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Giraffe Gifts Guide: 31 Gift Ideas for the Giraffe Obsessed

These majestic creatures capture the imagination. Perhaps it’s the long necks—the longest of any animal on earth. Or their size—between fifteen and twenty feet fully grown. Or the fact that they’re so social—you always see groups of them—they have no territories like other animals. This gift list is for giraffe lovers everywhere.

My mother-in-law is gaga for giraffes and has quite the collection around her home. I used these giraffe gifts to get the perfect add-on for her.

Big Plush Giraffe

They only live in one place on earth—the savannas of Africa—but children the world over know about giraffes. This two and a half foot plush doll will make a lovely companion for children. The specially designed neck is totally soft but stays in place.


Wooden Rocking Giraffe

Giraffes Rock! Don’t let your child grow up without the joy of a personal rocking giraffe. These handmade, custom built toys are made to order. No two are the same. All the details are carved in the wood, then hand-painted on. The perfect giraffe gift for kids ages one to four.


Styley Throw Pillow

Put a giraffe in a pink pair of horn-rimmed glasses and what do you have? A super cute and funky giraffe throw pillow is what you can have. This cotton linen pillowcase will make your giraffe-loving friend laugh out loud when they see it.


Infinity Scarf

Colorful abstract giraffes roaming around your neck in winter are not what anyone expects—so go for it and give the kookiest person in your life this giraffe print infinity scarf as a gift. See if they can rock the abstract giraffes. If they can, they’re special.


Baby Teether

Keep the toxins out of the baby’s mouth with a hand painted giraffe teether. These little lovelies are one hundred percent BPA and phthalate free and painted with baby-safe food paint. These giraffes make great baby shower or first birthday gifts. Help your mom friends out—the teeth are coming soon.

Prices Vary

Travel Mug

Giraffe Carafe! You can bet the giraffe lover in your life loves cute things, which means they’ll love this giraffe gift. The double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel will keep their beverage hot or cold, and the pink and white striped giraffe will keep them smiling.

Prices Vary

Racerback Tank

It’s hotter than the African savanna on a summer day. It’s a day to show some skin and be all sexy-like. And when you think stylish and sexy, you know you think giraffe. It must be the long necks. This racerback makes summer safari casual easy for any animal loving lady.


Upcycled Dictionary Print

Look more closely at this print: the dictionary page starts with the word “compassion”. There’s a fundamental link between giraffe loving and compassion. We’d prove it scientifically, but giraffe. Totally random, totally funny, totally love it. Giraffes have the goofiest faces. They’re funnier when you mount them in creative ways.


A Giraffe and A half

We know where the sidewalk ends! It’s in the African savanna. While we’re talking books and giraffes, we’ve got to talk Shel Silverstein and the timeless classic, “A Giraffe and A Half.” This fiftieth anniversary edition is a giraffe gift without equal. Give a lucky child their first taste of real giraffe love.

Prices Vary

Giraffe Bookends

Someone mentioned books and giraffes—so we have to include this incredibly creative set of giraffe bookends. They’re handmade to order from hammered steel and finished in black. They’re heavy enough to hold up your hardbacks, and they’re beautiful enough to add a touch of artistry to any bookshelf.


Brass Winestopper

You thought you were all alone in the world. The only person out there who loves both wine and giraffes in equal measure. Then you found this winestopper, and you rejoiced. Share this sense of camaraderie with a special friend who needs a special giraffe gift. You don’t need and excuse. Just do it.

Prices Vary

TP Holder

Ohhhhhh. That’s what theyr’e for. All along we thought the long necks on those lovely creature were an evolutionary adaptation to allow them to eat leaves from the tops of trees. How horribly wrong we were. They’re that way to hold multiple rolls of TP for humans, duh.


