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37 Extremely Useful Gifts for New Parents

Whittling down the list of gifts for new parents is hard because they could really use so much. Here are some of the best gifts that every new parent can put to use immediately to have a better time and be more effective.

37 Extremely Useful Gifts for New Parents- just don’t keep everything you buy!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

This clever device will act as a sound machine, nightlight, and time-to-rise alert for toddlers, all of which can be controlled remotely through their own phone, or manually if they prefer.


Veer Cruiser

With all the fun of a wagon and the functionality of a stroller, the Veer Cruiser can be used from infancy through toddlerhood and beyond, as it adapts to accommodate every age.

Prices Vary

Portable Changing Mat

The perfect gift for new parents who appreciate style, this changing bag features a zip-off changing mat with built-in pillow, wipes case, and plenty of storage space for diapers, creams, and more.


Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Suitable for kiddos up to 45lbs, the Baby Tula can carry the little one in multiple position options, including facing in, facing out, and even on the back, ergonomically and comfortably.


Mommy’s Time-Out

Make Mommy laugh with this set of four fun Mommy Juice labels which can be attached to wine bottles, and are printed with the perfect reasons why she deserves a drink or two.


Silicone Fish Antimicrobial Bath Scrub

Combining cleansing with a gentle massage, the mold and mildew resistant Fish Scrub is made from silicone and is gentle enough to deal with both baby’s cradle cap and Momma’s sore breasts.


Chakra Bath Salts Set

Perhaps the greatest gift for new parents is that of time. Give Mommy some to herself with this set of Chakra bath salts which have been designed to work on the seven energy centers.


Baby Nasal Aspirator

Hearing a baby struggling to breathe through a cold is heart-breaking. Save them the pain with the Snotsucker, which helps clear the airways as parents suck their baby’s mucus hygienically away.


Silk Satin Pajamas

Give a mom a touch of glamor, even when she’s feeling anything but, with a pair of silky satin pajamas which come in an array of beautiful colors.


Plush Fleece Robe

Midnight feeds can be cold, but now Dad can wrap himself up in comfort with this full length, super soft bath robe, while he wraps his baby up in love.


Handmade Wooden Foot Massager

Whether pacing the nursery or pushing the stroller for miles, feet can take a serious bashing, so relax and release the muscles and tendons with this handmade wooden foot massager.


Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine

A must have for the time-strapped new parent, this unit can sterilize, dry, and store up to six bottles, teats, pacifiers, and pump parts in just one easy step.


Smart Double Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding can be hard, which is why this quiet, touch screen double pump also comes with free live access to lactation consultants for the first month, and tracking via the MyMedela app.

Prices Vary

Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender

The perfect gift for new parents, this little machine can steam cook and puree meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable to produce foods suitable for both babies and toddlers in just 15 minutes.


Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Help a new mama breastfeed in comfort with one of these soft nursing bras, which are wire free and suitable for both pregnancy and beyond, with molded cups and removable pads.


Peeramid Bookrest

Not only does the Peeramid look gorgeous (and slightly exotic), but it is an invaluable aid to hands free reading or viewing for when nursing goes on for hours.



Give new parents a much-needed caffeine shot whenever they need it the most with this mini espresso machine, which is handheld, lightweight, and portable (perfect for playdates and trips to the park).


Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

They can keep an eye on their baby wherever they are in the house with this Smart baby monitor, which fixes to the wall and transmits overhead footage straight to their phone.


Our Adventure Book

Fans of Up (and who isn’t?) will adore this Our Adventure Book, which can be filled with all their memories and memorabilia as they start their journey together as a family.


Pacifier Thermometer

When you need baby’s temperature one of the easiest ways to get it is to simply pop this pacifier into their mouth. Considering your other options this seems like this cleanest and most trouble-free way for everyone involved.

Prices Vary

Construction Plate Utensils

Once they’re old enough for solid foods and silverware they can start out with this specially designed plate with construction vehicle fork, spoon, and knife. They’ll have fun eating and can move their food into place with the silverware.


Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blankets

Baby has to have something comfy to get all wrapped up in, whether the little love bundle is at home or at the hospital. Every new mom needs blankets galore. Choose a special one for the hospital, or plain ones to keep at home. The softer and cuddlier, the better.


Chicco Magic Infant Car Seat

Wait a minute—you’re actually letting us leave with this human? Nine out of ten new parents have this thought when they leave the hospital, and the drive home is often when reality sinks in for the parents. No doctors, no nurses, just you and that baby. Make sure they’re ready with a top-quality car seat.


Pee Pee Teepees

These are specially designed covers to make sure that you don’t get caught in the line of fire during a diaper change. They are washable and reusable, so it’s easy to keep a stack of them handy whenever it’s time for a new diaper.


Prince Lionheart Premium Wipe Warmer

Baby will let mom know right away that cold wipes are no fun, mom, no fun at all. A strategically placed wiper warmer on top of the changing station will make the diaper changes go that much easier. A nice warm wipe is soothing for the little one—you’ll probably get one for yourself after you think about it.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set

If she’s not breast-feeding all the time, a crucial gift for the new mom is a set of bottles. They need to be ready at home ahead of time—so do the thinking for her and get her a complete set of bottles for her newborn. These are non-toxic and one hundred percent newborn safe.

