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21 Noteworthy Gifts for Writers

The best gifts for writers are the ones that will make them more comfortable as they hone their craft, and help them get over the dreaded writer’s block. Each of these gifts will show the writer in your life that you care and support them and their work.

21 Noteworthy Gifts for Writers- These are some of my go-to gifts that my writer friends absolutely love!

Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp

Writers spend a lot of time at their desk, and the right desk lamp can help put more quality hours on the board for them. This lamp uses light that covers the spectrum so it’s more natural, and far and away better than fluorescent lighting.


Retractable Whiteboard

When they get an idea they’ll be able to quickly open up this whiteboard to jot it down. Then they can erase it and retract it back up when they’re not using it. It’s great for writers that want to keep their notes private, but be able to write them down quickly.


Waterproof Notebook

They’ll never lose another big idea with this waterproof notebook. It can be placed right in the shower so when inspiration strikes they’ll be ready to write it down. The best part about this notebook is that it comes with its own special pencil for wet writing.

Prices Vary

Said What? Journal

Many times writers will pull their dialog right out of real life, and this journal helps them attribute the quotes to the right people. It has space for them to write who said what, where they were, and additional comments as needed.


Hand Massager

Whether they’re typing or writing by hand one thing is for certain: at the end of the day they’re hands are going to be tired. Help them get back to normal with this hand massager, and they’ll be able to be just as productive the next day with fresh hands.


F-Bomb Paperweight

During the course of any writer’s day, the f-bombs are sure to fly. It’s just what comes along with a case of writer’s block. If you know a writer whose vocabulary gets a bit colorful when they’re staring at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen, get this.


Laptop and Tablet Tray

The life of a writer does afford some luxuries, like being able to work in your pajamas from bed. This tray holds either a laptop or tablet for them so they can stay comfortable and hope that inspiration will strike while they’re watching morning cartoons.



An addictively fun game, Bananagrams can actually help writers think of new word combinations and get their creative mind humming. It can be used as a break from writing, or as a way to pass the time when the ideas just aren’t coming.


One Line A Day Journal

They say the best way to be a writer is to write every day, and this journal makes sure that they at least jot down one important line from each day. Not only does it keep their writing machine oiled, it serves as a good documentation of what happened.


LCD eWriter

Help them get in touch with the 21st century with this eWriter. It lets them write into an electronic device so they don’t have to type it in, and they don’t have to worry about losing little bits of paper. Great for note taking when an idea hits them on the go.


Dovetail Desktop Pad

Every writer’s desk needs to be outfitted with a notepad and pen handy for writing down ideas as they come. This dovetail desktop pad does the job, and does it in style. The dovetail look of the wood block with the paper pad make it look really nice.


My Life Story – So Far

You can’t write characters if you’re not clear on your own life story as it’s unfolding, and this journal helps them get the most important parts of who they are onto paper. It’s the sort of gift that will change the way they see themselves, and help them grow as a writer too.


The Writer’s Toolbox

This “toolbox” is full of all the things that a writer needs, metaphorically speaking. It includes exercises that will help a writer get through even the most serious bout of writer’s block, and does so in a way that is friendly but effective.


Pen-Sized Scanner

Whenever they see or read something that will help them with their writing, they can scan it for later viewing with this pen-sized scanner. It’s able to be the size of a regular pen, but has the ability to scan in pictures and words and store them to be transferred to a computer.


Desktop Bowling

Even the best writers need a little down time to give their brain a chance to come up with the next great idea. This desktop bowling set allows them to have a little fun in their day so it’s not just work work work. They can keep score and try to beat their personal best.


Wireless Eye Massager

After they’re done massaging their hands with the hand massager found above, they’ll want to move onto their eyes, the other major body part that writing takes a toll on. You’ll be surprised how many great ideas come while relaxing with an eye massager going.


Inspirational Paperweight

Paperweights can play a big part in a writer’s life when they have inspiration on them like this one. It’s a quote by Henry David Thoreau and it reads “It is not what you look at that matters; but what you see.”. Writers need to have vision, and this quote is a reminder of that.


The Writer’s Block

This may be called the Writer’s Block, but it is actually designed to help prevent and cure writer’s block. It should really be called the writer’s friend because it’s so helpful. It includes 786 ideas that should be able to get them back on track and the story back online.

Prices Vary

Laser Projection Keyboard

They’ll be able to project a keyboard wherever they need one so they can work on their masterpiece wherever they may be. It’s a great way to put a keyboard where one is needed, and is a rather futuristic way to type, much different than old school typewriters.


Compressor Shredder

Not everything they write is gold, and some of it will make it to the trash bin. The only problem is that it needs to be kept confidential if it’s a work in progress. This shredder does the job, and compresses the waste so it needs to be emptied less often.


Gratitude Journal

Helping them tap into feelings of gratitude will set it up so they have more and more to be grateful for. It’s the perfect way to get them writing and keep them writing, and to put them in a state of gratitude which is conducive to a visit from the muses.


4 DIY Gifts for Writers

DIY Journal for Writers

Here’s a way to make a beautiful journal for them so they can write down all of their thoughts from the day. This may include new ideas for new stories, or parts from their actual book or screenplay. It’s handmade so it shows it was made with care.

DIY Bookmarks

All good writers are avid readers, and you can help them keep track of the different books they’re reading with these do-it-yourself bookmarks. These are made with specific journaling cards, but you can also follow the steps with other similar sized cards.

Upcycled Writer’s Tote

They can keep a steady supply of pens and pencils handy with this writer’s tote. This gift will work best if they’re writing retro style with manual instruments like pens and pencils instead of a computer. Some writers say it helps them get the thought out better.

DIY Journal Wraps

If they already have a journal you can help keep it nice by making this wrap for it. They also show you how to make bookmarks, so you can give them a way to protect their journal and keep their place at the same time.

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