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44 Totally Awesome Gifts for Stoners

As the famous Bob Marley sang, “Legalize It and I Will Advertise It.” We’re not here to take a stand one way or another on the legalization of the weed, but what we do know is that stoners are everywhere. And we also know its legal for recreational use in four states and legal for medical reasons in twenty-three more. In other words: the stoners are coming! You should have gifts ready.

These gifts will help them with their favorite hobby, and I found a great stoner gifts for my friend in no time. Hey, it’s 4:20 somewhere!

The Stoner Coffee Table Book

This book is designed specifically for stoners to sit around and trip out on. It’s filled with psychedelic pictures and conversations starters that will keep stoners happy and giggling for hours on end. From puppies on the moon to beautiful mountain vistas, it’s totally munchies for the eyeballs.


Baked Blvd.

This road sign lets you know exactly where you are: in a stoner’s room. Right at the corner of Baked Boulevard and The High Road. What once was the sole purview of rebellious teenagers is now available to everyone, now that pot is legal in four states.


Smoke & Sketch

This gift for the artistic stoner will keep them drawing trippy doodles all day and all night. And maybe all through the next morning, too, depending on the grade of their stash. This book is filled with arty activities that will literally blow your mind, it’s so stonerifically cool.


The Frost Pipe

How cool is this pipe? This pipe is ice cold. Or as Andre from Outkast might say, its colder than a polar bear’s toenails. This amazing kit gives stoners a way to make a pipe out of ice. That’s right—a pipe that will deliver a nice cool toke every time. And the evidence? What evidence? You mean that puddle of water?

Prices Vary

Reach And Clean

Paraphernalia is notorious for getting clogged with nasty resin that stains the fingers and gets all over clothes, furniture, and everything it touches. This cleaning kit solves the pipe and water bong cleaning problem once and for all. Because not all stoners are sloppy—some like things neat and tidy.


Premium Grinder

If you know a stoner who likes to vape or roll big cones or even skinny little New York joints, then they’ll need a primo grinder like this one. It grinds the kind down into a fine, manageable size that’s perfect for storage or immediate use.

Prices Vary

Tardis Vape Sticker

Not all stoners are Dr. Who fans and not all Dr. Who fans are stoners, but one thing is certain: every single stoner would love to have a time machine. Because, like wow, dude—imagine if you could go back in time and talk to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock?


Travel Vape Case

Good vapes are expensive. You can’t just throw them in a toiletry bag or in a suitcase. You need a real case to keep that prime vape safe and ready for use when you reach your destination. This case is endorsed by the big weed daddy Snoop Dogg himself, and has compartments for your oils, pen vapes, and all stoner needs.

Prices Vary

Vegan Stoner Recipes

There are a lot of stoner vegans out there. The whole not wanting to eat animals thing and being a sensitive stoner sort of go hand in hand. This recipe book teaches the happy stoner how to keep a full belly without eating any animal products whatsoever.


The Gas Mask

There’s no hiding the goal of this device: get the stoner as quickly as possible to his or her favorite destination. Let’s be real: it’s called a tobacco mask, but just one look and we can all see what’s going on. It’s a bong attached to a gas mask. We’re not sayin, we’re just sayin.

Prices Vary

Pax II Vaporizer

Vaping is sweeping the nation. Vape shops almost outnumber old school head shops. People vape their tobacco in restaurants, their weed in states where it’s legal, and designer concoctions that skirt the boundaries of what’s legal and what’s not. The Pax 2 is internationally recognized as the top-shelf vaporizer out there.

Prices Vary

The DeBowler

Anyone who smokes a pipe knows that the bottom gets all caked with burnt ashes. Sooner or later, the pipe gets clogged and then the smoking gets tough. The DeBowler nips that problem in the bud (we saved that joke) by giving stoners and pipe smokers and easy way to clean out the bowl between sessions.


Water Pipe Travel Case

When you spend over a hundred dollars and a glass bong—or water pipe, as some would prefer to call them—you need a safe case if you want to take it on the road. This padded, hard shell case is designed to hold a twelve inch glass water pipe and keep it safe and sound no matter how far the stoner may roam.

Prices Vary

Stash Can

A blast from the past! Remember your friend who used to make these out of coke cans back in the day? Won’t admit it, huh? Or maybe you forgot—what happened to those memory cells? Have to look into that. This one is tailor made from an Arizona Ice Tea can, ready to hide the stash in plain sight.

Prices Vary

Frisbee Golf Starter Kit

Ask any stoner what they want to do with a beautiful afternoon, and you’ll likely hear them say, “Bro, toke up and toss the disc.” Why not get them started on the joys of Frisbee golf? At the rate the worlds is going, disc golf might just catch up to real golf and be the new place where big business deals are made.

Prices Vary

Doob-Ease Cigarette Roller

Cigarette rolling machines have been around much longer than stoners in the good ol USA have been twisting up their doobies for recreational use. That means they’re time tested to turn out perfect fat ones every time. But don’t take out word for it—give this gift to a stoner and let them report back.

