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40 Gourmet Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets They’ll Love

Food hampers are a great present to give to people. They can be tailored to their tastes and the occasion, making them perfect for birthdays or just a simple dinner party. This list has been made up of meat and cheese gift baskets which the foodie in your life is sure to love.

Gourmet Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets

Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler

With a selection of three cheeses, plus summer sausage and crackers, this gift basket would be the perfect thing to take along to a picnic. All you’d need to add is some good wine, pickles, and chutneys, and you’d have yourself an ideal summer spread.


Mancave Ultimate Men’s Cheese & Sausage Gift Basket

When it comes to meat and cheese gift baskets, this one has everything you need to have a delicious feast. Inside, there’s four different types of sausage, and four cheeses as well. You’ll also get some water crackers too, so you’re good to go as soon as you open the box.


Dan the Sausageman’s Yukon Gourmet Gift Basket

As well as tasty sausage and Wisconsin cheese, you’ll also get some sweet hot mustard, grainy mustard, peanuts, and water cracker, so you can truly get the best flavor out of the meat and cheese. There’s even some chocolates to finish off your savory feast.


French Connection Gift

France is renowned for its meat and cheese, but if you can’t get to the country, this delicious gift basket will give you a taste. Beautifully presented in a wooden crate, you’ll get a wide variety of French cheeses, a French dry sausage, olives, and a cherry confit.


Black Tie Cheese Tasting Event

Bring this out at a dinner party and your guests will love tucking in. It looks so impressive and there’s a great assortment of delicious cheese and succulent meat, not forgetting the all important crackers. There’s even raw honeycomb, and a fig and almond cake to finish the feast off.


Reserve Charcuterie and French Cheese Gift

When you need a meat and cheese selection, this one ticks all the boxes. There’s three types of meat including a tasty Iberico ham. You’ll also receive two cheeses, one made from cow’s milk and another using sheep, as well as cornichons and whole grain garlic mustard.


Gift Basket Village The Midwesterner Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket

Presented in a beautiful hand crafted basket with drop down handles, this gourmet selection of unique meats and cheeses will be well received by anyone you give it to. The hamper is filled with everything you need to enjoy a lovely spread of food, providing a lovely mixture of both sweet and savory goodies.


Meat and Cheese Lovers Gourmet Food Gift Basket

This cute little wooden hamper is brimming with everything a meat and cheese lover could want to have a glorious feast. Sausages, cheeses and even some smoked salmon is included inside this wooden box, which you can use after the delicious food is gone.

Prices Vary

Home For The Holidays Cheese & Sausage Gift Basket

Take this meat and cheese gift basket home with you for the holidays or for another special occasion and you and your family will love sitting around, tucking into these gourmet goodies and just spending quality time together; something which might not happen very often anymore.


Corporate Gift Basket

You can’t have cheese without crackers and this gift basket has both, as well as some delicious gourmet meats. This would be an indulgent feast for any foodie. You’ll find summer sausage and pepperoni as well as Monterey Jack cheese, spicy cheddar, and some various crackers which will go beautifully with them all.


California Delicious Country Picnic Meat and Cheese Basket

Whether you choose to give this to someone as a present or just bring it along to your own picnic, everyone will love tucking into the delicious goodies which are inside. You’ll find crackers, cheese spreads, olives and even a cutting board. All you need to find is a beautiful place to sit!

Prices Vary

Premier Cheese and Charcuterie Feast

You can rest assured that this hamper will arrive in one piece, as it’s packaged with ice packs which will keep the foods fresh. The cheeses are cut to order and the meats all individually wrapped. As well as the meats and cheese, you’ll get some crackers to pair with them.


Connoisseur’s Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

There is nothing a foodie loves more than receiving a delicious hamper filled with gourmet goodies, especially meats and cheese. Not only does it come in a beautiful basket, this one is brimming with chorizo, serrano ham, five types of cheese and some Dijon mustard.


