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37 Unique Gifts for Red Wine Lovers

Gifts for red wine lovers are as varied as the wines themselves. Whimsical, bold, or delicate — choose from books or posters, well-appointed gift baskets, or fine crystal decanters and glasses. You’re sure to find something that’s absolutely perfect for the important people and occasions in your life.

Wine Wipes

We love the cheesy romances where the hero swoops in and kisses the blushing miss, declaring, “Your lips are like sweet red wine.” We don’t love the reality that sweet red wine stains our teeth. Not very romantic! Wine Wipes are just the ticket to remove the stain and resume the romance.


Merlot Infused Coffee

So date night turns out to be a fine meal you’ve cooked with your significant other. The dilemma: do you top off this exquisite feast with coffee or more wine? Merlot-infused coffee is the best of both! Gourmet beans infused with Merlot gives you the flavors you love in one alcohol-free cup.


Classic Red Wine Gift Basket

Celebrate all of life’s occasions with the classic red wine gift basket. A robust Cabernet Sauvignon is the star of this well-appointed basket, which includes savory complements and delectable chocolate treats. This should be your go-to when you need gifts for red wine lovers. Convenient for you and certain to be appreciated.


If You Can Read This Bring Me a Glass of Wine Socks

Some of us have a quirky sense of humor, which makes funny socks a perfect gift, especially when they’re in a bold burgundy color and sport a saucy bumper-sticker-style message in two parts: First, “If you can read this” then “bring me a glass of wine.” Why not? It’s worth a try!


Red Wine Themed Subway Art

When you combine subway art with red wine, you get a delightful display of delicious words. This made-to-order sign in a variety of background and lettering coloring combinations to complement any room hangs 18” x 36” and would be a marvelous gift for anyone who appreciates red wine and avant-garde decor.


Resveratrol Red Wine Molecule Necklace

What do you give someone who appreciates red wine for its taste as well as its proven health benefits? May we recommend the custom-made “Resveratrol the red wine molecule” necklace? Choose the finish, gift wrap or message options, and Silver Fern Handmade will craft this exquisite piece especially for you.


Red Wine Artwork Typography

Has this ever happened to you? You need a gift, and you need it right now! Relax. WallstaGram offers customized downloadable graphics. Just order, download, and print. This eye-catching art typography piece features your friend’s favorite red wines in a lovely grapey glittery purple, suitable for framing and perfect for any occasion.


Rihan Red Wine Glass Case for iPhone

Cell phones are so ubiquitous, it’s like they’re a part of the modern person’s uniform. How do you personalize your iPhone so it stands out from the sea of smartphones? This clever case will identify your phone as yours, and indicates that you are a red wine lover! What a fun icebreaker!

Prices Vary

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Give red wine lovers a DIY kit for their very own vino. Everything one needs to coax a magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon wine out of California Cabernet Sauvignon grape juice is in the box. They don’t have to be scientists or live in Napa to earn a reputation as a discerning vintner.


Red Wine #squadgoals Stemless Glitter Wine Glass

We all have that one super special friend that’s hard to buy for. No ho-hum off-the-shelf gift will do. We cherish this person and all the qualities that make them unique, so our gift needs to be unique This whimsical glittery stemless wine glass is made-to-order, so you know it’s just right.


Red Wine Duo & Chocolate Suitcase

Are you celebrating a landmark anniversary, or apologizing for forgetting one? This Wine and Chocolate Duo strikes all the right notes when you’re choosing an extra-special gift for any occasion. This collection is ideal for the wine connoisseur as well as the resident chocolatier, and it’s presented in a fine vegan leather case.


Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer and Decanter Spout

We know there’s a science to wine-making and an optimal method of serving wine. You don’t have to be an oenologist to know you enjoy wine and can discern a difference from bottle to bottle or vineyard to vineyard. Something as simple as this aerator pouring spout can elevate your wine experience.


Fineware 50 Sips of Red

Fifty Sips of Red… an intriguing innuendo etched on a wine glass with a suggestive silhouette of a corkscrew. This tickles us to bits! We’re imagining the reaction of recipients and guests when this glassware is given as a bridal shower gift, for a fiftieth birthday, or golden anniversary! Nice (but naughty).

