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39 Great Gifts to Help New Dads Survive the First Year

It’s difficult to know what to buy a dad on his first Father’s Day, but be sure to make a fuss of him anyway. This list of gifts for new dads is filled with everything every new dad needs to survive those first few months. Whether it’s an eye mask for his sleep or a playpen to keep the baby contained, that perfect present is in here.

Great Gifts For New Dads

Ergobaby Baby Carrier

Babywearing is something which new parents are discovering. Not only does it help to improve the bond between you and your new baby, it also keeps hands free so you can get on with everything else. Just remember to check out the TICKS guidelines so you know your baby will be 100% safe.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Carafe

As new parents, we get used to having to drink our coffee cold, but drinking a once warm cup isn’t the best way to enjoy a cold brew. This coffee maker and carafe not only makes your cold brew for you, it will also keep it cold for up to 24 hours.


Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy Organizer

We’ve all been there; faced with a poo explosion when we’ve run out of baby wipes or can’t reach the clean nappy. Eliminate that risk with this awesome diaper caddy organizer from Munchkin. Make sure it’s well stocked and within reach to avoid that disaster!


3-in-1 Diaper Bag, Portable Bassinet and Changing Station

Parents are always looking for hacks or gadgets to make life easier for them. This 3-in-1 diaper bag will revolutionize going out with your baby. Not only is it able to carry all of the essentials to change diapers, it also transforms into a bassinet and a changing station.

Prices Vary

Morning, Noon and Night Coffee

Coffee is usually the drink chosen by sleep deprived parents, mainly because of its high caffeine content. But we need different amounts during the day, and this collection of three types will perfectly suit any time of day where you need a cup of java.


Eye Cover Sleeping Mask

It’s a common misconception that dads get more sleep than moms do – often Dad is getting things for Mom if she’s breastfeeding, or even feeding baby a bottle if Mom needs a rest. But if it’s Dad’s night off, this 100% blackout eye mask will ensure he gets a good night’s sleep.

Prices Vary

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Instead of settling for a lukewarm cup of coffee, why not just start off with a cold cup? That way, it’ll always be at the perfect temperature for you to drink it. You’ll be able to make the perfect cold brew at home using this coffee maker.


Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

Whether you use this as somewhere for baby to sleep or as a playpen in your front room, this play yard has a strong, durable frame which means it’ll survive that first year. It also has folding wheels and feet and at the touch of a button, it’s easily folded away.

Prices Vary

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

This will slot into the diaper bag without taking up much room and you’ll always have a changing station with you, no matter where you go. With a mesh pocket to fit some diapers, wipes and cream, it also folds out into a changing mat for your baby.


Diaper Bag Backpack with Baby Changing Mat

This backpack is perfect for both moms and dads. The grey color is totally unisex and there’s even stroller straps so you don’t have to wear it. There’s plenty of space inside for all of the essentials you need to bring out with you when you have a baby.

Prices Vary

Grip Strip

When looking for gifts for new dads, finding something which keeps their hands free to deal with baby is top of the list. This Grip Strip is perfect – it allows pretty much anything to be attached to it, such as sunglasses, phone or pens, without the use of magnets or any super sticky glue.


Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Trying to keep your car’s seats safe from all the mess that comes with children can be difficult, especially when they start to eat snacks and kick their muddy shoes all over the seat. But this car seat protector can help; it’s easy to remove and clean so your car always looks tidy.


Manual Three-in-One Coffeemaker

It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee you’re looking for, this coffee maker can do it all. Whether you need a slow brew, a quick French press or maybe even a cold brew, this amazing gadget can do it all. It can also keep your drinks hot or cold for up to an hour.


Baby Proofing Safety Set

Once your baby is on the move, the hard work really kicks in. You need to constantly keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not getting into mischief or able to hurt themselves. This 43 piece pack of child safety locks will protect them from most things, like cupboard doors or sharp corners.

Prices Vary

Multi-Function Waterproof Diaper Backpack

When you’re out with your baby, you need to remember to bring everything you need or you’ll be faced with a disastrous situation. This diaper bag is a waterproof backpack so you can just sling it on your back, and you can also organize everything in there so it’s easy to find.

Prices Vary

Bitch-Slap-Extra Strong Coffee

This is definitely the perfect gift for a dad who has a good sense of humor! Bitch Slap coffee is extra strong and extra smooth which makes it easy to drink, but has all the necessary caffeine needed to get through the day on minimal sleep.


Date Night Ideas

Finding time to spend together as a couple is tricky once the children come along, and date nights seem as though they’re a thing of the past. But they don’t have to be. This box is filled with cute date night ideas, most of which are super easy to do and cheap as well.


DYD Diaper Bag Backpack

Many changing bags are designed with mom in mind, which definitely isn’t fair on dads. But this backpack is a unisex design and color, making it suitable for both parents. It has stroller straps so it can go on there with no fuss, and it’s also waterproof, making it durable.

Prices Vary

The Baby Owner’s Manual

People say that babies don’t come with a manual and that is true…but you can buy a book instead, telling you how to look after them. This owner’s manual is the perfect gift for all new parents; there’s troubleshooting tips, advice and even operating instructions included within the pages of this manual.


Lebogner Car Seat Protector + Backseat Organizer

Keep your car free from all the baby clutter and mess with this car seat organizer. There’s a number of mesh pockets to keep all kinds of paraphernalia, like drinks, snacks and even an iPad or tablet holder which will keep them amused on log car journeys.


