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161 Best Christmas Gifts for Women of 2019 – Good Gift Ideas for Her

Every holiday people try to answer the age-old question, “What do women want?”. And most, unfortunately, fail spectacularly . What they should be asking is, “What do women love?” It is through that question, and months of trial and error, that our must-have 2019 Christmas gifts for women list was born! This year, give her something that is unique, useful, exciting, nerdy, luxurious, touching, and even maybe a little homemade.

161 Best Christmas Gifts for Women of 2019- a great list with a lot of unique gift ideas for moms, family, friends and daughters. Pin now, read later.

Goto Venetian Wine Glasses

The only thing as exciting as these wonderfully colorful wine glasses is the wine that goes inside. She will feel like a true wine connoisseur while sipping from these artistic, stylish glasses.


She is going to adore this sleek modern herb garden that fits perfectly on a kitchen counter top. Plus, having a wide array of herbs and veggies at her fingertips will solidify her status as chef extraordinaire.
Prices Vary

Picnic Backpack

For the classy and outdoorsy lady in your life. All of the necessary components for an unforgettable picnic are included, plus you will be set to make a quick escape when the grizzly bears show up.
Prices Vary

The 4-Hour Chef

Help your aspiring chef fulfill her dreams with this entertaining and information-packed guide to “cooking like a pro, learning anything, and living the good life”. Play your cards right and you might just reap the benefits of this new and improved lifestyle of hers (a.k.a. delicious meals).

Soup Bowls With Chopsticks and Spoons

Achieve total enlightenment with this bowl designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The bowl serves double duty as a cup, so whether she is slurping down cereal or green tea, she can sit back, relax, and bask in the glorious simplicity that is her life.
Prices Vary

Woolrich Slippers

Make sure your lady never gets cold feet with these comfy, warm wool slippers. Snuggle buddy not included.
Prices Vary

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World

In today’s speak, bad means good, and that’s exactly what the 100 women featured in this book were. From Marie Curie to Ada Lovelace, these women were trailblazers for girls everywhere.


Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Make sure she stays hydrated in style with this incredible water bottle, which can be synced to the free Apple or Android app to give her a glowing reminder of when to drink up.

Prices Vary

UGG Robe

UGG boots have been synonymous with warmth and comfort for years, but did you know they also make bath robes which come with a cozy fleece lining, too?

Prices Vary

100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Let her slumber in 100% silk with one of these pillowcases, which come in a variety of colors and provide a range of beauty benefits for both the face and hair.

Prices Vary

Celestial Constellation Necklace

This delicate looking necklace (which comes in 11 different lengths), features a cubic zirconia replica of the constellation which correlates to her birth sign, for a dainty but meaningful gift idea.



Providing a beautiful contrast against the dark green foliage, the Azalea Bonsai tree’s vibrant pink flowers will provide a stunning floral display every spring, and is perfect for outdoor growing.

Prices Vary

Personalized Family Recipe Box

Most families have their own favorite recipes, and this personalized wooden box makes the perfect place to store them all, not only for her but also for generations to come.


Smart Yoga Mat

This Blackslash yoga mat is the ultimate keep-fit companion – not only does it roll itself (and stay rolled), but it also come with yoga routines she can hear through her smart speaker.

Prices Vary

Vintage Shadow Box

Beautiful jewelry shouldn’t be hidden away just because it’s not being worn. This metal and glass case keeps all her pieces safe, but displays them at the same time, too.

Prices Vary

Heated Throw Blanket

Gifts for women should be thoughtful and indulgent, and this heated blanket throw ticks both boxes. With 3 heat settings and a 3 hour auto shut-off, it can be machine washed, too.

Prices Vary

Personalized Star Map

Arriving ready to frame, this poster will show the night sky exactly as it was on your chosen date at any given location, and can be personalized with names, date, and even time.


Under-Desk Elliptical

When there’s not enough hours in the day for both working and keeping active, help her stay fit and healthy with the Cubii Pro, which provides resistance training under her desk.


Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

Furbo is the perfect replacement for when she has to leave her dog alone, as she can talk to her pet, know when he barks, and even give him the occasional treat.


Mixology Kit

Shake things up in the gift-giving department with a 10-piece mixology set, which comes with all the tools she’ll need to add some mojo to her mojitos.

Prices Vary

Homesick Scented Candles

Every state has a scent, and with a 60-80 hour burn time, the homesick candle – made with all-natural soy – will remind her of home when she needs it the most.

Prices Vary

The Five Minute Journal

An attitude of gratitude can bring untold riches to a person’s life, and the 5 minute journal will get her into the habit of seeing the good in every single day.


Long Distance Touch Lamp

These beautiful friendship lamps say ‘I care’ even when you’re apart. Touch one lamp to make the other glow, letting her know you’re thinking of her no matter how far away you are.

Prices vary

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Even when a herb garden outside isn’t possible, this Smart Garden provides the perfect growing conditions indoors, with seedless plant pods, LED grow lights, smart soil, and self-watering tank.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, SK-II is the facial treatment essence that every woman deserves, as it smooths, soothes, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


Travel Pillow for Neck Support

Traveling can be a pain in the neck – literally, but with the OstrichPillow Go, she’ll be able to sleep in comfort and bliss, thanks to the soft support and Velcro fastening.

Prices Vary

Reusable Food Bags

Help the environment and protect her from BPA, PVC, and Latex with the self-sealing silicone Stasher bag, which comes in nine colors and five sizes for healthier food storage.

Prices Vary

Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Have your very own handwritten message made into a beautiful bracelet so she can keep you close even when you’re apart. Available in silver, gold vermeil, or rose gold vermeil.


BMC Clutch Handbag

This artsy bag will add a whole lot of pizzazz to your girl’s ensemble, and it’s practical too! Internal pockets keep everything organized while the outside screams style. As her eyes light upon this gift in awe, her first question will surely be, “Where’d you find it?!”
Prices Vary

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuse

Any Beatles fans on your gift list? This Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser is such a clever idea to make some far out tea. Simply empty some loose-leaf tea into the silicone submarine, submerge it in hot water, and watch as the colors and flavors blend together. Afterwards, pop it in the dishwasher to clean.

Prices Vary

Solar System Bath Bombs Set

This gift set from Uncommon Goods is da bomb! Show someone they are the center of your universe with the Solar System Bath Bomb Set, comprising of eight planets plus the sun, each with its own distinct properties, using natural ingredients like sweet almond oil and even mica for out of this world relaxation.


Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder

This decorative yet practical Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder makes an unusual addition to anyone’s home. Made from salvaged granite and beach stones, this holder can be used for so many other things, such as wallets, napkins or even mail, and as they are handmade each one will be unique.


Lost in Translation

This hilarious ‘Lost in Translation’ is like Chinese Whispers using drawings and text. Each person’s initial sentence gets passed to the next, where it is translated into a drawing before the next person has to re-write the sentence based on that drawing. Quick-fire fun for all the family.


Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

Edible flowers look beautiful on a salad, and now you can grow your own indoors with a Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden. This soil-free method uses a hydroponic “wicking” system which supplies the roots with all the water and nutrients they need to flourish in a Mason Jar. For Zinnias, Pansies, or English Daisies.


Phone Charging Bracelet

When your cell is running low on power, solve the problem in the most stylish way possible with this Phone Charging Bracelet from Uncommon Goods. Up to 50% charge can be achieved in just 40 minutes, giving you enough power to finish what you started. For iPhones only.


Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dog Lovers

These adorable ugly Christmas sweaters make the best gift for the dog lover in your life! They are sherpa soft, ugly-cute and ridiculously cozy. 30+ dog breeds available.

Prices vary

Avocado Huggers

The never-ending struggle of a Cooking Mom to preserve a half-cut avocado is finally coming to an end! This Christmas, stuff her stocking with these Avocado Huggers. They fit just tight enough on an avocado to keep it from turning brown in the fridge, yet gentle enough not to cause any bruising.


Wish Lanterns

As the lantern makes its way higher and higher into the sky it gets more and more mesmerizing, especially when it is joined by several others in a wish party. Throw one for her right away!
Prices Vary

Bath Bombs

Few things are as relaxing as a nice hot bath, and you can upgrade her bath with these bath bombs made from bath salts. They’ll make the water feel and smell ebetter and help relax her away.

Envirosax Market Bag

These market bags are tote-ally rad! Colorful, exciting and environmentally friendly, they will instantly turn up the fun factor on your gal’s most mundane grocery store runs.
Prices Vary

Novelty Zipper Bookmarks

Your bookworm friends are in for a treat this Christmas…even if you are broke. One order of these Novelty Zipper Bookmarks gets you three individual bookmarks to pass around. This is a fun, upbeat gift that is great to casually give to your coworkers and even better for your teachers.

