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35 Most Hilarious Gifts to Wish Your Loved One a Happy Valentine’s Day

Sometime, love can be taken a little bit too seriously. If roses and rainbows are not the way that you like to celebrate your life, you will be able to light up a smile on your lover’s face by picking them up something from this hilarious list of funny, yet romantic gifts that they will adore.

From poop to party games, this list is full of humorous gifts that say ‘I love you’.

Hollabears Hipster Teddy Bear Plush

How adorable yet hilarious is this hipster teddy bear? Cute, cuddly, and plush, this fun teddy bear is not only high quality, but brilliantly funny. Dressed just like a hipster, the bear comes complete with a heart that reads ‘I liked you before you were cool’.


Thanks for putting up with my …Toilet Paper

What is the perfect Valentine’s gift? Of course…it is toilet paper! That’s right, this toilet paper roll has been designed specifically to be given to your other half and lovingly features the words ‘thanks for putting up with my’ and the poop emoji. A gag gift that they will enjoy.


You’re My Favorite Asshole Funny Key Chain

Everybody has an asshole, and a lot of people are assholes! If your significant other is loveable yet extremely annoying, this could be the gift for them this Valentine’s Day. Not only is it a keychain, it is also the funniest keychain around, and reads ‘you are my favorite asshole’.


My Favorite Boyfriend Gave Me This Mug

Do you have one of those relationships in which you are both constantly laughing and enjoying friendly banter? Brilliant, then this mug could be ideal for your girlfriend. Enamel in construction, the mug boasts the words ‘my favorite boyfriend gave me this mug’. Watch people’s reactions when she takes a sip.


Dear Girlfriend Mug

Some words are full of romance and poetic charm, others simply get straight to the point; this mug does the latter. Able to hold 15oz of their favorite drink and ceramic in design, this white mug simply reads a hilariously funny message that is brutally yet lovingly honest.


1980s Slang Chart

The youthful vocabulary changes as the years go by – the slang now will be completely different in 20 years time. This clever infographic chart features some of the most popular slang from the 1980’s. The cool color wheel is easy to read, looks great, and will make a gift that’s, like, totally schweeeeet.


Awkward Moment Card Game

Are you ready to cringe with your other half? Great, then grab this card game. Life is full to the brim with awkward and cringeworthy moments, and this card game is full of them. Great to play with kids or adults, the game features awkward moments and their potential reactions.


Hole In One Golf Mug

Is your lover always bored on their breaks? Whether they have a break from work or a project, they will never get bored again thanks to this mug. Whilst drinking a steaming cup of coffee, they can use the included miniature golf ball and club to sink a hole in one.


Couch Guestbook

Guest books are a great way to keep track of all of the people coming and going and their thoughts during their stay. If you entertain your guests on your couch, this funny guest book is the ultimate way to keep records of who comes around and their thoughts of their time on your furniture.


I Hope Your Day is As Nice As My Butt Keychain

Does the person that you love absolutely adore your butt? If their world revolves around it, this brilliant keychain is ready to make them laugh and smile this Valentine’s Day. Stainless steel and reading ‘I hope your day is as nice as my butt’, it’ll be a constant reminder of their nearest and ‘rearest’.


Hollabears Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho Teddy Bear

Soft, high quality and full of love, this teddy bear is perfect for the 14th February. Ready and waiting to be cuddled, the bear looks great and features a big love heart with the very poetic words ‘shawty u fine as sh*t tho’. Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better himself.


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

When do cork coasters not make good gifts? If you have been on the lookout for something to get your special person, consider these. Covered in misheard lyrics, the coasters will not only protect surfaces from liquid, but will also make the recipient laugh for hours. Simply choose the music genre from the dropdown.


Hollabears Hobo Got Any Spare Hugs? Plush

Brought to us by Hollabears comes this teddy bear. Holding a sign reading ‘got any spare hugs?’, this hobo bear will make your other half fall in love with both you and it! Cute, cuddly and with a ragged appearance, it is obvious this bear has had a tough life and just wants to be loved.


I Like Long Romantic Walks at Target Wine Glass

Does the person that you are shopping for love to shop themselves? If so, this is definitely the present for them. This stemless wine glass will not only provide them with a vessel from which to drink their favorite tipple, it also reads ‘I like long romantic walks down every aisle at Target’.

Prices Vary

I Grow a Beard And I Know Things Shirts

If your man favors his face follicles over most things, this is the t shirt that he needs. With a cool, medieval style font, the comfortable t shirt boasts a funny message that shows how much he loves beards and also knowledge! If this suits his personality, it’ll make the perfect gift.

Prices Vary

I Have This Friend Party Game

Would you love to learn a lot more about each other? If so, this card game should be on your shopping list. Full of fun prompts, the game exists to get players to know more about each other in a fun and exciting way. Hilarious and full of fun.


And I Will Always Love You Coffee Mug

Printed in permanent bright white ink, this glass coffee mug features a funny phrase and is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift if you are looking to make your special person laugh out loud AND feel loved. Suitable for both microwaves and dishwashers, it’s a gift that theyyyyyyy-ee-ey, will always love, too.


I Drink Wine In Yoga Pants Wine Glass

How awesome is this wine glass? Ideal for those that actually do yoga (and of course those that don’t), the glass features the words ‘I do yoga, just kidding I drink wine in my yoga pants’. Ready for gift giving, it is guaranteed to be met with laughter and gratitude.