Evenflo Lyric Musical Bouncer

A bouncer is a must on every expectant parents’ gift list and this one should be the one they choose. It has 2 different vibration speeds and you can even play your own music through it via Bluetooth. There’s also a newborn head insert so a new baby can sit in it, too.

Prices Vary

AMAZKER Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs

When looking for gifts for new dads, a sleep mask and ear plugs are an obvious choice. The 3D design of this mask won’t press down on your eyelids or put pressure on the bridge of your nose, meaning you’ll get a comfortable night’s sleep, and the ear plugs will block out all unnecessary noise.

Prices Vary

The New Dad’s Playbook

When men are awaiting the birth of their first child, their emotions are running wild just as the women’s are, but there isn’t support and help for them as there is for first time moms. The New Dad’s Playbook is a good place to start, as it highlights everything a Dad needs to know.

Prices Vary

Door Knob Covers

Once children discover that the doors in their home lead to new rooms which they can explore, they’re going to want to get through as many as they can. Stop them from opening doors or getting stuck in a room with these door knob covers by Jool Baby.


Boxum 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet Diaper Change Station

Make sure you have this with you at all times and you’ll always have somewhere clean to change your baby, somewhere for them to sleep, and all the equipment needed when you venture outside. There’s also an insulated bottle holder to keep their next feed the perfect temperature.

Prices Vary

COWIN Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Sometimes Dad might need to work from home or have some chill out time with a game, but the cries of the baby are too distracting so he needs something to drown it out. These noise cancelling headphones are perfect – there’s also a microphone in them so he can make work calls.

Prices Vary

Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Give baby their own space to play where you won’t be worried about them with this super colorful playpen. It can be used both inside or in your backyard and provides over 18.5 square feet of play space. You won’t even need tools to put it together, it’s that simple.

Prices Vary

The New Dad’s Survival Guide

Every Dad needs a man who’s been there before him to tell him what to expect from pregnancy and birth right through to adulthood, and this book can provide that. It has all the answers men need and want but in a simple way which is easy to read and also entertaining.

Prices Vary

Car Vacuum

Pre-kids, having a tidy car was of upmost importance to you. But now that the kids have come along, you’d rather keep them quiet with some snacks and deal with the mess later on. This hand-held vacuum can clear up those crumbs super quickly, meaning your car will look pristine again in no time.


Be Prepared

Dad will need to keep this handbook on him at all times to help him get through those tough few days. It’s full of handy tips, advice and answers to questions which he didn’t think he needed to ask, including how to put together an emergency diaper.

Prices Vary

Diaper Backpack Bag

Sleek and stylish, this waterproof backpack diaper bag will suit both men and women when they’re out with their child. It has 25 interior and exterior pockets, making it easy for you to organize and find the important things such as baby wipes, your keys and cellphone.

Prices Vary

Date Night Box

Shake up date night with this awesome box, filled with ideas which are sure to add some excitement to your alone time. There’s puzzles, games, and questions for you to play with your other half which will bring you closer together and most importantly, let you have fun.


Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger

This super comfy cushion will be the perfect place for you to lay baby down while you make a hot cup of tea or maybe grab a shower. The indent in the middle is perfect for keeping baby safe and secure and it’s lightweight, so you can take it with you on your travels.

Prices Vary

Welcome to the Club

Parenthood is full of those moments and milestones which we’re all eager to share with others but what about those times which we’re not so keen to tell? This book is filled with them, from baby saying a rude word to the first time they roll off a couch.


No Mess Coffee Press

Using a French press can sometimes leave your morning coffee not as smooth as you’d like it, and cleaning it out is just another job to add to your never ending list. This No Mess Coffee Press will deliver a perfectly smooth cup any time you need a pick me up.


New Parent Survival Kit

This novelty gift will be a perfect gift for new dads. It features 5 essential items which every new dad needs to get through his first diaper change. Protective goggles and nose plugs are just some of items included in this gag gift…pun intended!


Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

Perfect for both indoors or outdoors, this 14 square foot playpen is the perfect space for your little one to play safely. You can put them inside and not worry about them escaping while you grab yourself something for lunch – they’ll be perfectly safe and happy.


The Rad Dad Subscription Box

A subscription box should be an absolute essential for every new parent and this Rad Dad box is perfect for new Dads. For just $25 a month, they’ll receive a box filled with 3-4 items which they need to get through parenthood and bond with their child.

Price varies

Experimenting with Babies

Just because you’re now a parent, it doesn’t mean that your inquisitive and curious mind disappears. Use this book to conduct interesting scientific experiments on your baby (don’t worry, they’re all safe) and find the answers to some of your burning questions about your new bundle of joy.

Prices Vary

3 Diy New Dad Survival Kits

How to Create the Ultimate New Dad Survival Kit

Moms get treated and pampered after having a baby because let’s face it, she’s done all the hard work! But don’t forget about Dad, it’s a shock for him to0. Make him this Dad Survival Guide and he’ll be able to breeze through parenthood without a worry.

Diy New Dad Kit

Whether your make this for a new dad you know or for your own husband who is preparing to enter into the world of fatherhood, this Dad Kit from Life With My Littles is a perfect gift. Dads quite often get forgotten so make him feel special and thought about.

Diy First Time Daddy Survival Kit Gift

If you haven’t got a massive budget for this year’s Father’s Day gifts, why not make something instead? If your husband is about to become a first time dad or you’re expecting another baby, this kit contains everything he needs to get through that first year.

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