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39 Godiva Gift Baskets for Chocolate Lovers

When trying to think of alternative presents to give to your friends and family, a food hamper often gets forgotten. But this list has gone a step further. Perfect for all chocolate lovers, simply take your pick from this selection of Godiva gift baskets and you’ll have a very happy loved one on their special day.

Godiva Gift Baskets

Godiva Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

Not everyone likes the creamy taste of milk chocolate or the sweet notes of white. If they prefer the rich bitterness of dark chocolate, this gift basket will be their idea of heaven. Filled with chocolate covered almonds and pretzels, as well as biscuits and coffee, they’ll want to dive right in.

Prices Vary

Delight Expressions Chocolate Delights Godiva Gift Basket

When you know someone loves chocolate, buying them a chocolatey gift seems like the obvious choice. But what do you go for? If you’re stuck for ideas, this hamper is sure to hit the spot. Brimming with chocolate bars, truffles and biscuits, it’s the perfect gift for any chocoholic.


Godiva, Lindt, & Marich Chocolate Sea Salt Gift Basket

Salted caramel has been a huge hit in the past couple of years but have you ever heard of sea salt chocolate? The salt draws out the sweetness from the chocolate, giving it a whole new dimension. With goodies from Godiva, Lindt and Marich, this basket is the ideal introduction to the sweet and salty treat.

Prices Vary

Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolates

Finding a balance between healthy and not so healthy is tricky. But here is the perfect solution; a gift basket which contains both fresh fruit and various sweet treats from Godiva. Now you’ll be able to tuck into the chocolate knowing there’s a crisp apple for afterwards.


Godiva Mother’s Day Chocolate & Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Hot cocoa is the ultimate for chocolate lovers, especially when it’s paired with even more chocolatey goodness. Inside this hamper, you’ll find a tub of dark cocoa powder plus an assortment of different Godiva truffles and chocolate bars, all in different delicious flavors. Go on, get stuck in.

Prices Vary

Wine Country Gift Baskets Godiva Collection

Everyone loves chocolate, don’t they? Whether you prefer dark, milk or white chocolate, this Godiva gift basket has something for everyone. Dessert truffles, cocoa powder, salted caramels and truffle coffee are just some of the tasty treats which are included inside this hamper.


Champagne Wishes Gift Basket

If you know someone who has expensive taste, they’ll love this Champagne Wishes gift basket. Choose whether you want sparkling wine or champagne and it’ll arrive beautifully presented inside the keepsake leather serving tray, alongside a delicious variety of gourmet sweet and savory treats.

Price varies

Godiva Chocolatier Easter Cheer Basket

Perfect for the beginning of spring or to celebrate Easter, this cheery gift basket will brighten up the day of anyone who receives it. Inside, they’ll find some delicious chocolate treats such as mini eggs and a chocolate bunny. The whole thing is finished off with a pink ribbon, just to add another cheerful touch.

Prices Vary

California Delicious Godiva Chocolate Deluxe Gift Basket

This is an impressive gift to give anyone on a special occasion. Contained inside a gorgeous dark brown wicker basket, there’s a delicious variety of gourmet Godiva chocolates including biscuits, truffles and solid bars. The whole thing is finished off with a red bow, giving it a beautifully expensive look.

Prices Vary

Grand Chocolate Fantasy Luxury Gift Basket

Have you ever dreamt about finding a real-life treasure chest? This one isn’t filled with jewels and gold, but you will find a chocolate lover’s dream inside. Lift the lid and discover chocolates from Godiva and Lindt, just waiting for you to sink your teeth into.

Prices Vary

Broadway Basket Happy Birthday Godiva Gift Tower

Gold says luxury and that’s exactly what you’ll find inside this gift basket. Nestled in the beautiful golden box, there’s a four piece selection of some of the most delicious sweet treats Godiva has to offer. It’s tied with a two toned ribbon as well, just to add to the luxury.

Prices Vary

Godiva Milk Chocolate Gift Basket

Milk chocolate is decadent and creamy, exactly what you want from a chocolate. Godiva have put together this tasty hamper which is filled with some of their milk chocolate goodies, such as truffles and biscuits. You won’t know where to begin with this delicious basket.

Prices Vary

Godiva Occasional Chocolate and Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Discovering different flavored chocolates is an amazing thing. You thought you’d found your favorite chocolate and then they bring out something entirely new. Inside this hamper, you’ll find blood orange, sea salt and dessert flavors, all of which are designed to tantalize your tastebuds.