Prices Vary

Le Creuset Honey Pot

Resolve the sticky situation of what to get her by purchasing this adorable little honey pot. It even comes with a honey dipper, but feel free to go Winnie-the-Pooh style and use your hands.

Le Creuset French Oven

The French are known for their divine cuisine. She will be too once she starts cooking with the Le Creuset French Oven. French chefs, beware. There’s a new cook in town.

Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is a feast for the taste buds and the eyes! Choose from peach, jasmine, or chrysanthemum and a whole new world of tea-making will open up to you before your very eyes as each bud ‘blossoms’ in the hot water. These tea buds make unique gifts and look stunning in glass teapots.


Personalized Anniversary Pushpin USA Map

A wedding marks the beginning of an exciting journey, and this personalized interactive map allows any couple to commemorate their travels in a fun way. The vintage-inspired map of the US is mounted on corkboard, and comes with 100 pushpins to mark each place visited on the road to wedded bliss. A unique gift for newlyweds.


Nuno Felted Ombre Oversized Scarf

Luxurious. Dramatic. This warm, fringed scarf is created with a wool blend and special felting technique called “nuno.” The bold, ombre strands make a strong visual impact, and the muted colors have a go-with-anything vibe. This will be a practical and appreciated gift for the stylish woman in your life.


Winc Wine Subscription Box

What could be more fun than a party-in-a-box? That’s what you get every month when you join this wine club subscription service. Every month, four fabulous wines will be sitting on your doorstep. Choose your own or let them do it for you. A great holiday gift for women that delivers all year long.

Prices vary

Skin Renewing Face Masks

Give her the gift of luxurious self-care with this delightful box containing skin-renewing organic masks for the whole body. From a “glow mask” to an under-eye treatment, and a body scrub to a cleansing grain, all you need to do is sit back in a nice bubble bath and relax.


Decadent Chocolate Fondue

Nothing says “decadence” like a hot pot of molten chocolate. These dark chocolate Belgian beauties contain a French sea salt and a raspberry chocolate sauce that is perfect for dipping fruit, cake, or whatever you want! And there is no need for additional equipment, they heat in their own stoneware container.


Sea Stone Oven-to-Table Platter

The cook in your life will love the beauty and versatility of this oven (or freezer)-to-table tray. The reclaimed granite can be warmed or chilled to keep foods at proper temperatures for hours while they are being served, while the handles are made from found sea stones which add an additional element of rustic beauty.


The Royal Champagne Gift Basket

This champagne basket makes the ultimate luxurious gift for her (or her and her friends) to enjoy. Don’t just send any old gift basket when you have this luxury option. It comes with your choice of two high-end champagne selections and is chock-full of deliciousness like Godiva chocolates and Camembert cheese. You can add additional elements like a personalized ribbon, hang tag with message, or monogrammed cork.

Prices vary

Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker

For those that enjoy their sweet treats cold, this frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream maker is the gadget they will love. The double-insulated freezer bowl holds two quarts and the large ingredient spout means you can easily add any mix-ins you like. The heavy duty motor is also great for making frozen cocktails.

Prices Vary

Wooden Wine Dispenser

This handcrafted dispenser is perfect for serving convenient boxed wine with a bit more elegance. The distressed wood finish adds a rustic touch and the handy chalkboard plate lets you label what’s inside. It comes with a refillable bag to decant your own beverage, or just pop in one straight from your favorite box.

Prices vary

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

This may be the most genius gadget ever invented for the home chef. For those recipes that require constant stirring, this clever contraption does it for you. It even has a timer so it will know when to stop, meaning you are freed up to do a million other things.


Pandora Sterling Bead Clasp Charm Bracelet

This sterling silver charm bracelet from Pandora is a gift that will continue to delight as you add charms every year. From birthdays to anniversaries, charms are a wonderfully old-fashioned way of remembering special times. And now you will know just what to get for the next special occasion!


Barefoot Contessa Foolproof

She will be able to kick off her shoes and join Ina Garten in the kitchen with this exciting cookbook straight from the Barefoot Contessa herself.
Prices Vary

Steeping Flower Blossoms

Steep these beautiful blooms in hot water for a taste of Heaven. Whether you choose the rosebud tisane or the lotus flower (which is grown next to a Buddhist temple), you will be drinking in the flavor of serenity and Zen. A tasteful gift for the tea drinker who loves something a bit different.

Prices Vary

Brass Succulent Mister

You don’t want to mist the chance to give this gorgeous gift to an indoor gardener, do you? Made from brass, which will age beautifully, this mister makes hydrating those plants much easier, without the chance of over-watering them. Perfect for succulents, and unlike an ugly watering can it looks great in the house, too.


Great Lakes Throw

Whether you have visited the Great Lakes, or you have only seen them in the movies, you will know that they invoke an automatic need to snuggle up and keep warm. Now you can with the Great Lakes Throw, hand quilted and embroidered for your toasty pleasure. Another warming gift from Uncommon Goods.


Glass Flower Garden Centerpiece

Give someone a bunch of flowers that will never wither and die, with this adorable and quite frankly beautiful floral display. Containing a dozen stunningly colored glass flowers which, when placed near a window, will produce a rainbow of colors as the light streams through their delicate petals.

Prices Vary

Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl

Have a bowl of whimsy with your morning coffee, thanks to Elwood the Unicorn. This cereal bowl will delight any fan of mythical creatures, with its beautiful rainbow mane and golden horn, and will get each day off to a magical start. The perfect gift for someone who needs a little magic in the morning.


Pistachio Pedestal

The age old problem of what to do with pistachio shells has finally been solved, thanks to this innovative Pistachio Pedestal from Uncommon Goods. Made from sustainable North American maple, it comprises of a top bowl to hold the nuts, and a bottom level to keep all the discarded shells in one place.


The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

The only thing she will be smitten with after receiving this gift is you… and the cookbook, of course. But mainly you.
Prices Vary

Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum without a shirt on. Again. Enough said.
Prices Vary

Oktoberfest Ale Beer Brewing Kit

Beer we go again! Uncommon Goods has come up trumps with the Oktoberfest Beer Brewing Kit, which contains everything the ale lover will need, (including glass fermentor and other equipment, malt, grains, hops and yeast), to brew their own malty liquid nectar at home. The beerfect gift for any occasion.


Amazonite Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

These bracelets from Uncommon Goods will bring a touch of Om to even the busiest of lives, thanks to the porous lava rocks nestling among the beautifully colored stones which make up this piece. Simply sprinkle a drop of your favorite essential oil (sold separately) on to the lava stones for all day ‘calm-er’.


Game of Phones

Game of Phones is a fun game to play using smart phones. Each card will have prompt printed, and the first and/or funniest response wins. Prompts could be to send a text to your parents, find an emoji, or show the last photo you took – it’s all about speed.


Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Our feet might be our most neglected appendages. Show her you care about every part of her body from her head to her toes with this incredibly luxurious massaging foot warmer. As her stress melts away at the end of a long day, you will be there to receive her appreciative smile.
Prices Vary

Miniature EcoSphere

Prove how high your gift giving skills are with this unique miniature ecosystem. Bonus: It is low maintenance, so once you get the ecosystem set up, you can both sit back, relax, and watch your new world come to life.

Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware

These Bloody Mary diagram glasses are the ideal gift for mixologists who never quite get the ingredients right! Each glass is playfully illustrated with the proportions needed to make the perfect crimson cocktail while never leaving out any of the essentials. Fun and functional, these glasses are dishwasher safe.


Anniversary Wine Box

A nice bottle of wine is always great for toasting an anniversary, but trust Uncommon Goods to come up with something better! This wooden box contains space for three bottles, and can be engraved in a variety of ways, including anniversaries to open on, personalized toasts, and even poetry. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Prices Vary

Land Shark

Land Ahoy! This lawn decoration is truly Jaws-dropping! Ol’ Sharky comes in two parts, to make it seem as though he is emerging from the depths of the grass ocean. Made from metal and finished in a bright rust patina, he comes with lawn stakes included to keep him well and truly anchored.


Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Friends or loved ones on your gift list will be able to take their pick with this set of four dozen Scotch infused wooden toothpicks, presented in four glass vials. Each pick is made from sustainable forested wood and carries the unmistakeable taste of barrel-aged, Islay single malt. You wooden believe how good they taste!


