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22 Best Gluten Free Gift Baskets (That Are Actually Delicious)

Dietary restrictions can be difficult to get around sometimes, especially when you want to send particularly festive edibles. This list offers gluten free gift baskets for every occasion, or just because. Each one is filled with carefully selected packaged snack foods and/or fresh produce to accommodate special diets.

Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket

It can be challenging to shop for items that complement one another while keeping in mind the dos and especially the don’ts of someone else’s strict dietary restrictions. This luxurious selection takes all the guesswork out of the equation while leaving a good taste in your recipient’s mouth.


Gluten Free Dairy Free Healthy Snacks Gift Box

Here’s a box that’s lots of fun – tasty snacks for everyone. Men or ladies, girls or boys, all find treats they’ll enjoy. We checked to be sure, each treat is pure. Things you can’t are never in, things you can — yes! A win! Plus, a Bunny James poem in every box.


Gluten Free Snacking Gift Basket

Some gifts are easy: check their wishlists. What about those for which you haven’t a clue? You want something thoughtful and sincere, but frankly, you don’t want to get too personal. This selection of snacks is a nice variety of savory and sweet and lets someone know you’re thinking of them.


Colossal Fruit Basket

When you’re looking for the biggest bang for your gift-giving buck, you won’t go wrong with the Colossal Fruit Basket. The best in-season pieces are selected to fill the generous-sized container with no worries about harsh dietary restrictions. It’s appropriate for any occasion, perfect for a single person or for a family.

Price varies

Season’s Bounty

Finding the “just right” gluten free gift basket just got easier. Season’s Bounty, from Gift Tree, offers a delectable variety of fresh fruits in a snazzy basket. You can have it delivered to your favorite person for any occasion, and know that they can enjoy every piece without aggravating sensitive digestive systems.


Gluten Free Gift Basket

It’s a fact of modern life: processed food has gotten more complicated, and because of that, some items can cause complicated reactions. Finding solutions for convenient and tasty treats for people who have serious limitations isn’t always easy. GourmetGiftBaskets.com has an amazing selection of gourmet snacks that comply with gluten-restricted diets.

Prices Vary

Gluten Free Palace Gluten Free Gift Tower

What an adorable tower of tasty treats. This variety is the finest quality, with items carefully selected to complement one another. Care is taken to assure that all of the choices are compliant with your loved one’s special diet considerations, including gluten-free and Kosher treats. Each item is individually packaged.


The Orchard Fruit Basket

The Orchard Fruit Basket is a delightful gift, whatever the occasion. It’s sure to be enjoyed and naturally won’t compromise an individual who has to avoid wheat products. Ripe, luscious produce is chosen according to the season and delivery locale for optimal enjoyment. A thoughtful selection for an individual or a group.

Price varies

Gluten Free Gift Basket Classic

Food is always an appropriate choice to send to friends or family far away. Whether you need to express condolences or congratulations, you won’t go wrong with a selection of edibles. GourmetGiftBaskets.com has made it their mission to make sure your choice is perfect and complies with any food-related restrictions.


Premium Gluten and Dairy Free Care Package

Medical advice and personal choices can make it challenging to always have tasty and healthy snacks available. This thoughtful box has twenty individually-wrapped and amazing tidbits of deliciousness for you to send to your favorite friend or relation who can’t have dairy or gluten. A perfect collection of flavorful and compliant treats.


Gluten Free Palace Smiles and Cheer! Gift Tower

The Palace Smiles and Cheer Tower is a sure-fire way to turn even the grumpiest frown upside-down. Smiles are their specialty. From sweet treats to savory delights, each item in the ginormous tower is chosen to complement another and to be free of dairy, wheat, and gluten. Certified Kosher, too.

Prices Vary

Hold the Gluten Campus Survival Kit

It’s called “The Campus Survival Box”, and it’s ideal for shipping to the dorm of your offspring. It’s also not bad for sleepaway camp, summer at Grandma’s, or anywhere else a child of any age might find themselves in want of a special treat from home. Sweet and salty GF treats included.


