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49 Christmas Gifts for Well Groomed Men

There used to be a time when men who took care of themselves were referred to as “Metrosexual”. Nowadays, a man who cares for his beard is still considered rugged and a man who moisturizes his skin seems to do well with the ladies. Whether it be your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband- the well-groomed man in your life with absolutely appreciate any one of these man scaping tools, products, and accessories.

Whether he is groomed, bushy, or a complete mess, give him a gift to pamper and groom with a more dapper assortment this holiday.

Facial Cleansing Brush System

Exfoliating is the key to maintaining glowing skin that practically never ages! This Facial Cleansing Brush System comes with an electric brush, which along with moisturizing cream, rotates to remove dead skin, dirt, and oil- leaving behind baby soft skin that radiates. It takes just 60 seconds a day and is dermatologist recommended!

Prices Vary

Beard Growth Vitamins

The hottest trend right now is men with killer beards! Girls go crazy for long and luscious beards or short and full beards. That being said, many men are on a mission to grow their facial hair to its fullest potential. Give him a boost with these Beard Growth Vitamins proven and tested to help him grow a fuller beard faster.


Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Rough nights don’t have to translate into rough-looking mornings. No matter how little sleep he may be getting, the well-groomed man can go to work the next day looking as rested as ever! Just apply this Eye Cream for Dark Circles before bed and the rest will take care of itself.


The Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Trimming your nose hairs is oddly satisfying. This Christmas, introduce your man to this rewarding grooming habit with an electric nose hair trimmer. It’s quite simple to use: turn it on and stick it in your nose while the gentle blades shorten any nose hairs who threaten to make an appearance.


Honest Amish Beard Balm

Soften, repair, and nourish even the most unruly of beards with this Honest Amish Beard Balm. Made with organic oils such as Avocado and Grapeseed, and vegan butters like Aloe and Shea, this smooth mixture will become part of his every day routine leaving his beard looking and smelling on point.


Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Gel

Clean hands are essential to feeling well put together. These Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Gels are made just for men with manly-smelling scents like Ocean Breeze and Black Noir. Better yet, they are small enough to carry around in his pocket so that he’s always prepared!

Prices Vary

Black Pepper Body Wash and Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo and body wash- most men are simple. All they need is one, high-quality product that will clean their hair and cleanse their body. This Black Pepper Body Wash and Shampoo incorporates Lemongrass and Juniper along with Black Pepper, that not only smell amazing, but are gentle enough to use every day.


Garment Steamer

Pulling your shirts out of a suitcase only to find a wrinkled mess is a well-groomed man’s worst nightmare. This Garment Steamer is small enough to carry with him from state to state which will remove even the deepest creases. Now, he will show up to every meeting looking crisp and confident.


Oil Pulling Peppermint Coconut Oil

Teeth Pulling is not as painful as it sounds. Pulling is actually a method of teeth whitening using extra pure coconut oil. Swish this Oil Pulling Peppermint Coconut Oil around your mouth like mouthwash, and it literally pulls the stains from your teeth. This product’s formula is 100% raw and extra dense, making it one of the best coconut oil pulling systems on the market.

Prices Vary

Pirate Bottle Beard Oil

A man that shaves or shapes his facial hair regularly is bound to suffer from agitated, dry skin that can flake and itch. While Beard Conditioner maintains the hair, beard oil treats the skin. Just a couple dabs of this nutrient-rich Beard Oil daily will sooth his skin and leave him smelling fantastic.


Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen

These Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen make for fantastic stocking stuffers! These handy stain remover pens are every well-groomed man’s dream. They are so small that they can fit in any suitcase, car center console, or pocket that will provide instant backup should a spill occur!


Top Coat Nail Polish for Men

For the man who wants to keep his nails polished without that feminine shine, here is a Top Coat nail polish with a matte finish. One coat of this formula will even out the color and tone of his nails while keeping them protected throughout the day.

Prices Vary

Evolution Man Lip Balm

The masculine design of this black label lip balm will make every well-groomed man feel good about hydrating his lips in public. Evolution Man Lip Balm will not only moisturize his lips, but it will also nourish them with antioxidants and keep them save from the sun with SPF 15.

Prices Vary

The Best Personal Groomer

Maybe the man in your life prides himself on having clean sideburns or maybe he is diligent on making sure that his unibrow never grows back- whatever his hair problem may be, here is the solution. The Best Personal Groomer is a thin electric razor perfect for tackling spots that are hard to navigate with a traditional razor.


Hydrophobic Men’s Crew Neck T-shirt

Buffalo wings, coffee, red wine, spaghetti and pretty much any other perma-stain food are no match for this Hydrophobic Men’s Crew Neck T-shirt. His new white shirt will stay completely white as the fabric repels any and every food, drink, or dirt that threatens ruin it.