Larry the Llama Doormat

Forget partners, Larry the Llama is the face you want to come home to at the end of every day! This 100% coir fiber doormat from Uncommon Goods features Larry, the sweetest llama you’ll ever meet, in a colorful Peruvian scene to welcome home the wanderers, no matter how long or short their journey has been.


Floral Elixir Syrups

Turn someone’s tipple into something truly tempting with these natural low-sugar flower syrups from Uncommon Goods. For champagne and tea lovers alike, these syrups contain flavors such as hibiscus, rose, and jasmine to complement any drink, hot or cold. Available in two different gift sets of five elixirs.


Hand-Stamped Personalized Spinner Ring

Keep your loved ones to hand with a personalized spinner ring. Each sterling silver ring is hand formed and can be stamped with up to four names, each containing up to ten characters, so even when your children are too old to hold your hand, you can keep them in it just the same.

Prices Vary

Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest

Take this gift from Uncommon Goods with a pinch of salt. The bamboo chest houses 24 different salts from around the world to season and pep up any dish. From the Black Lava Salt of Cyprus to the Hickory Smoked Salt of the Pacific, this set will change any cuisine from bland to mind-blowing.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

She’ll bathe in the ambient lighting from this Himalayan salt lamp and reap the benefits of the purified air it provides. Made from actual chunks of salt, no two lamps are the same and each has their own distinct look and glow.
Prices Vary

Flower Floral Makeup Bag/Pencil Case

One order of these lovely floral bags gets you three individual bags. You can give one to your older sister who can use it as a makeup bag, one to your younger sister who can use it as a pencil case and then you have one left over to give to someone else.


Birth Month Flower Necklaces

Nothing says “I was listening when you told me when your birthday is” by giving her a personalized necklace of the flower symbolizing her birth month. Chances are she doesn’t actually know what her birth month flower is, so even if you weren’t listening, any of them still make a nice gift.

Soup And Sandwich Tray

Soups and sandwiches are among the best combos in the world. Show her that you two are another perfect duo by giving her this snazzy soup and sandwich tray. Some things are just meant to go together.

Recycled Glass Tree Globes

These one-of-a-kind artsy glass globes are the perfect way to tell her that she is equally as unique. Truly stunning craftsmanship make these globes the perfect addition to any home.

Yoga Joes

The downward facing dog-tags is just one of the positions taken up by these enlightened toy soldiers, who have found their inner zen and want to spread the word! This fun set is a gentle reminder that yoga is not just for girls, and comes in its own bamboo-floored mini yoga studio box.


The Godiva Chocolatier Collection

For one of the most decadent chocolate experiences in your life, the Godiva Chocolatier Collection is worth the wait! These delicious chocolate confections will melt in your mouth. The gift basket includes dark chocolate raspberry chocoiste, milk chocolate pearls, chocolate covered cashews and almonds, and so much more! A great gift for women and friends.


Chocolate Lover Hot Chocolate Gift Set

There’s nothing as warming as hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night, except, of course, hot chocolate with red chillies! Yup, you heard us right. Or, if you prefer, lavender and mint? How about vanilla orange? Broaden your chocoholic’s horizons with this unique set of finest hot chocolate for the most delicious stocking stuffer ever.


Chocolate Christmas Coal

“When I’m good I’m really good, and when I’m bad I’m better!” If being on the naughty list gets us this in our stockings, then sign us up! Deliciously decadent velvety chocolate, coated in wicked candy, these lumps of coal will lead you into temptation you can NEVER resist!


Birth Month Flower Earrings

Jewelry is often the most treasured of gifts because of the thought that goes into choosing it, but none could be more thoughtful than these birth-month earrings. Each one contains a real dried flower to match that special month, or even just a special occasion, making this a blooming great gift you really should pick.


Solar Photography Kit

Here’s a really unique stocking stuffer for your prints or printsess! Sunography! Based on a process called Cyanotype, any object (negative, leaves, x-rays) can be placed on the paper or fabric and exposed to sunlight, and will produce a blue print of the object, perfect for coloring in or embellishing.


Random Acts Of Kindness Kits

These random acts of kindness cards prompt the user to make a difference – from planting a seed to help the planet, to paying for someone’s dinner, and encourage others to pay it forward. The Boom Boom cards are then passed on, and can be tracked all over the world. Be the change you want to see.

Prices Vary

Sari Scarf

Upcycled vintage saris from India make surprisingly stylish scarves. Show her you know what’s fashionable and sustainable with this smart purchase.

Tag Heuer Diamond Watch

Opulence meets practicality in this streamlined watch design. The diamonds will mirror the sparkle in her eye when she opens this beautiful and timeless piece.
Prices Vary

Natural Bar Soap Set

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Prove that she’s a goddess in your eyes by indulging her with this adorable gift box of soaps made to fit in the palm of her hand. With six different colors and fragrances in each box, this truly is a gift from the gods.
Prices Vary


Everyone knows wine tastes best when served at the proper temperature. Show her you know your libations with this practical and useful device so she can enjoy perfectly chilled wine every time.

Sorel Tofino Boots

She won’t have to sacrifice fashion for winter weather protection in these Sorel Tofino boots. The fur may not be real, but her gratitude sure will be!
Prices Vary

OGIO Crunch Duffel Bag

Working out releases endorphins. Endorphins make people happy. Help her find true happiness with this sporty gym bag from OGIO. She will only stop smiling long enough to thank you before hoisting her new bag upon her shoulder and hitting the gym.
Prices Vary

Hair Tie Bracelet

This is a genius gift from Uncommon Goods for anyone with long hair who keeps hair bands on their wrists. This stainless steel bangle has a channel running through it, which is designed to hold hairbands safely but without restricting blood flow or leaving an ugly mark. Practical and beautiful, what more could you want?


Horseshoe Heart Trivet

The Horseshoe Heart Trivet makes a unique gift for newlyweds, anniversaries, or just as a ‘good luck’ gift for any occasion. Made from sheet metal and recycled steel, this trivet has a horseshoe in the middle which is encircled by a heart, symbolizing both luck and love at the same time.


Zen Turtle Garden Sculpture

We could all take a leaf out of the turtle’s book and slow it down. Channel the turtle’s inner Zen with these adorable garden sculptures which feature bead wearing turtles sporting cloaks which have Chinese symbols, depicting their traits of longevity, etched into the back. Calming, cute, and the perfect gift for busy people.

Prices Vary

UGG Australia Women’s Classic Tall Boots

Who says comfortable can’t be chic? All women love a laid back pair of snug UGG Boots that are so easy to slip on and keep her feet warm in the stands. These are the perfect Christmas gift for the woman who just wants to be comfortable and cozy.

Prices Vary

The Portable Gel Seat

Do your sports Mom a favor this Christmas and help her turn those cold, hard spectator benches into a soft oasis. This small Portable Gel Seat is makes for the most comfortable watching experience with foam that conforms around her body. It even has a handle, making it perfect to transport and easy to store.


Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum

This cordless vacuum is a superior product, simple as that. With it in her arsenal, she will be able to clean in a fraction of the time. This means that she can spend more time doing things she actually enjoys, which, after you introduce her to the Dyson V6 Motor Head, might just be more vacuuming. It’s that good.

Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixer

Mix things up by purchasing this KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer. She will be whipping up delicious meals and treats in no time to thank you for such a unique and wonderful gift. Not to mention that its stainless steel exterior makes it a welcome addition to her kitchen landscape.
Prices Vary

Keurig K60

The next best thing to a caffeine IV drip is finally here! With this single-cup home-brewing system, delicious coffee can be at her fingertips when she needs it most – which is all the time.

Chakra Candles

Our bodies have seven Chakras, or energy centers, each of which has a different purpose. These candles are infused with pure essential oils blended specifically to complement their corresponding Chakras and provide focus. With sensuous oils such as Sandalwood, Patchouli, Juniper and Frankincense, these candles will lift the spirits and help heal the soul.


Pedestal Jewelry Holder

This Pedestal Jewelry Holder is something a little bit different. Inlaid with the pattern of vintage lace, the ceramic is then molded to shape to form a beautiful jewelry keeper, with 40 hand cut holes for earrings and a well for rings, bracelets etc. A stunning offering for someone special from Uncommon Goods.


Bike Chain Bowl

This re-‘cycled’ bowl is the epitome of repurposing, since it takes an old bicycle chain and turns it into something completely new! This bowl is the ideal place to drop keys, phones, and loose change without wondering where you left them, because who’s going to forget a bicycle chain bowl?


Map of Our Hearts

This framed heart shows that love knows no distance, and is a beautiful gift to give to a couple whom fate brought together from different places. Each side of the heart is made from one person’s hometown and matched together in a frame ready to hang, complete with the couple’s names and a special date.


