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14 Clever Gifts Every Quilter Will Love

When looking for the right gift for quilters you can’t go wrong with anything that helps them quilt more easily or comfortably. We’ve hand-picked some of the best gifts that will help them excel at their favorite hobby.

14 Clever Gifts Every Quilter Will Love- if you have any quilter friends or family members, you need to see these gifts!

Computerized Quilting Machine

Help them put quilting on autopilot with this computerized quilting machine. It is a way to make things a lot easier for them, but still provides impressive results and still requires their oversight. It also sews so they can make a ton of crafts.


Scrap Catcher

Their workspace will now have a scrap catcher right where one should be. This attaches to a desk and suspends over their workspace so that when they’re snipping and clipping fabrics they can toss the scraps right in.

Prices Vary

Fabric Estimating Calculator

No more guesswork, with this fabric estimating calculator they won’t have to. It does the math so they can stick to the fun of quilting without worrying if they’ve done the fabric measuring correctly. They’ll love that more projects turn out well.


Mini Iron

This mini iron is great for getting into hard to reach places where fabric needs to be ironed out, but a conventional iron just won’t get to. It helps their finished projects look even better, and is great for ironing out corners of items.


Quilters Travel Case

This travel case makes sure that they have everything they’ll ever need for a quilting project when they’re on the go. It never fails that there will be some downtime on a trip, which makes it a great time to get some quilting done.

Prices Vary

Quilter’s Journal

Help them document their different quilting projects as they get them done. You won’t believe the difference this makes in keeping things more organized, and helping to remember the different projects that they’ve worked on.


The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo

This cutting tool is pretty handy when they need to separate chain-pieced segments of quilt tops. It is much better than doing it manually, and it can save them time and hassle, and is a thoughtful gift that shows you’re trying to support their hobby.

Prices Vary

Keep Calm and Quilt On

The calming effects of quilting are well-documented, and you’ll be paying tribute to this by getting them a Keep Calm and Quilt on framed tile. It is just the right color to go nicely on the wall, and will remind them to schedule in some daily quilting time.


Quilter’s Rule Ruler

This ruler has the phrase Quilters Rule etched into the top of it, so it gives them a boost of confidence when they use it. Plus it’s a nice play on words because it’s a ruler designed specifically for quilting and measuring fabric.


Rotary Cutting Set

This rotary cutting set will help them cut more accurately, and frees them from having to use scissors all the time. Sometimes there are cuts that scissors just can’t make, or that they can’t make well, and this cutting set solves that problem.


Spring Action Rag Quilter Snip

No matter what material they’re trying to cut, this spring action quilter snip will be able to handle it with ease. It’s the perfect tool for a quilter that has arthritis and has trouble cutting with scissors or less durable snips.


Quilt a Gift for Christmas

Here’s pretty much a guaranteed way to get a quilted gift from them for Christmas. It’s a book full of different gift ideas that they can quilt up, and it is perfect for the quilter that is always looking for the next project to work on.

Prices Vary

Quilting Degree

Depending on the quilter this can either be a gag gift, or a sentimental way to let them know that they know their stuff when it comes to quilting. It looks like an actual degree, and it’s customizable with their name on it so it can be framed and hung.

Prices Vary

Quilter Parking Only Sign

Most likely they do a lot of their quilting in the same area, so you can decorate that area with this quilter parking only sign. It says that any violators to the rule will be threaded, so it is a pun that is quilting related and sure to make them smile.


8 DIY Quilted Gifts for Quilters

Modern Quilted Potholders

These quilted potholders are very useful, and since you can make them yourself they’ll have that extra special quality to them. You can quilt gifts for a quilter, you just have to make sure that you quilt them something they’ll use and haven’t made already.

Quilted Placemats

These placemats are circular, giving them a striking appearance and making them look great at the table. They are customizable, since you can choose the fabric that you want to use to make them, you just follow the set of instructions.

Hand-Quilted Lavender Sachets

These sachets would be a good gift for anyone, but especially someone that loves to quilt. If they love to quilt it’s a good bet that they love quilted products, so you will be giving them a very unique gift they’ll really enjoy.

Quilted Backpack

This backpack makes a great place for them to store or carry their quilting supplies, especially if they move around from location to location. It looks like a bag that you’d buy at a store, but you make it from hand so it’s better.

Quilted Herringbone Shorts

These shorts are made to looking like surfer shorts, but they’re quilted, so they have that certain look to them. Be sure that these shorts fit their style, or perhaps you can just let them know about them and they can quilt them for someone else.

Quilted French Press Coffee Cozy

Help keep their coffee warm with this French press coffee cozy. It’s the perfect way for them to hold a pot of coffee and sip on it gradually without it going cold so fast. If they have a French press, this is the perfect DIY gift.

Quilted Tablet Cover

This will help them store their tablet safely, and is made out of fabric that has been quilted into just the right size and shape to hold it. Perhaps they like to keep their tablet next to them while they’re quilting, in which case this is a very useful gift.

Quilted Chair Cushion

Here’s a way to make their favorite quilting chair more comfortable. It’s a quilted chair cushion that looks great but doesn’t break the bank. By quilting it yourself you’re trying your hand at their craft and giving them something special.


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