Prices Vary

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Being well groomed begins with having a well-maintained body. The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is the ultimate way for any man to keep track of living a healthy lifestyle. He can track his daily physical activity as well as his sleep patterns. When you’re body is in shape, it’s easier to keep the rest of yourself in shape.

Prices Vary

Comb and Brush Beard Kit

This Christmas, give every well-groomed man you know the tools to detangle and add shine to his facial hair. Comb and Brush Beard Kit comes with an all-purpose wooden comb and boar bristle brush for a one-stop-shop to maintain his good looks. The rugged look and feel of these products will appeal to even the manliest of men.


Workin’ Man Hand Scrub

Shaking hands and holding babies isn’t pleasant when a man’s hands is covered in callouses from manual labor. This hand scrub is the perfect way to get rid of any unwanted skin patches that will leave his palms feeling smoother as ever. Just a little dab in the shower is all it takes.


Dead Sea Mud Mask

Having clear skin is important to every man whether he is well-groomed or not. The secret to smooth, acne-free skin is a deep cleanse with this Dead Sea Mud Mask once a week. With each application, dirt, oil, and dead skin will be washed away to reveal a face that is fresh and glowing.


Anti-Aging Skincare Set

A well-groomed man wants to maintain his youthful looks for as long as humanly possible! Adding this face & body wash, exfoliating facial scrub, and anti-aging facial moisturizer to his morning routine is a sure fire way to keep those boyish good looks for years to come.

Prices Vary

Natural Deodorant

Keeping those pits fresh while keeping his body free of chemicals like aluminum and parabens is a fantastic way to go. This natural deodorant made with Cedarwood and Juniper smells amazing and does the job when it comes to tackling those natural manly odors and that unwanted sweaty feeling.


Old School Shaving Kit

When it comes to their face, many men prefer that old school shave to get the closest shave possible. This beautiful shave kit comes with Lavenderwood Shaving Soap, a shave brush to lather, and a classic straight razor all in a repurposed cigar box. Engrave his initials on the box for a personalized touch.


Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani Cologne

Turn any average Joe into an irresistible god with this magical potion. No well-groomed transformation is complete without a spritz of this cologne in the morning or before a night out on the town. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani will leave him smelling like the best kept man there ever was.


Continuous Spray Sunscreen

Sunspots are not attractive but this 50 SPF sunscreen bottle is. After the holidays come to an end, that glaring sun will be right back at it, trying to wrinkle his skin once again. This Christmas, give him this Continuous Spray Sunscreen in the most unique wooden bottle that makes protecting himself against sun damage feel like the most brawny task around.


AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

AuraGlow is an at-home teeth-whitening kit that really works! The kit comes with an LED-Light Mouth Tray, Whitening Gel, a retainer case, and useful instructions. For the most gleaming smile free of coffee stains or signs of daily red wine drinking, 30 minutes per day is all it takes.


The 6X Life Extending Razor Cleaner

If your man likes to keep his facial hair in tiptop shape, then he probably goes through tons of disposable razors. To save him time, money, and to help him get the closest shave possible, give him this 6X Life Extending Razor Cleaner. The silicone surface causes friction, which cleans and sharpens his blade making his razors last much longer than average!


Men’s Leather Toiletry Bag

To keep his face creams, nail clippers, and beard oils organized on the road or even at home, give the man in your life this beautiful Leather Toiletry Bag. Handmade with high quality full-grain leather, this is a practical Christmas gift that he’ll use for years.

Prices Vary

Blemish Extractor

The most effective way to remove blackheads, pimples, and blemishes is to empty the pore completely- a tactic you simple can’t do with just your hands. These Blemish Extractor tools get the job done by applying equal pressure all around the pore to remove the unwanted buildup. This gift will surely become his new guilty pleasure.


Innisfree BB Cream for Men

Leave it up to South Korea, home of male beauty products, to come up with a BB Cream suitable for men. A BB Cream is a moisturizer, SPF, and super-light facial concealer all in one. This product’s skin-matching technology can cover up blemishes or scaring in the most discrete manner possible.

Prices Vary

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s bound to happen- that accidental dip of your man’s beard into his plate of food resulting in a sticky beard that now smells like BBQ Sauce. He can’t help it, but he can surely take care of it afterwards. This Beard Shampoo and Conditioner are made with organic ingredients that will purify and cleanse his beard with ease.


Vegan Deodorizing Foot Scrub

Coming home from a brutal workout at the gym or a long day at the office is almost sure to guarantee smelly feet on any man. To keep his dignity in order, your well-groomed man can unwind and freshen his feet with this Vegan Deodorizing Foot Scrub that feels good and smells good.