Ugg Classic Short Boot

Show her you are up on fashion from down under by giving her these classic Australian UGG boots. The sheepskin lining ensures her feet will remain toasty no matter what type of inclement weather comes her way.
Prices Vary

Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket

This gift basket is absolutely perfect for the cosmopolitan woman with great taste. You understand that she deserves the best; prove it by giving her this gourmet basket full of luxurious edibles. She might even throw a Ghirardelli Caramel Square or two your way… but don’t hold your breath.

Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style

Help your aspiring fashionista rock any look with Lucky’s how-to guide. Rest assured that when she looks like a million bucks, she’s going to have you to thank for it.
Prices Vary

What I Love About You

Looking for a new way to tell her you love her? Look no further than this fun fill-in-the-blank book – it’s like Mad Libs for your relationship! How do you think Shakespeare got his start?
Prices Vary

Notorious Nineteen

This is the perfect gift for the young sleuth in your life. She will barely be able to tear herself away from this page-turner to thank you before jumping back into the mysterious world of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter. If you don’t know who Stephanie Plum is, think of her as a modern day Sherlock Holmes… from New Jersey.
Prices Vary

Jawbone Jambox Mini

She will be the center of attention wherever she goes with this portable wireless speaker. It connects to any mobile phone, computer, iPod or other Bluetooth device for high quality sound and entertainment. So go ahead, turn up the volume on her life.
Prices Vary

Momiji Poppet Message Doll

Forget Morse code. These message dolls are a foolproof way to prevent your top secret information from falling into the wrong hands. No one would guess that inside each of these quirky, hand painted dolls is a small compartment with a tiny folded card for your secret message. Does James Bond know about these?
Prices Vary

Spa Booties with Lavender Aromatherapy

These lavender spa boots are the answer to sore feet after a long day. Lavender aromatherapy and warm booties will give bring soothing comfort to your tired soles. Warm up the lavender aromatherapy inserts and stick them in the booties for a luxurious experience. These lavender spa products make a great gift for women who need a little stress relief and relaxation.

Prices Vary

Tea Bag Pocket Mug

This handcrafted mug is the perfect gift for those dedicated tea drinkers as it packs a sneaky compartment to hold that used tea bag once it’s been dunked. The stoneware design will let you enjoy a civilized cup of tea anywhere and anytime. Keep warm on those cold nights with this crafty gift.


Selk’bag Adult Wearable Sleeping Bag

Wrap up warm with this wearable sleeping bag! All extremities are kept toasty with Zip-off booties allowing the bag to be worn when on the move. There’s a kangaroo style pocket for your hands and no-hassle openings so that items are easily accessible. Leg vents even cool you down if the heat’s too much.

Prices Vary

Zippo Hand Warmers

With easy fill technology, this is one device that will keep your hands warm with ease. The sleek design will fit into the smallest of pockets and it provides over twice as much heat as ordinary disposables do. Filled with hot fluid via the spill-reducing fill cup, this is a top notch renewable.

Prices Vary

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

These heated insoles are designed for people who find the snow and ice gets right inside their shoes, tickling their toes with the cold. Coming with a 1 year warranty, they are ideal for walking or hiking or even as a gift for people who don’t put in a lot of mileage.

Prices Vary

Micro-Plush Top Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Put a little warmth into your mattress with this stylish gift. This safe and warm low voltage technology is a leader on the market by saving energy and allowing sleep in a cooler room. Ultra thin wires mean even heat distribution from this automated device.

Prices Vary

DCI Hidden Flask Mittens

This cheeky pair of mittens are a surprising gift as they hold a concealed flask. With a tethered cap, this 4oz refillable flask is made from acrylic material and held by the one size fits all, fleece lined mittens. Friends will love your cheeky offer of hot drinks on a cold winter’s night.

Prices Vary

Pearl Drop Earrings

These earrings are a foolproof way to ensure that she loves what you give her. Classy, simple and elegant, they will frame any woman’s face perfectly. She will shine just as bright as these earrings when thanking you.
Prices Vary

Garden Kneeler

How does her garden grow? With a whole lot of blood, sweat and dirty pant legs… until now. Save her slacks and her knee joints with this comfortable garden kneeler. Weeds don’t stand a chance!
Prices Vary

Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Show her you’re “knot” joking when you say you will love her forever by giving her this dazzling and elegant pendant. She will follow you to infinity and beyond, all the while looking chic and sophisticated.

David’s Holiday Gift Tower

You will tower over all other gifts with these boxes upon boxes of yummy delights from Harry & David. Did we mention that they are exquisitely packaged by hand? It doesn’t get any more thoughtful, or delicious, than that.


Help her sleep in style by giving her a set of pajamas from Pajamagram. No matter what her personality, you can find sleepwear she will love. Her last thoughts as she drifts off to sleep will be of you and your incredible gift giving abilities.

Collapsible Silicone Colander

Cooking Moms know how annoying storing a bulky colander can be. They never fit neatly in the cupboards and take up so much space. This Christmas, give her these Collapsible Silicone Colanders. The second she lays her eyes on these, she will never go back to the old bulky ones again.

Prices Vary

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Help her relax with this effective and calming aromatherapy diffuser. She simply places essential oils into it and it diffuses just the right amount into the air for the therapeutic effects.

Electric Fondue Maker

Make meals fun again with the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker. Any food is instantly more exciting when slathered in cheese or chocolate (or both!), so call your seven closest friends and start the party today.

Rachel Ray Nonstick Bakeware

Know a Rachael Ray groupie? Make her day with this 5-piece set of nonstick bakeware. She will be auditioning for her own cooking show in no time, and you will get all the credit for launching the career of another sensational chef.
Prices Vary

Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle

She will be boiling up water in no time flat with this Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle. The different heat setting allow for steeping tea at precisely the right temperature for the best cup every time.
Prices Vary

Zojirushi Breadmaker

She doesn’t have to be an expert baker to crank out delectable homemade bread with the Zojirushi Breadmaker. It is the best thing since sliced bread – in fact, it might actually be better!

Sunbeam Cupcake Maker

Shine an extra special beam of light onto the undisputed darling of the dessert world. This cupcake maker creates perfectly adorable cupcakes in just 10 minutes. With speed like that, she will have time to make enough for everyone… and maybe even seconds!
Prices Vary

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Pop into her list of favorite people with this fun and versatile frozen pop maker. She will be able to freeze ice pops right on her countertop in as little as seven minutes. Quick, easy and, most importantly, delicious, homemade ice pops are the coolest.
Prices Vary

Mini Wooden Speaker

This tiny wooden speaker may be small, but it packs an unexpectedly huge punch. Transporting the natural zebrawood speaker is beyond easy, and she will be able to share her favorite songs and other audio files with no problem at all.
Prices Vary

No-Spill Salsa Bowl

This salsa bowl will make her next fiesta better than ever. Designed to finally achieve that elusive perfect dip, she will never be dissatisfied with chips and dips again.
Prices Vary

Mushroom Growing Kit

Get yo’ fungus on with this DIY mushroom growing kit. Just maintain them daily and you’ll have an earth friendly, sustainable, organic mushroom garden in your own backyard. Before you know it, she’s going to be serving homemade mushrooms in all sorts of delicious ways.

Wonder Woman Apron

This gift is perfect for any woman who likes comics and cooking. It’ll help her create super powered meals every time she wears it and it’s also machine washable. She’ll feel like the superhero of the kitchen with this apron!

Salty & Sweet Coffee Mug

Everyone enjoys their morning drink and this mug will help her do so even more. It says a bit about her and it’s also clear which gives you a cool shot of whatever she’s drinking. Perfect for any tea or coffee lover!
Prices Vary

Pain Relief Socks

Working on your feet all day long can be very strenuous and painful and can actually have negative effects on other parts of your body. These socks separate the toes to stretch and massage the tendons and relieve that excruciating pain. They’ll be her favorite pair of socks that she’ll actually be happy to come home to!
Prices Vary

Morning Mug

Your coffee or tea is what wakes you up in the morning which is why this mug is so appropriate. As it heats up, it wakes up; it changes from dark and asleep to bright and wide awake with the simple magic of heat. Just the sight of the mug awake will be like an extra shot of espresso!

Funky Veg Kit

Does she like gardening? This gift will bring out the botanist in her; it includes 5 funky colored vegetables that she can grow including purple carrots and yellow zucchinis. They’ll combine to give her the most psychedelic garden in the entire neighborhood!
Prices Vary

Champagne Wishes Gift Basket

Celebrate with this gift basket of bubbly and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate! Filled with premium Fils Gallant and Moet & Chandon champagne, gourmet chocolate confections, and delicious nuts. Personalized with an engraved, silver-plated plaque and card.

