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21 Gifts for Photographers of All Skill Levels

Here are some of the best gifts for photographers, enabling them to take better shots, store their photos, print their photos, and display their photos. These photography gifts will be well-received by the photographer in your life and show that you care.

21 Unique Gifts for Photographers- of all skill levels.

Tiltpod Camera Stand

Help them take better pictures with this tiny “tripod” that isn’t really a tripod at all because it doesn’t have three legs. For convenience it attaches right to the camera strap so they always have it ready, and can get the camera set in a few seconds.


50X Optical Zoom Digital Camera

If they don’t already have a camera that can take great pics from far away, get them this one. It has the 50X zoom so they’ll be able to get clear pictures even from a distance. It may be a bit pricey, but in the world of cameras it’s not too much.


Weathered Wood Frame

Every photographer needs a way to display their creations, and Shutterfly is a great place to shop for the photog in your life. This weathered wood frame looks like it’s classic and rustic, but really it’s brand new. Makes a great display for black and white pics that look a bit retro.


Camera Tie

He’ll be styling in this camera tie which features his favorite tool, the one that lets him master his craft. This makes sense for the person that self-identifies as a photographer and really takes it seriously. It’s a conversation starter, so it’s great if they love to talk shop all the time.


Smartphone Photo Cube Printer

This cube printer lets them print up shots they take on their smartphones. As the cameras on smartphones get better and better, more amateur photographers are emerging, and this lets them take the great shots on their phone and get them into the real world.


Iconic Camera Bag

Here’s a camera bag that’s great for the photographer that wants a simple look, and a camera theme. It stores all of their cameras and accessories so they’ll have everything in one place, and if they ever forget what’s in it, the camera icon on top keeps it clear.


Smartphone to Telephoto Camera

Turn their smartphone into a telephoto camera with this attachment. It allows them to zoom farther and take clearer pictures than they’d be able to take with their installed smartphone camera. It’s like putting a professional lens on the camera, while still using the phone’s functions.


Stop Motion Camera and Accessories

Let them take old school stop motion footage with this set of cameras and accessories. They can make cool action shots that work great on Vine and other short video sites. It’s a way to turn pictures into motion pictures, and is the way they first made movies.


Camera Lens Coffee Mug

They can remember their passion every morning when they sip out of this camera lens coffee mug. This mug looks just like a telephoto camera lens, the kind that attaches to an SLR camera. It’s highly detailed, with all of the aperture settings that are found on these large lenses.

Prices Vary

Camera Puzzle

They’ll be entertained for hours as they try to put this camera puzzle together. It features a large selection of cameras, both old and new, so they’ll see just how many cameras have been released over the years. It’s just 500 pieces, so not too difficult.


Document and Photo Preserving Laminator

Help them preserve their best photos by laminating them. This makes them waterproof and able to stand up to any abuse they may see in the future. It may not be a good idea for every photo, but there are some that they’ll want to laminate and make sure that they’ll be around for good.


Memory Card to DVD Photo Converter

When photographers take a lot of high resolution pictures it becomes a storage issue. They need a way to take the pics from their memory card, and get them onto a larger capacity storage unit. With this converter they put the pics onto DVD so they’re on a stable storage container.


GoPro Hero3

Take pictures and video of some of the most extreme sports and activities with this Hero3 camera. It can go into some of the most rough and ready situations and take amazing shots. They’ll be able to select still shots from the video that they just can’t take with a regular camera.


Time Lapse Camera

This camera takes time lapse video so they won’t have to use their regular camera to take time lapse shots. It can be a painstaking process to take time lapse videos using an ordinary camera, but with this it makes it easy so they can set it up and let it do its thing.


Camera Lens Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are for the photographer that hasn’t forgotten how to have a good time. If they like to have their shots, these shot glasses make the perfect gift. If they’re good at getting the perfect shot, they’ll love taking shots with these glasses.

Prices Vary

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Photography

If they’re just starting out in photography this book will help greatly with the learning curve. It shows them how to get better shots and introduces them to the many functions a camera has. This will give them a good grounding in the basics that they can build on.


Portable Photo Printer

For printing photos from anywhere you can’t go wrong with this portable photo printer. Sometimes you just want to have hard copies of pics, and this lets you print them off wherever you may be. This means you can take it with you and print off pics for friends and family.


The Photo Vault

This USB drive holds up to 8000 of your photos, and gets them off of your computer so you won’t lose them in a crash. Great for your most precious photos to make sure that they don’t get lost or have the files damaged. You can upgrade for twice the storage if you have many photos.


Photographer’s Wristband

These wristbands have multiple uses. For starters they let everyone know that you’re into photography. They can also be placed around the lens to keep it stable and keep it from creeping on your and ruining a shot. You get 8 wristbands in one pack.


Vintage Camera Pillows

These pillows make the perfect decor for the photographer. They are vintage style, so they go well in any room that has a vintage feel to it already. There are three different styles to choose from, so you can either get one, or get them all as shown to create the perfect look.


Photo Vest

If you know that they’re the type of photographer that likes to get out into the wilderness to take wildlife shots, you can’t go wrong with this classic photographer’s vest. It has plenty of pockets for all of the different camera gear and other accessories they’ll need, so it’s always close.

Prices Vary

6 DIY Gifts for Photographers

DIY Luxury Camera Bag

You can make a luxury camera bag for the photographer in your life. They do it the easy way, combining two different bags that they got from the thrift shop into one. It’s all a matter of finding the right bags and making sure that they go together just right.

DIY Camera Pinata

When it’s time for a party for a photographer, you can make this camera pinata for them. Fill it with lots of goodies and watch them act like a little kid again as they try to whack it open. Great fun for all ages and not too hard to make.

Pocketed Camera Strap Tutorial

This camera strap has pockets sewn into it, so there is plenty of room to store camera essentials. It’s a comfortable way to keep the camera handy and ready for the perfect shot whenever it may arise.

DIY Mini Camera Magnets

This little magnet is extra cute and can be used to hold up photos on the refrigerator. These magnets are mini-sized, so you might want to make more than one since they won’t take up much room on the fridge.

Camera Shoulder Bag

This bag lets people know that you’re fond of cameras and photography. You can make it for a photographer as just a cute bag they can use for their stuff. It doesn’t make a proper camera bag, for that you’ll want to look at the first DIY gift above.

DIY Felt Camera Pin

These pins are for the photography enthusiast, and are a basic accessory that looks cute and could spark a conversation with another photographer. It’s a simple way to show that you care and makes a great add-on gift to any of the gifts found on this page.


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