Schleich Action Figure

Calling all parents: you walk down the aisles at a big box store looking for toy animals for your kid. You pick one up that’s solid and heavy. You think, wow, I could use this as a weapon, if needed. It’s gonna last. You look at the sticker—it says “Schleich”. Your kid giraffe gift search has ended.


Giraffe Love Decal

We hit on it before: compassion. You can’t have compassion without love in your heart. Giraffe lovers exemplify this. They love animals that are meant to roam wild and free in natural places. Get this giraffe gift for the giraffe lover in your life so they can tell the world every time they take a drive: I love giraffes.


Giraffe Toms

Toms kicks and giraffe print: a match made in heaven by the god of cuteness themselves. These linen slip-ons will make any giraffe loving girl happy as a…giraffe! Each pair is hand printed to order from custom cut linoleum blocks. No two pairs are the same.


iPhone Case

Nerd alert: it’s another giraffe in glasses. Woot woot! This inexpensive giraffe gift fits the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. This cartoony phone case is made to order. Send them giraffe pic you like more and they’ll make it for you—then it’ll be a custom giraffe .gif.

Prices Vary

Giraffe Notepad

Writing letters, journaling, making lists, and taking notes at school can all be accomplished in the giraffe love zone. All that’s needed is this uber-cute giraffe gift. Choose from four colors and bring your personal giraffe assistant with you wherever you go.


Giraffe Microfleece Travel Towel

Giraffe spots are like human fingerprints—no two giraffes are totally alike. Maybe that’s one reason people love them so much: they follow a comforting pattern, but they aren’t the same. This giraffe-print microfleece blanket will soothe any giraffe lover right to sleep.


Giraffe Print Leggings

More cool giraffe-spot trivia: no two giraffes have the same pattern of spots in the same shapes, but giraffes that come from the same area have similar patterned spots on their bodies. Now that you know that, you should buy two or three pairs of theses leggings to see if the same holds true for pajamas from the same vendor.

Prices Vary

Wall Calendar

A whole year of giraffe love awaits! Turn the page every month for a brand new picture. It’s got giraffes munching yummy leaves, giraffe calves chilling, giraffes necking (cool giraffe trivia: that neck rub thing they do is actually called “necking”), and giraffes hanging with zebras. The giraffe gift to get when you have no clue what giraffe gift to get.

Prices Vary

Cookie Cutter

The second least expensive giraffe gift on our list will probably give more pleasure than all the other gifts on the list combined because it’s all about….cookies! It makes five inch by three and a half inch giraffes from any cookie dough you want. Imagine. Chocolate chip cookies and giraffes. Swoon.


Personalized Wooden Toy Giraffe

Clearly his name is Ernie. He’s a wooden toddler’s push toy made from cedar and maple, then finished with beeswax and oil. This eco-friendly little guy is Waldorf inspired and safe for kids ten months and older. He comes in a drawstring bag, and you can have a name engraved on him for the recipient.


Handmade Xmas Ornament

If you’re getting someone a giraffe gift and you want to finish it off with a little extra giraffe love, then this gift is what you’re looking for. This handmade wood ornament can be engraved with a special name or date—simply let the artisan know when you make the purchase.


Silver Giraffe Necklace

Sterling silver style comes to a tiny giraffe necklace—and the result is stunning. This one inch by one and a half inch necklace is hand sculpted by silversmith Jo Hollingsworth and mounted on a matching sterling silver chain. It’s hard to believe something so small can evoke so much passion.

Prices Vary

Crochet Stuffed Giraffe

This crochet giraffe gift takes us from the stylish, elegant, and evocative to the “shut up cute!” category. This sweetie will melt your heart in once glance. It’s made to order as soon as soon as the purchase is made. Pick your favorite color and let the artisan know.


Giraffe and Owl Print

We warned you about giraffe faces. They are about the goofiest animal faces out there. Come to think of it, they’re like llamas or alapacas designed for Africa. This giraffe gift will bring out a guffaw from any real giraffe lover out there. If it doesn’t, take it back and keep it for yourself!


