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54 Great Golf Gifts They’ll Love – Best Gifts for Golf Buddies

You don’t have to understand the game of golf, or their golf obsession, to give them a great golf gift. There are certain items that just about every golf out there needs or wants, and if you get them one of those items they’re sure to find it useful, or at the very least thoughtful that you got them something in line with their interests and passion.

Your golfer will love these super unique golf gifts! Save this list for the next time you need a gift idea.

Microfiber Greens “The Convenient Golf Towel”

This conveniently sized towel is a must for all golfers. Simply attach to your golf bag with the clip supplied and you’re good to go. The towel is super absorbent and will make light work of cleaning your clubs and drying your balls when you need them the most. Sold in packs of three.


SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Training Aid

We all know a golfer who would like to improve their swing without spending hours at the range. With this swing trainer, you can easily achieve this. Designed to develop your strength when swinging and encourage muscle memory to achieve that perfect swing, every time you step foot on a fairway.


Golf Ball Wine Stopper

For when you simply can’t drink it whole in one, use this great golf inspired wine stopper to save your favorite tipple for a later date. Perfect as a stocking filler or just as a simple gift for the house. Can suit any audience as the Callaway golf balls are offered in both white and pink.


Golfer’s Prayer Golf Coffee Mug

As the mug states, some people are just born to golf. If you know somebody like this, treat them to a golf gift they will never forget. This mug holds 18oz and contains a “golfer’s prayer”. You never know, one day they could be drinking out of it at the U.S Open.


Suncast Golf Organizer

Are you a member of a golfing family? If so, your home should reflect this too. No longer do you need to store all of your clubs under the stairs, or your golf bags in the attic. With this golf organizer, you can keep your bags, shoes and all other accessories in one tidy place.


TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Watch

A unique time piece crafted using a recovered Callaway golf ball from the 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass golf course makes for a very beautiful gift for your own golfer. Featuring vegan leather, mineral crystal and an authentication number to ensure that it is one of a kind.


Garmin Approach GPS Golf Watch

Looking for a golf gift that can be valuable both on and off the course? This watch by Garmin is just that gift. With GPS and a full color touchscreen display this watch exists to be your best friend on the fairway and on the highway, while boasting a staggering number of features.

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TIBA Putting Aid for Golf

Is your short game letting you down on the course? Do you spend hours at the driving range avoiding the green? This highly portable training aid exists to simply improve your putting without changing your swing, and works with all putter types. It would make the perfect golf gift.

Prices Vary

Farting Golf Ball

This Farting Golf Ball does exactly as it says on the tin. With the same size and feel as a regular golf ball, this one is different. It farts. That’s right, every time the ball is hit, it will let out a ripper. A great gift or prank for that special golfer in your life.

Prices Vary

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

For the stylish fit on the course, along with the comfort and performance you would expect from Adidas golfing footwear. This lightweight shoe will make the perfect golf gift this season and is designed for added traction and stability. The fashionable way to improve your swing.


GrooveMaster Adjustable Golf Club Groove Sharpener

This golfing gift is the perfect way for your very own golf enthusiast to get groovy; re groovy. The Groove Master is the ultimate tool in re grooving used golf clubs and utilizes the best cutter blades available on the market. With an ergonomic, adjustable handle the Groove Master will get the job done.


Golf Club Clothes Hanger

Where better to hang your favorite golfing shirt this season than on an upcycled iron? This hard-wearing hanger has been designed and crafted from a previously used golf club and is made to standard size specifications. Start your own golfing adventure with the iron, the pitch and the wardrobe.


MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

This storage sack is the nuts! The perfect gag gift for the golfer in your life. It would take someone with balls of steel (or should I say balls of rubber) to have this swinging from their golf bag year round. It really is the best-icle.


Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition

What emotions come to mind when you think of golf? Is it excitement at the prospect of getting a perfect par? Or is it dread and horror at the thought of listening to your significant other talk again about their perfect drive? Whatever it may be, you can convey it with this huge emoji gift set.


Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Definitely do not give this golf gift to the designated driver in your group. Perfect, however, for that 19th hole. These classy Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers will ensure that your drink stays cold, but not diluted. A very apt gift for the golfer and whiskey lover in your life.


TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

TaylorMade have designed the ultimate golf ball for the mid-handicapper this season. Whether that is you or somebody you know, these balls have a softer feel and have been designed with more spin and more speed in mind. The ideal way to up your game.

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Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor

Ever wished you could find out all the information you could ever need about your golf swing? Well now you can with this portable golf launch monitor. Easy to set up, the device measures all of the important information you could ever need: swing speed, ball speed, smash factor and much more.


Set of Fore! Golf Glasses

This stunning tumbler set is the ideal gift for the golf addict in your life. Hang up their caddy keys though, they’re definitely going to want to go driving (or putting) after polishing off all fore glasses. Showcasing the design of all four types of club, these really are the tee’s knee’s.


A Great Shot Personalized Art

Personalized gifts always stand out. Just like this 60’s style art print. Suitable for any golf lover (or bourbon lover for that matter) this print would make the perfect back drop in any home and is sold with a choice of customizable options to suit any recipient.

Prices Vary

Precision Pro Golf Pro Laser Rangefinder

Need a rangefinder that can withstand the elements? Need precise measurements? The NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder can do just that and a lot more. With vibration technology allowing you to know when you have locked on to a target, and slope and non-slope modes, the NX7 is the accurate way of finding your range.


NFL Embroidered Golf Towel

If you are shopping for a sports lover and do not know which sport to focus on, this gift is for you. This 100% cotton, tri fold golfing towel is the ideal companion for a golf bag. What’s more, the towel comes embroidered with the logo of your favorite NFL team. GO SPORTS!


A Life Well Played: My Stories by Arnold Palmer

A gift that every golfer will cherish. A Life Well Played by Arnold Palmer is a staple piece of literature for every golf lover’s library. The book tells the story of Palmer’s life from his own point of view, both on and off the golf course.


Sand Trap Paperweight

The sand trap; every golfer’s worst nightmare. This articulately designed paperweight contains everything a sand trap would. This is a brilliant golf gift and has been created to portray the fact that there is no trap that you cannot pick yourself up from, both in life and on the course.


Golf Club Rockers

On those lazy days where you can’t even make it to the driving range, kick back and let an array of reclaimed golf clubs take the weight off your feet. These artsy chairs are all handmade using golf clubs and Canadian white cedar and are designed to naturally weather to a beautiful finish if left outside.

Prices Vary

10L0L Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder

Do you happen to know an aspiring golfer who is also a wordsmith? If so this is the perfect gift for them. This novelty collection would look amazing on any desk and also serves as a useful set of colored pens. Comes complete with golf bag and fairway (miniature, of course).


TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Two things that go hand in hand, golf and a nice refreshing drink. This bottle opener is the ultimate gift for the person in your life that enjoys both of these things. Whether it’s cracking open a cold one to watch the US open or relaxing at the 19th hole, they are bound to love it.


COVASA Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor Outdoor Auto Ball Return

Whether putting is your favorite part of the game, or simply the area you need the most practice in, this putting mat has you covered. With a gravity ball return system and two holes, you will no longer need to waste time collecting your balls in between shots.

Prices Vary

Golf Club Brush Cleaner

When it comes to the art of the fairway, having a clean and mud free club will ensure you have the best chance at that perfect ping. With this golf club cleaner and free divot tool, you will be able to keep your grooves clear and land that perfect shot, every time.


TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Necklace

Golfing is an art form within itself. Why not show your golf crazed loved one that beauty with this stunning necklace; crafted from a PGA licensed ball that was plucked straight from the water at the famed TPC sawgrass course in Florida. All tied together with a sterling silver, 18” chain.