The Original Girlfriend Pillow

When you are away, does your other half miss your warm embrace and the female physique? Not a problem, as this pillow will cheer them up. The original girlfriend pillow has been created to make them feel as though they are cuddling up to you and is almost as good as the real thing.


NPW Drinking Buddies Cocktail/Wine Glass Markers

When lots of people are drinking together, it is easy to mix up glasses. Stop this ever happening to the person that you appreciate the most by getting them this pack of 6 hunky, muscly and miniature men that will mark drinks in a lighthearted way.


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Revolutionize the way that they toast their marshmallows and roast their sausages with this fun fishing pole. Simple to operate and especially comfortable, get your other half to sit contentedly by the fire and cook up a treat – when they want to flip their food, all they need to do is tug.


Slang Flashcards

It can be hard to be hip, so sometimes a helping hand is just what is needed. With the month of love on the way, make your significant other laugh and smile with the help of these flashcards. Designed to teach people modern slang, they will get cooler with each card.


I Love You This Much Cute Green Dinosaur Gift Mug

How awesome is this mug? If your goal this Valentine’s is to make your partner roll on the floor laughing, consider getting them one. With pictures of 2 T-Rexes and seriously comical captions, the 11oz mug will keep things humorous this February and beyond.


Food In My Beard Face Plates

Any bearded man (and his spouse) knows just how much food gets stuck in their face fur – it really is a problem. If they are proud of this conundrum, grab them a set of these plates that wonderfully celebrate this facial hair factor that every beardsman experiences.


Shakespearean Insults Chart

Shakespeare’s work is absolutely full to the brim with cool Elizabethan insults and words that are sadly missed nowadays. This infographic chart full of Shakespearean insults will help to teach your other half an array of outdated yet awesome insults in a fun and colorful way.


What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like asking your loved one to check their poop. Health should be a number one factor, and this awesome book has been designed to help teach people how to check their health by checking their feces! The brown stuff is more important than you might think.


Porn For Women

If you want to show her how much you love her, do it with a book of porn. Specifically for women, this book is full to the brim with pictures of hunky men doing a whole host of housework! Relatable, lighthearted and fun, this picture book is a great way to make her smile.


The Coffee Corner Funny Avocado Mug

How brilliant is this? This mug from The Coffee Corner is ceramic in construction and has been decorated with a colorful painting of 2 avocados and a side splitting caption that all couples will be able to relate to. A wonderful gift idea in time for Valentine’s.


Gears Out Love Stinks Fart Relief Mask

Love really does stink, and you will be able to agree if you have ever been caught unawares by your partner’s foulest farts. Thanks to this brilliant mask, you will be able to protect your loved one from ever being caught in a Dutch oven again.


Boyfriend Pillow

If you often stay away with work or other responsibilities, you leave behind a very lonely lover! Help them to feel loved even when you are not there by grabbing them one of these clever boyfriend pillows. Available in a range of colors, the pillow is perfect for keeping them cozy and cuddled.


You Stole a Pizza My Heart Picture Frame

Are you in love? Perfect, then you will be looking forward to Valentine’s Day, right? If you and your loved one share an appreciation of food, this picture frame boasts an image of a slice of pizza and reads ‘you stole a pizza my heart’. Simply add in a photo and you’re ready to go.

Prices Vary

I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Couples Mugs

Whether you are the beard, or the butt in the relationship, this duo of mugs is ideal for the both of you. With one reading ‘I like his beard’ and the other ‘I like her butt’ the ceramic mugs are high quality, dishwasher safe, and are simply brilliant. Get your laughing gear around these!


Bluetooth Banana Phone

Are you trying to make them laugh at all times? You will definitely be able to when you invest in this fun phone. Designed to look exactly like a bright yellow banana, this Bluetooth enabled phone will allow your favorite person to answer all of their calls on a piece of fruit.


Good At Naps Throw

Everyone is good at something! Some people are good at drawing, others cooking, and some at napping. If one person springs to mind when you think of the word snooze, treat them to this cozy and comfortable throw that lovingly reads ‘good at naps’. 100% cotton in design.


Tstars Funny Captain & First Mate Matching T-Shirts

Every relationship works like a team – recognize this and show your partner how much you appreciate them by getting this duo of t shirts. Made from 100% combed cotton, one t shirt reads ‘captain’ whilst the other reads ‘first mate’. Absolutely ideal if you both love the ocean.


3 Unique Diy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Diy Valentines Succulents

Are you thinking of doing something a little bit different this Valentine’s Day? Brilliant, then check this out. The following page will show you exactly how you can create a heart shaped box that contains a ton of succulents, making it a gift that will definitely keep on giving.

Diy Scratch Off Cards

Have you ever thought about creating DIY scratch cards? If not, now is your chance. Ideal in time for Valentine’s, this tutorial will show you how you can make fun and exciting scratch cards that your other half will love. Use your own artistic license to truly make them unique.

Diy Valentien Lightbulb

Cost effective, extremely fun, and simply awesome, this is the project for you. With just a little bit of your time, you will be able to put together a wonderful valentine lightbulb that will light up their life for many years to come! A hugely sentimental gift that can be made entirely by you.

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