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14 Hi-Tech Gifts for Readers

Warning: the following gifts for readers will only make them read even more than they already do. If you’ve got a book lover in your life, encourage their habit with the perfect gifts that will make them even more comfy while they read.

14 Hi-Tech Gifts for Readers- some great ideas! No. 2 is my favorite.

Focused Beam Natural Light Desk Lamp

Put a spotlight on what you’re reading with this focused beam desk lamp. It uses natural light and can be adjusted so you can get a thick or thin beam of light right where you want it. It’s a great lamp for reading and allows you to read longer without eye strain.


Kindle Voyage

The latest release from Amazon in their line of Kindles, this one promises to be the best one they’ve come up with yet. Super crisp text for easier reading, lighter, with a light that automatically adjusts to your surroundings, makes this one a winner.

Prices Vary

The Authoritarian

They’ll always have the right tool to look up any word with this electronic dictionary to end all dictionaries from Franklin. It has just about every word that exists and is still in use in today’s vocabulary, plus some obscure ones they’ll find in older books.


Wireless Eye Massager

All of that reading takes it toll on the eyes, and this wireless eye massager can help revive them for even more reading. They simply lie down, put it on, and let it do its thing while they relax and feel it go to work on their eyes.


Nook Glowlight

Nook is Barnes and Noble’s answer to the Amazon Kindle, and by most accounts it is a pretty good rival. The Glowlight does not require any assistance in the illumination department because it creates its own light so you can use it anywhere and see perfectly.


Polarized Sun Readers

These sun readers are polarized so that you’ll be able to read in direct sunlight and not squint or struggle to see the text. Great for those summertime reading sessions outside. It lets you see what you’re reading, and also protects your eyes from the glare.


Kandle eBook Light

The Kandle is a book light that is meant for ebook readers of all types, and is a great accompaniment for any reader that has a Kindle or Nook that doesn’t provide its own light. It rests at the top so that it’s not in the way and not cumbersome to hold.


AnyBook Reader

The AnyBook Reader lets you record any book you want so that you can read to your child even if you’re not there. Whether you’re traveling on business, or just don’t make it home before they do, they’ll always have your voice there to read them their favorite book.


LCD eWriter

The perfect companion to any e-reader is this eWriter, which allows them to take notes while they’re reading and store them digitally. Most e-readers have a note taking system that leaves something to be desired. Now they’ll be able to quickly jot down a note.


Kobo Aura

With the Kindle and Nook taking most of the market share, some may wonder how the Kobo line of e-readers is still around. But it has a loyal following and produces a good quality product, and their Aura model is no exception.


5 Axis Adjustable Tablet Stand

They’ll be able to put their book right where they want it when they use this adjustable tablet stand and put their book on an iPad, tablet, or ebook reader. It allows for full customization and contorts to fit to them instead of the other way around.


Vintage Device Chargers

These smartphone chargers are made to look like classic books. It’s just a matter of finding a classic book that they love so that they’ll see it every day when they charge up their phone. Looks great on a bookshelf along with their other books.


LED Book Light

This book light illuminates the entire page in just the right way that you can see all of the words without having to adjust the light as you read. So many lights require that you shift the book or the light to accommodate the poor lighting, but not this one.


Pen-Sized Scanner

With this pen-sized scanner they’ll be able to capture pages from a book or magazine that they’re enjoying and read them later on their choice of device. Great to carry around because you never know when you’ll find something worth reading.


8 Fun DIY Gifts for Readers

DIY iPad Stand

This iPad stand is something they’ll really enjoy, as it keeps the iPad in just the right position, and doesn’t take up a lot of room. They’ll love that you made it yourself, because it shows that you took the extra step and added some love.

Miniature Books

Shrink down their favorite books to miniature size and they’ll really get a kick out of it. It’s just a matter of finding the book jacket on the Internet, shrinking out down via a photo editing software, and then following the steps to make it look like a mini book.

Book-to-Tablet Case

This tablet case is made from a book, so it has a sort of classic look to it, while being a hi-tech device. Be sure that you get a book with a hard cover so that it adds protection to the tablet nestled inside.

Wooden Bookmarks

These wooden bookmarks will stand the test of time, and are a nice add-on gift if you are going to buy the reader in your life a book. There is some personalization that can be done while you’re making these to make it special for them.

DIY Mini Journal

Many avid readers like to take notes while they’re reading, so this mini journal is perfect for them to have by their side as they read. If inspiration strikes or they read something that they want to remember, they can write it down easily.

Felt Tablet Case

This tablet case is made from felt, so it’s soft to the touch, and does a great job of protecting the tablet from damage. The instructions are easy to follow, and the finished product looks like something you bought rather than made.

Leather Bookmarks

These leather bookmarks will help them keep their place in their book, will last a lifetime, and look very nice. If you love to leathercraft, these are the bookmarks to make them, especially if you want to supplement a book gift with something special.

Harry Potter Kindle Covers

If you know that they’re a fan of the Harry Potter books, make them these Harry Potter Kindle covers, which resemble Harry and his glasses and scar, and Ron with his telltale freckles and red hair.


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