Hole In One Golf Mug

Gifts that have multiple uses are the best. This mug is the perfect example. With an actual hole, ball and club this mug makes your tee break a hole lot more fun! Suddenly that 5- minute coffee break is a golfer’s dream. And when it’s time to work again, the club doubles up as a functioning pen.


Case Golfer’s Tool Pocket Knife Gift Set

The pocket knife has been a staple gift idea for many years that has been hard to beat. Well now it has been. This knife will be the pride and joy of the golfer in your life. With a sharp clip blade, divot tool and ball marker, it’s a beautifully simple way to show you care.


Victorinox All-in-One Tool

This handy tool is the Swiss Army knife of golf tools. It’s made by the same people who make the world-renowned pocket knives. It comes in blue or red, and has a divot repair tool, a ball marker, a groove cleaner, and a tee punch. All in one place, all in one pocket.

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Chipping Net

Hone your short game with this portable chipping net. It’s designed for beginners or experts. It’s got three chipping baskets so you can perfect your shots and assess your progress as you practice. It folds up for easy storage. Great for afternoons when you can’t make it out to the course.


Blast Motion 3-D Capture

This 3-D motion capture device was designed by golf professionals to help the masses improve their game. It easily attaches to the end of any club, and its motion activated, so it never needs to be turned on or off. It stores your swing mechanics, then connects wirelessly to smartphones and tablets for post-round analysis.


Novelty BBQ Tools

Most real golfers think about the game all the time. With these BBQ tools, they can pretend to be out on the links while they’re really in the back yard grilling up meat for the family. All six BBQ tools in the set come have replica golf grips.


Nudie Lady Golf Tees

We have to include some gag gifts in the list, because if you take your golf too seriously, then all the fun will slowly fade away. This set of tees is not for mixed company. It’s for a group of boys and a round of beer golf. Each tee is a plastic nudie lady.


Par Three Putting Green

This is the best in home practice putting greens. It’s three feet by nine feet, kidney shaped, and has three cups in different spots, so you can practice from many angles. It’s even got a built in sand-trap to make things harder.


Laser Rangefinder

Bring the latest in technology to the course with this high-end laser rangefinder. The Bushnell Pro X7 is the most powerful rangefinder in the world. It has a pin finding feature, and it’s accurate to within half a yard from up to a mile away.

Prices Vary

BARKSA Golf Scope

If you don’t need to space-age technology of the Bushnell Pro, this scope from BARKSA gives you everything you need. It’s got a range of fifty to two hundred yards, and has a built-in reticule that lets you accurately estimate your range. It’s small, durable, and totally waterproof.

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Schwetty Balls

Here’s another gag gift for the man-golfer with an off-color sense of humor. Everyone knows what happens when you play golf out in the hot summer sun for a full day. Now the golfer in your life can read it on this set of pink golf balls: they have the word “schwetty” printed on them.


Golf Ball Pick Up

This is for the golfer who doesn’t want to use any extra energy at all. It’s a little suction cup that fits right on the end of any golf club. No more bending over and no more squatting down means no more sore back and no more sore knees. Perfect for the older golfer.


Men’s Golf Grillroom Shoes

Half the fun of golfing is hanging with your partners after the rounds, shooting the breeze about all the great drives, chips, and putts. But that can’t be done in a pair of spikes. That’s where these casual post-golf slippers come in. They’re comfy slip-ons custom made for chilling, sipping, and chatting.

Prices Vary

Groove Sharpener Tool

This tool will help the golf lover in your life keep his irons and wedges in perfect working condition. Well-sharpened grooves ensure the ball spins properly off the head of the club. This tool has two different heads—one designed for V-shaped grooves and one designed for U-shaped grooves.

Prices Vary

Equipment Organizer

This sturdy metal shelf and rack system will give your golfer a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. It’s got a space two bags on one side, and four shelves on the other. There’s room for shoes, balls, and all the extra accessories.


Club Cleaning Brush

This specially crafted golf club brush will keep that valued set of clubs in tip-top shape. It’s got a brass brush on one side to get at the caked-on grime, and a nylon brush on the other side to finish off the job. Take care of the clubs, and the clubs will take care of you.


