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43 Genius Gift Ideas for Parents with a Toddler

Everyone always buys gifts for the baby when it’s born but what about the parents? We’d argue that they need gifts more! Look at our list of gifts for parents and there’ll be the perfect present for you to bring along when you meet the new bundle of joy.

Monster Cosco Umbrella Stroller

Amplim Infrared Forehead Thermometer and Case

As parents we always worry about our children, even more so when they seem ill. Keep an eye on their fever with this hospital grade thermometer. It will give you an instant reading without touching them so you won’t have to struggle with an ill child.


Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers

Looking better and feeling more comfortable than traditional bed rails are these Hiccapop foam bed bumpers. They’ll fit on any size bed and are low enough for your child to get in and out independently. They’re also flame retardant and waterproof, so if your child has an accident in the night, it can be easily cleaned up.

Prices Vary

The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer

There can be no better gift for parents than sleep. Honestly, those first few years can flash by in a sleep deprived haze. Help their child stay in bed a little longer with the Gro-Clock sleep trainer. They can only get out of bed when the sun appears (which is whatever time the parents set it to!)

Prices Vary

Potty Training Reward Chart

Getting a child to learn how to use the potty can be one of the most stressful time of parenting. Why not make it a little easier on yourselves, and then, with this potty reward chart? They’ll strive to hit the targets and earn rewards and you’ll soon be waving goodbye to diapers.

Prices Vary

HaloVa Baby Medicine Dispenser

Whether they’re teething or just have a fever, getting medicine into a baby or young child can be so hard. They don’t want to take it because it tastes gross but you want them to have it because you know it’ll make them feel better. This medicine dispenser will make it 100x easier.

Prices Vary

Princess Potty Training Gift Set

Diapers aren’t ideal; they’re a hassle to change sometimes, and they’re expensive too. So it’s only natural that you want your princess out of them ASAP. Show her what to do and motivate her with this princess potty training kit, complete with book, reward chart and pink crown.


Bath Kneeler and Elbow Cushion

Watching your child in the bath can be magical. They find simple pleasure in splashing around in the warm bubbly water but it can be hard on your elbows and knees. Make it nice for you too with this cushioned elbow and knee protector. It even has a mesh pocket to store shampoos and bath toys.

Prices Vary

Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

Little boys just want to be like their Daddy and if they’ve seen him go to the toilet, they’ll know he stands up to wee. Help them feel grown up with this frog urinal – it’s super bright and colorful and even has a target which will help them to aim.


The Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion

Sneaking out of a sleeping child’s room takes ninja skills. Any little creak or noise and they’ll be wide awake again. Minimalize that risk with a door cushion, pop it in the door and it’ll close a door really quietly and won’t disturb your sleeping angel again.

Prices Vary

Personalized Family Growth Chart

Kids grow up so fast, we want to document and remember every step and milestone. This personalized family surname growth chart is a great way to do that. Not only can you see how your children are growing, you can see how tall you are too.


LectroFan Kinder Sleep Sound Machine and Night Light

Plug this amazing device directly into the wall and your child will have a calming and restful night’s sleep. Control it via your smartphone with the downloadable app, meaning you won’t need to go into their room and disturb them. It plays a variety of white noise and lullabies and even has a soothing nightlight.


ShadeSox Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade

Road trips with your kids can be a really enjoyable thing, showing them the world and taking them on adventures. But when the sun is shining through the windows, it can turn them into such grumps! Minimize their sun exposure with this breathable mesh sun shade.


Car Organizer for Back Seat

Keep all your children’s car essentials within arm’s reach with this car seat organizer. It has a number of different compartments for all their toys and snacks, along with bottle holders for their drinks. It’ll keep your car free from all the paraphernalia, making it a great gift for parents who love their cars.

Prices Vary

Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor

Putting your baby into their own room is such a nerve wracking experience; you want to make sure they’re safe all the time. Keep an eye on them with this baby video monitor. You’ll be able to gaze upon their sleeping faces without disturbing them.

