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13 Unique Gifts for Travelers

Traveling is one of those innate human desires, and these gifts for travelers will help them log another successful trip. Keep them comfortable and prepared for what’s ahead with these thoughtful gifts, and you’ll be able to be a part of their travels without actually going with them.

13 Unique Gifts for Travelers- to make their trips more comfortable and convenient.

Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

When traveling, comfort is your main concern, and not all travel pillows will do the trick. This inflatable travel pillow doesn’t stop at the neck, and provides support all the way down so you have something to prop you up on the plane. Deflates for easy travel.


Digital Luggage Scale

Give this gift and they’ll never be stuck paying extra for baggage again. Within a few seconds they’ll have a wickedly accurate idea of how much their luggage weighs in at, and they’ll be able to take some things out or put more in without fearing the check-in process.

Prices Vary

Tablet Tail Monkey Kit

Keep your tablet right where you want it, whether you’re on a plane, on a boat, on a train, in the car, or in your hotel room. This kit puts a tail on the back of your tablet so you can then twist it and place it where you can get the best viewing angle.

Prices Vary

Scratch Map Deluxe

This map lets the world traveler scratch off all of the places they’ve been, leaving the rest of the map shrouded in mystery. It will reignite the travel bug if they’ve been sticking close to home for too long, as they’ll want to scratch more of the world off.



When you’re traveling sleep is important, but often comes at a premium because of all the commotion and less than ideal sleeping environments. This dual ear plug and eye mask combo means that you’ll have total darkness and muffled sounds anywhere you end up.


Travel Adapter

Getting to your destination only to find that you don’t have the right adapter can be frustrating. When you travel with this universal adapter you’ll be all set on three different continents. Very handy when you need to charge your smartphone in a place that’s foreign to you.

Prices Vary

The FitKit

No reason to get out of shape while traveling when you have the FitKit. This is a highly portable kit that allows you to do a number of different resistance exercises from just about anywhere. It all folds up into its carrying case and is light so you don’t regret taking it.

Prices Vary

Best Restaurants Worldwide

These aren’t just the best restaurants in your neighborhood, these are the best restaurants all over the world. It really opens up the competition and you can find yourself becoming an international food critic in no time as you sample dishes all over the globe.



Now you can go ahead and make that duty free purchase knowing that your bottle will make it back in one piece. These specially designed bags are meant to protect what’s in them, and if there should be an accident, they’re absorbent to keep it contained.


High Capacity Portable Charger

Never run out of juice at the wrong time again with this portable charger. When you’re traveling you’ll be burning through the battery in your phone faster than ever, and this portable charger means you can charge up without having to go back to the hotel.

Prices Vary

Travel Journal

Travelers are the best candidates for journal keeping, and this journal is specifically designed to log travel adventures. Over time as they fill it up with all of their trips it will make a great keepsake and help to preserve the memories they’ve made in different places.


Pocket Translator

This is a fun gadget that will help the world traveler understand and be understood in a new land. With several different languages this can help you out no matter where you end up, and is great as a backup in case your phone gives out.


Travel Size Massage Stick

The thought of traveling is fun, but the actual traveling can really take a toll on your body. Use this massage stick to massage aching muscles and keep you feeling good while out and about. It’s just the right size to fit into a bag without taking up a lot of room.



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