Fore Sunglasses

No more squinting into the sun to check your lie, and no more guessing where you need to hit the ball. These golf-specific sunglasses come with three sets of interchangeable lenses for different light conditions. These stylish wraparounds come with a strap and a hard case.


Ball Marker Combo Pack

There’s no reason ball markers have to be boring. Instead of a plain white piece of plastic, the golfer in your life can set themselves apart with this fun set of skull and crossbones ball markers. Instead of crossbones, they’ve got crossed clubs. Get your pirate on and yell “arrrgggg” instead of “fore!”


Nike Dri-Fit Polo

Wear the same gear as the pros with this Nike Dri-Fit golf polo. The moisture wicking material will keep your favorite golfer cool. Then, when the round is done and they’re sitting in the air-conditioned clubhouse, this shirt will dry quickly for maximum comfort. The days of cotton are long gone.

Prices Vary

Titleist Pro VI Balls

One of the wonderful things about golf is that players can play the exact same courses the pros play on. They can also use exactly the same equipment as the pros, like this set of a dozen Titleist Pro VI balls. They’re simply the best, and there’s no reason to use anything else.


ProLength Tee System

Perfect tee height can affect the quality and distance of the drive. This set of seventy-five tees is marked with precise color coding so the golfer in your life can get the tee the right height every single time. These durable wood tees are extra-long, which means more options.


NFL Team Golf Towel

All golfers need a towel to keep their hands dry and to wipe the sweat off their brow on a hot day out on the links. These towels come in NFL team colors and logos so your golfer can represent their favorite team while playing their favorite game. They’re one hundred percent cotton with a handy clip to attach to a bag.


Scoreband Digital Scorekeeper

Forget pencils and old-fashioned paper scorecards. This digital scorekeeper wears on the wrist like a watch, and keeps perfect score every time. It comes with a built-in memory so the golfer in your life can store scores from every round they play.

Prices Vary

Golf Ball Holder

No need for digging around in the outside pocket of the golf bag for a ball. This pro-style ball holder clips easily onto the edge of the bag. It keeps three balls at the ready, so the next ball will always be within reach right when it’s needed.


Exploding Golf Balls

This is a fun gift but you might not get to see the punchline happen. Unless you’re a golfer, that is. We recommend sneaking this gift in with a set of real golf balls. When the golfer in your life hits the links, this gag gift will explode right at the end of the club.


Nike Men’s Dr-Fit Golf Gloves

These gloves are the choice of professional golfers all over the world. They’re made of soft Cabretta leather for a smooth, comfortable feel and excellent traction. Back panels made from Nike’s patented Dri-Fit material keep the hands cool at all times, and a Velcro tab ensures a perfect fit.

Prices Vary

PGA Tour Men’s Long Sleeve Polo

When the weather gets chilly and windy, the real golfers don’t let it scare them. They get out there and play their rounds anyway. This half-zip fleece is cut to hug the body in the right places to keep warm while giving ample room for an easy swing.

Prices Vary

ThermaFit Pullover

When the weather gets chilly and windy, the real golfers don’t let it scare them. They get out there and play their rounds anyway. This half-zip fleece is cut to hug the body in the right places to keep warm while giving ample room for an easy swing.

Prices Vary

Footjoy Classic Men’s Shoes

These iconic shoes from Footjoy have the look most of us associate with golf shoes: the classic patent leather wing-tip. They’re one hundred percent leather, with Footjoy’s standard ten-spike design for superior traction. These shoes have been the top choice of golf aficionados for generations.

Prices Vary

Sun Mountain Tour Series Cart Bag

This pro-style golf bag is designed for cart riding and/or push-cart use. It’s got all the bells and whistles. There’s room for a full set of clubs and it’s got two handles molded into the top rim for easy handling. It’s ten pockets that will accommodate everything from a range finder to balls to extra apparel to s pair of shoes.