Prices Vary

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

When your baby starts walking, they want to be independent and toddle everywhere. But sometimes, it gets too much for them and they want to sit down. Take the world’s smallest folding stroller with you – it’s lightweight so it won’t be extra weight for you, and your toddler can always have a rest.

Prices Vary

Little Footprints Necklace

“The littlest feet leave the biggest footprints on our hearts.” This would make an ideal gift for a new mom or even an experienced one. Clear quartz crystals, a gold footprint, and a safety pin to symbolize a mom’s protection over her children all hang on an 18” sterling silver chain.


New Mom Gift Wine Labels

Getting through those early months is super hard. Help a new mom with these Mommy Milestone wine labels, one for every achievement she gains in motherhood. One’s like “public temper tantrum” and “Mommy and Daddy date night” will give her the motivation to get through the days.

Price varies

Zoe+Ruth Digital Infrared Forehead Fever Alert

Wrestling with an ill child is no fun for anyone…you feel awful about doing it and they feel worse when they struggle. With this non-contact thermometer, you’ll be able to keep an eye on that fever without causing any more distress and upset with an instant reading.


Safari Video Baby Monitor with LCD Screen Display

Keep an eye on your sleeping babe with a video monitor, the easiest way to give you peace of mind when you move them into their own room. It’s got night vision, temperature monitor, and two way talk back so you can hear them when they cry and your voice can soothe them.

Prices Vary

UrbanHello REMI Baby and Children Sleep Tracker

If your child is waking up grumpy, it’s likely that they’re not getting enough rest. Keep an eye on their sleeping pattern with this super cool sleep tracker. It’ll send all the data to your smartphone and it’ll even tell the children when they can get out of bed.


Baby Nasal Aspirator by BabyBubz

Whether it’s the first cold or yet another one they’ve picked up from daycare, you’ll want to keep them as comfortable as possible. Use this nasal aspirator to clear the mucus from their nose, allowing them to breathe properly and quickly get rid of those nasty bugs.

Prices Vary

CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Plug these super cool headphones into their tablet or music player and they’ll be able to watch their favorite shows or listen to music without bothering anyone else. Perfect for long car journeys, they’re comfortably soft and limit the damage loud noise can do to little ears.


Bamboo Suction Baby Plate Set

We all want what’s best for our children and for some of us, this means limiting their exposure to plastics. Most baby dinnerware is made of it but we’ve found an alternative. This bamboo bowl not only comes with a matching spoon but it also has a suction pad underneath.


Experimenting with Babies

Babies are fascinating. The way they quickly pick up on how to do things and recognize faces is incredible. If you know a parent who loves discovering how a baby learns and adapts, this book is for them. It contains 50 science experiments you can do with your child, all non-invasive of course!

Prices Vary

Den Haven Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladder

While potty training is a big part of your child’s development, it can become tedious lifting them onto the toilet 10 times a day. Make it a little bit easier on both of you with this toilet seat, which also has handles and a ladder.


Leyaron Toddler Car Seat Head Support

Car journeys can instantly make a baby or toddler fall asleep (a great gift for parents in itself!), they just love the motion. But their head can flop forward dangerously and you can’t lift it up if you’re driving. Minimize that risk with these colorfully cushioned head straps – it’ll make them a lot more comfortable.

Prices Vary

Babymoov Hygro Plus Cool Mist Programmable Humidifier

Use this super cool humidifier to keep a room at the right level of humidity and it’ll reduce their sniffles and coughs too. It also has the option to add essential oils so you can make the room smell like your favorite scent, and there’s also a calming glow which can be used as a night light.


Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty

Make toilet training a breeze with this white and blue potty. It has a splash guard for little boys so they’ll learn how to aim and not get it all over your floor. It’s easily emptied too, just lift out the blue insert, rinse and put it back ready for the next time.

Prices Vary

Happy Kid Essentials Baby Proofing Child Safety Locks

Keep your little ones safe and out of the drawers and doors in your home with these child locks. Put them on pretty much anything in your home, including the toilet, and your kid will be safe and away from anything which could harm them.

Prices Vary

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Kneeler

Bath time is one of your child’s favorite times of the day but watching over them isn’t comfortable. You’re either having to perch on the hard toilet seat or kneel on the cold tiles. With this kneeler, you’ll be protected from aches and pains while your child splashes around.


