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32 Pint-Sized Etsy Gifts for the 1 Year Old Who Has Everything

Buying gifts for the 1 year old who has everything is difficult. You want to buy them something they’ll love but not something they’ve already got. Check out this list of cute Etsy gifts; usually handmade and full of things you won’t find in the store, the perfect gift is here for you to discover.

Soft Children's Sensory Book

Fabric Alphabet Letters

Looking for gifts for the 1 year old who has everything? These fabric letters are adorable and will make a great present. They’re perfect for learning their letters and alphabet, and because they’re made of soft fabric they’re totally safe for them to play with, too.


Silver Personalized Jewelry Box

The perfect little keepsake for them to look after and treasure when they’re older: a personalized jewelery box to keep their earrings, necklaces and rings in. Add their name to the front of this ornate looking hinged box and no matter how old they get, they’ll always remember where this little box came from.


Floor Road Mat

Spark their imagination with this floor road mat. Super soft and made from cotton blend fabric, just add some toy cars and lorries to keep them amused for hours. You’ll find Velcro in each corner which means it’ll stay in place once it’s put down and when they’re done playing, it folds away for easy storage.


Wooden Letters and Shape Sorter

If you’re looking for gifts for the 1 year old who has everything, this might be just what you’re looking for. This adorable wooden shape sorter not only teaches them about shapes and spatial awareness, but you can personalize it to have their name made into wooden blocks to fit into the shape sorter.

Price varies

Kids Teepee Tent Black Arrow

Every child needs a hideaway, somewhere they can go when they get overwhelmed by life. Gift the 1 year old you know with a teepee. The black arrow design is unisex, perfect for any toddler, and all they have to do is fill it with cushions and blankets, then snuggle up for some chill out time.


All Aboard Conductor Hat

Do you know a 1 year old who loves trains? If so, this personalized conductor’s hat is just the thing. Make them feel like they’re going to be climbing aboard a train, ready to chug along the tracks. Add their name to the front so everyone knows the name of the adorable train conductor.

Price varies

Personalized Plush Monkey

Are you after gifts for the 1 year old who has everything? Why not get them this cute personalized monkey? Every toddler likes a cuddly toy and this one has a great cuddle factor as it’s been made from high quality cuddly fabric. The arms and legs are the perfect length to fit into little toddler’s hands.

Price varies

Personalized Rag Doll

Gift them a more traditional toy with a rag doll. These dolls can be personalized with their name, in your choice of color and font, instantly making them any 1 year old’s best friend. Choose from a doll, mermaid or fairy, whichever one you think they’ll love best.

Price varies

Animal Match Game

Teach them animals, word recognition and improve their memory, with this adorable animal match game. Each pack comes with 10 cards, two of each animal including raccoons and foxes, and then your toddler has to match up the pairs. It’ll be their new favorite game.


Personalized Baby Blanket

A personalized blanket makes a perfect gift for a 1 year old. They can take it to bed with them and snuggle up with it, knowing it’s their special blanket with their name on. It comes with a matching pillow, and a beanie hat can also be added to the order.

Price varies

Zoo Animal Finger Puppet Set

Do you need gifts for the 1 year old who has everything? Take a look at these zoo finger puppets. Each set comes with 7 different animals and they can be used with adult or teeny toddler fingers. They’re great for keeping children amused when they’re having to wait, or getting a bit bored.


Kids Furniture Toddler Gift Stool

Pop this stool into their bedroom and it’ll make a great place for them to sit and read their favorite books. Made from sturdy wood, it has a neutral safari theme, making it perfect for any color scheme and gender. Add their name and your toddler will always have somewhere to sit.


Card Table Playhouse

The perfect little tent for your 1 year old to expand their imagination and start to learn how to role play, it comes in a gorgeous raspberry pink with a scalloped roof and little heart decorations. There’s even a letterbox so your toddler can receive letters to their home.

Price varies

Felt Smores Set

Pretend play food is an excellent way to get your children interested in cooking, and what better pretend food is there than smores? These little marshmallowy treats look almost as good as the real thing and your 1 year old will love making you up a smore to eat and enjoy.

Price varies

Fish Quiet Book Page

Gifts for the 1 year old who has everything can be tricky. Check out this quiet book, made from eco-friendly materials, which is perfect for when your toddler needs some chill out time. The fish can be moved across the ribbon in any direction, making it look like they’re swimming.


Felt My First Garden

Encourage your toddler to become green-fingered with a pretend felt garden. Inside a cute wooden crate with a plaque saying “My First Garden”, you’ll find brown felt which looks like soil and some felt vegetables like carrots, lettuce and beets. They can plant and harvest them over and over again.