Prices Vary

CraveBox Deluxe Care Package Snack Box

For your friend with the sweet and salty tooth! A Deluxe Care Gift Basket filled with snack size packages of sweet and salty treats. 50 carefully selected snacks including Cheez it, Fun Dip, Famous Amos, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Fiber One, Skittles, and much more! Makes a perfect gift at Christmas.


ElecStars Space Night Lighting Lamp

Who ever said you have to be outside to star gaze? This LED night lamp by ElecStars brings the beauty of the galaxy to your own bedroom. Multiple modes are available to suit her needs and make the experience as enjoyable and romantic as possible!
Prices Vary

FakeFace Touchscreen Gloves

The problem with most gloves is that you have to remove them if you want to use your smartphone or tablet. These gloves have special conductive yarn on 3 of the finger tips per glove so that you can keep your hands warm all while uploading that very important picture to Instagram!
Prices Vary

Car Hammer

The problem with accidents is that you never know when they’re going to happen so it’s very important to always be prepared. This car hammer can easily smash through windshields and cut through seat belts to help you escape quickly and safely. She’ll always feel safe with this in her car!
Prices Vary

Lunch Bag Purse

This lunch bag is perfect for any girl who likes to make her own meals everyday. It has insulated pockets inside that keep food cold and safe to eat for up to 4 hours. It also has a divider pocket to make sure anything else in the purse doesn’t get wet or affected by any food or drinks.
Prices Vary

Doggy Moodycards

These doggy cards by Moodycards are perfect for anyone who works in the office. They have funny and cute pictures of dogs with associated messages that’ll let everyone know her current mood. They’ll be sure to get a laugh from everyone in the office!

Nose Shaped Spectacle Stand

If she wear glasses then she’ll love this stand! It’s shaped like a nose and it’s designed to hold virtually any pair of glasses. If she needs to put them on and off often then it’s a very practical way to do so and much easier and cooler than putting them into a case every time.
Prices Vary

Ninja Master Prep

Blenders are very important for making delicious and extravagant drinks, but they don’t all crush ice or larger items as well as they should. The Ninja Master Prep uses a quad blade action that improved uniform cutting and ice crushing. Making all of her favorite drinks will be a thing of ease with this gift!

Most Comfy Gifts for Women

Gravity Weighted Blanket for Deep Sleep

Give her the feeling of being hugged even when you’re not there, with a Gravity Blanket. Available in 3 different weights, these blankets have been proven to aid sleep and ease anxiety.

Prices vary

Marine Layer Floyd Scarf

Not only will the Floyd scarf keep her incredibly warm and comfy as the weather turns colder, but it will add a beautiful splash of color to even the dullest of days, too.


Cozy Lululemon Beanie

Merino wool is incredibly soft and warm, which is why this Twist of Cozy Knit Beanie makes such a gorgeous gift for women who like to combine style with comfort.


Third Love Organic Cotton Jogger Set

Comfy gifts for women don’t come much comfier than this set of joggers, which are made from luxuriously soft organic cotton and feature Spandex so they hold their shape beautifully.


Cashmere Socks

Traditionally, socks are seen as boring gifts, but when they are made from soft, pure cashmere, that all changes as they’ll be the most luxurious things she’ll ever wear on her feet.


Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar combines a multitude of incredible features – such as firmness, comfort, coolness, and breathability – into one perfect mattress, for the most blissful night’s sleep of her life


Triple Goose Parkas

Triple F.A.T. Goose make coats and jackets which are designed to withstand arctic temperatures yet remain incredibly lightweight and comfortable, and they come in a wide range of stunning styles.

Prices vary

Coddle Convertible Couch

With 16 possible configurations and built-in power and USB ports, the Toggle Convertible Couch is the ultimate place to snuggle up and watch her favorite movies, without having to move all evening.

Prices vary

Sheepskin Softsole Moccasins

A treat for her feet after a long, hard day, the Softsole Moc will wrap her toes in TLC as the soft sheepskin provides cushioning and offers superior breathability.


Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Whether she’s petite, regular, or tall, these high rise jeans will give her a flattering fit while being exceedingly comfortable, and the Berkeley Black color will take her from day to night.


Allbirds Tree Breezers

Available in some truly beautiful colorways, these flats can be both dressed up and down and are made from eucalyptus tree fiber for breathably soft, machine washable footwear.


Nike Joyride Run Flynit Sneakers

With 4 pockets of tiny foam beads in each shoe, the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit are super lightweight but sturdy, and mold to the feet for the most comfortable running shoe yet.


Unique (And Unusual) Gifts for Her

Feminist Puzzle

Celebrating women in all their glory, this 450 piece puzzle builds up into a glorious artwork which displays breasts in every shape, size, and color, and can be framed as a stunning conversation piece.


The Weekender Away Travel Bag

Whether she travels by air, rail, or road, the Weekender bag is large enough to hold her short break essentials (including her laptop), yet compact enough to fit in the overhead bin.

Prices vary

Build Her a Website with Squarespace

Whatever business she’s in, having a website will make her more visible. Design her a site with Squarespace and she’ll have the freedom to customize it as much and as often as she likes.

Prices vary

Luxury Zodiac Roses from Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur use the most perfect roses for their Zodiac Collection, which features a box in midnight blue filled with exquisite roses, and a booklet detailing what the year ahead holds.


Personalized Painting

Whether it’s a painting of the happy couple, or a memento of her beloved pet, Paint Your Life can produce a detailed and faithful hand-painted portrait from a photo provided by you.

Prices vary

Adopt a Rhino

With both black and white rhinos in danger, adopting a rhino calf will help the WWF with its life-saving work, and in return she will receive a plush rhino toy and adoption certificate.


Birthstone Wishing Balls

Choose a wishing ball in the color of her birthstone and she’ll receive a stunningly unique sphere where she can place all her wishes on the tiny strips of paper provided.


Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Writing down a wish or intention is the most powerful way of making it happen, and with this beautiful bead bracelet she can carry her written wish wherever she goes.

$15.00- $58.00

Holiday Presents for Plant Lovers and Gardeners

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

This hand-blown glass aquarium needs absolutely no maintenance as it is fully enclosed and self-sustaining. With live marine shrimp, algae, and synthetic gravel, it stands beautifully on the included revolving base.

Prices Vary

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Choose herbs, flowers, salad, or tomatoes and she will have her own indoor growing system that produces plants 5 X faster than traditional soil using a 20W LED grow light.


Ponytail Palm

If she’s known for not being green-fingered, this fun ponytail palm will still flourish with the minimum of care, as it only needs watering once every couple of weeks.


Wild at Home Book

It’s well known that indoor plants are beneficial to our health, so help her have the healthiest home of all with this book which will guide her through creating her own indoor oasis.


Landscape Growframe

Bring art to life with this stunning wall mounted grow frame which can hold several indoor plants as they flourish under the full spectrum grow light which uses a 3 setting timer.


Potted Olive Tree

This peace loving olive tree takes between 12 and 18 months to mature to its full height of around 14”, and will bring a touch of the beautiful Mediterranean to any home.


Marimo Moss Ball Kit

Pet-friendly and fun to look at, this glass bowl is home to not one but two fuzzy balls of aquatic algae, making it an unusual Holiday present for plant loving ladies.


LED SunLite 3-Tier Indoor Garden Kit

Gardeners will appreciate this 3 tier Sunlite garden which allows them to grow multiple plants from seeds indoors using 6 LED light tubes, until they’re strong enough to withstand the outdoor life.


Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Give her her own birth flower with this kit which allows her to cultivate her own plant in a clear glass cylinder that doubles as a vase once the plant has finished blooming.


Terrarium Candle

Plant lovers and candle lovers alike will delight at these hand-poured soy candles which come in one of two beautiful fragrances and feature either a cactus or the prettiest of poppies.


Plant the Packaging Floral Candles

These beautiful soy candles are the gift that keeps on giving, because the packaging can be planted in the ground where the infused seeds will blossom into Sunflowers or Siam Poppies.


Gifts for Women Who Care About Their Health and Fitness

ClassPass Subscription

For women who are serious about their health and fitness, ClassPass will give her access to a million fitness studio classes – from Vinyasa Flow Yoga to Boxing 101 – all around the world.

