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18 Gifts for Runners of All Types

When looking for the perfect gifts for runners, you can’t go wrong with anything that provides comfort, or helps them recover from a long run or race. Whether they run marathons or just run around the neighborhood, these gifts will be well received.

This is an awesome list or gift ideas for runners. From the casual runner to the obsessed.

Sweat Blocking Headband

Runners need all the help they can get when it comes to keeping sweat out of their eyes. This headband does a great job of absorbing it but without getting wet and soggy like a headband. High tech stuff, and something any runner will be sure to appreciate during the summer.


Happy Feet Pedicure Can Gift Set

One thing many runners have in common is that their feet take a beating. All of that impact adds up to sore feet, tired ankles, and toes that just don’t feel right. This gift can set can help get their feet back to normal, and is a welcome gift for any runner, especially those that run outdoors.


Ironman Thunder Pro Quarter Socks

When sock shopping for the runner in your life, not all socks are created equally. These socks bear the Ironman name and they’ve been tested to be suitable for long-distance running, so they’re perfect for someone training for a marathon, or just someone that likes to run comfy.

Prices Vary

Heart Rate Monitor

Help them stay within their target heart rate with this heart rate monitor. It shows them when they’re in the zone, and when they’re not. It not only prevents them from overworking the body, but also from underworking it. They’ll be able to stay in the fat burning zone longer.


Non-Slip Headphones

These headphones are perfect for runners because once they’re in place they stay put, and they won’t have to worry about them coming undone from all the bouncing up and down. For the music loving runner these are perfect, and they can connect to whatever portable device they use.

Prices Vary

Marathon Runner Gift Basket

This gift basket is designed specifically for the marathon runner, so they can replenish some of the calories they lost, and also to carb load before the race. If you’re not too sure what to give them to celebrate their marathon, go with this gift basket and it will show that you care.

Prices Vary

Runner’s Belt Pocket

Help them keep track of their wallet and other pocket items without having to wear shorts with pockets. Many running shorts don’t come with pockets, and if they do it’s not very comfortable having them rub up against their legs. This belt pocket keeps them in a more comfortable spot.


Safety Strobe Light

If they like to run pre-dawn, dusk, or at night, you simply must get them this safety strobe light so that they can be seen while they run. It’s downright dangerous to run at these times without proper lighting and reflective clothing and bright colors.

Prices Vary

Energy Gel Variety Pack

These Gu packets are really popular with marathon runners, as they provide the nutrients that are lost while running long distances. So whether the runner you know runs long races or just 5Ks you can get them these so that they can stay fueled up and run their best.


Blister Prevention Patches

If you know a runner chances are they have a blister, or they will in the near future. These are one of the most common injuries from running, and you can help them prevent a blister with these patches. They simply apply them in the places prone to blister forming and they’re set.


Hands-Free Dog Leash

For the dog-loving runner this leash is a must have. It attaches at the waist so you don’t have to hold onto the leash with your hands. It is designed not to tangle, so they don’t have to worry about getting all wound up with the dog either.

Prices Vary

5K Training for Beginners

Here’s a great book for the amateur runner that hasn’t done their first 5K yet. A 5K is a pretty intro-level race that is 3.2 miles and just long enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something. You get a t-shirt just for running, and a medal if you win your age group.


Anti-Chafe Balm

Run long enough and sooner you’ll chafe. There are all sorts of parts of the body that can be subjected to chafing, so get them this balm and they’ll be able to tend to their reddened areas. Makes a great accessory gift to a larger gift.


Runner’s World Cookbook

This cookbook is filled with recipes that are ideal for runners. It will help them stay healthy, and have the energy needed to send them on their way. These are just good for you, they taste good to so even if you’re not a runner you’ll enjoy making or eating them.


Runner’s ID Bracelet

When you get down to it, running outdoors can be dangerous, so it’s best to have some ID on you in case anything should happen. These bracelets are comfortable to wear, and provide the information needed in case of any emergency.


Timex Ironman 30-Lap Watch

Timex is known for making reliable watches, and they’ve earned the Ironman logo for this 30-lap watch. It helps them keep track of their time running laps around the track. It’s the sort of watch for the serious runner that is gearing up for a race and checking their times.

Prices Vary

Calf Compression Sleeves

These compression sleeves are supposed to make everything easier when it comes to athletics. From biking to racquet sports to cycling to running they are meant to prevent fatigue and help them perform their best while improving circulation in the legs.

Prices Vary

Runner’s Yoga

Did you know that there’s special yoga exercises just for those that like to run. These poses not only help stretch the muscles used while running, they help build those muscles so that they’re able to run better and in better form for less injuries and more efficiency.

Prices Vary

3 DIY Runner Gifts

DIY Running Belt

You can make them a running belt instead of buying one. It has the same features as the commercial running belt found above, but it is made by you so it is even more special. It lets them carry cash and IDs in a convenient location.

Homemade Chocolate Cherry Energy Bites

These energy bites will be much appreciated before a race, especially if it’s a long distance race like a marathon or an ultramarathon. They are made by hand so you get to have quality control over what goes in them, making them healthier than anything store bought.

Handmade Sweatbands

Go old school with these handmade sweatbands. They are made from terry cloth, so they are very good at wicking moisture from the skin and staying dry. These bands are still the kind that pro basketball players wear to keep sweat out of their eyes.


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