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28 Golden Girls Gifts That Betty White Would Approve Of

The beautiful and never-aging Betty White would definitely approve of these fabulous Golden Girls gifts. From drinking games to drinking glasses, and even a pair of colorful granny panties which Blanche wouldn’t be seen dead in, this list captures the fun, friendship, and fierce sisterhood which these 4 sassy seniors shared in the long-running TV show.

Funny gifts for fans of The Golden Girls tv show.

Betty White Book

Fans of the Golden Girls will treasure this autobiography by none other than the beautiful Betty White, who shares her thoughts on life, love, and what it’s like to be such an icon.

Prices Vary

Golden Girls Wine Glasses

The Golden Girls are proof that women get better with age, just like fine wine, and this stemless glass spells out the life lessons that the four ladies have taught us.


Golden Girls Coaster Set

Made from marine vinyl and backed with felt, this set of four coasters should appear whenever the wine does – in fact, just like the prettily embroidered foursome the coasters portray.


Golden Girls House Floor Plan

Filled with the tiny details which make each Golden Girl unique, this hand-drawn print is a floor plan of the fictional home the four friends share and is also available as a blueprint.


Golden Girls Squad T-Shirt

Just like the fabulous four, these socks are a perfect fit; they contain 2% spandex to keep them in shape, and come with the portraits of whichever is your favorite.


Golden Girls Hot Sauce

If you know the Golden Girls well you’ll know their unique personalities; this set of 4 sauces are all completely different, from the spicy Hot Slut to the milder Desert Rose.

Prices vary

GOlden Girls Prayer Candles

Some people pray to God, while others pray to the Universe, but the REALLY powerful beings are these four luscious ladies, who each appear on one of these unique prayer candles.


Golden Girls Fill-In Book

There’s no sisterhood quite like that of the Golden Girls, and if you have a bestie who’s a Rose to your Dorothy, this fill-in book makes the perfect, touching gift.

Prices Vary

Thank You for Being a Friend: Life According to The Golden Girls

Say thank you for being a friend to your BFF with this insightful book by Emma Lewis, which contains nuggets of wisdom and lots of life lessons from the sassiest gang of all.


Golden Girls Enamel Pin Set

Be loud and proud in your appreciation for these special seniors who have graced our TVs for almost 35 years, with this set of 4 awesome enamel pin badges.


Shady Pines Retirement Home T-Shirt

Go back to where it all began with this t-shirt, which comes emblazoned with the Shady Pines Retirement Home logo from the place which spawned the threat ‘Shady Pines, Ma’.


Funko POP Golden Girls Figures

Just when you thought Sophia couldn’t get any cuter, along comes this Funko POP! figurine which shows the oldest Golden Girl looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her very sharp mouth.


Dorothy in the Streets Blanche in the Sheets Mug

If you think a friend needs a mantra to live by, she won’t go far wrong with this mug which tells her how she should behave on the streets and between the sheets!

Prices Vary

Stay Golden Coffee Mug

Bring a smile to her face with this fab Golden Girls mug, because who could start the day off in a bad mood when they have Rose’s smiling face to wake up to?

Prices vary

Golden Girls Puzzle

They can create their own Golden Girls memorabilia with this 1000 piece puzzle, which builds into a full color photo-print of TVs most beloved sassy seniors.


Golden Girls Pop-Art Throw Blanket

Settle down for a cozy night of reruns while keeping warm with this bright and colorful fleece throw, which shows all 4 golden oldies in a fun comic book print.


Golden Girls Granny Panties

Celebrate the joys of comfortable undies with a pair of themed Granny Panties. Sporting the faces of Rose, Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy, they come with a sweet ‘friend’ hangtag as well.


Clue The Golden Girls Board Game

Based on the popular game of Clue, this version features the Golden Girls’ house and asks players to figure out who ate the last piece of cheesecake by solving the various clues.


Golden Girls Ornaments

It’ll be just like they have the Golden Girls joining them for Christmas lunch this year when they hang this set of blinged-up baubles – complete with lots of glitter – on their tree.


Golden Girls Chia Pet

A fun way to up their omega-3s, this pottery planter – which is available in a Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia design – comes with enough seeds to grow 3 rounds of healthy chia seeds.


Golden Girls Monopoly Board Game

Take a classic game and add an even more classic spin with USAOPOLY, which features Miami hotspots, themed tokens, ‘Back in St. Olaf’ cards, and custom Golden Girls money.


Golden Girls Show Squad Goals Tank

If ever there was a friendship to aspire to, it’s that of Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose, which makes the 4 gal pals perfect for the front of this ‘Squad Goals’ tank.

Prices Vary

Art of Coloring: Golden Girls Coloring Book

Even when she’s not watching the show, she can still immerse herself in the goings-on of 6151 Richmond Street with a book full of GG images to color in and complete.


Golden Girls Shot Glasses

What could be more fun than a Golden Girls party? Gather your friends, set the TV up, and play this fun drinking game which is centered on what the ladies do and say.


Golden Girls Playing Cards

Add a fun slant to a game of Gin Rummy with a deck of playing cards which replace the hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds with the four characters from the hilarious TV sitcom.


Golden Girls Mad Libs

Not just Mad Libs with the girls on the front, this book contains 21 stories which are chock full of references from the show, along with blanks for players to fill in.

Prices Vary

Sophia Is Savage Golden Girls Shirt

Sophia is the queen of the roast, and we don’t mean the Sunday lunch! Celebrate her savagery with this officially licensed t-shirt which features a distressed-style mugshot on the front.

Prices Vary

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