Prices vary

BlueLand Clean Essentials Kit

Cleaning products come with a long list of chemicals included, but with the Bluelands Clean Essentials Kit she can mix up her own and store them in these beautiful reusable bottles.


Echelon Smart Connect Bike

If she loves the thrill of an exercise class but not the inconvenience, the Echelon bike combines state of the art machinery with live fitness classes which she can join in with at home.

Prices vary

Splendid Spoon Subscription

Being busy doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice healthy, nutritious food. Splendid Spoon will do the prep for her and deliver delicious plant-based smoothies, soups, and grain bowls directly to her door.

Prices vary

Molekule Air Purifier and EO Diffuser

Rather than merely trapping pollutants in a filter, the Molekule Air Purifier and Air Mini actually destroy them, ridding the air of mold, allergens, viruses, and bacteria for good.

Prices vary

LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle

Water is wonderful, but it can also harbor nasty germs such as E-coli. Ensure she has a clean supply with LARQ, the water-purifying bottle which wipes out nasty germs with one touch.


Yoga Club Subscription Box

If she looks good she’ll feel great, and thanks to Yoga Club she will have stylish yoga wear delivered to her home every month, with between one and three clothing items in every box.


Cirkul Flavored Water Bottle

Give her hydration a flavorful twist with Cirkul, the water bottle which allows her to add one of 30 delicious flavors to her water with a simple twist of the cap.


Bombas Women's Performance Socks

Equipment is all-important when it comes to running, but did you know that extends to her socks, too? Bombas offers this 3-pack of colorful socks which provide superior comfort, cushioning, and moisture-wicking properties.


Hypersphere Mini

Like her own private masseuse, the Hypersphere Mini delivers a powerful massage wherever she is, with a powerful vibrating motor and textured silicone exterior for the optimum grip and comfort.


Bowflex SelectTech Kettlebell

Choosing gifts for women is easy when they’re heavily into their fitness – look at this kettlebell, for example, which is fully adjustable from 8-40lbs and takes the place of 6 regular kettlebells.


Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit

This 15 piece fitness kit provides those all-important gym essentials such as dry shampoo, earbuds, and even a foldable comb, in one tiny pouch which fits easily inside her gym bag.


Teragun Percussive Therapy Device

Theragun delivers high-powered deep muscle massage no matter where she is, thanks to the portable hand-held unit which uses percussive force to hit the places that other massage devices just cannot reach.

Prices vary

Thoughtful Subscription Boxes for Her

FabFitFun Subscription Box

With a little bit of everything in each quarterly box, Fab Fit Fun sources the best in health, wellness, beauty, and even homeware that’s geared specifically for each of the four changing seasons.


Vinyl Me Please

True music aficionados will agree that nothing beats vinyl, and this subscription service will send her an exclusively pressed vinyl album, accessories, and access to the online store, every single month.


Cairn Outdoor Gear Subscription Box

Gifts for women who love the outdoors don’t come much more useful than a monthly subscription to Cairn, which delivers quality clothing, gear, food, and skin care products to add to her adventuring toolbox.


Urban Stems Flower Subscription

Flowers make such thoughtful gifts which can really brighten up her day. Make her smile on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with a hand-selected bouquet of outstanding beauty and quality.


Rent the Runway

Give her a closet to die for AND reduce landfill with Rent the Runway, the borrow-and-return monthly service which keeps her wardrobe consistently different and up to date.

Prices vary


Stitch Fix take the answers from the personal profile questionnaire and use it to hand pick a selection of clothing which she can choose to keep or return, only paying for what she likes.

Prices vary

Good Gifts for Animal Lovers

NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Subscription

Fresh food for pets is ideal, but it does take a lot of preparation. Save her the effort with Nomnomnow, who will deliver human-grade food in pet-specific portions directly to her door.

Prices vary

Old Dogs: Are the Best Dogs Book

As their muzzles grow whiter and their steps become slower, dogs take up more and more space in our hearts. This beautiful book pays tribute to those faithful friends who stay forever in our hearts.

Prices Vary

Adopt A Three-toed Sloth

Protect the three-toed sloth’s only viable habitat by buying an adoption kit in an animal lover’s name, and help the WWF to keep these adorably chilled out creatures hanging around forever.


Smalls Cat Food Subscription

Let Smalls know about her cat’s preferences and they will prepare and deliver healthy, nutritious, and delicious perfectly portioned food straight to the cat flap, with a money back guarantee.

Prices vary

Give the Gift of a Pig

A pig might not seem like an ideal gift for women, but this one actually goes to a family in one of the world’s poorest places, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty.


Safari Animal Wall Rack

Animal lovers will be stunned when they receive this unique safari animal wall hook, which features five animals – including a giraffe and a lion – on which to hang her coat.


Fi Smart Dog Collar

Help her keep track of both her dog’s whereabouts and his activity levels with the Smart Collar from Fi, which uses GPS to show his location at all times, and tracks his activity levels, too.

Prices vary

Custom Pet Portrait

Let her pet’s personality shine through with a hand painted portrait, which uses custom mixed colors and layers of glaze to bring out the animal’s special nuances to make a one-of-a-kind gift.

$180.00- $260.00

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

If her cat is ‘meowsically’ minded, this turntable scratching pad will make a fun addition to the home, as the whole thing is made up to look just like a DJ’s deck.


Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove

Bath times can be stressful for both dogs and owners, so take the worry away with this ingenious gadget which straps to the hand, allowing for much easier washing and flow control.


70 DIY Christmas Gifts for Women of 2019

Metallic Dotted Tumblers

These metallic dotted tumblers are just the sort of decorative piece that will be well-received during the holiday season. They’re great for entertaining and have a look to them like they are store bought not handmade.

Diy Sunglasses Case

Help her keep her sunglasses safe by making her one of these pretty scalloped cases which can be made in a color or pattern to suit, and embellished with contrasting flowers.

Bottle Of Memories

If you’re looking for something sentimental that you can make yourself, a bottle of memories makes a beautiful gift for women who mean the world to you, like your mom, sister, or wife.

Diy Face Planters

You could make a face planter for you and her, or to represent the entire family by following this easy tutorial which uses vinyl stickers for all the facial features.

Diy Home Fragrance

These DIY home fragrances can be created using just about any ingredients you have, which makes them wonderful for customizing to suit every recipient’s tastes – try cinnamon and orange for a Christmassy feel.

Diy Braided Clay Keychain

Polymer clay is fab for making homemade gifts, and this braided clay keychain is no exception. Simply choose three contrasting colors, then braid, bake, add hardware, and voila!

Diy Foldable Recipe Stand

Give her a helping hand in the kitchen with a wooden recipe book or tablet stand which can be adjusted to two different positions, and folds flat for easy storage.

Diy Mason Jar Snow Globe

Mason jars are a mainstay of the DIY crafter’s toolbox, and in this tutorial they can be used to make adorable snow globe jars which can be adapted to include any decorations you like.

Diy Word Bead Bracelets

These bead bracelets are a cute way of sending someone you love a message that she can read every single day – you could even make her several to go with different outfits.

Diy Scrabble Coasters

Love is a four letter word, but you’ll need to choose three more to make these scrabble tile coasters which each feature four words to match your chosen theme.

Homemade Lavender Soap

Soaps can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them, but this recipe for lavender soaps is super simple and makes delightfully fragrant bars with very little effort.

Diy Bird Nest Necklace

Easy to make but stunning to look at, this birds nest pendant can be created using wire and beads and requires no jewelry-making experience, so is perfect for complete beginners.

Stepping Stone in a Cake Pan

If she’s just moved into a new house, or wants to make more of her garden, stepping stones would make a thoughtful gift – even more so when they’re made by you.

Diy Fabric Mug Rug

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, every cup of something warm needs a place to stand, and these handmade mug rugs make perfect coasters for preventing those dreaded rings on the furniture.

Homemade Vanilla Rose Soap

This vanilla rose soap looks so intricate that she won’t believe you made it yourself, but with the right mold it’s as easy as anything – just melt, mix, and pour.

Quilt As You Go Zipper Bag

Grab your sewing machine and get to work making one of these pretty quilted zipper bags, which are perfect for makeup, keys, change, and any other small items.

Diy Soy Candles

These cute little candle favors make thoughtful gifts for women in your life who deserve a little thank you, and they can be made in jars, teacups, glasses or more.

Diy Birdhouse Key Hooks

These birdhouse key hooks are SO cute, and can be decorated to suit any color scheme, either to fit in with the home décor, or to suit each person’s personality.

Diy Wind Chime

Windchimes are said to bring good fortune into the home, so be her good luck charm by choosing one of the ideas in this blog post for a stunningly natural version.