Prices Vary

Sunday Bag

A Sunday Bag is designed to hold a small complement of less than ten clubs. They’re light and easy to carry. Die-hard golfers keep a bag like this in the trunk on the off chance they might happen upon a moment in their day. This can also serve as a beginner’s bag.

Prices Vary

Executive Indoor Putter Kit

The golfer in your life can practice their putting anywhere, any time with this deluxe indoor putting kit. It comes in a custom carrying case and includes a screw-together putter, a cup, and two balls. It’s perfect for the office or hotel room.


Junior Club Set

This set of clubs is designed for kids between the ages of eight and twelve years old. It comes with a driver, a hybrid wood, a seven iron, a nine iron, a putter, and a bag with a padded shoulder strap. Young enthusiasts will love this set of clubs.


Rain Hood Cover

Sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate. The day can start of bright and sunny, then the clouds roll in and let loose in a deluge the middle of a round of eighteen. The golfer in your life can keep their expensive clubs safe from the elements with this nylon rain hood.


Ping Carry/Stand Bag

Ping has been a leader in golfing products for decades. This bag puts all their experience and knowledge in one place. It’s big enough for a full set of clubs and designed to be carried comfortably on the shoulder for a full eighteen holes.

Prices Vary

Deluxe Bag Roller

There’s no need to carry a heavy bag around on your shoulder all day long. This deluxe bag roller has all the extras a golfer needs, and it makes life on the links easy. It’s got an umbrella holder, a drink caddy, a foot break, and a slick front wheel alignment mechanism.

Prices Vary

Personalized Golf Awards

When you have a great day out on the course, you want to commemorate it. When you have a hole in one, you want to remember it forever. This artist can take your scorecards and turn them into a professionally framed collector’s item you can display with pride.


SkyPro Swing Analyzer

Work the kinks out of your swing with this innovative new swing analyzer. It’s different than all the rest out there on the market. It fits just below the grip, not at the bottom of the club, and the analysis software suggests drills specific to your needs. It’s like having your own coach.

Prices Vary

SKLZ Flex Strength Trainer

Slice the slice out of your golfing life with this swing trainer. It’s optimized to improve your swing while strengthening your core golfing muscles. Its real golf grip, flexible shaft, and weighted end give you a flatter swing plane and train you to use your lower body to power your swing.


Rolling Travel Cover

This travel cover is made for the golfer who likes to their clubs on the road. It’s made to fit over any standard size golf bag. It’s got external straps that cinch it down tight, and external pockets for your accessories. Clubs will be safe on an airplane with this sturdy travel cover.


Professional Home Driving Range

Set this home driving range up in your back yard and practice your drive any time you like. It folds easily into a small carrying case and the net stays attached, so you don’t have to fuss with it every time you want to hit some balls.


KickBack Putting Set

The short game is crucial in golf. Lots of people can get the ball on the green, but it takes years of practice to seal the deal and make those tough putts under pressure. This kickback set is small, travels well, and lets serious golfers practice their accuracy whenever they choose.

Prices Vary

Callaway Complete Club Set

This eighteen piece set has everything you need to get started. It comes with twelve clubs, five head covers, and a full stand bag. The woods have a large sweet spot, the irons are hybrids to make it easier on your swing, the wedges are stainless steel, and the putter has a milled face for precision accuracy.


Grip Training Aid

The grip is the interface between the club and the player. A bad grip equals a bad swing. A bad swing equals low scores. And low scores equal no fun. This grip trainer fits on the end of the club and guides the hands into the perfect position every time.


Retro Head Covers

With an Irish duffer cap, a pair of baggy trousers, and some calf-length argyle socks the golfer in your life will look like Bobby Jones at St. Andrews. Add these retro head covers to the mix, and the ensemble will be complete. They’re knitted wool, with the classic pom-pom toppers.


Putting Aid

Hit the sweet spot more consistently with the putting stroke alignment aid. This is the product the PGA pros use on a daily basis. It’s small, sets up in under a minute, packs away into any pocket on your golf bag, and works with all putter types.

