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33 Going Away Gifts That Show You Appreciate Them

It can be hard to say goodbye to someone you care about greatly, but these going away gifts can really make a difference when it’s time for them to leave. Show them you care by getting them something they can use, or something that they can look at and remember you fondly. You’ll feel good knowing you got them a gift to show you care.

When someone leaves your life,--especially if they’re important to you—it’s a good idea to get them a going away gift. They might be a co-worker, a classmate, a family member or a neighbor. This list is filled with things you can get them to let them know you care.

Every End is a New Beginning Coffee Mug

Saying goodbye is always hard, but this 11oz mug will remind them that when one thing ends, another one begins, and that can be a very exciting thought!


Compass Earrings

A wonderful going away gift for any jewelry-loving lady, these earrings feature a delicate compass so that they can always find their way home, and come in rose-gold, gold, or silver tone.


The Bigger Carry-on

Small enough to fit in most overhead bins, yet roomy enough to hold more than the average carry-on, the Bigger Carry-On also comes with an ejectable battery for charging devices on-the-go.

Prices vary

How to Swear Around the World

If they’re leaving to go travelling, this book will ensure they can fall out with people wherever they go as it features impressive ways to swear in many different languages.


Weighted Blanket

It can be hard to sleep in unfamiliar places, so give them the gift of comfort with a weighted blanket which has been proven to help insomnia with a sense of being cuddled.


Peas In A Pod Necklace

Whether it’s your bestie going away or one of your kids, this peas in a pod necklace will make a sweet reminder that no matter how far she goes, she’ll always have you.

$125.00- $150.00

Homesick Scented Candles

Candles are always soothing, but when they are infused with the scents of home they become the cure for homesickness, too, making them a truly thoughtful goodbye gift.


Enjoy the Journey Bracelet

Choose one of the 18 quotes available and have it engraved onto this beautiful handmade silver and bronze bracelet as a touching reminder of the friends and family she’s leaving behind.

Prices Vary

I'll Be There Necklace

A beautiful going away gift for a close friend or relative, this necklace holds a heartfelt message stamped onto a silver plate, which is overlaid with a gold plated brass cut out.


How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

When parting is such sweet sorrow, give them a reminder of the many ways you love them with this book which comes with an A-Z of prompts for you to fill in.


Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces

They’ll never lose their way with this delicate working compass, which hangs on an 18” sterling silver chain and comes engraved with three little words (clue: it’s not ‘I love you’).


Hiker's Journey Mug

Symbolic of the ups and downs of any journey, this large ceramic mug features a mountain range diagram dotted with words which epitomize the highs and lows of any adventure.


Working Compass Necklace

With a choice of stainless steel or sterling silver chains, this working compass pendant will make a sweet farewell gift for anyone who’s embarking on the next leg of life’s journey.


Best B Bracelet

From the outside it looks like a cute but plain bracelet, but if she takes a look inside she’ll immediately be reminded of her sassy soul sister, her best b*tch.

Prices Vary

Carry on Cocktail Kit

Send them on their merry way with a carry on cocktail kit. Perfect for that long haul flight to somewhere new, it contains everything they’ll need, apart from the booze.


Personalize a Postcard Pillow

This awesome pillow comes in the shape of a postcard complete with a handwritten personal message and real or fictional address, so they’ll have something to cuddle when they’re missing home.


Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

If promotion is taking her away, this shattered glass ceiling pendant will show her just how proud of her you are, while providing her with a reminder of the people she’s leaving behind.


USA Map Keychain

Keychains provide wonderful visual reminders several times a day, and this one is crafted from aluminum in the shape of the USA, with two hearts in separate states joined together forever.


Farewell Bracelet

With the sweetest message printed on the card insert, this amazonite bracelet will make a fab farewell gift that she can wear every day to bring her luck in her new endeavors.


Anywhere Travel Guide

A new place can be daunting, so help them make the most of unfamiliar surroundings with this set of 75 cards which will prompt them to do more exciting things.


And So The Adventure Begins Wine Mug

Change can be as exciting as it is daunting, but with this sippy cup she can toast her adventurous spirit while giving herself a reminder that the best times are yet to come.


Best Friends Long Distance State Coffee Mug

When distance separates you, let them know they’re always in your heart with this white ceramic mug, which is printed with a sweet verse and your 2 different locations joined forever.


Travel Mug

Whether he’s leaving to see the world or relocating to another office, make sure he remembers you with this sturdy enamel mug designed to mark the next chapter in his life.


Neighborwoods Map Coasters

They’ll think of home every time they lift their drink off one of these cedar coasters, as each one features a different area of the city they know, love, and miss.


Scratch Travel Journal

If they’re leaving to go travelling, this journal will allow them to plan and document their journey, and even contains maps they can scratch off as they go.


Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a treasure trove of some of the most intriguing and unique places in the world, and would make a fabulous going away gift for anyone who’s off on their travels.

Prices Vary

Donut Ever Forget About Us

Let everyone add their own personal touch to this going away gift by writing a memory or anecdote on one of the 50 blank pages inside this fun farewell book.


Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Let someone special know you’re missing them with this beautiful Long Distance Friendship Lamp, which softly glows – no matter how far away – when you tap the other one of the pair.

$85.00- $170.00

14 Thoughtful DIY Going Away Gift Ideas

Diy Adventure Notebook

Take a read through this inspiring blog post, which shows you how to create a unique notebook which can be customized to suit just about anyone’s personality.

You Totally Rule Gift

Whether their favorite teacher is moving on to pastures new, or your child is moving up, this simple DIY gift idea will make a wonderful thank you that they’ll treasure forever.

Moving Organizational Planner

Moving is a bit of a nightmare, but you can make it much easier with this totally printable Moving Organization Kit, which includes labels, checklists, change of address cards, and more.

Thank You For Your Thyme

This goodbye gift idea is simply adorable, because what kitchen doesn’t need a pot or two of fresh herbs on the windowsill? Super easy to make, and they cost next to nothing!

So Thankful For You

Quick and easy to make, these little succulent jars would look lovely just as they are, but with the addition of the free printable label, they become absolutely adorable.

Notes in a Jar

A simple idea but one that will bring a lot of comfort, this jar can be filled with sweet little notes that have come from the heart, making it totally unique to you.

Sorry To See You Go Printable Farewell Card

Homemade cards always mean so much more, but if you’re no Picasso you can still produce this going away card which can be printed and then written in your own hand.

Give It All You Got (and Then Some)

If you’re short of time and want to give a meaningful gift to someone who’s starting a new adventure, this motivational quote can be printed out and framed at very little cost.

Push Pin Travel Map

Print this travel map and you can create a beautiful piece of artwork to hang on their wall; the addition of photos and embellishments will add even more charm to the finished product.

Donut Thank You Gift Tags

Donuts always go down a treat, but unless you’ve made them yourself, they’re not very personal. Solve that problem by attaching this free sweet label that says it all.

Thanks A Latte

Dress up a coffee shop gift card by putting it into one of their cups, padding it out with pretty tissue paper, and attaching this free printable coffee-themed label.

Bright Future Card

If the exams are over and they’re off on their adventures, print out one of these cards to say congratulations and let them know just how proud of them you are.

We Go Together Like Milk & Cookies

Sweet and simple, this DIY gift can be printed out at home and mounted in a frame, then presented with their favorite cookies and even a carton of milk.

Oh The Places You’ll Go Print

Lovers of Dr. Seuss will recognize this quote anywhere! Printed in a simple (and therefore most effective) monochrome design, it will make a stunning addition to any wall.


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