Diy Button Bookmarks

Buttons come in all shapes and sizes, which means they’re ideal for making a stash of these adorable bookmarks – gift them as a set or slip one into everyone’s stocking.

Diy Personalized Wood Hangers

These wood hangers are the perfect way to bring a smile to her face, as they carry a personal message from you which she’ll see every time she opens her closet.

Diy Hand Warmer

There’s nothing good about cold hands, so make sure that never happens by following this tutorial which explains how you can make reheatable hand-warmers that take 20 seconds in the microwave.

Diy Jewelry Frame Storage

When space is at a premium, think about making this DIY jewelry frame which can be hung on the wall and does away with the need for bulky jewelry boxes.

Diy Pedicure In A Jar

Gifts in a jar are all the rage, and perfect for sticking to a theme. This blog post comes with suggestions for giving an ‘all things pedicure’ version.

Girls Weekend In A Mason Jar

Gifts in a jar don’t have to be IN the jar, strictly speaking, as this suggestion shows. Once the jar is filled with goodies, bigger items can be wrapped around the outside, too.

Wood Photo Transfer Ornament

Here’s an amazing wooden ornament that features the picture of your choice. By using a special process to transfer the photo onto the wood you’ll be giving a sentimental keepsake that is sure to make her ecstatic this Christmas.

DIY Faux Marble Kitchen Utensils

Homemade gifts are always special, especially when they speak to someone’s favorite hobbies. This Christmas, take a little time to upgrade some simple wooden utensils with this interesting craft. Paint and painters tape immediately create an expensive looking treatment that a your cooking woman will love.

Hand Made Votive Candles

Votive candles provide just the right amount of light, and if she has a special candle holder you can make her these to make it extra special. You can change up the color and even add in some essential oil for a unique scent.

Homemade Birdcage Ornament

This birdcage ornament will really make her heart sing. It’s a pretty piece that is perfectly suited for a bird lover, and will look great on the tree. Ornaments are a great way to give a gift that will be used year after year.

Crochet Scarf

Knit this crochet scarf and she’ll be so glad you did. It will help keep her warm all through the winter season, and she’ll think of you week after week. It’s a gift that’s very thoughtful since you took the time to make it from scratch.

DIY Rosemary Lavender Body Scrub

This rosemary and lavender body scrub has an amazing scent to it, and can be very therapeutic after a long day. It will slough off dead skin cells to reveal baby soft skin and leaves no residue behind because it is made with natural ingredients.

Winter Spice Potpourri

Fill her home with the wonderful smells of winter with this seasonal spice potpourri. It contains cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and more so you know you’re getting a pretty potent mix that is sure to cover a good area.

Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard

Do you know a someone that loves to entertain in the kitchen? Then this is the perfect Christmas gift for her. This DIY chalkboard is a beautiful way to display a menu to her guests, whether it be at a holiday party or casual weekend gathering. Dress the board up with flowers, chalkboard paint, or even glitter.

Etched Glass Christmas Goblets

These etched glass goblets are custom made and can bring a bit of Christmas cheer with messages like ‘Tis the Season, Merry and Bright, and Joy to the World. It’s a great gift for sharing a toast with friends.

DIY Twist Scarf

With a simple twist this scarf becomes a great looking hair piece and it’s made with colors that signify the Christmas season. She might just wear it around the house, or use it to put her hair up for a Christmas party.

Rosemary Bath Salts

Soaking in a hot bath with these rosemary bath salts is one way to fend off the winter blues. They take an ordinary bath and make it extraordinary. The holiday season can be extra stressful, so it’s important to take a timeout on a regular basis.

Beeswax Poinsettia Candles

These candles are made with beeswax and are perfectly suited for Christmas because they are made to look like poinsettia flowers. They are going to go over well during the holidays because they’ll fit right in with the other decorations.

Turmeric and Honey Face Mask

She’ll love the extra care you put into making this face mask for her. It is made using turmeric, an ancient healing spice, and honey that has been shown to have healing properties. Better than store bought face masks!

Easy Sharpie Mug

Give her a gift she’ll be able to use every morning with this easy-to-make Sharpie Mug. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it can’t look great. Follow the steps and yours will look just as good.

Mini Desk Marquee Light

Brighten up her work space with this mini desk light that looks like a marquee. The best part is that you can decide what the light spells out, so you can use her name or nickname or other one-word saying like “fun” or “love”.

Pumpkin Spice Candle

Pumpkins are more of a fall thing, but the smell is so good on these pumpkin spice candles that she can use them during the holiday season for their warm glow and yummy scent.

Hand-Stitched Tote Bag

With this tote bag she’ll always have the perfect bag for all of her things. Plus she’ll be super impressed that you stitched the decoration on yourself. It’s not hard at all when you follow the included directions.

Gold-Dipped Drop Earrings

You don’t have to spend a fortune on earrings for them to look good. Go with these gold-dipped drop earrings and she’ll look great while at the same time you’ll be giving them that extra special handmade touch.

Petite Succulents

These plants will look great on her desk or around the home. Knowing that you took the time to craft her something nice makes the gift extra special, and she’s sure to cherish these long after Christmas.

DIY Hook Rack

Perhaps the simplest christmas gift you could give your mom will also be the most useful. This easy DIY Hook Rack requires nothing more than a board, some paint, and a few hooks. Mount it on the wall and she will be amazed at how such a modest creation could make such a big difference in her kitchen.

Decorated Utensils

Make these for her only if she enjoys spending time in the kitchen and making meals. That way it’s contributing to something she likes and she’ll think it’s great. If she’s not a cooking fan, take a pass on this one.

DIY Braided Camera Strap

The perfect DIY Christmas gift for the woman that loves taking pictures. She doesn’t have to be a professional photographer in order to appreciate this gift, it’s something she’s sure to love if she has an SLR camera.

Soothing Skin Lotion

With this soothing skin lotion you’ll be helping to protect her skin from the dry winter air. She’ll love that you didn’t just by some lotion at the store, and if she really likes it you can always make her more later.

DIY Perfume

Try your hand at becoming the next Christian Dior when you make her perfume from scratch. You can explain each ingredient and why you used it for a very romantic gift.

Handmade Potholders

Moms have always loved homemade gifts from their children. Now that you’re older, you can make your Cooking Mom a quality gift for Christmas that she’ll use over and over. These Handmade Potholders are easy to make by following step-by-step instructions. They even guide you on choosing the correct fabrics that work well with heat.

Washi Tape Serving Tray

This is a two-part gift because you don’t want to just give her a revamped serving tray. Serve her breakfast in bed on Christmas morning and you’ll have the gift of the year!

Foiled Leather Gift Tags

No matter what you end up giving her, you can upgrade it with these handmade gift tags and really put the finishing touches on it. These have the appearance of foiled leather and really make the gift look great.

Quick Bread in a Bottle

Christmastime calls for baking and experimenting. This tutorial shows you how to make a gift that she’ll definitely love to bake; it has all of the dry ingredients needed to make chocolate chip oatmeal bread. She just needs to add the wet ingredients that are listed to make the most delicious loaf of bread she’s ever had!

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Natural moisturizers and other products are a great and healthy way to revitalize skin. This is a scrub that you can create from lime, coconut, and sugar that’ll leave her skin feeling soft and smooth. It also smells great and she’ll be very happy to use it everyday!

Basic Spice Labels for Repurposed Spice Jars

Turn any garage sale jars or discount store tins into beautifully repurposed spice jars with these classy-looking spice labels. After a simple trip to the craft store and an afternoon at home following a simple tutorial, you will have elevated, inexpensive christmas gifts all women will love.

DIY Tile Photo Coasters

Everyone needs coaster, they keep your furniture dry and protected. These personalized coasters top all others. They’re made using tiles and pictures. She’ll never need another set of coasters again with this gift!

Fabric Covered Books

This gift is perfect for any and all bookworms. You can create a book cover using virtually any fabric that’ll keep the book safe and protected. It’ll definitely liven up her bookshelf and add some extra art into her life. Reading will be much more enjoyable with this gift!

Photo Display Gift

With all of the pictures that we take nowadays there are plenty to place around the house. This guide shows you how to make a photo display block from wood that can be personalized and customized to match your needs. She’ll love seeing her memories on a frame that was made by you!

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent can be very expensive, especially for families that have many members. This guide shows you how to make detergent that is twice as nice and costs half the price. It’s the gift that keeps on giving by saving her precious and hard earned dollars!