Prices Vary

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

Wine happens. Sometimes there are mishaps, and you’re faced with a seemingly indelible red wine stain on your favorite tablecloth, dress, or counter. Now there’s finally a product that will remove stains from textiles as well as hard surfaces without damage. “Wine Away” is made in the USA by a woman-owned business.


Riedel Fatto A Mano Cabernet Wine Glass

The discerning wine lover appreciates that while the wine experience begins with the bottle, it’s enhanced with the glass. Riedel has a long-standing reputation as master glassmakers, crafting each glass to complement the character of the wine. The “Fatto a mano”technique blends the craftsmanship of handmade with the precision of machine-blown.

Prices Vary

Perfect Partners Red Wine Pairing Gift Set

It shouldn’t be difficult to choose gifts for red wine lovers, even if you’re not an expert. The Perfect Partners pack includes fine cheeses and chocolates selected to complement red wines. The packaging sleeves provide information about the products and perfect wine pairings, so your friends don’t have to be experts either.

Prices Vary

Red Wine Collagen Gel Lip Mask

Your lips will love you when you love your lips. Pamper yourself with this red wine collagen lip gel mask. All-natural and designed to repair and refine lips in twenty minutes, then finish your makeup for a special night out (or in) knowing your lips are soft, smooth, and deliciously kissable.


Red Wine Aerator Decanter Set

For any gift-giving occasion, the Vinograd red wine aerator decanter set with wine accessories is an elegant choice and a practical gift. Whether your lucky recipient uses it for their home events or for a romantic picnic, they will appreciate you every time they reap the praise for serving the perfect wine.

Prices Vary

Wine: A Tasting Course

Everything you always wanted to know about wine (but were afraid to ask) is covered in Wine: A Tasting Course by sommelier and author Marnie Old. Appreciating fine wine is not as complicated as the country club crowd might like you to believe. Read it for yourself or give as a gift!


Red Wine Showcase Gift Basket

The red wine showcase gift basket is a delightful way to express your affection to someone special or offer congratulations for a memorable achievement. The keepsake basket includes two exquisite bottles of wine and an assortment of sweet and savory tidbits that perfectly complement each vintage.


Red Wine Lover Pencils

Are you looking for a clever gift? These pencils feature sassy bon mots for red wine lovers hand-foiled onto high-quality #2 pencils. A delightful surprise for a writer or sketch artist who happens to enjoy a nice vino, as a standalone gift or accompanying a notebook, it’s sure to be a favorite.


Silver Oak Duo Red Wine Gift Basket

Known for their premier wines, you can feel confident choosing the Silver Oak Duo red wine gift basket for your more elegant gift-giving events. Featuring two bottles of signature Cabernet Sauvignon, the basket includes gourmet savory and sweet delights chosen to pair nicely with the wine to round out this discriminating selection.


Red Wine & Chocolate Pairing Kit

Chocolate and red wine are natural partners. This delightful pairing kit from Wine Lover’s Chocolates offers six varieties of delectable drops which perfectly complement six of your favorite reds. Don’t worry if you don’t know which goes with which—there’s a convenient chart. Perfect for your next get-together or give as a gift.

Prices Vary

Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses

The right stemware is as important as the right wine. This lovely set of four 18-ounce red wine glasses are crafted from lead-free Star Glass, and laser cut for precisely the right shape and thickness to display your vintage at its best and enhance the wine experience for you and your guests.


I Dont Give a Sip Kitchen Towel

Flour sack towels are great! Choose this saucy design for friends who enjoy the fruit of the vine, and brighten any day or everyday. Durable with a nostalgic vintage feel and “I don’t give a SIP” emblazoned beside a jaunty goblet of red, it’s certain to put a twinkle in their eye.


Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles

The ideal gifts for red wine lovers are gifts that complement their favorite wines. Dark chocolate and red wine truffles are a decadent choice that’s sure to delight everyone fortunate enough to try one. Batch Confectionery crafts these treats with a true old-fashioned Southern attitude and Tennessee wine.

Price varies

Merlot Street Sign Decal

“If you lived here, you’d be home”. Or maybe “home is where the heart is” fits you better. No matter where you hang your hat you’re “at home” on Merlot Avenue with this fun vinyl decal. Adhesive sticker is UV proof and water resistant, so it’s ideal for your outdoor patio bar.

