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32 Timeless Golf Gag Gifts to Give to Your Golf Buddies

This list is definitely not a hit and miss. Every item on this list would make a great golf gag gift for any lover of the sport. Whether you are celebrating an occasion, want to play a prank or simply want to take an interest in their favorite pastime, this list is for you.

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ProActive Sports Golf Club Headcover

Gopher a great golf gag gift for the enthusiast in your life. This golf club headcover fits any 460cc drivers and will make a great addition to any and every golf bag. Perfect for protecting clubs from scratches, scuffs and scrapes. The ideal gag gift.


This is How I Roll Golf Cart Mug

Tee off with a golf gag gift for the lover of the green in your life. Be it a colleague, friend or family member, this high quality golfing mug is bound to put a smile on their face as they await their next outing on the fairway. Fantastically funny.


ProActive Sports Bad Day Golf Ball

Play the ultimate prank on the sports lover in your life with this epic bad day golf ball. Simply peel off the backing, and stick on whichever glass surface tickles your fancy. This non adhesive static cling decal is easy to remove and will ensure lots of laughs, and no fallings out!

Prices Vary

Golf Quiet Please Sign by Golf Gag Gifts

Are you looking for a gag gift that also has some practical uses? If so, this golf gift is for you. This novelty ‘Golf Quiet Please’ paddle can be whipped out at any moment on the course for instant silence. Perfect for tournaments or important holes.

Prices Vary

Floating Golf Ball

Check out this awesome golf gag gift. This fun, trick golf ball has all of the characteristics of the real thing. It looks, feels and performs much like a genuine golf ball, except this ball has a secret. Whenever this ball lands in water, it will just float right back up to the surface again.


Golfer Golf Degree Diploma

Add a very personal touch to your gift giving abilities with this fun golf gift. Graduate the golfer in your life from the ‘Golfing University’, and show them that you care about their much loved hobby. This gag gift from the heart will look good framed and on show.


Hole In One Golf Hat

Get the gift that really is a hole in one. This fun and lighthearted golf gag gift is the ideal way to show the golfer that you know and love that you care. Gift the beret to your pro driver, and watch as they parade it proudly in front of their golfing buddies.


If You Can Read This I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks

We all know somebody that always has golf on their mind. In the shower, driving to work, even when they’re sleeping! Commemorate their love of the sport with these adorable and funny golf socks. Handmade and high quality, they are the gag gift that will last.


Sock It To Me Par 4 Mens Crew Socks

Take the green with you wherever you go with these awesome golf inspired gift socks. High quality and comfortable, these great looking socks will keep your feet warm, and your style high as you show off your favorite past time with confidence and class.


Happy 40th Birthday ForeTee & Fabulous Pack

Celebrate their 40th birthday in true golfing style with this commemorative Foretee & Fabulous gift set. Containing two real golf balls with high quality text and images printed on the front, this set would make a spectacular golf gag gift that can be proudly displayed alongside many golfing trophies.


Golf Door Stopper

Check out this novelty door stopper from FineLife. This two in one golf gift works perfectly well as a door stop, but doubles up as a great golf training aid. Simply putt your way into the hole to get that perfect green game. Fun and useful, it even comes with a nail clipper for your golf bag.

Prices Vary

Farting Golf Ball Jumps Wobbles & Farts

Give them the gag gift of surprise that may well make them do just that; gag. This hilarious gift looks just like a real golf ball, however, it has a slight difference, it farts! That’s right, whenever this ball is hit, it jumps, moves, skips and most importantly, breaks wind.


Hole In One Golf Mug

Liven up their coffee break with this awesome golf inspired gift. The hole in one golf mug allows anyone to practice their putting game, while enjoying 5 minutes of peace and quiet, and a nice hot cup of coffee. The miniature club and ball come supplied so the fun can begin immediately.


Golfers BBQ Set

Tee off the BBQ season in true golfer style with these awesome golf inspired BBQ utensils. Designed to look just like golf clubs, with authentic grips, this golf gift is the perfect way to show your golfer that you care. They’ll be grilling birdies left right and center.


Desktop Golf

Never let adverse weather or work commitments hold you back from practicing your putting again. Introducing desktop golf. This awesome product would make a great gag gift for any golfing enthusiast. You can even change the pitch of the green for a more challenging shot.


Premium Emoji Golf Balls

Fill your golf lover with all kinds of emotions when you send them onto the fairway with these premium emoji golf balls! A perfect golf gag gift, these colorful and hilarious balls feature 12 unique designs that will definitely liven up their golf bag. Plus, they will never lose a ball again.


Oh Shit Golf Balls

These golf balls comply with USGA regulation, and, are hilarious! Perfect as a gag gift, these genuine ‘Oh Shit’ balls have golfers all around the world crying with laughter. Sold as a novelty item, they actually work as golf balls so you can send them hurling down the fairway.

Prices Vary

Triple Trouble Golf Balls

Are you in the market for some hilariously funny gag gifts? Do you happen to know somebody who is always aiming for that hole in one? If so, this is the product for you. Triple trouble golf balls are just that, trouble. One jumps and skips, one shoots out ribbon and the other simply explodes!

Prices Vary

Perfect Gift for an Old Golfer Two New Balls.

Give the elderly gentleman golfer you know a new lease of life with a brand spanking new pair of balls. Golf balls. This funny golf gag gift is a perfect retirement gift or birthday present for any golfer and is bound to have everyone reaching for the tissues, crying with laughter.