Quick and Thick Scrubby Fruits

For those of you crochet experts, here is a challenge for you! These little crocheted fruits are perfect for cleaning produce or rinsing out cups. A Cooking Mom would love to have these adorable homemade fruit scrubs sitting around her kitchen adding a touch of brightness to her day.

The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Do you have what it takes to build The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen? I bet you do and you don’t even know it. If the weather permits, turn a designated space in your backyard into a construction zone off limits for her. With a few simple tools and a whole lot of love, you can give her the best Christmas surprise ever.

DIY Cement Planters

These cement planters are a great way to mix things up and add a different style to the backyard garden and flowers. All that’s needed is some cement and some old planters that can be used as a mold. She’ll love the new design with these unique planters!

DIY Monogram Soap Bottles

We wash our hands multiple times daily so why not add a bit of personalization to her soap bottle? This guide shows you how to etch her initial into a glass bottle that’ll stay forever and never fade away. Any girl would be happy to get this homemade gift!

Diy Hand Warmer

Ever feel your hands getting cold on a winters day? Well now you can make your own solution with these DIY hand warmers. The easy to follow instructions will help you produce cute and practical warmers which are reusable and stylish. A sweet gift or a wise personal decision.

How To Make A Carpet With Trapillo

A good rug or carpet will keep the chill off the floor at any time of year but can often cost a packet! Now you can follow these easy instructions to make your own trapillo carpet which would also make a stunning home made gift. Get your knitting groove on with this enlightening guide.

Gift In A Jar: Keep Warm Kit

Ever thought that someone could do with warming up in the winter chill? Well now you can give them a gift that’s personal and practical. This guide will show you how to put together a “Keep Warm Kit” in a jar which will lift the temperature of the receiver to a new cozier level.

How To Make Your House Smell Amazing During The Holidays

What’s better than on a winter’s day entering a house and being hit with the awesome cooking smells of winter. This handy guide will tell you how to impress your guests with flavor and punch to really set them in the mood for any festive fare.

How To: Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug

Sheepskin rugs may seem beyond your finances but now you can make your own faux paus rugs which look as good as the real thing. Send the gift of lounging around on the floor in this dream set of covers. Easy to make instructions coupled with a sensible budget makes this the ideal gift choice.

Making The Most Of Orange Season

Be inspired this winter time with these gifts to fight the cold all based on the humble orange. Don’t throw away any part of this versatile fruit until you have checked out these wonderful ideas for gifts and practical household items. Your mind will be taken aback by the cleverness of these ideas.

Diy Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

Got a winter wedding on the way? Then check out this simple but groovy technique for making clever DIY wedding favors. With straight forward instructions, you’ll be shown how to produce classy but warm wedding favors made from natural ingredients like the pine cone. Put a smile into their wedding day.

The Tohoku Tote

Use your skills this holiday season to craft an adorable handbag. The stylish Tohoku tote is easy enough for a novice seamstress, but elegant enough for the most discerning ladies on your list! Customize the inner pockets, and choose fabrics you know they’ll love to make one-of-a-kind gifts for Christmas!

Diy Birthday & Anniversary Calendar

Make gifts that will be used and appreciated! Here is a splendid idea for a perpetual calendar to remind friends and family of important birthdays and anniversaries throughout the year, and for years to come! Don’t forget to put YOUR special days on THEIR calendars! Truly, a labor of love!

Diy Tray Inspired By Pottery Barn Number Canvas

Inspired by a clever item in a retail chain, the handy DIY crafter can recreate expensive designs or modify them with their own personal touch. This tray is a perfect example of taking a plain object and transforming it into a work of art! It’s a great gift for Christmas giving!

How To Make A Chalkboard Serving Tray

Who doesn’t love chalkboard? We’re not talking schoolroom walls of fifty years ago, but the crafty DIY board like this adorable cute serving board! Chalkboard paint is the secret to customizing for every event! Know at a glance if the cheese is Cheddar or Colby! Or write seasonal quips for holiday fun!

Easy Diy Kitchen Chalkboard

Gift-giving and DIY got married and had this adorable little kitchen chalkboard! Easy to change the message, menu, or masterpiece one chalks up, and they will think of you fondly each time they walk into their kitchen! You might as well make two and keep one for yourself! They’re THAT fabulous!

Custom Fabric Charm Necklace

For the more charming ladies on your Christmas list, we have an idea for a DIY necklace that will be so personal and special, you may be reluctant to give it away! The perfect way to use scraps from larger projects, or to recycle treasured textiles — like baby’s first blanket.

Diy Rustic Industrial Chalkboard

Rustic decor meets chalkboard for a fun framed board suitable for chalk art, or for creating a prominently displayed Honey-do list! Novice crafters can assemble this gorgeous piece with a little help from their friends (at the hardware store)! Suitable for the farmhouse, or add a touch of nostalgia to the penthouse!

Diy Chicken Wire Frame

Here’s a DIY project for gift-giving or to keep for yourself! A distressed frame accentuates the “chicken wire” backing to which you can clip photos, cards, practically anything you want to display! Use it for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers — there are so many options! Don’t be a chicken! Build one today!

Diy Picture Frame

There are no gifts more appreciated than those from the heart. Personalized with individual initials or the family monogram, you can make frame holders for under $15! Learn how to give it a rustic look to complement any decor from shabby to chic! A perfect display piece for a cherished family photo!

Travel Jewelry Case Sewing Pattern And Tutorial

Christmas is a lovely time for families to get together, but traveling can be chaotic. You can make these adorable travel jewelry cases for all the ladies you’ve been wishing would visit! Clever features to keep all of her favorite pieces securely at hand! Make it personal with her favorite colors!

Diy Antique Monogrammed Window

Upcycled windows make fabulous gifts! This beautiful DIY project yields artwork for everyone on your list! Embellished with a stately monogram, they can see you think they’re special! Use a funky font for an angsty teen or a sophisticated edge for that up-and-coming executive. Clearly, the options are limitless!

Spa In A Jar Diy Valentine’s Day Gift In A Jar

After a bustling holiday, what’s better than a spa day? How about Spa in a Jar! This gift combines a few essentials with luxurious DIY treatments, and the combinations are only limited by your imagination and the size of the jar! Perfect for a hostess gift, or any of Santa’s hard-working helpers!

The Gift Wrap Caddy

Gift-giving means gift-wrapping, which crafty people — like you — do with aplomb! For the rest of us, it would be especially nice to get this upcycled drink caddy decked out with everything to make wrapping happen! Tuck in a gift card for a refreshing treat when everything is all wrapped up!

How To Create Distressed Signs

So you’ve decided to advance your skills from summer camp crafting! You’re ready for big-time projects! Here’s helpful information about taking a plain board and transforming it into a chic sign for your home or as a gift! Add a vintage distressed look without a lot of stress!

How To Make A Book Lamp

What do you get when you have old books, a dim room, and a bright idea? A unique reading lamp, of course! With a base made of books (available from thrift stores or library discards), a few simple pieces of hardware, and nerves of steel, you can make a great lamp!

Repurposed Cart To Diy Jewelry Storage

When you have interesting items of jewelry, you want to find a way to display them! After all, they’re works of art and deserve to be admired! Find a rusty old cart, follow these handy instructions, and you have a one-of-a-kind item ready to show off your favorite trinkets!

Diy Art-inspired Chevron Tote Bag Tutorial

Want to use your sewing skills to make your holiday gifts this year? This artistically-inspired, chevron tote bag is just the ticket. There is no such thing as having too many tote bags, everyone can use another one, and this colorful, striped option will soon become their stylish new favorite.

Diy Coffee Sugar Scrub

Everyone loves a little luxury, and these jars of coffee sugar scrub are so easy to make that you can create an assembly line and make them for all your friends and co-workers. The smell of coffee is universally beloved and with real coffee grounds, the luxurious aroma of this blend is delightful.

Diy Keepsake Handprint Plate

Check out this simple and inexpensive gift idea for using decoupage techniques and tissue paper to make a personalized plate, which you can customize with a child’s handprints or just a pretty mosaic in their favorite colors. Use your imagination to create one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone in the family.

Diy Homemade Mint Extract Recipe

Find out how to make homemade extracts, including this mint recipe, for a super-easy gift for everyone you know. All you need is mint (or vanilla or some other flavor), vodka, and time. Simply steep mint leaves in vodka in a dark closet for two months and you will have a delicious extract to enjoy!

Diy on Trend Leather Cuffs

These cute leather cuffs would be a fun mommy-and-me project to get a lot of holiday gifts knocked out quickly. Follow this tutorial for the basic instructions and then use your own imagination to design them in any number of creative ways. All of your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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