Ultimate Gift Basket with Smoked Summer Sausages

With two types of cheese and three different meats, crackers, pretzels and mustard, the combinations you could make with this Ultimate Gift Basket is infinite. Pair the summer sausage with some pepper jack cheese on top of a cracker, all while dipping the pretzels into the mustard. Heaven.


California Delicious Picnic for Two Gift Basket

Everyone loves a good picnic, but packing the foods up is the least enjoyable part. Well, this gift basket has taken care of that for you. Packaged neatly into this white wooden crate, you’ll find everything you need to have one of the best picnics of your life.

Prices Vary

Hickory Farms Hearty Selection

If you’re looking for meat and cheese hampers, this one is literally what it says on the packet. Included you’ll get three lots of their signature beef summer sausage, as well as a delicious range of cheeses such as smoked gouda and jalapeno Cheddar.


Italian Cheese and Charcuterie Collection

Who said you need to go to the country to sample the best food Italy has to offer? They were wrong; you can be transported there instantly with this delicious Italian cheese and charcuterie collection which includes olives and delicious artisanal cheeses such as Pecorino and La Tur.


Deluxe Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

This is a foodie’s idea of heaven. The cute wicker basket is crammed full of delicious gourmet delicacies like Bavarian salami and garlic sausage, Swiss cheese triangle and pepper cheese stick. Crackers and mustards are also included so you can get the most out of these stunning foods.

Prices Vary

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wine and cheese is a popular choice for dessert if you’re not a fan of sweet things. If this sounds like you, you’ll love this hamper from Gourmet Gift Baskets. There’s a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, sausage, cheese and crackers as well as some wafer rolls and cookies, just in case you’re feeling something sweeter.


Dan the Sausageman’s Favorite Gourmet Gift Basket

Dan the Sausageman knows how to put together a mouth watering gift basket. Presented in a handmade wooden crate, there’s all kinds of tasty foods in here which you can pair up to create amazing taste sensations. You can’t go wrong with some sausage and cheese on a cracker, topped with mustard, can you?


Cured Meats and Artisan Cheese of the Month Club

These days, there’s a subscription box for everything. But if you haven’t found your ideal one yet, maybe this is it. Choose from a 4, 6 or 12 month subscription and you’ll be sent three amazing hand selected cheeses every month, along with some cured meats which have been carefully chosen.

Price varies

High Five Ham Gift Assortment from The Swiss Colony

Send this meat and cheese gift basket to a work colleague or client if you want to show your thanks or appreciation. Packed inside the cute little box, you’ll find five delicious products, including three types of sausage and two types of cheddar. Add some crackers and other snacks and you’ll be good to go.

Prices Vary

Artisan Cheese Hamper

This artisan cheese hamper contains cheeses from around the globe, including a lactose and gluten free one meaning no one has to miss out. As well as these tasty cheeses, there’s also some cured meat, mustard, and some sweet treats to tuck into when you’re done with the cheese.


Wisconsin Cheese, Sausage & Crackers

Pair Wisconsin’s smoked summer sausage with some of their best cheese and you’ll create some amazing flavor combinations. You’ll also get some water crackers inside this gift basket because you can’t have cheese without crackers. All you need to add is some chutney and wine.


Personalized Slate with Artisan Cheeses

When you need to buy a housewarming present, a personalized slate cheese board sounds perfect. You can add their monogram to the board, making it unique to them. But with this basket, you don’t only get the board because there’s also a delicious cheese and meat feast included.


Deluxe Classic Gift Basket

This delicious cheese and meat gift basket has everything you need for a night in, in front of the TV, with some delicious refreshments to enjoy. It has two packets of crackers (so you won’t need to share your packet), two varieties of summer sausage, and three blocks of yummy cheese.


The Maitre d’ Selection

This charcuterie basket is ideal for those who can’t get enough of meat. It has a delicious selection of mouth watering artisan cured meats, including Iberico ham and spiced salami. It would make a great gift to take along to a party; both the host and other guests will love it.