Prices Vary

Power Swing Trainer

All you need in off-course golf training is right here in this portable system. It comes with a light, a medium, and a heavy resistance band for each golfer’s specific needs. The DVD includes thirty-seven golf exercises and warm-up routines.

Prices Vary

Foot Stability Weights

Happy feet can ruin a swing. These weights will keep those feet firmly in place, which allows proper power transfer through the legs, the hips, the torso, and then through the arms to the club. When the power gets to the ball, good things happen.


Backpack Golf Clubs

Country Club, meet George Jetson. This is a full set of golf clubs that fits inside a backpack that’s no bigger than a school book bag. It’s got four irons, three woods, a sand wedge and a pitching wedge that fit together with a patented self-locking joint. Plus, its got a special sleeve for an iPad or tablet.


Garmin Golf Watch

Never wonder about what’s coming up on the course again. We mean that: never. This watch is loaded with specific course data from over 30,000 courses around the world. Distance to the front, back, and middle of the green, dog-leg angles, you name it. This watch is the future of personalized golf data.


TeeTimes USA Golf Vacation Packages

Make a golfer’s dreams come true with a specialty golf vacation. These packages include tee and greens fees, golf cart rental, food, drinks, and accommodations. Tee Times has over twenty years of experience in the golfing industry. They have vacation packages available in every prime golfing destination in the USA.


Golf Lesson Gift Certificate

Golf lessons with a certified PGA or LPGA professional are guaranteed to improve any golfer’s technique and lower their scores. They’re practical for any level golfer, from beginning, intermediate, to advanced. Anyone who plays golf can benefit. Just one good lesson from a top-level teacher can change a golfer’s game forever.


The Gotham Golf Cart

Did we say next level? Apologies, we may have misled you. This is the next level in golf carting. One look at this monster and you’ll be hooked. It’s based on the Batmobile from the Dark Night series. It’s got dualie rear wheels, leather seats, and reaches speeds up to thirty-eight mph.


7 DIY Gifts for Golfers

DIY Golf Locker

This locker is perfect for the garage or mudroom. It’s a tall, narrow shelf system that’s got room for a bag, a pair of shoes, and a ball bucket. The six step process takes an afternoon to complete. The shelf will last for years, and keep all that golf equipment ready and waiting in one place.

Head Covers

Give him a set of unique head covers for his coveted woods. This is an involved process that takes quite a bit of sewing skill and knowledge. It will be well worth the effort, though. The end product is timeless and beautiful. The head covers look like a high-school letter jacket from the 1950s.

Golf Club Coat Rack

This is a great way to repurpose an old set of golf clubs. The tutorial uses three woods, but with some imagination and elbow grease, this could easily be increased to a full-size coat rack that the whole family can use. The whole process will take about half a day, and uses tools available at any hardware store.

DIY Mini Golf Course

The whole family can have fun with this great DIY project. It incorporates everyday objects from around the house and takes less than an hour to set up. Once you get going, the sky’s the limit. Kids can have stay busy for hours with his activity.

Painted Golf Tees

This is a fast and easy project that you can do with kids. It makes a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for Dad, Grandpa, an uncle, or any golf enthusiast. You’ll need regular golf tees and some acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. The four-step process takes about half an hour.

Snow Man Ornament

Here’s another one to do with the kids. It’s so easy you’ll be able to make more than one. You’ll need a golf ball, a sharpie, and picture hanging hook, and some glue. You can spruce it up with paint or glitter. The result: a cute, silly snowman tree ornament for golf lovers.

Practice Net

You can show the golfer in your life how much you care about them, and their golf game, by making this home practice net. It will take a little effort, but the result is every golfer’s dream: a way to practice at home whenever there’s a spare moment.

Bowl From A Board

Give a hole in one gift this year, without breaking the bank. This detailed tutorial shows you how to make that perfect golf gift for the putter in your life. With just a few club heads and a sprinkling of timber, they will have somewhere to hang their rain coats after a full 18.

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