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26 Gag Gifts for Parents with Teens (These are so relatable!)

When you’re the parent of a teenager, it can be super difficult. But it’s not all doom and gloom, we’ve put together a list of some of the best gag gifts for parents to cheer you up and show you that life can be fun again…even if you still have to put up with teens.

Gifts for Parents with Teens

An Illustrated Guide to the Teenage Mind Book

We all know that the teenage mind is an incredibly complex thing to try and understand. This book will help you to better understand what is actually going on in their head. But spoiler alert…the pages of this book are completely blank which can be used as a notebook or diary.


Painless Piercings

Try and get on the same page as your teen with these painless piercings. If your teenager has rebelled and gotten a few, instead of trying to beat them…why not join them? Their face when they see you with a load of piercings will be priceless!

Prices Vary

Leister Hire a Teenager Plastic Sign

Teenagers are renowned for claiming that they know everything about anything. They’d be a great asset for any business owner as they have all the answers! This gag gift is sure to crack a few smiles from friends and family…maybe not the teen though!


Dammit Doll Mixed Up Teen Daughter

Whether you choose to give this to your daughter to relieve her angst or keep it for yourself to get through the long days of teenage moods, this stress doll will be well used by either party. Dammit Doll is here for you, no matter what your stress is over.

Prices Vary

Things I’ve Said To My Children Book

When our children are small, we say all kinds of bizarre phrases. Things we never thought would come out of our mouths. Remember these hilarious sayings with this brightly illustrated book, it’ll bring a smile to your face when the teen is being difficult.


Texting Cuffs

These millennials…they’re always on their mobile phones, texting, or chatting to their friends online. If you’re fed up of seeing their head buried in their phones instead of a book, these gag texting handcuffs will work a treat. The teen might not approve though.


Tears of my Teenage Daughter Travel Mug

A perfect gift for parents of a teenage girl is this stainless-steel travel mug. Insulated to keep your drink warm and able to hold 14oz of liquid, this practical gift sounds pretty ordinary. Until you see on the side, the words “Tears of my Teenage Daughter” and it’ll all make sense.


The Big Red NO! Button

Are you fed up with hearing yourself saying the word “No”? Save yourself from ever having to utter that word again with this big red button. Any time your child asks you something which you need to say no to, just hit the button and it’ll say it for you.


You Can’t Scare Me I Have Kids Sarcastic Novelty Mug

Having kids is the hardest job in the world and we don’t even get paid for it. Bring this mug into your “real” job and people will soon see why most things don’t phase you. Able to hold 11oz of your favorite hot drink, it has the self-explanatory reason written along the side.


Teenage Son Survivor Travel Mug

Having a teenager is hard. Having a teenage son is arguably even harder (we don’t need to go through all the reasons, do we?) Use this travel mug to keep your drinks hot while you’re fighting with your teen for the umpteenth time. Just don’t go into his room!


Somebody’s Gotta be the Bad Mom Mug

When we’re pregnant with our first child, we all have this vision of the type of mother we want to be. But things change and you soon find those ideals being thrown through the window. Show everyone that someone has to be the bad mom with this hilarious mug.


Hide-a-Dad 2000

We all know that as parents, we’re embarrassing to our kids. It’s pretty standard, everything we do is guaranteed to annoy and embarrass them. Disguise those dorky nerd features with this Hide-a-Dad 2000 kit, it contains everything needed to make an embarrassing dad cool.


Angsty Teen on Board Decal

Warn other road users about the cargo you’ve got in your car with this funny car decal. It reads “Angsty Teen On Board” and will be a great car accessory for those with angry teenagers. Every other driver is likely to give you a wide berth too!


Dammit Doll Rebellious Rocker

Do you need a gift idea for a stressed-out Dad of a teenager? Nothing will help them to manage their frustration more than this Rebellious Rocker Dammit Doll. They could even pretend that it’s their own kid…not that they’ll openly admit to that though!

