirling line design, it requires no special fitting, simply using the original units screws.


Down Low Swivel Chair Beige

A seat you can truly relax in, this low down swivel chair has a beige look to fit into any color of room. Perfect for lazy days where you just sit and read, or drift away with a warm drink, it is perfect for placing in a sunroom or in your quiet corner.

Prices Vary

Down Low Swivel Chair Beige

Light and inviting, this swivel chair has a solid base so you don’t feel off balance, but also is extremely comfortable so you can curl up with a great book. More an owner’s chair than one for visitors, you can see yourself slipping off your shoes and crashing out in your favorite room.

Prices Vary

Hanging Garden Wall Planter

This clever hanging wall planter is almost invisible on a white wall, letting the plants take the limelight. This vertical garden comes complete with peat moss, an integrated manual irrigation system and a no-drip collection tank to ensure there are no nasty leaks in your house.


SolarPuff Collapsible Light

This bright solar light has a sturdy, water-tight sailcloth shell allowing it to weather almost any storm while providing up to 12 hours of illumination in 3 settings. Weighing only 2.6 ounces, the flat pack design makes it an easy carry along with camping gear or in an emergency box.


Safavieh Madison Collection Distressed Medallion Area Rug

For a high durability rug that combines high quality with longevity and a pile height of 0.5 inches to give extra comfort, look no further. This traditional, vintage rug will add an elegant accent to any room and measures an impressive 8×10 feet to ensure good floor coverage.


Unique Loom Baracoa Collection Bright Tones Vintage Area Rug

This vintage styled rug made in Turkey features an Allover checkered pattern, complete with a fringe and border. Easy to clean and stain resistant, the rug measures over 2×3 feet and is one third of an inch thick to give that snug feeling to bare feet, defying its polypropylene construction.


Pair of Wooden Shutters

Give your room that rustic look with this pair of shutters that take you back to the days of thatched and rural houses. Finished in dark walnut, these hand built shutters are ideal for framing pictures or your TV, and will add beauty and a unique style to any space.


Westinghouse Iron Hill Three-Light Indoor Island Pulley Pendant

Give your room an industrial look with this 3 light indoor island pendant that can be installed on sloped ceilings, and includes instructions and mounting hardware. The pendant uses 3 x 60 watt bulbs, ideally filament bulbs to complete the vintage look, and comes with a 5 year warranty.


Personalized Push Pin Travel Map

This world map is constructed from thick matte paper and archival pigment inks and is made to order being partly customizable. There are over 50 pins to help you indicate significant places and people around the world that influenced your journey through this life to the present day.


Kardiel Modern Ball Chair

This awesome Sci-Fi chair design features a classic 5 panel interior with fire retardant cushions and leatherette upholstery. With the capacity to swivel on the high quality stainless steel ball bearing, it smoothly and seamlessly lets you position yourself in the perfect light, for reading or simple relaxation.

Prices Vary

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

Let that glorious day when you wed be remembered with this upcycled champagne bottle that has been turned into a keepsake wedding vase. The deep green glass is etched with a personalized message indicating the married couple’s names, date and place of the wedding. Glass is cut in the USA and decorated in Reno.


Nordic Tea Light Trough

For a homey glow and warming light in your room, try this Nordic-inspired tea light holder that boasts a row of tea lights tucked behind silhouetted branches . The evergreen forest is formed from laser cut metal and it makes a welcoming centerpiece for a dinner table.


Safavieh Valencia Collection Vintage Distressed Polyester Area Rug

Mimicking a lavish vintage centerpiece, this striated worn patina has stunning polyester fibers which make this a soft and luxurious rug to touch. With expert power loom construction, this rug is durable with virtually no shedding of fibers and has a pile height of 0.25 inches.


LUCID Convertible Foam Sofa and Foldable Play Mat

This modern looking sofa also becomes a bed and a lounger, having an 8 inch thick mattress made from supportive high density foam. The gray linen look cover is made of durable fabric, making this perfect for overnight guests, movie night, or as a family room sofa.

Prices Vary

Through the Woods Tealight Holder

Cast in metal and capable of sending soothing shadows and silhouettes of nature scenes across your walls, this tea light trough is handmade in Kentucky. On cold winter nights this set sends a warming motif around the room, like the embers of a fire, making stale rooms take on a warm glow.


Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair

This modern chair with long slung arms and a stainless steel base of 4 angled legs, has a comfortable oversized cushion and back. Delivered complete with no assembly required, this chair has plywood reinforced sides and back to hold you in a firm but relaxed posture for sitting.


Leather Match Sectional Sofa

With adjustable headrests and low armrests, this modern sectional sofa is upholstered in hand picked leather match, with high density foam filling the entire frame for added comfort. Sturdy legs take the weight of all relaxing guests, and the striking single color makes this a show piece in your room.