Prices Vary

California Delicious Godiva Milk Chocolate Gift Basket

When you need to show your appreciation and thanks to someone, send them some chocolate. This Godiva gift basket contains a variety of sumptuous delights such as milk chocolate cashews and dark chocolate almonds. There’ll be something for everyone inside, making it a perfect present.

Prices Vary

Godiva Dark & Distinctive Gift Basket

Open up the rich chocolatey brown container to discover the ultimate in any chocoholic’s paradise. Fans of Godiva will love the tasty treats which are included within this gift basket. Amongst them you’ll find a 72% cacao tablet and a premium roast coffee which can be paired perfectly with the chocolate.

Prices Vary

Exquisite Arrangements Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

Whether you need to buy for a birthday, anniversary or as an office present, this chocolate basket is guaranteed to be a hit. Brimming with gourmet treats such as milk chocolate truffles, caramels and biscuits, there’s something for everyone inside the luxurious gold basket.

Prices Vary

Godiva for Mothers Day Gift Basket

Everyone loves a hot mug of cocoa or a steaming cup of coffee at the end of a long winter’s day, and what better delicious goodies to have alongside your favorite drink than the ones included within this hamper? Chocolate covered pretzels and a milk chocolate tablet are just a taste of what you’ll find inside.

Prices Vary

Blissful Godiva Chocolates Gift Basket

With the option to give this basket as a gift, you’ll love sending it off with a personalized gift tag to the person you care about. Inside the colorful box, there’s an assortment of various Godiva chocolates and biscuits, perfect for that special someone who has a sweet tooth.

Prices Vary

Majestic Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

Perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life, this hamper will satisfy their chocolate craving. Packaged inside an ornate metal container, there’s enough chocolatey goodness to fulfil every chocoholic’s dream. From a white chocolate vanilla bar to dark chocolate covered almonds, there’s something in here to suit everyone’s tastes.

Prices Vary

Godiva Gourmet Coffee Delights Gift Basket

As well as delicious chocolate bars and biscuits, there’s also two packets of cocoa and chocolate coffee truffles included inside this Godiva gift basket. Whoever you decide to send it to will be so grateful that you’ve chosen this for them, they might even share it with you.

Prices Vary

GreatArrivals Chocolate Delights Thank You Gift Basket

Simply presented, this gift basket is an excellent way to say thankyou to someone. Inside, they’ll find Godiva goodies such as chocolates, cookies and candies. Your special someone will love tucking into these gourmet treats or maybe even buy it for the office to share with your colleagues.

Prices Vary

Godiva Chocolatier Hostess Delight Gift Basket

This hamper really does include everything you need to have the ultimate chocolate experience. As well as the edible chocs, truffles, and biscuits, there’s also some decadent cocoa powder and delicious truffle coffee for you to drink alongside the tasty gourmet goodies.

Prices Vary

Classic Godiva Chocolate Fantasy Gift Basket

The box which this gift basket is presented in is impressive enough, but when you open the lid and see what’s inside, you’ll be even more amazed. Godiva tablet, Lindt truffles, and creamy fudge are just some of the gourmet treats which are waiting for you.

Prices Vary

Sympathy Godiva Gift Towers

No matter the occasion, this gift tower box will be happily received by anyone. Once they’ve undone the two tone ribbon, they’ll see what’s nestled inside. Caramels, truffles, and solid bars are just waiting for them to get stuck into and really enjoy the decadence.

Prices Vary

Segura Viudas Champagne and Godiva Chocolates

Do you need gift ideas for a birthday or anniversary? Or maybe a wedding present for a couple you don’t know all that well? You can’t go wrong with this gift basket. As well as a delicious assortment of Godiva truffles, ganaches and caramels, there’s also a bottle of Spanish cava in a fancy bottle.


Height of Indulgence Godiva Gift Tower

This will look so impressive when it arrives at your front door – a towering stack of gold gift boxes, each one filled with some of Godiva’s tastiest treats. Inside each one, you’ll find things like mini pretzels, truffles, and biscuits. But rest assured, they’re all as tasty as the last.


Delight Expressions Chocolate and Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Perfect for someone who loves both chocolate and coffee, this Godiva gift basket will be their idea of heaven. Filled with truffles, latte candy, espresso beans and wafer rolls, as well as bags of various coffees, they’ll be in their element when sampling all this hamper has to offer.