Dinosaur Tail

Available in green or pink with colored spikes, these dinosaur tails will be loved by any 1 year old who receives it. All they have to do is pull it on and start roaring and stomping to feel like a dinosaur. The elasticated waist and fabric will last throughout years of imaginative play.

Price varies

Felt Ravioli Pretend Play Food Set

Ravioli is delicious and is loved by adults and children alike. Imagine being served up a plate of pasta by your 1 year old, complete with pea pods and bread. Obviously we’re not talking about real food; this play set is made from felt, sparking imagination and role play in your toddler.

Price varies

Personalized Rag Doll

Choose from a rag doll, fairy or mermaid to become your 1 year old’s new best friend. You can change its hair colour too, making it look like your toddler, and then add your child’s name onto their dress or the mermaid’s tail. That way, everyone will know who owns this gorgeous dolly.

Price varies

Child’s Personalized Hooded Towel

There’s no better feeling than getting wrapped up in a fluffy towel after a warm bath. If you need gifts for the 1 year old who has everything, a personalized hooded towel complete with their name or monogram is perfect. Choose the color of the towel, font and ribbon color too.

Price varies

Wood Dollhouse Kids Toy

Encourage their imagination and role playing with this simplistic wooden dollhouse. Your toddler can turn it into anything they want. Either leave it plain and wooden or paint it to make it look more like a real house. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a hit with your child.


Montessori Gift Set

Cute and colorful, this box of rainbow wooden toys is a perfect gift for a 1 year old. The handmade blocks have a number of possibilities; counting, stacking and color recognition. There are also 6 wooden men and rainbow hand kites which they’ll love taking out into the backyard to watch them wave in the wind.


Personalized Owl Plushie

This adorable little owl is the perfect size for toddler hands. Made from super soft plush, it’s ideal for your toddler to cuddle up with – it’ll become their new best friend. It can be personalized too so it’ll never get lost or misplaced, but instead always fly home to your toddler.

Price varies

Train Gift

Buying gifts for the 1 year old who has everything can be a minefield. You can’t go wrong with this push along toy train which has been made from natural wood. It can encourage crawling or walking and even color recognition as each of the coaches is a different color.


Montessori Sorting Toy

You can’t go wrong with an educational toy for a toddler. They’ll learn their colors, how to count and also improve their fine motor skills through their play. Each set conists of six different colored bowls and 12 acorns, two of each color, to match.


Fabric Alphabet Letters

These fabric letters will be a hit with the 1 year old you know. They come in uppercase, and the white and blue color scheme makes them perfect for both boys and girls. Keep them all together in the drawstring bag included whenever you’re not using them to learn your letters and alphabet.


Woodland Animal Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are a great gift for a 1 year old. They can learn so much from them; the different animals, pretend play and role playing. In this set they’ll get 9 woodland animal puppets, such as a rabbit and an owl, for them to create adventures with.


Waldorf Wooden Animal Toys

These adorable animal sets make great gifts for the 1 year old who has everything. You and your toddler will have so much fun using these wooden animals to pretend play with. As well as animals like a bear and a squirrel, you also get trees, mushrooms and flowers so these animals will feel at home.

Price varies

Farm Animal Finger Puppets With Barn Pouch

Create magical stories and wonderful adventures with these farmyard finger puppets. As well as 7 farm animals, this set also comes with a red barn bag to store them in. Toddler fingers as well as adult fingers will fit inside these puppets so you can take it in turns to play.


Handmade Wooden Rainbow Stacker Personalized

This rainbow stacker has so many possibilities. As well as being used to learn their colors and discover which bit goes on top of the next, the individual pieces could also be used as tunnels for their cars or a rocking crib for their baby dolls.


Custom Xylophone

All toddlers like to make noise, it’s almost like it’s ingrained into their brains! Channel that need for noise into something positive like a musical instrument, and what better instrument than a colorful wooden xylophone with their name and date of birth engraved into it?


3 Clever Diy Gifts Any One Year Old Would Love

Diy Adorable Drums

This tutorial shows you how you can make your very own DIY drums at home for your bundle of noise. They’ll have great fun bashing away at it, making music, and the best part is because you made it yourself, you’ll be able to design it in colors and patterns you know your toddler will love.

Diy Dinosaur World in A Suitcase

While little toy dinosaurs are cute, they can quickly become annoying when you step on a rogue one in the middle of the night. Make this small world suitcase for your toddler’s dinosaurs and they’ll have a ‘Jurassic Park’ just for them, plus somewhere safe to store them. Win win!

Diy Toddler Sleeping Bag

If you’re thinking of going camping this summer, your toddler is definitely going to need a sleeping bag. Instead of spending money on a store bought one, why not try and make one yourself at home? This tutorial makes it look super easy and your child can help you choose the fabrics.

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