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32 Heartwarming Personalized Birthday Gifts for Grandma

She’s always there for you, and is the glue that holds each family together, so take the opportunity to spoil her with an extra special surprise. Birthday gifts for Grandma come in all shapes and sizes, but what all of the ones featured here have in common is that they are unique, thoughtful, and will truly make her day.

Personalized Cookie Jar

Grandmas are known for 2 things – loving their family, and always having cookies on hand. Combine the 2 with this cookie jar which features up to 21 loved ones’ names.


Family Name Jewelry

Available in gold or rose gold fill, or sterling silver, this necklace features 3 discs which can be engraved with names of children/grandchildren to keep them close to her heart.


Personalized Rainbow Suncatcher

Bring a little sparkle into Grandma’s life every day with a sun-catcher that’s personalized just for her, with a sweet phrase on one side, and a chosen message on the other.


Grandkids Make Life Grand

This hanging wooden plaque makes a beautiful birthday gift for Grandma, as it can be made with as many names as you need – one for each grandchild, with names and dates.


Personalized Family Print

This family print is whimsical and adorable, and the characters can all be customized to resemble each member of the family – up to 12 figures – including the family pet.

Prices vary

Personalized Grandma Bangle Bracelet

Nanas will adore this bangle which can be adorned with up to 12 engraved discs (one for each grandchild) along with their birthstone, and a disc engraved with the grandmother’s title.


Personalized Yarn Bowl

This bowl has a curved slot for yarn to pass through without getting tangled as she knits, alongside her engraved name (or chosen word), and handy holes for resting her needles.


Personalized Wind Chimes For Grandma

Windchimes make magical sounds as they dance in the breeze, and this one comes with a steel diamond which can be engraved with any name and 3 lines of text.


Personalized Canvas Tote Bag For Grandma

Grandmas hold their grandchildren in their hearts, and this will be clearly illustrated on this tote bag which can be personalized with up to 8 names in the shape of a heart.


Custom Cuff Bracelet

With up to 30 characters inside, and 60 outside, this aluminum bracelet really does say a lot. Hand-stamped with words and names of your choice, it’s adjustable to fit any wrist.


Personalized Family Mugs

The artwork that adorns these mugs will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Customize each mug to resemble a family member, with the family name and ‘date established’ on the back.

Prices vary

Paint Your Life Custom Painting

Whether it’s photos of the family, a spouse, or even the family pet, send Grandma’s favorite photograph to Paint Your Life and they will turn it into a unique hand-painted portrait.

Prices vary

Cutting Board

Available in a choice of woods and sizes, this personalized cutting board will make Nan laugh every time she uses it, because everything DOES taste better when Grandma makes it!


Personalized Family Tree Wall Sculpture

This gorgeous family tree has the couple’s initials carved into the trunk with a special date, and comes with up to 11 heart leaves, each engraved with a child or grandchild’s initials.

Prices vary

Grandma’s Garden Personalized Garden Flag

Love blossoms in a grandparent’s garden, and this delightful sign has up to 27 tulips added, each with a family members’ name, and 2 lines of text at the top.


What Makes You Grand

Let your children write their sweetest thoughts in this book which is dedicated to their ‘grands’. With beautiful prompts throughout, it’s a wonderful book of memories to keep for years to come.


Family Recipe Cutting Board

There’s always one special dish that’s a family favorite, and now this recipe can be preserved for generations to come, lovingly etched into a beautiful cherry wood cutting board.


Actual Fingerprint Necklace

Single or double-sided, this pendant hangs on a sterling silver chain and features a loved one’s actual fingerprint and name, with an optional engraving on the reverse, in a choice of finishes.


Customized Family Birthstone Necklace

This highly unusual necklace makes a great birthday gift for Grandma, as it comes with up to 16 initialled leaves, and optional corresponding birthstones sitting behind, in gold or silver.


Personalized Grandma Necklace

With space for up to 20 names, this necklace has up to 5 interlocking rings in sterling silver, finished in silver, gold, or rose gold, and comes in 6 different lengths.


Personalized All Heart Necklace

With 2, 3, or 4 rings held safely together by a gold-filled heart, this pendant can be stamped with grandchildren’s names and worn close to Grandma’s heart on an 18” chain.

Prices vary

Close to Her Heart Fleece Blanket

Wrap Gran in love, literally, with this gorgeous blanket that can have up to 21 names printed on, so she can keep you all near even when you’re far away.


Family Birthstone Necklace

This necklace is simple but elegant, and is adorned with up to 9 birthstones to represent the members of a grandmother’s family. Available in 5 lengths and 4 finishes.


Garden Stake Grandmas Garden

This magnetic garden sign depicts a family in the form of tulips, and can accommodate up to 9 named flowers, along with grandparents’ names at the top.


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Bound in an elegant library binding, this collection of New York Times front pages contains one for every birthday, taking the reader on a real trip down memory lane.

Prices vary

Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set

This beautiful book contains pockets in which to hide away the hand-written notes (blank cards and prompts included) written between grandchild and grandparent, making it a truly touching birthday gift.


Personalized Hand Stamped Keychain

Show Grandma that distance doesn’t dim the love with a three-disc necklace that is hand-stamped with an outline of your respective states, a sweet saying, and the grandchildren’s names.


Past Book Photo Book

Photographs just aren’t the same when they’re stored on a camera, but now you can create a photo book from those digital images which Gran can proudly show to her bridge friends!

Prices vary

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

If you’re puzzling over a birthday gift for Grandma, this New York Times front page jigsaw is an excellent idea, as it is created from a special day’s edition of your choosing.


Eternity Necklace

Choose from 1 to 10 birthstones (one for each child) to hang from this pretty infinity circle necklace, with a Grandma charm suspended in the middle. Other names are available.


3 Special Diy Gifts for Grandma

Diy Tile Photo Coasters

Let Nana have her family around when she’s drinking her afternoon tea with this set of home-made tile coasters which feature photographs of all her favorite people or pets.

Diy Thumbprint Necklace

Thumbprint jewelry makes for gorgeous birthday gifts, but it can be expensive. This tutorial shows you how you can make your own at home, using baking clay and imagination.

Diy Memory Quilt

Memory quilts are the kind of gifts that can be passed down from generation to generation, which is what makes this DIY version such a joy to create and give.

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