Fun Baby Bath Toy Organizer

Kids love to play with toys in the bath, but draining them correctly and keeping them tidy can be a nightmare. This bath toy organizer sticks to the wall using two suction cups and not only keeps the toys in one place, it also drains them so they’re free of mold and can be used over and over again.

Prices Vary

Play and Go Storage Mat

Getting kids to tidy their toys up can become a battle. They don’t want to tidy their mess but you don’t want them thinking that Mommy will always do it. Solve that problem with the Play and Go Storage mat. Once they’re done playing, close the bag and it’s all tidy once again.


Gimars Portable Reusable Toilet Potty Seat Covers

When toilet training, lugging the potty around to places when you’re out and about just isn’t practical. Make it easier on you and your kid with these reusable toilet seat covers. They’re non-slip, and lessen the gap between your toddler and the seat, making them feel at ease.


What to Expect the Second Year

A great gift for parents who have survived their first year; a book on how to get through that second year. It’s a lot different to what they’re used to, their baby will grow up more and probably start walking and talking. Put their minds at ease with this book – they’ll soon learn that tantrums are normal.

Prices Vary

Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock

Children waking up early is horrible. You want to stay tucked up in bed but they want to get up and start their day. Teach them to stay in their room for a little while longer with this awesome alarm clock which uses the traffic light system.


Keurig Classic Coffee Maker

An absolute necessity for parents is caffeine. And if coffee is your drink of choice, you’ll need a good machine to get you through the early starts. Make 6+ cups without needing to refill the reservoir, just put in a coffee pod and touch the button…fresh, steaming hot coffee is ready for you.


Toddlers Are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault

It is socially frowned upon to call your toddler an a**hole but let’s be honest…we’ve all done it. They just seem to know which buttons to press and how to push you to your absolute limit. This book is there to help you realize it’s not your fault. It’s engrained into their brains.


Oilogic Calming Essential Oil Blend

Calm yourself and them at the end of a busy day with some essential oil blends. Combine with some relaxing music and a soothing night light and you’ll soon have a child who is ready for their bed. Rub onto their back, chest, neck or even inhale it and they’ll soon be calmer.

Prices Vary

Munchkin The Medicator

Administering medicine to small babies and young children takes considerable skill. But if you’re still new to parenthood, you need all the help you can get. Use this medicator to safely give any medication your baby needs in a safe and regulated way.


Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Don’t give up your love of running when you have a baby. With this jogging stroller, you can take your new addition along with you. It’s compatible with all Graco Click Connect car seats and there’s a tray so you can put your phone or iPod on there while you’re running along.

Prices Vary

Car Window SunShade Shield Your Baby from Sun

We’ve all been there. Happily driving along and suddenly your child starts crying because the sun is in their eyes. Stop this from happening with this super cool animal print sunshade. It’s made from mesh material and can stick to the window with ease.

Prices Vary

Ezy Dose Medi-Pals Infant Oral Medication Syringe

Safely administer necessary medication to your child when they’re not feeling well with this oral syringe. It’s recommended by paediatrics so you can be rest assured that it’s safe, and the nipple shaped tip makes sure your child won’t choke on any medicine as it goes down.

Prices Vary

3 Perfect Diy Gifts for Parents of Toddlers

Diy New Parents Cozy Night In Date Night Basket

When we have kids, the first thing to go is the romance. But it doesn’t have to. Date nights don’t have to involve going out; in fact, why not follow this tutorial and make up a “Date Night at Home” basket for yourself or some new parents you know?

Diy Baby Medicine Cabinet

A perfect gift for parents, this tutorial tells you how to make a baby medicine cabinet which has all the necessary medications and first aid things you need when you bring a baby home. New parents won’t panic as much if they know they’ve got this in the house.

Diy Bathing Towel Apron

Never again will you have to struggle with a squirming slippery baby while you hunt for his bath towel. Follow the steps in this tutorial and you’ll have a DIY bath towel apron, perfect for getting baby out of the tub and cuddling them straight away

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