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43 Gifts for Health Nuts & Fitness Buffs

It’s not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle around the holidays. Throw the health nuts and fitness freaks a low-calorie bone this holiday season with a gift that caters to a healthier lifestyle. And for anyone who’s making a health-positive New Year’s resolution, the right gift can help them hit the ground running.

Great list of gift ideas for health nuts & fitness buffs.

Fivefingers Running Shoes

The “barefoot running” revolution calls for a change in traditional, restrictive running shoes. Instead, the FiveFingers sports shoes allow the feet’s numerous muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments to be better stimulated and strengthened during every fitness activity.
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Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Walkers

Fitness buffs sometimes neglect to add foot fitness to their daily routines. Foot Walkers are plastic half-spheres with knobbles that help stimulate the bottom of the feet. Use them to help increase circulation, strengthen muscles and tendons, increase flexibility, and reduce foot pain.

The 4-Hour Body

Whether for beginners and advanced athletes, Timothy Ferriss’sThe Four Hour Body details his obsessive quest to attain the ultimate level of health and fitness. Now, he passes his experience (over a decade’s worth) on in this exhaustive guide to achieving the ultimate body.
Prices Vary

Happylight Sunshine Supplement Light

Combat the winter blues with a sunshine supplement light. This compact energy lamp simulates natural daylight, essentially triggering the body’s natural responses and helping improve energy, concentration, and mood.
Prices Vary

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are like having an entire home gym at your disposal. Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to over 50 pounds, combining 15 sets of weights into one. It’s a great way to fit an entire weight training system into a small space.

Hydro Flask

Whereas lesser bottles tend to “sweat” and leak, the Hydro Flasks’s durable insulation and stainless steel design keeps drinks cold for more than 24 hours without sweating. It’s a perfect fit for gym bags and bike bottle holders. It also keeps hot drinks hot, and will fit in most car cup holders.
Prices Vary

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

The #1 rated acupressure mat stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, which bring on a calming, soothing allover effect. The Nayoyamat can be used to treat stress, fatigue, soreness, and pain in the joints, muscles, feet, neck, and back. It’s an essential tool for overall health and wellness.
Prices Vary


Hikers, marathon runners, and all manner of adventurers need to stay hydrated. The HydroBak is a lightweight, unimposing pack that provides hand-free hydration while out on the road or trail. Easy to use and clean, it also features pockets for tools, keys, and other essentials.
Prices Vary


Do you have friends or family members who make lots of fitness goals, but have trouble following through? The Fitbook can help. With pages dedicated to long- and short-term goals, the Fitbook provides a fun outlet for planning, tracking, logging, and reflecting on health and fitness goals.
Prices Vary

Nuun Optimal Hydration Tablets

With zero sugar and under eight calories per serving, each Nuun supplement is an all-natural blend of 17 vitamins and minerals. The Nuun variety pack is a great buy for the entire family.
Prices Vary

Blenderbottle Sport Mixer

It’s usually not ideal to mix protein drinks in an actual blender. For individual servings, the stainless steel BlenderBottle spares the mess and hassle, making it easy to mix smooth, lump-free drinks for supplementing any workout routine.
Prices Vary

Striv Smart Pedometer

A pedometer is a versatile tool for people of every fitness level. This smart pedometer goes beyond simply counting the user’s steps; by adding interactivity and motivational features, setting goals and striving to keep them becomes much more fun.
Prices Vary

Zumba Fitness System

Join the Zumba revolution! With moves and music from different styles such as salsa, hip-hop, belly dance, and more, it’s a fun and fast-paced workout that has everyone talking (and dancing!). This Zumba DVD set is much more than a simple follow-along, making it a hot gift for all ages and fitness levels.
Prices Vary

The Complete Manual Of Things That Might Kill You

If he wasn’t a hypochondriac before, this humorous medical manual will certainly turn him into one! Theexhaustive and “don’t take it too seriously” guide takes normal, everyday symptoms and associates them with rare and horrifying illnesses. It’s a morbidly fun read, and the perfect coffee table book.

Body Back Buddy

This isn’t your grandmother’s back scratcher! The Body Back Buddy’s innovative design helps provide targeted relief over the entire body. The user has total control, making it easy to target pressure points and alleviate pain and soreness. It’s a wonderful gift for people suffering from fibromyalgia and other muscle conditions.

Oster Myblend

The Oster MyBlend is designed to fit in with a busy, active lifestyle. By blending directly into the sports bottle, the easy-to-use individual blender puts shakes and smoothies right at the user’s fingertips, leaving her with less mess to clean up and more time to enjoy her day.
Prices Vary

Top 100 Healing Foods

Many common ailments can be successfully treated by simply adding some of nature’s wonder foods into one’s diet. This illustrated guide lists the top 100 foods for boosting physical and mental health, along with useful tips and recipes on how to prepare and serve them.
Prices Vary

Insanity Workout System

The ultimate fitness system is available on a 10-DVD set. True to its name, this intense and challenging program pushes the limits with aerobic and anaerobic intervals, providing unbelievable results. The DVD set is accompanied by free online tools and resources to help users stay motivated during the 60-day challenge.

Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker

Finally, staying on track with fitness goals is fun! The Zip Activity Tracker counts steps, distance travelled, and calories burned. Meanwhile, the user can access her always-updating Fitbit account via her smart phone or tablet, all while staying motivated by sharing graphs, badges, and messages with friends and family.
Prices Vary

Nike Fuel + Band

An ideal choice for anyone wanting to up his or her activity level, the sleek and stylish Fuel + Band helps with weight loss and calorie burning. Results can be instantly updated to smart phones and tablets, making it easy to review daily and monthly progress.
Prices Vary


Help make exercise fun with the FitDeck. Fifty-six cards reveal illustrations and instructions for upper, middle, lower, and full body exercises. Each exercise utilizes body weight and movements only-no need for additional equipment. It’s a great gift for everyday use or to supplement an exercise program.
Prices Vary

Ea Sports Active

Playing video games is no longer a sedentary activity!EA Sports Active for the Nintendo Wii features engaging workouts for the upper and lower body as well as cardio. Follow the guidance of the virtual personal trainer, and enjoy fun and motivating challenges along the way. “Play” alone or with a friend.
Prices Vary

Bobble Water Bottle

The fun and innovative Bobble bottle features design with a purpose; a reusable and recyclable bottle filters water as you drink. One filter equals roughly 300 wasteful plastic water bottles, making it a convenient gift that’s also great for the environment.
Prices Vary

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Supplement a whole-body workout with a hand exerciser. The user will develop strength, flexibility, and coordination in each finger, while strengthening the hands and forearms.
Prices Vary

Trx Suspension Training

The TRX suspension training pack is a total-body, go-anywhere workout. Take strength training to the next level with the TRX exercise band, workout DVD, setup guide, and mesh carrying bag.
Prices Vary

Low-Fat Multi-Cooker

Fatty cooking oils are the scourge of the health nut’s kitchen. Now he can nearly eliminate them from her diet with the Low-Fat Multi-Cooker. Quickly and easily cook a variety of delicious and hearty meals using little to no cooking oil.Quick, easy, and delicious—it doesn’t get much better than that!
Prices Vary

Grabber Magic Cool Bandana

A cooling bandana works like magic when you need to control sweat and cool down fast. Use it after work-outs and on hot days, and then simply machine wash it for next time.
Prices Vary

Optp Pro Foam Rollers

A foam roller is a versatile fitness tool, so only go with the best! A professional quality and high-density foam roller is great for stretching, yoga, and Pilates, and it also helps to alleviate back and neck pains.
Prices Vary

Spinner Gyroscope Forearm Exerciser

It may be small, but this exercise mini-machine yields big results. A few minutes a day helps improve flexibility, develop muscle control, and strengthen hands and forearms. It’s also great forstaving off sports injuries and fine-tuning the delicate muscles in hands and fingers.
Prices Vary

Yoga Monster Mat

The Yoga Monster Mat is made of a unique material that doesn’t contain many of the toxins and heavy metals found in your everyday yoga mat. And production of the Monster Mat is far better for workers and the environment, so you’ll be promoting more than just your own health when you do yoga.
Prices Vary

Zeo Sleep Manager

Proper rest is an important part of overall health and wellbeing. The intelligent Zeo sleep management system and app tracks the user’s sleep patterns, and gives personalized tips and suggestions to improve his or her sleep habits.
Prices Vary

Hurom Slow Juicer

A slow juicer makes it easy to meet the daily fruits and veggies quota. It’s quiet, compact, and easy to use, making it a perfect gift for anyone who’s trying to eat better and live healthier.
Prices Vary

Zobha Essential Mat Carrier

A no-frills essential for anyone who regularly does yoga or Pilates, the Zobha mat carrier features a streamlined design that slings easily over the shoulder. Securely carry a mat and towel, as well as other essentials in the outer pockets, and go about your workout in style.
Prices Vary

Shakti Mat

With 6,000 acupressure points on the Shakti Mat, only 20 minutes of use will promote the body’s production of endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone that’s essential for overall mental and physical health. Use the mat to reduce stress, relieve pain, promote a more restful sleep, and engage the body’s natural healing functions.
Prices Vary

Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Health nuts and fitness freaks need a scale that does more than measure weight. A smart scale tracks weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index for up to eight users. Each account is password protected, making this a perfect tool for families and office-wide health initiatives.
Prices Vary


Imagine having access to a rock climbing wall whenever you want! Treadwall is a compact rotating climbing wall, allowing fitness buffs to enjoy a good climb for as long as they want, whenever they want-and all in the comfort of their own home gym. It’s the ultimate fitness machine.
Price TBA

Indo Balance Board

Everyone can benefit from better balance and posture. The Indo Board is great for physical training and physical therapy, as well as anyone who’s looking for a way to finally make balance training fun and challenging.
Prices Vary

Perfect Portions Digital Scale

The Perfect Portions digital scale is the ultimate kitchen tool for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a food scale and a nutritional calculator all in one, allowing users to see just how many calories they’re getting set to eat or drink. Users get help controlling portions and making healthier choices with every bite.
Prices Vary

Republic Of Tea: Get Burning

The spicy “Get Burning” blend is a natural and delicious combination of herbs that will get your body into gear. Tea is healthy enough on its own, and this blend helps increase metabolism, boost energy, and relieve stress.
Prices Vary

Sony Walkman

Unlike the Walkmans of Christmas past, Sony’s modern Walkman is now a completely wireless MP3 player that holds up to 4 gigs of music and needs only a 3-minute charge for 60 minutes of battery life. A no-hassle, water-resistant design makes it a must-have for even the most intense workouts.
Prices Vary

Bongo Balance Board

Take your performance to the next level with the Bongo Balance Board; use this unique fitness tool for advanced balance training. Benefits of regular use included enhanced core strength, improved natural stability, and increased coordination. It’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to increase performance at sports.
Prices Vary

Synergy Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga

A Synergy Yoga Mat is the only exercise mat you’ll ever need. It’s a combination yoga mat and non-sliding towel top surface. This is one of the best mats on the market for active yoga, Pilates, and floor exercises.
Prices Vary


Anyone who does yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and other barefoot fitness activitiesdoesn’t have to worry about painful and dangerous slipping and sliding anymore. ToeSox offer non-slip protection while promoting toe strength and flexibility for barefoot sports and activities.
Prices Vary