Prices Vary

Red Wine & Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

An exquisite basket for the discerning gift-giver. You can choose from one of three exceptional wines, which is then paired with decadent dark chocolate treats, all nestled together in an appealing faux leather basket. Your high esteem for the recipient and your good taste is reflected in this tasteful and elegant gift.

Price varies

Wine Jelly

There are now so many opportunities to enjoy fine wine from breakfast to bedtime. Okay, maybe it’s not prudent to have a glass of wine before work, but wine jelly on an English muffin would be delightful! This gift set includes two savory or two sweet wine jellies for your favorite foodies.


Red Wine Stain Remover

Enjoy the finer things in life because life is too short to deprive yourself of the pleasures you love. But life is chaotic and there will be mishaps from time to time, like red wine versus heirloom tablecloth. Never fear! Chateau Spill is formulated to safely remove even the most tenacious stain.


Amazing Home Swan Wine Decanter

A touch of class will never go amiss when you’re choosing gifts for treasured friends or family members. This elegant swan-shaped decanter is not only lovely to behold, but designed to highlight, enhance, and serve perfectly aerated red wine. Among the gifts for red wine lovers, this one is superbly unique.


Red Wine Poster

Have you ever wondered why wine bottles are different shapes? Why are there so many glasses? What can I serve with fish? Now all your questions are answered at a glance! This red wine poster is visually appealing to enhance your living space and gives you these details about your favorite wines.


Merlot Wine Making Kit

“Make mine a Merlot.” Now you can do exactly that with this easy wine making kit. Everything you need from detailed instructions to juice extracted from Maipo Valley Merlot grapes is included. Now you can enjoy Chilean Merlot wine from your own home winery. No passport required! It’s “muy bueno.”


Red Wine Soft and Tender Style Best Beef Jerky

Jerky has been a snack favorite for generations, and there are numerous flavor combinations. For the red wine lover, Bricktown Jerky has a soft and tender variety that marries the best of lean beef cuts with red wine and spices for a palate-pleasing experience unlike any other jerky you may have tried.


Red Wine Countryside Gift Basket

The red wine countryside basket is a delight to give as much as it is to receive. Featuring a robust California Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a selection of savory snacks and gourmet nuts, this is a gift that’s sure to be appreciated. It’s an ideal gift for a wedding shower or anniversary.


Le Chateau Wine Decanter

The Le Chateau lead-free crystal decanter is the perfect complement to your finest red wine. Designed to optimize the aeration of your wine, the elegant shape also enhances your presentation. Good taste and tasting good often go hand-in-hand. Share the wisdom of your discriminating palate and give one as a gift.


The 5 Best Sangria Recipes on The Planet

Red Wine Sangria Recipe

Sangria is a delightful blend of fresh fruit, brandy, and red wine. For your next party, try this DIY recipe for an easy make-ahead cocktail. It’s more fun than a glass of wine, with the fresh fruit infusing tons of flavor. Chef Savvy knows your guests will enjoy it anytime.

The BEST Sangria Recipe

Gimme Some Oven boldly declares this the BEST sangria recipe. Check this out and see if you agree. Their “secret ingredient” may not be the first thing you think of when you’re thinking of fruit-infused wine cocktails. Try it and see if it’s the BEST you and your friends have tasted!

Traditional Spanish Sangria Recipe

For a taste of Spain, Spanish Sabores invites you to try this recipe for, and insight into, the traditional Spanish sangria. True to its origins, this recipe is ready in just over two hours! Try it for any event or when you’re in the mood for a delicious fruity wine cocktail.

Easy Traditional Red Sangria Recipe

Yo quiero sangria? Here’s a recipe for easy, traditional red sangria inspired by a trip to Spain. Wherever you are, this bold and fruity beverage will delight you and your guests. It makes a nice accompaniment for Spanish food, or pairs nicely with spicy Mexican dishes. Make ahead for a stress-free party.

Citris Summer Sangria Recipe

Citrus summer sangria invites the palate to rejoice as the eye feasts on this beautiful presentation of fruit and wine in a delicious marriage designed to delight red wine lovers from all over the world. Bursting with flavor and color, this is the perfect cocktail for any summer gathering.

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