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33 Going Away Gifts That Show You Appreciate Them

It can be hard to say goodbye to someone you care about greatly, but these going away gifts can really make a difference when it’s time for them to leave. Show them you care by getting them something they can use, or something that they can look at and remember you fondly. You’ll feel good knowing you got them a gift to show you care.

When someone leaves your life,--especially if they’re important to you—it’s a good idea to get them a going away gift. They might be a co-worker, a classmate, a family member or a neighbor. This list is filled with things you can get them to let them know you care.

Not That Far Towel

This linen towel will remind them every day that you care about them and you miss them. It’s made for the kitchen or the bathroom. It’s got a clip on button that reads “Near or Far, You’re Always in My Heart” and a picture of a map with the caption “Never that Far”.


Wizard of Oz Necklace

This necklace has a pair of little red Dorothy shoes on it to remind the wearer that there’s no place like home. It has the look of classic pewter, and there’s a pendant with the inscription “You’ve Always Had the Power”. It comes ready to give in an Organza gift bag.


Good Friends Box Sign

This is a nice accent piece they can out in their new kitchen so they remember you every day. It’s made of wood and can stand on a counter or can be mountain on a wall. It says, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you always know they’re there”.


Never Say Goodbye Pendant

This one inch pendant comes on a twenty-four inch chain your friend can keep close by at all times—right around their neck. It’s got a touching inscription that reads “Never Say Goodbye Because Goodbye Means Going Away and Going Away Means Forgetting”.

Prices Vary

Wherever You Go Mug

This one is for that friend who’s a regular coffee or tea drinker. You’ll be with them every time they take a sip. It’s a standard porcelain mug that says “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”. They’ll know you support them on their journey, and miss them at the same time.


Never Say Goodbye iPhone Cover

This is a great way to stay close to their hearts, because no one leaves home without their phone anymore. It’s got an inspirational quote from Peter Pan on the back. Every time they reach in their pocket to answer a call or send a text, they’ll remember you.

Prices Vary

Side by Side Print

This gift is wonderful for a family member who’s leaving town for school, work, or to take a long trip. It’s a tasteful wall print. The back ground is a map, and the inscriptions reads “Side by Side or Miles apart, We are Family connected by Heart”.

Prices Vary

Executive Laptop Bag

This designer executive laptop bag is winning choice for a coworker who’s moving on to a new job, a new city, or both. They’ll think of you whenever they use take their laptop anywhere. And for most of us, this happens every day of the week.

Prices Vary

Essentials Care Package

This is a gift pack of practical household items everyone needs. When people are moving or traveling, they often don’t have time to think of the little things they might need to buy once they arrive. With this gift, you take care of that for them.


Ganesh Figurine

Ganesh is a mythological protector of new beginnings. He represents fortune, success, and prosperity. He’s the elephant faced figure in the Hindu pantheon. He’s also known as the “Remover of Obstacles”. This is great little gift for the new-ager in your life.

Prices Vary

Photo Album

A photo album is the perfect way to show you care. You can take all the memories you have with your friend or family member and put them in this lovely album. It holds up to two hundred 4X6 photographs. When they think of you, they can take this out and stroll down memory lane.


Hallmark Address Book

When someone’s leaving, often they don’t have time to get everyone’s address. You can do that for them. This oversize red leather address book from Hallmark means they’ll always know how to get in touch. It’s better than an email contact list: they’ll know you care because you took the time.

Prices Vary

Extra Large Sorry You’re Leaving Card

This is a cute, funny, LARGE goodbye card. It’s a good one for an office going away party. You can get everyone to sign it, and the recipient can put it on their new desk. They’ll have a nice laugh when they see it, and remember you cared enough to buy them a clever card.


Q & A Journal

This is a great gift for someone who’s never kept a diary or taken to journaling. It gives the writer a question for each calendar day. When you finish, you go back to the beginning. It’s a great way to keep track of personal thoughts as they evolve over time, and remember the people and places in your life.

Prices Vary

Personalized Flask

This one is for the whiskey drinker in your life. The flask is intended as a groomsman’s gift, but you can do something unique instead: get it engraved with a quote or inside joke that means something to both of you. It’s stainless steel and holds eight ounces of liquid.


Mailbox Figurine

The friend you give this gift to has to like things that are very sentimental and cutesy. Think kitten videos on social media. It’s a little boy and girl standing next to an old-fashioned mailbox, reading a letter. It will elicit an immediate “Awwww” from the right person.


Stationary Set

These days it’s easy to stay connected across long distances. Texting, cell phones, and social media allow us to chitter chatter all day long with people around the world. But sitting down and writing a letter on real stationary means more. Let them know that’s how you’d like to stay in touch—the old-fashioned way.