Prices Vary

California Delicious Godiva Gift Set

They say that good things come in little packages, and that’s definitely true for this gift basket. In a small wicker basket which has a gold bow tied around it, you’ll find some of the most deliciously decadent treats from Godiva; pretzels, solid chocolate bars, truffles and biscuits.

Prices Vary

California Delicious Godiva Connoisseur Gift Basket

Godiva chocolate is delicious so why wouldn’t you want a gift hamper filled with their gourmet goodies and sweet treats? Ideal for any chocoholic, this basket is brimming with delicious chocolatey treats such as truffles and toffees. It’d make the perfect gift for anyone who has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Prices Vary

California Delicious Holiday Gold Rush Gift Basket

Everyone loves chocolate, so if you need a gift for the office or some clients, this golden basket is the way to go. As well as chocolate from Godiva, there’s also Ghirardelli, amongst others, which are sure to earn you a few brownie points around your workplace.

Prices Vary

Godiva Decadence Gift Basket

You’d be really impressed if you received this towering basket of chocolate goodies from a friend or colleague, wouldn’t you? Gift it to someone you love and show them how much you appreciate them, and if they’re super grateful, they might feel the need to share it with you. Win win!

Prices Vary

Godiva Chocolatier Warmest Wishes Chocolate Gift Basket

You’ve got foodies and wine connoisseurs but is there a name for a chocolate enthusiast? You’ll find decadent and moreish flavors inside this basket, including rich dark chocolate bars and sumptuous truffles. You’ll feel sophisticated and elegant while rolling one around inside your mouth.

Prices Vary

Deluxe Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

When it comes to chocolate, a real chocoholic can’t get enough. But while you can never have too much of a good thing, variety goes a long way in ensuring you don’t get bored. Indulge in this hamper and you’ll never tire of the delicious treats which are included.

Prices Vary

Veuve Clicquot and Chocolate Tasting Gift

If you have a reason to celebrate, there’s no better way than with this champagne and chocolate gift basket. As well as the bottle of Veuve Clicquot, you’ll also receive a delicious mix of sweet and savory gourmet treats like caramel apple pecans and a whole Rutherford Camembert.


Godiva Chocolates Lovers Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket

Locked away inside this dark brown wicker basket, you’ll find some delicious gourmet chocolates from Godiva. Chocolate pearls, pretzels and solid bars are all included as well as some others. It’s the perfect gift to send to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Prices Vary

Godiva Gift Basket

An excellent Godiva gift basket to send to someone who you know loves chocolate – as well as four bars of solid chocolate in a range of flavors, you also get an assortment of truffles and a tub of cocoa powder. And we all know there’s no better way to drink hot cocoa than with some chocolate!

Prices Vary

Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Gift Basket

Gift this to the hostess of your next dinner party or even to your best friend; they’ll both love it. It’s overflowing with delicious chocolates, all from the Belgian chocolatier, Godiva. A four piece truffles box, solid bars, and milk chocolate caramels are just a selection of what you’ll find inside.

Prices Vary

California Delicious Godiva Sampler Gift Basket

If someone you know hasn’t had the pleasure of trying Godiva chocolate yet, introduce them to it with this gift basket. Presented in a wicker basket with a yellow bow, there’s a selection of a few examples of the tasty treats which Godiva makes. Once they’ve tried it, they won’t go back to any other brand.

Prices Vary

3 Satisfying Diy Gift Baskets for Chocolate Lovers

Diy Perfect Chocolate Lover Gift

Gift baskets are a great present to give to your friends and loved ones but sometimes, our budget just won’t stretch that far. This tutorial from Apartment 149 shows you how to recreate a chocolate gift basket from the comfort of your own home.

Diy Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket

While chocolate bars and truffles are delicious, but there’s no denying the fact that they can get a little samey. If you need a gift for your chocolate loving friend, look no further – this DIY gift basket is filled with chocolate flavored things, such as jam and lip scrub. It’s a great alternative.

Diy Gift Basket for the Chocolate Lover

Whether it’s for the festive season, an anniversary or a birthday, this chocolate lover’s gift basket can be customized to suit the occasion and the person. Add a cute mug, some mini chocolates and a tub of homemade cocoa powder and you’ve got the perfect gift.

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