Table Games Potty Golfing

Practice putting on the potty with this fun gag gift for the chance to get two holes in one. Supplied with a putter, two balls and even a door sign, you can enhance your green game whilst sitting on the throne. Fun, useful and damn hilarious.

Prices Vary

The Wobbler Golf Ball Prank

Play the ultimate golf prank with this very realistic looking golf ball. Slip it in their golf bag, and watch on as they try over and over to sink that ball. The Wobbler has all of the characteristics of a regular golf ball, however will wobble all over the green during putting.


Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank

If you are in the market for a fun golf gag gift, you’re in the right place. This awesome Eject a Putt golfing prank will ensure that the ball never ever stays in the hole. Once the ball goes in, the Eject a Putt will do just that, eject it straight back out again.


I Have Dirty Balls Funny Golf Towel

Keep shafts and balls clean with this high quality, high comedy, homemade towel. Perfect as a gag gift, this ‘I have dirty balls’ towel will sit perfectly on a golf bag and is as useful as it is funny. Bring a bit of humor to the fairway and buy now!


Custom Golfer Toilet Paper

When they’re sinking that perfect hole in one, get them some fun, custom made toilet paper to clean up with like a pro. With the message embroidered on the paper, this great golf gift is sure to bring laughter and smiles along with a few raised eyebrows from visitors.


Novelty Golf Tees

Tee off in style with these cool novelty golf tees. By gifting these, you can ensure that the golfer in your life is surrounded by their own team of cheerleaders, right before sending a ball spinning off of their head. A great conversation piece that is perfect for any and every golfer.

Prices Vary

Losers Golf Balls

Gift your golfer a set of loser’s golf balls and watch as they start to lose every game! With the words ‘losers golf ball’ printed on both sides, these dark green balls are damn near impossible to find in the grass. A funny golf gift that they’re bound to laugh at.

Prices Vary

Exploding Golf Ball

Watch on as they tee off in a cloud of smoke with these epic exploding golf balls. One fell swoop from a driver will turn this ball into little more than a cloud, leaving nothing behind. A great gag gift that is bound to surprise and shock the recipient.


ProActive Golfer’s Ball Washer

You’ll never be able to perform at your very best with dirty balls. Even if your iron is the best it can be, your balls can still let you down. That’s why this hilarious golf gag gift comes in handy. This fun jock strap comes complete with a built-in scrubbing brush for squeaky clean balls, every time.

Prices Vary

Golf Pen Gift Set

Tidy your desktop, and make way for a finger size fairway with this delightful set of golf club balls, with included pens. If you know somebody that always dreams of the green, or has a lovin’ for some puttin’, this is the golf gift for them.

Prices Vary

BigMouth Inc Butt Putt Farting Golf Putter Game

It’s time for some butt putt. This fun gag gift brings a whole new meaning to the term hole in one. Aim for that place where the sun doesn’t shine and perfect your green game with a bit of toilet humor. With 6 different fart noises, the ball shoots out upon pooing…I mean putting.


Over The Hill Golf Tees

If you know a golfer that is getting a bit long in the tooth, get them long in the tee, too. When you reach a certain age, your balls may be too far down to see, let alone reach. These extra long tees ensure your balls are always where you need them, whenever you need them.

Prices Vary

Adjustable Visor with Spiked Hair

Get them gagging with giggles when you give them this awesome golf gag gift. This fun sun visor gives the impression of real spiked hair, and can look hilarious. Not only is this a funny gift, it protects the head from extreme weather on the fairway.

Prices Vary

8 Diy Golf Gifts

Decorating Golf Balls

Ensure they never lose a ball on the fairway again with this cool DIY tutorial on decorating golf balls. Gone are the days when golf balls had to be plain and white, you can now make them as colorful as you like. Simple, fun and a great gift.

Diy Tabletop Mini Golf

Don’t take them to the golf course, bring the golf course to them. This great golf gift can be made entirely at home and is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Easy to make, this awesome DIY project will have them hitting holes in one in no time.

Golf Score Card Holder Tutorial

Brighten up their fairway Fridays with this stunning homemade gift, perfect for any golf enthusiast. The following guide will show you exactly how to create a DIY golf scorecard that is quick to make, extremely cheap and open to customization to really make the gift personal.

Fore De Golfer Diy Scavenger Hunt

Get creative with this year’s gift for your lover that just so happens to love golf. This article contains all the information you could possibly need to be able to create a golf inspired scavenger hunt for your loved one. Show them you care and read on to find out more.

How to Make a Beaded Golf Stroke Counter

Give the golf gift that is simple to make, easy to use, but incredibly useful. This beaded golf stroke counter will help the golfer in your life to maintain and keep track of their score without the need for pen and paper, or fancy machinery. A great DIY gift for any lover of the green.

Diy Golf Themed Candy/Money Jar

Perfect for any and every special occasion, this great homemade gift will bring lots of happiness to that golfer that you know and love. You may not know the ins and outs of the game, or even like it that much, but this DIY jar definitely shows that you care.

Diy Golf Sign

With a full set of instructions, and even a shopping list, you can create from home the perfect golf gift for anyone you know that simply loves the great game of golf. Easy to make, this homemade, DIY wooden sign is amusing, fun and is sure to be treasured.

How to Build Your Own Home Driving Range

Tee off the summer months by creating a driving range right in your very own home. With all of the information you could ever need, condensed into one article, you can competently and confidently build a driving range that won’t take up too much space in your yard, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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