Keep Calm I’m a Giraffe

Give this hilarious t-shirt to a co-worker and then pray they wear it on casual Friday, because you know it will lighten your mood every time you see it. When things get hectic and it looks like the entire world is going against you, just keep this saying in mind. It works every time.


Giraffe Wall Decal

Sleeping babies need magical creatures watching over them at night—like giraffes. This vinyl wall decal makes that whimsical fantasy into a reality. This giraffe gift is ideal for new or expecting parents thinking of fun and creative ways to decorate a nursery. Not just black and white—a wide color palate is available.


Giraffe Night Light

This giraffe gift goes right along with the vinyl wall decal—if they’re going with a giraffe theme in the nursery, then this night light is in the pocket. It’s a made to order custom molded ceramic giraffe that comes in a selection of fourteen kid-friendly colors.


Really Big Plush Giraffe

The first plush giraffe on our list is good for the teeny-tiny children. This giraffe gift, though, to quote the master, this giraffe is “A Giraffe and A Half”. He’s four and a half feet of cuddly giraffe goodness. He’s huggable, kissable, and like the first one, his neck stays up on its own.


The Giraffe Manor

The ultimate in all giraffe gifts: a trip to an inn called giraffe manor. We’re not talking a theme park in Florida, nope. Giraffe Manor is an in on twelve acres of private land set inside a one hundred forty acre indigenous forest preserve just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The kicker? The resident her of Rothschild giraffe that call the manor ground home.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Gifts

Designer Giraffe Gift

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make something designer quality. If you don’t say anything about this, the recipient will probably think you splurged on this—not that we’re encouraging that! Really, though, this DIY just takes three quick steps and a couple of easy-to-get materials, and you have something truly lovely.

Giraffe Wall Art

This tutorial shows you how to make giraffe wall panels for a nursery or kid’s room. The materials are basic: wood for the panels, white base paint, colored paints to your taste, a paintbrush, and the tools and supplies to mount the panels. The instructions walk you through the process step-by-step.

Giraffe Bookends

Giraffes make great bookend—who knew? This creative DIY teaches you to make your own set—or one for a cool giraffe gift—using a decopatch giraffe and basic materials you can find around the house or get very easily. The whole process takes an afternoon and yields beautiful, functional bookend.

Disco Wall Giraffe

Once you know about the possibility of having a Disco Wall Giraffe in your life, even if you have to give it away as a gift, it’s almost criminal not to make it happen. This DIY is simple and straightforward, though you may be challenged by finding Main Ingredient # 1: a suitable (fake) head. You can do it. We believe in you.

Giraffe Tic Tac Toe

You’ve already met a giraffe named Ernie—now’s your chance to get acquainted with Winchester. He’s a friendly fellow who wants to teach you how to make a felt tic tac toe board. It’s the perfect seasonal giraffe gift. It might take a little while, but all the stitching is straightforward and won’t take too much special sewing skill.

Egg Carton Giraffe Mask

Kids and giraffe DIY go together, so we’re not going to fight it. Nor should you, when you’re coming up with giraffe gift ideas for adults or children. Let your inner child free—and get to work on this egg carton giraffe mask. Simple materials, eight steps, one hour—you’re done.

Extreme Giraffe Makeover

To be honest, we were just looking for an excuse to write “Extreme Giraffe Makeover” before we die. Now that we found it, turns out—this is a really cool DIY to make for a kid or any giraffe lover. As giraffe gifts go, its right up there with the best, and looks like it cost a pretty penny.

Giraffe Sock Puppet

Funny thing about this giraffe gift—it’s got an incredibly adorable face. And it’s ridiculously easy to make. All you’ll need is an old sock, a brown pipe cleaner (has anyone ever cleaned a pipe with one of these?), some paint, two brown pom-poms, and the instructions. In less than twenty minutes you’ll have a winning giraffe gift for kids.

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