Prices Vary

The Medtainer

This is the perfect container for high grade cannabis. It’s waterproof, air tight, and odor proof. It also includes a built in grinder, so it’s a one stop shop for cannabis connoisseurs. It keep the cannabis fresh, whether for medicinal or recreational use, depending on which state you’re in.


The Pot Book

All the stoner knowledge you ever wanted, right in one book. This is no joke: it tackles the history of marijuana use for medical, religious, and recreational purposes. It examines marijuana in its social, political, and historical context. Before arguing legalization with your conservative uncle, read this book.


Grand Theft Auto V

Voted by High Times Magazine as the best video game for stoners, ever. Which is kind of strange, because the stereotypical stoner is your laid back “don’t want no static bro” kind of person. But maybe that’s just it: the heroes in GTA V are everything stoners aren’t. Either way, it’s a great way to spend a super-high afternoon or five.


The Cosmic Pipe

This beautiful glass pipe is hand-blown and features a beautiful picture of galactic stars. You can choose whether the stoner of choice gets to look at Earth, Pluto, or the Moon. Whichever you decide, the toke will be smooth and the experience will be out of this world.


Disc Golf Target

The typical Frisbee golf sesh goes like this: “See that ‘Do Not Walk on the Grass’ sign over there across the park, dude? Par three. Your turn.” Then the rebel golfers try to hit the sign and not get busted for walking on the grass. With this target, you can make the game official—and no one has so stay off the grass.

Prices Vary

The Friday Collection

For stoners, what could be better than a movie that starts with the line “I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got sh!t to do.” Enough said? We think so.


The Tornado

This ain’t your Daddy’s old stinky bong, and we ain’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. We’re in the new world, where the cannabis comes in grades stronger than any hippie cold have ever imagined, and the water pipes are like something out of a SciFi movie. Does it all work? Ummm…we forgot. What was the question?


RayBan Wraparounds

These shades make anyone look cool. Wear them with a business suit, a track suit, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, or with a baseball cap turned backwards. They’re really that versatile, and they never go out of style. Best of all? They hide those red stoner eyes.

Prices Vary

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This epic tome of drug induced insanity is like a bible for the avant-hedonist heathens of the world. What happens when Raoul Duke and his Samoan lawyer hit Vegas cranked up on every drug imaginable? Give a stoner this book, and they can find out—just tell them to ignore the bats.


Cheech and Chong Collection

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong embraced weed culture way back when weed wasn’t legal anywhere in the United States. They made it funny, they made it fun; they were those bad boys from East LA who looked like gangsters but wouldn’t hurt a fly because they were soooooo high.


The Sherlock Pipe

There’s an old Chinese proverb: let’s draw our chairs close to the fire and see what’s really going on here. We think this proverb would sound much better—and make perfect sense to everyone—if they had a Sherlock pipe filled with high grade cannabis. But only in the four legal states, of course.


Colorado Cannabis Sampler Vacation

Ever since Colorado legalized the weed, pot tourists have been flocking there to find out what the hullabaloo is all about. The problem is, when they get back home, they can’t report on their vacay, because they were so high they have no idea what they did. Give a stoner a vacation to forget.


A Snuggie

If you have to ask why you’d give a stoner a Snuggie, there are only two explanations: one, you’ve never really known a stoner, and two, you’ve never been a stoner yourself. Both are okay, though. As long as you believe us when we say that Snuggies and stoners go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Prices Vary

Massive Bean Bag

Get a stoner a massive bean bag and they’ll find new, beautiful, and awesomely creative ways to do what they love the most. Which is kick back and enjoy lounging around, watching TV, reading Timothy Leary, or listening to the latest in down-tempo hip-hop beats.


Playstation 4

Video games are like crack for most serious stoners. They can literally disappear for days and days with their friends, playing game after game. Not all stoners, of course. Some are active and won’t be dead playing video games, but a PS4 will make most stoners very, very, very happy.

Prices Vary

Cypress Hill First Album

No musical artists publicly embraced weed quite like Cypress Hill did with their first release back in the early 90s. Not even King Rasta Bob Marley, and it was part of his religion. Listen to this album, and you’ll realize that every second line is about the weed. Our first clue was the track “Stoned is the Way of the Walk.”


Vintage Smoking Jacket

Give this jacket to the happy stoner in your life, and he can be like the man himself, Hugh Hefner. Because every guy, stoner or not, wants to be like The Hef. If they don’t admit it, they’re lying to you. The baller number one founder Playboy, and look at his smile: how can he not be high?


Vintage Adidas Tracksuit

The Adidas Track Suit defines cool. It’s the ultimate in loungewear. It’s pimpin, ballin’, and just straight up being cool. If ballin’ is not your stoner’s thing, just tell them to check the record. Everyone from Bob Marley to Fidel Castro has been photographed in a swank set of Adidas.

Prices Vary

Lava Lamp

Bring your favorite stoner back the psychedelic 60s with this perfect gift: an authentic lava lamp. These babies have been making stoners go “wow” for decades, and nowadays things are no different. A happy stoner can partake, then lay back and watch the colors as long as they feel the vibe.