California Delicious Gourmet Cheeseboard Gift

After a heavy meal, we don’t always want a dessert. If you just don’t want that chocolate cake, why not break out this cheese board? It has everything you could want to finish a meal including cheese, smoked almonds, and some Ghirardelli chocolate squares for when you need that sweetness.


Savory Selections Cheese & Meat Gourmet Gift Pack

Everything you could ever want to create a sumptuous spread is all here, within this gourmet gift pack. Varieties of cheese and summer sausage, as well as some other snacks which will turn this from an ordinary gift basket into an ultimate one, fit for a king.


Cheese Tasting Celebration

Share this cheese board with your friends and family on any special occasion. Every cheese is cut to order and then wrapped in paper, keeping them safe on their journey to you. Not only will you find a variety of delicious cheeses but there’s also some parma ham, honey, and crackers.


California Delicious Ultimate Cheeseboard Gift

This meat and cheese gift basket is a delectable mix of both sweet and savory gourmet treats. You’ll also receive a snack mix, smoked almonds, olives, Ghirardelli chocolate, and some tea. There’s also a board and cheese knife, making it ready to go as soon as you open the package.

Prices Vary

Hickory Farms Celebration Spread

Bring this out at your next family celebration and everyone will love tucking in while you all catch up and laugh. There’s four signature beef sausages, six different types of cheese including smoked gouda and a farmhouse cheddar blend, two varieties of cracker, some mustard, and even some strawberry bon bons.


Artisan Meat & Cheese Platter

A perfect picnic platter or to use as a starter for your next party, this hand selected artisan meat and cheese assortment has something to suit everyone’s taste and preference. It doesn’t just include salami and cheddar though, there’s also some brined olives and jams with a wooden cutting board included.


Gifts For Father’s Day

While the box is catered towards Dad, there’s nothing to say you can’t buy it for Mom too! Salami, summer sausage, and three types of cheese make up the bulk of this hamper but there’s also some crackers included too, to complete the full package.


Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler

This deluxe gourmet gift basket is made up with some of the most artisan and delicious meats and cheeses available. But you can’t have cheese without crackers so there’s also a variety of those included too, so you can enjoy a tasty feast as soon as the gift arrives.


Carnivore Club Meat and Cheese Gift Box

We all know a carnivore can’t get enough of their meats and if you need a gift to buy for them, this Carnivore Club gift box is ideal. Meat and cheese go perfectly together and that’s why they’ve both been included in this hamper, along with a bamboo board and a meat cleaver.

Prices Vary

Meat and Cheese Board Gift

Wrapped in a green bow, the products in this hamper are arranged on a cutting board which is included with the gift. Meats and cheeses aren’t the only things which you’ll get in this gift; there’s also an assortment of accompaniments which will complement everything else perfectly.

Prices Vary

Select Charcuterie and Gourmet Cheese Hamper

Not only do you get the gourmet goodies which come in this gift basket, but they arrive in an insulated picnic basket which you can reuse when all the food is finished. The best part is that you can pick up the gift and go on a picnic straight away!


Deluxe Cured Meats and Imported Cheese Gift

Save the hassle of packing up for a picnic with this amazing insulated gift hamper which comes pre filled with some cured meats and gourmet cheeses. All you need to do is add some nice bread, wine and some other snacks and you’ll have the perfect picnic spread.


3 Mouth Watering Diy Charcuterie Tutorials

How to Make A Legit Charcuterie Board

Knowing what to bring along to a dinner party can be difficult but here is the solution. A homemade charcuterie board. Buying one from a store can cost money but sometimes you don’t have that budget. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to make one from scratch.

How to Make Easy and Simple Charcuterie

It’s easy enough to put together a charcuterie board but knowing where to start can make your head hurt. Luckily, there are a load of tutorials out there and this one is specifically designed to help you make a simple and easy board, perfect to give as a gift.

Diy How to Make a Charcuterie Board

Follow this tutorial from Spend With Pennies and you’ll soon be making a DIY charcuterie board for your next dinner party. Choose your favorite cured meats and gourmet cheeses and pair with some other snacks and crackers. Add a chopping board and a knife and you’re good to go!

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