Prices Vary

Gala Photo Display

Keep your favorite moments at hand with this collage inspired design which features a handsome walnut base and room for 7 wire picture holders. Whether its quiet moments at home, days in the surf, or riding the rollercoasters at your craziest fun park, this will be a great focal point memento.


Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

For a vintage inspired room, this endearing owl is more than just an ornament and acts as a switch for the retro light. With a handcrafted wooden base, porcelain socket and reproduction cloth covered cord, this will take you back to bygone days and well made fashionable furnishings.


Safavieh Lighting Collection Urban Retro Floor Lamp

This sparse urban retro lamp will give a fresh look to any room, crafted of metal and finished in black. Ideal for a living room, bedroom, family room or study, it will shed light to all corners due to the sunburst design and open aspect.


City Skyline Lamp

Whether you have had a romantic moment beside a famous skyline, or just a great family holiday, this groovy light will cast that city skyline onto your wall. With an LED bulb, this sophisticated lamp with a cloth covered cord is laser cut from powder coated aluminum to the skyline you select.


Orian Rugs Boucle’ Seaborn Natural Area Rug

This rug features bold hues in a deep color palette and detailed patterns, all made from 100% premium polypropylene fibers which virtually never shed. Woven in the USA from yarn-dyed synthetic fibers, the rug is naturally stain and fade resistant, providing for easy maintenance at great value.


Baxton Studio Mid-Century Masterpieces Sofa

This modern sofa comes from a mid-century inspiration and has a solid rubber wood construction and a medium brown wood veneer finish. Elegant but simple, the brown leather seat comes with high density polyurethane foam cushioning to make it comfortable and relaxing for any guests, or just to put your feet up on.


LALUZ Rustic Wood Island Lighting Kitchen Chandelier

Ideal for a rustic kitchen, particularly to overhang a kitchen island, this set of lights is height adjustable and can cope with a flat or sloped ceiling. The hardwired lamp suits a dry indoor location but is an easy installation which uses 5×60 watt bulbs, to give that atmospheric light we all crave.


Garden Gears Outdoor Clock & Thermometer

Create an old style feel in the garden with this set of a clock and a thermometer that’s based on a set of garden gears. Made from rustic, expertly hand finished steel, these delightful objects marry form and function, and can be hung in 2 different ways, ideal for any post or wall.


Skyline Furniture Custom Settee in Linen Linen Coral

Like a sofa you’d see in the roaring 20’s, this exquisite beauty catches your eye with its dapper pink look and diamond tufting. Available in other colors, it strikes a cord whatever its shade and is made of solid pine with polyurethane foam and a polyester fill, to keep everyone comfortable.

Prices Vary

Custom Metal Wall Art

Shadoart takes a previous photo and renders it into a minimalist handmade illustration, before a laser cuts the image in a metal sheet. The result is both unique and a delicate transformation of your beloved picture, and comes in either matte black or matte terracotta, according to your personal taste.


Rivet Mid-Century Checkerboard Reclaimed Elm Cabinet

This checkerboard accented bureau is a true mid-century statement that comes with storage compartments that make it useful as an entertainment center. The cabinet is made from a reclaimed solid elm frame and legs, and has soft closing drawers, ideal for storage of plates and other crockery.

Prices Vary

Good At Naps Throw

Check out this bold and graphic knit that celebrates the dreamers of the world and is made from 100% cotton. A gift for that person who knows how to live life slowly, who is supreme at getting out of any plans they don’t like and who, ultimately, understand the power of a good nap.


Wood American Flag

Made from reclaimed wood, this flag is a stunning tribute to this great nation and shows how far the country has come in its short history. Place it with pride to show how – although sometimes a little turbulent – there’s still plenty to love about this great land of the free.


Simple Living Baxter Dining Set with Storage Chair

This 5 piece dining set provides a smart and modern look to eating and saves space with the matching ottomans that feature convenient storage capacity. Perfect for a town apartment or a small modern home, the furniture is sure to accent your current happy abode.


Rainy Day Blanket

For those days when you want to just curl up with a good book and a hot chocolate, you’ll need this blanket to complement the warmth you feel. This super soft throw envelopes you in a German designed high nap fabric, that rivals cashmere for softness and keeps wintry drafts at bay.


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It’s almost a lost art, making pictures with flowers, but don’t worry as this blog is here to help you rediscover this fun art. Taking you through in easy steps, you’ll learn how to prep your flowers before you add them to your picture and then create a stylish frame.

Diy Industrial Pipe Shelves

Shelving is always required around a busy household, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to be stylish, and able to complement your room. Create your own shelves from industrial pipe that are so modern and in vogue, that no-one will guess where their mainstays come from.

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