Prices Vary

Black Light Poster

Like it’s cousin the lava lamp, black light posters have been a stoner staple since the flower generation swept west from San Francisco over fifty years ago. This one is classic psychedelia, plain and simple. It’s almost as iconic as a Velvet Elvis. Speaking of which, where is the Velvet Elvis on this list…guess we spaced out on that one.

Prices Vary

Smoking Santa

Oh yes we did. We put a tacky Christmas sweater on this list. There was simply no way we could resist including a dope smoking Santa on the stoner list. It’s not that farfetched, anyway. Just think for a second: magical reindeer, glowing nose, ho ho ho all night long, loves cookies… admit it. He fits the profile.


The Poco Pen

This is the portable vape to end all portable vapes. It’s a favorite of stoners everywhere. It has attachments for thin oil, thick oil, wax, and your dried herb of choice. We’re thinking it might be cannabis, but the poco pen is versatile, and hides right in your pocket. No one will ever know!


The Cannador

You’ve heard of a humidor—those fancy schmancy wooden boxes with high-tech controls that keep expensive Cuban cigars in perfect condition at all times. This is that same things, except for high-grade cannabis. The Cannador holds up to two ounces of four different strains of the magic herb.


The Hemp Parka

All stonerisms aside, hemp is an amazing product that has so many uses across a wide variety of industries it’s incredible its cultivation was halted back in the early 20th century. After all, the US Navy used exclusively hemp rope forever. This parka is a Hempster’s dream—it’s ready for any weather, and the lining is made of one hundred percent post-consumer recycled plastic.


The 420 Goodie Box

You’ve heard of whiskey of the month clubs, micro-brew of the month clubs, dinner of the month clubs, so it should be no surprise there’s a monthly club for stoners. This club won’t deliver the weed itself, because that’s illegal, but it will deliver goodies once a month to keep any stoner giggling with delight.

Prices Vary

Stoner Boxers

There’s a good chance the stoner in your life likes nothing more than sitting around in boxers, eating a bowl of fruit loops, and watching re-runs of Road Runner on YouTube. With these boxers, they can take it to the next level. They can do it in a pair of boxers covered with pot leaves.

Prices Vary

Guerilla Grow System

For the stoner with a green thumb—in one of the four states where it’s legal—this grow system has everything they’ll need to grow their own choice strains of cannabis. It’s a totally self-contained system designed for growers on a budget. It’s the only tent of its kind with adjustable height, so it grows as the plants grow.


Amsterdam All Inclusive

Sure, Colorado is getting all the new 420 tourists these days. But you can send your stoner to the city where the art of cannabis cultivation was perfected. Where names like Kashmir, Kush, and Oingo Boingo (not the band) were invented: Amsterdam. Because nothing beats sitting in a coffee shop, sampling the goodness, and going for a walk along the canals.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Gifts for Stoners

Honey Hemp Shampoo

Stoners can smoke it, they can eat it, they can wear clothes made out of it, and they can also wash their hair with it. Make this honey hemp shampoo for the stoner in your life so they can go all the way with their hemp love. This easy twelve step tutorial won’t take long to make, but it will last your stoner friend for months.

Chewy Fudge Brownies

Like Shaggy and Scooby, chewy fudge brownies are what stoners want. They really, really want them. They’d even chase ghosts, monsters, and villains around the world for one single Scooby Snack—oops, we meant one fudge brownie. But you better give them a whole batch.

Tie-Dye Techniques

Tie-dying has been around for hundreds of years, but the hippies made it famous in this country back in the 60s. The Grateful Dead carried the torch through the 70s and 80s, and nowadays bands like Phish and Widespread Panic are holding it down. This comprehensive tie-dye tutorial is so good it should be illegal.

Remote Control Caddy

Who wants to get up off the couch and search around for a missing remote? Not a stoner, that’s for sure. Follow the steps on this DIY and you’ll keep that stoner happy in their place, watching Jeopardy all afternoon long. Ps. The reason they’re getting the answers is cause they’ve seen that episode already!

Popsicle Stick Thumb Piano

When we saw this trippy little thumb piano, we knew it was the perfect DIY for this list. Any self-respecting stoner will smile when you give them this gift, then promptly retire to the den and jam on it til the cows come home. All it takes is eight simple steps to make them happy music makers. Go for it; they’ll love it.

Hemp Body Bar

This tutorial is stoner hippie heaven. It shows you how to make butter out of hemp oil, oats, and she butter. Perhaps you’re tired of your friendly stoner smelling like patchouli, or perhaps you just want to show then you care about their hemp love. Whatever your motivation, this DIY will make them happy.

Hippie Tote Bag

This tutorial is for the hippie stoner chick in your life. You know she loves those trippy little psychedelic bags, so it’s about time you made her one. All you need to make a cool tote is intermediate sewing skills, basic sewing supplies, and super-cool fabric that will make her go “Wow!”

Water Bottle Bong

We saved the very best for last. Every stoner has tricky ways to make it happen when they’re without a cannabis delivery device. They can use toilet paper rolls, apples—anything at hand. This clever DIY shows you how to make a perfectly functional water bong from a simple plastic water bottle.

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