Purely Fruit Gift Basket

The simple things in life are often the best, and the most comforting. A scent or a flavor can take you back home in a heartbeat. The Purely Fruit basket is precisely designed to do just that, with specially selected hard candies and gourmet oranges and apples in a simple basket.


Gluten Free Gift Basket

There are as many reasons for a person to avoid a food or ingredient as there are foods and ingredients, but everyone still enjoys receiving goodies. This crunchy bunch of tasty tidings is gluten-free and gourmet quality. It makes an ideal choice for anyone with discerning taste buds.


Great Gifts Baskets Gluten-Free Picnic

Are you in the market for delightful gluten free gift baskets? This is a picnic with your preferences in mind. It has hummus, crackers, even chocolate chip cookies for a perfect outdoor outing without worry. The cute basket is tied up with a bow and ready to be delivered at your pleasure.

Prices Vary

Elegant Classics Fruit

When you think of good taste, you think elegant, classic, and timeless. So to be remembered as the one with the timeless good taste to send Elegant Classics — a perfect blend of traditional and tropical fruits — select delivery and size options for every occasion. You’ll never be forgotten.

Price varies

Back to Nature

The Back to Nature option from Gift Tree features a beautiful basket with an enviable assortment of Mother Nature’s finest offerings from local and exotic orchards and vineyards. You’ll also have the opportunity to add a touch of whimsy from a balloon to a bottle of champagne. Perfect for any occasion.

Price varies

Great Arrivals Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket

Sometimes you feel like a sweet, sometimes you want something salty. We’re all like that. It’s easy to see sending an assortment of treats should include a bit of both. Great Arrivals takes pride in making sure your choices are presented in an appealing manner, brimming with good taste, and tasty goodness.

Prices Vary

Gluten Free for You Gift Basket

Savory cheese, salami, mustard, and crackers go together perfectly with the other carefully selected items in this tasty assortment. Arranged in a beautiful basket and presented with a bow, it makes a thoughtful gift to send for any occasion. Every item is chosen carefully to complement the rest, and they’re all gluten-free.

Prices Vary

Sweet Sensations Fruit Basket

Gift Tree never runs out of ideas or options for your carefully selected gift-giving choices. The Sweet Sensations package includes delicious in-season gourmet fruits from the finest orchards available locally and delivered in an attractive cellophane-wrapped basket with a hand-tied bow. Whatever the occasion, this is just right.


Gluten Free Care Package

Snacking is easy. Finding healthy snacks that taste good — not so much. This is especially true for loved ones far from home who have stress from school or work, so when you send a care package that takes into consideration healthy eating and their dietary restrictions, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Gluten Free Cookie Gift Basket

Cookies are a favorite treat for just about everybody, and with these carefully selected varieties, you can give gluten free gift baskets chock-full of cookies. What a marvelous surprise! The Sun Flour Baking Company has taken care to prepare recipes suitable for anyone, even those with dietary restrictions.


3 Easy Diy Fruit Gift Baskets

Easy Diy Fruit Basket Gift Idea

The savvy gift-giver can prepare a fruit basket that is every bit as luscious as the expensive choices from the florist. If you think about it, they probably buy fruit at the same place you do. Save a few dollars, give a nice gift, and enjoy the accolades you’re sure to receive.

Diy Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements seemed like a passing fancy when they first were advertised, but when you think about it, it’s a brilliant idea. Instead of spending beaucoup bucks at a shop, here’s a clever DIY tutorial to create your own at a fraction of the cost, and you’re sure it’s fresh when delivered.

Diy: How to Arrange a Fruit Basket

This Martha Stewart video features a high-end fruit basket and is filled with ideas for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to make an impression with a delightful and memorable gift of fresh fruit, greenery, and other accoutrements in a stunning basket. Tips for selecting and arranging fruits will make your gifts stand out.

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