Personalized Mouse Pad

Computers are part of life for just about everyone. We use them at home and we use them at work. You can get your friend or loved one a mouse pad personalized any way you like—or any way they like. You can customize it with a quote, a picture of you, or a print of their favorite artwork.

Prices Vary

A Sweet Journey Chocolate Tower

Real friends bring chocolate. This gift will prove to them you know that. It’s three little suitcases full of delicious chocolate treats. It’s got white and milk chocolate dipped Oreos, cookie brittle toffee, Godiva truffles, chocolate covered almonds, and more. We almost think this should be the only gift on this list.

Prices Vary

Bonsai Gardening Kit

The ancient art of bonsai is well known for its meditative benefits. The trees take patience, dedication, and knowledge to grow. Bonsai are fascinating, beautiful, and mysterious. This kit has everything your departing friend will need to get started. This is a gift that they can enjoy for years and years—and they’ll remember you for all of them.


Karen Young Wall Print

Karen Young offers a collection of over one hundred travel themed prints that are ready to be mounted in frames or on a simple matte opening. The one we’ve choses says “Namaste”, which translates as “I see you”. Buy this for the yoga lover in your life, or choose from one of her many stylish prints of the same size.


Hello Possibility Box

This is a sentimental memento box from the Kelly Rae Roberts collection. It’s made of mango wood and paper in a lace, flower and bird theme. It’s all about moving forward. It’s stenciled with the words “Hello possibility, Goodbye Fear, Hello Gratitude, Hello Wide Open Heart”.

Prices Vary

Garden Path Stone

This is a gift that’s made to last, like a true friendship. It’s constructed from cement and tinted dark to look like slate. It’s got the words “You were my favorite Hello, and my hardest Goodbye” written in cream colored paint. It’s great for a friend who spends time in the garden.


Go and Do Pillowcase

This gift is specially designed for someone who’s going out into the world on their own for the first time. They might be a son or daughter going to college, they might be a young colleague at work going off to a new city for a new job. It’s a pillowcase that read “GO and DO”. When they lay their head down, they’ll know you’re with them

Prices Vary

Wind Chimes

This set of wind chimes is perfect for a friend who’s moving to a new home. They can hang it on their new porch, and every time the wind blows they’ll hear the soothing sound of the chimes. Which will remind them of you and your friendship.


Hickory Farms Package

This is a care package of sausage and cheese from Hickory Farms. Some people aren’t sentimental. Some people will lose knick-knacks, or get embarrassed by things that are heartfelt. This is for that person. It will fill their belly, and they’ll thank you for that.


Personal Care Gift Set

This is a gift pack of all natural and organic personal hygiene items from Puracy. It includes two bottles of body wash and two bottles of hand and body lotion. Puracy is a small company based in Austin, Texas. A portion of each purchase is donated to needy, local families.


I Miss You Bear

This is another gift for a friends who likes things sentimental. It’s an adorable little teddy bear with a sad look on its face. It’s got a light blue ribbon around its neck, with a card attached that says “I miss You”. It’s made by Bearington Bears, and it’s called “Beary Blue Without You”.


Personalized Wax Letter Seal Set

This gift belongs alongside the stationary set. It will give an air of class to any letter they send you. It’s got a brass stamp that says “Miss You”, three colors of sealing wax, and a spoon designed for heating the wax over a candle. This is old-school sentimentality, defined.

Prices Vary

Keepsake Message Jar

This one is specially designed for a boyfriend or girlfriend going away for an extended period. It’s a keepsake jar filled with thirty-one love messages in tiny air-mail envelopes. They’re designed to be opened every day for a month, and each one has a thoughtful line that will help that special someone through the day.


Designer Sports Watch

This gift is for a sporty dude who won’t go for the heartfelt going away gift. He wants something solid, and this is it. It’s a classy looking, stainless steel sports watch, designed to look exactly like watches that are far more expensive. A great office gift.


Adult Coloring Set

This is an art set designed for adults. It’s not adult themed in a mature way—it’s designed for the grown up who likes to sketch. It comes with a coloring book, a purple organizer, a 12 peace colored pencil set and a twelve piece watercolor pencil set. Your arty friend will appreciate this gift, and appreciate you with every drawing they make.

Prices Vary

Book of Daily Zen

Here’s one for that friend who’s into eastern thought and mindfulness practices. It’s got a full year’s worth of Zen sayings. They’re all under a page in length, which makes them perfect for reading in the morning. They include quotes from Buddhist thinkers like Thich Nhat Hanh and Shunryu Suzuki.

Prices Vary


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