Scotch Infused Toothpicks

Combine function with experimentation and you get Scotch Infused Toothpicks. These toothpicks are so uniquely yummy that your well-groomed man will constantly reach for these bad boys after a persnickety meal. Texas-made by experienced bartenders, these toothpicks also come in Bourbon Pecan, Cedarwood & Vanilla Burnt Brandy, Fireball, and more.

Prices Vary

Shirt Folding Board

If the man in your life likes his closet and drawers to stay immaculately organized with perfectly folded shirts or he travels often with shirts that easily wrinkle – then he needs this Shirt Folding Board. This handy contraption will make his closet look like a professional department store and will give him a packing solution that won’t compromise his on-the-go style.

Prices Vary

The Best Fog Free Mirror

Fog-proof, rustproof and extremely well lit- this fog-free mirror will make shaving in the shower easier than ever. A full shave or a morning touch up will create less of a mess than the usual method of shaving over the bathroom sink. This mirror is easy to attach to bathroom tiles with suction cups and is durable enough to handle a fall off the wall.


Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

Paul Mitchel has created a scented body and hair moisturizer for men that is an absolute must-have grooming fixture. It conquers two birds with one stone in that can be used to condition the frizziest of hair without weighing it down while also acting as an awesome body moisturizer. It’s a head-to-toe serum that is incredibly low-maintenance.

Prices Vary

Philips Electric Toothbrush

A sparkling smile is one of the first things we notice about a man. To achieve and maintain a gleaming first impression, every man must have the right tools. This Phillips Electric Toothbrush is the ultimate tool needed to clean and polish those pearly whites so that he can grin from ear to ear with confidence.


Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

If you want to go all out, any and every well-groomed man will appreciate this all-inclusive Hygiene Kit. It comes with a bar of soap, body lotion, lip balm, hand scrub, after-shower oil, foot salve, and something called Knuckle Wax- all made right here in the USA.


Eyebrow Manicure Scissors

2016 has been the year of eyebrow perfection for both men and women. The beauty world has finally realized how a well-groomed set of eyebrows can man you one attractive specimen. These Eyebrow Manicure Scissors are an easy at-home way to control unruly eyebrows for any man.


The Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush

He might not be able to stop his hair from falling out but he can absolutely slow the process down with a gentle grooming tool. This special hairbrush uses boar bristles which are naturally softer and glide through his hair instead of tugging on each strand. This extremely high-quality brush will stand the test of time making it a wise grooming investment.


Plush Kimono Bathrobe

While he’s grooming shaving in the mirror, giving himself a manicure, or just stepping out from a luxurious bath, your well-groomed man can pamper himself with this Plush Kimono Bathrobe. With loose sleeves and two deep pockets, he will feel as if he’s having a day at the spa.


Auto-Off Digital Iron

Every man needs a quality iron in his home! This Auto-Off Digital Iron is one of the best-selling irons on the market because it is so easy to use and really gets the job done. No man will have to worry about burning delicate fabrics or burning the house-down as this iron automatically shuts off after use.

Prices Vary

Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

A well-groomed man certainly values his pearly whites, even while he’s traveling. The problem true travelers have is that none of their belongings stay clean for long- especially their toothbrush. This compact case kills up to 99% of germs lingering on his toothbrush using UV light so that when he brushes, he’s guaranteed to get the deepest clean possible.


6 DIY Gifts for Well Groomed Men

DIY Natural Peppermint Toothpaste

Using natural ingredients like coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint oil, you can create an enamel-friendly Christmas gift for your well-groomed man. This DIY toothpaste gets the job done by removing dirt and evening whitening his teeth with each use. Put your mixture into a beautiful jar and you’re all set.

Multi Purpose Skin Lotion

Especially if your man works outside, his skin needs some extra TLC. Whip him up some nourishing, soothing and moisturizing skin lotion that will replenish any dried out skin on his body. You can customize the scent by choosing any combination of essential oils you wish to incorporate.

Homemade Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

This Christmas, skip the overpriced, fancy shaving cream purchase and just make your own! Using the most nourishing butters and oils known to man, plus a few drops of eucalyptus oil, you can whip him up the most gourmet version of shaving cream known to man.

Healing Cuticle Balm

A man that works with his hands knows the struggle of cracked cuticles and the dreaded hangnail. With this homemade cuticle cream, he can sooth, hydrate, and protect his cuticles to make his hands look like they’ve never worked a day in their life! Store them in cute little tins that he can always keep on hand.

Infused Bath Salts

A little known secret is that some of the burliest men are the biggest fans of a nice hot bath. Adding Infused Bath Salts to his soak in the tub will leave his skin feeling silky smooth and his mood ultra relaxed. These salts are easy to make and come out looking very expensive.

DIY Peppermint Foot Balm

What do you get when you mix Shea butter, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil? The answer is the most simple yet luxurious foot balm around! This is a wonderful treat for your husband where you can indulge him in an aromatic and skin soften foot rub with this little mixture every night.

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