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29 Cool Christmas Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Has Everything

What do you buy for the man who has everything? He already has the best he can get (which is you) so how do you top that? Stop your worrying and check out this list; it has so many cool Christmas gifts ideas for him which will make this Christmas Day the best one he’s had.

gifts for the boyfriend who has everything

Suunto Traverse Alpha

If your boyfriend loves being in the great outdoors, he needs this watch. But it’s no ordinary watch, it contains GPS/ GLONASS navigation as well as hunting and fishing features such as automatic shot detection and a red backlight for use at night. Not bad for something you wear around your wrist.

Prices Vary

Baseball Stadium Screen Print Map

No matter which team you support, visiting every baseball stadium in America is every fan’s dream. Help him keep track of which ones he’s been to with this screen print map. He can add a sticker to the stadiums he’s been to and see how long it takes him to visit them all.


Valet Tray

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to be organized, otherwise we end up wasting valuable time. This drawer separator is perfect for sorting his sunglasses, watches, and even jewelry, so he can grab what he needs without hunting around the bedroom for it.

Prices Vary

Buddy Wine and Cocktail Mixing Bar Set

Does your other half like to show off at every party you throw? Help him to perfect his barman skills with this cocktail maker set. He’ll impress everyone by making them their perfect drink, all with some showmanship thrown in for good luck. Do you prefer your drink shaken or stirred?


Fred FUZZ Crime Scene Scarf

Men refuse to wrap up warm during the colder months, they just don’t like wearing hats or gloves. You might get him to change his mind with this awesome scarf though. Bright yellow and fuzzy, it looks just like the crime scene tape the police use.

Prices Vary

Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up with your loved one under a blanket. This one is the ultimate though, as you can personalize it to feature you both. With cute characters which you can customize to look just like you, doing hobbies you enjoy, this will be a blanket you’ll keep for years.


Field Notes Shenandoah Edition Graph Memo Books

Perfect for work, this set of three memo books is perfect for him to remember important bits of information. He can keep one in his desk, one in his bag and maybe even one in his car; just in case he needs to take a work call on his way home.


Sense Sleep System

There are many things which can affect our sleep, from stress to kids! But with this Sense Sleep System, you can keep track of your sleeping patterns and see if you can recognize what’s keeping you up at night and what you can do to fix it.

Prices Vary

Beard Oil and Balm Kit

Just like the hair on your head, facial hair needs to be looked after. This set of beard balm and oil will keep your boyfriend’s face fuzz feeling super soft, perfect for snuggling into. You want him to look well groomed, not resemble a caveman.

Prices Vary

The Five Minute Journal

He’ll be able to use this Five Minute Journal every day to take a moment to pause and reflect on the day he’s had. The prompts for each day are the same but they encourage him to focus on the good points and how he can improve his life from now on.

Prices Vary

The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse

Perfect for someone who is preparing for the apocalypse or even someone who is zombie mad, this cookbook is for them. It contains some tasty recipes which you’ll need to remember if the undead start coming for us. Well, we need to eat as well, don’t we?


ONME Nail Clippers Set

Keep him looking his best at all times with this travel grooming set. He can use it at home, when he travels for work or maybe even on your holidays. It contains 15 different tools, including clippers and an acne needle so you know he’ll always look amazing.


Domestic Corner Das Boot Drinking Mug

Ok, so we don’t want to encourage excessive drinking, but how awesome would he look, pulling this out at this year’s Christmas party? Das Boot will hold a liter of his favorite beer or cider; all he needs to do is drink the lot and then look smug about it.


Augmented Reality Lunar Sculpture

The moon is pretty impressive when you think about it, there’s still so much we don’t know about it. Using this awesome interactive model and an app on your smartphone, you’ll unlock some amazing historic facts, photos and videos which will broaden your knowledge of the moon.


Fisher Space Pen Men’s Bullet Space Pen with Clip

Everyone needs a pen they can rely on, one they know they can pull out to make any notes they need to. This writing implement takes it one step further though. It can write at any angle, even in zero gravity, and it’ll still work in extreme temperatures, too.


Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones

He’ll look super cool wearing these black and walnut headphones on his commute into work. He can use them to listen to music or watch videos, and the sound quality will be perfect. They even come with a carry case so they’ll always be safe.


Gerber GDC Money Clip w/ Built-in Fixed Blade Knife

If your boyfriend is the outdoorsy type, he needs a decent pen knife to take along on his wild adventures. This one is small enough to slip into his pocket and it’s easy to deploy, as well as having space to store up to five credit cards in the clip.


Real Homemade Gin Kit

Gin is a really popular drink at the moment, with new flavors and blends popping up every day. Use this kit with your drinking buddy to create your very own unique gin using the herbs and spices which come included, then experiment and create some amazing cocktails.


Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

Perfect for any sport fanatic, these wireless Bose headphones are perfect for working out. Both sweat and weather resistant, you’ll get 5 hours of playtime after a full charge, and don’t worry if you lose them; there’s an app to help you find them again.


Beard Bib & Shaper Set

You chose a boyfriend with a beard. What you didn’t sign up for was the mess that is leaves when he trims it over the sink – it’s awful. Help eliminate that mess with this beard bib and shaper so not only will he have a beautifully neat beard, you’ll have a beautifully neat bathroom.


Misfit Ray Fitness + Sleep Tracker

Who would have thought that this little band can do as many things as it can? From tracking your sleep and calories, to responding to smart home devices and even alerting you to calls and text messages, you’ll wonder how you ever lived your life without it.

Prices Vary

Magnetic Wristband

This little wristband is perfect if your boyfriend is into his DIY. Instead of holding screws in his mouth or having to bend down and get them, he can attach them to this comfortable magnetic band and he’ll always have them nearby. Pretty cool, right?


Northern Brewer Goose Island Beer Brewing Starter Kit

Instead of getting him some ready made beer this Christmas, why not give him the option to brew some himself? This kit from Goose Island provides him with everything he needs to become a master brewer, including a secret and exclusive recipe straight from the brewery.

Prices Vary

Godfather Collection

There are some movies out there which are classics and will stand the test of time. The Godfather is one of them. This DVD collection contains all three films plus bonus material which is a must for any Godfather fans, or film fanatics in general.


Movie Weird Sound Effects Unusual Instrument

For horror film fans out there, here’s a gift with a twist. Instead of buying them the movie itself or some merchandise, get them a Waterphone. This instrument is used to create the eerie sounds you hear so often in scary movies and with this, they can make them whenever they want.


Justfwater Fruit and Tea Infuser Glass Water Bottle

Making sure you’re drinking enough water is just another task to add to our never ending list and it can feel like a chore, especially if you don’t like the taste of water. Use this fruit infuser to change the taste and you might start to enjoy it.

Prices Vary

Palette Cool Mouse Pad

Whether he uses this at home or on his desk at work, this mouse pad is sure to make him laugh every time he goes to use it. It features a Stormtrooper wearing a cape and riding a horse into battle. It’s so random but perfect for film nerds out there.


Pallet Stacking Game

Practice your stacking skills with this cute little game which mimics a real life problem; how do you stack boxes onto a pallet? You’ll be able to perfect your plan with this game, and because you can play it with friends, you might be able to steal some of their space saving ideas.


Incase EO Backpack

Perfect if he has to commute to work, this backpack comes in a light gray which is perfect for the office environment. It has space to store a 17” laptop or iPad and the padded back panels and shoulder straps will mean that he’s comfortable at all times.


3 Unique Diy Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Diy Industrial Watch Holder

Make him somewhere “manly” to store his extensive watch collection with this Industrial Watch Holder. It looks really cool and it’s super easy to make as you’ll find out. Simply read through the steps in this tutorial and then have a go at making one for yourself.

Diy Leather Tablet Case

Leather items can be seriously expensive to buy, especially when they’re for your technology. Save yourself some cash and have a go at making a leather tablet holder by following this blog post, and because you’ve made it yourself, you’ll be able to make it 100% unique.

Diy Necktie Zip Pouch

Repurpose your boyfriend’s old neckties by making them into cute zip up pouches. Anyone in the family can use them for anything they like and if you’re new to sewing or you want to polish up your skills, this project is the perfect opportunity for you to do that.

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