Prices Vary

I Said No Pen

Kids have an annoying habit of asking you something while you’re busy, whether that’s when you’re working from home or simply writing a shopping list. Instead of interrupting your train of thought to say no, just press this pen instead and it’ll do it for you.

Prices Vary

Beware of Attack Mother Sign

There is no fury like that of a mother. Seriously, don’t ever anger one or you’ll feel her wrath. Warn anyone and everyone who ever steps foot in your house about the attack they’ll face if they p*** you off, and no one will ever be horrible to you again!


Tumbleweed Ashes Of Problem Teenagers Jar

Use this amusing jar for whatever you desire…office supplies, loose change or maybe just keep it as a decoration. Written on the label of this stoneware jar are the words “Ashes of Obnoxious Teenagers”; it’ll make a great gift for parents of teenagers everywhere.

Prices Vary

Tall Shot Glass Don’t Judge I Have A Teenager

Having kids can sometimes drive us to drink a little bit more than we’d like to admit. If it’s been a particularly trying day and you need to start on the shots, this glass will be the perfect vessel to throw them back with.


You Can’t Scare Me I Have Daughters Decal

Stick this decal in your car window and show everyone what it is that you have to put up with. Being a parent of teenagers is testing enough but when you’ve got daughters, that’s a whole other ball game. People will soon realize why you’ve got a longer tolerance than expected.


Cucumber Embroidered Eyes Velvet Sleep Mask

Sleep is the best medicine, whether you’ve got the flu or an extremely irritating teenager. Catch up on those forty winks and block out all disturbing light (and the sight of annoying adolescents) with this velvet embroided cucumber eyes mask. It’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Prices Vary

How to Survive Your Teenage Daughter

These days, there’s a how to guide for pretty much everything so it’s come to no surprise to us that there’s one to cope with your teenage daughter. It just didn’t look the way we thought it would! A great gift for parents, this is sure to get some laughs from long suffering teen parents.

Prices Vary

Types of Headaches Teenage Daughter Mug

Do you know someone who is the parent of a teen daughter? Do they always seem like they’re stressed out, maybe with a headache? This mug ought to lift their mood a little and also provide the answer as to why they’ve always got a pounding head.


Teenage Daughter Survivor Shirt

When our kids grow up and leave home, it’s sad. It’s the end of having them nearby every night and being able to give them a hug when they’re upset. But it also means that you survived the teenage years! Wear this t-shirt with pride to show everyone what you’ve been through.

Prices Vary

Mommy Juice Funny Wine Glass

Being a mom is the best job in the world…but it’s also the most stressful and difficult. No one will judge you if you need a glass of vino at the end of the day. Keep it a secret from the kids though with this “Mommy Juice” wine glass. They’ll be none the wiser.


The Fun Sponge

 Is it just us or are teenagers always moody? That miserable face is enough to make Dementors look cheerful! Give them this “Fun Sponge” as a gag gift and watch their reaction. They’ll either absolutely love it or think it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world. Ever.


Teenagers Take Action Sign

Give your teenagers the information they need to escape your constant nagging. Hang this sign up outside their bedroom door and they’ll soon get the hint. Either comply and put up with the harassment or earn some money, find their own roof and stand on their own two feet.


3 Diy Gift Baskets for Family Bonding Time

Diy Sundae Family Basket

Spending time together as a family is a must, especially when our kids start to grow up and become more independent. And what better way to have some family bonding time than with this DIY sundae kit? Most problems can be solved with some delicious ice cream sundaes.

Diy Ultimate Coffee Gift Basket

Every parent needs some form of caffeine to get them through the day. And having a cup of coffee is a great opportunity for you all to sit down around the table and talk, gossip, and have a little catch up. Follow the steps in this tutorial and you’ll be able to put together a DIY coffee basket.

Diy Root Beer Float Kit

A root beer float is a necessity on a really hot summer’s day. Use this tutorial to make up a DIY root beer float gift basket. It includes everything you need to make the best floats you’ve ever had in your entire life, even down to the glasses.

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