Prices Vary

Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer

Babies like that milk nice and warm, just like when it comes right from the source: the mama. A special bottle warmer takes the guess work out of heating either pumped milk or formula. New moms can check one more thing off their worry list with one of these.


Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

Crunchy granola moms can rejoice, and get their babies on the right track from the very beginning. This formula is a great gift for a new mom who’s not going to breast feed and doesn’t want a laboratory made off-the shelf formula. It’s USDA organic, kosher, and free of steroids and antibiotics.


BOB Revolution Single Stroller

Get outta the house! The HUMVEE of jogging baby strollers is here. New moms can keep baby safe and get back on the road with this jogging stroller. Going for a run—or even a brisk walk—is much easier when a new mom has a stroller like this.


Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub

Washing babies in the kitchen sink is cute and fun the first couple of times. But what happens when that sink is full of dishes because everyone has been spending their time taking care of the little love bundle? That’s when you need a special tub like this one—which has a cool circulation feature mom will love.


Mr. Food Face Plate

Give them a bit of fun at the table with this food face plate. It lets them move their food around the face to make it look funny, and to use the food as facial accessories like a mustache or hair.


24 DIY Gifts for New Moms and Dads

DIY Travel Lap Tray

This lap tray is just as functional as the ones you can buy, but you can do it yourself and still have a nice gift to give new moms and dads. Traveling with baby will be a lot easier when they have this tray for food or toys.

Crochet Pacifier Clip

When the binky hits the ground it needs to be washed, but you can save it from hitting the ground with this pacifier clip. If it pops out, and it will, you just pop it back in because the clip keeps it from going anywhere.

Hooded Car Seat Blanket

Make sure baby is snug all over with this hooded car seat blanket. Most car seat blankets are just blankets, but this one is specifically designed to cradle all of baby with a hood on the top. They’ll love that you made a homemade gift for them.

DIY Nautical Burp Cloth

Babies tend to spit up when they’re being burped, so you can give new parents this homemade burp cloth that has their baby’s name on it. It comes with a nautical theme, but you can use these same instructions and make your own design.

Handcrafted Growth Chart

Help mom and dad keep track of the little one’s growing time with this handcrafted growth chart. It’s a little more sophisticated than writing on the wall with a Sharpie. It is also something that can be stored and saved for later.

No-Sew Baby Wrap

They’ll show you how to make a useful baby wrap without having to sew anything. A baby wrap can be a real lifesaver, and when you have this guide you’ll be able to use your choice of fabric so it’s highly customized.

Teething Crib Rail Guard

Help keep baby safe by using this crib rail guard that is made for teething babies. Crib rails are the perfect height for baby to stand up and chomp on, so it’s good to have this in place before they do because it can be a bit painful to bite a crib rail.

DIY Door Muffler

Help keep does quiet with this handmade door muffler. It goes where the door latch is so that the door doesn’t latch and made noise. It’s perfect for sneaking in undetected to check in on baby, or to leave the room without waking them up.

Sky Block Set

Every mom and dad needs a good set of toys to keep baby busy, and these blocks feature different skies on them, so you’re able to put them together like a puzzle and come up with sunshine, stars, and more.

Custom Baby Onesie

This onesie reads “I’m cute. Mom is cute. Dad is lucky.”. It could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the baby got all of mom’s cute genes, or it could just mean that dad is lucky to have a cute wife and baby.

Diy Baby Birth Shadow Boxes

Capture those first heady days of babyhood with one of these homemade shadow boxes, which can be filled with any precious items and photos from the days following the birth.

Diy Burp Cloths

As any new parent will tell you, you can never have too many burp cloths, and this tutorial will show you how to make a beautiful set to give as a gift.

Diy Baby Wrap

Baby-wearing is a wonderful experience, but wraps can be expensive. Follow this guide to find out how to make (and use) a Moby-style wrap for a fraction of the cost.

Diy Newborn Swaddle Blanket

Get yourself a length of organic muslin and you will be able to make this adorable swaddle blanket, complete with personalization if your sewing machine allows it.

Diy Car Seat Cover

Protect a little one from the sun and the wind by making one of these car seat covers, which can be made using any design you like so it’s completely customizable.

Diy One-piece

If you have a die cutter you can have a ball designing and making one of these adorable little all-in-ones for the new baby in your life – how about making an entire set?

Diy Cloth Diaper Inserts

These days it’s even more important to be planet-aware, and cloth diapers go a long way towards that. Make a batch of these diaper inserts as an eco-friendly gift for new parents.

Diy Baby Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are great for when a baby gets too big to be swaddled. Follow these steps to make a beautiful sleep sack which will keep him safe and snug.

Diy Baby Mobile

This guide will show you how to create a pretty mobile for the new baby that can be made using any color tissue paper you like, so it can coordinate with the nursery’s décor.

Diy Cheesecloth Wraps For Photo Shoots

What new parent doesn’t take oodles of photos of the latest addition? Bring some color to their photo shoots with these gorgeous cheesecloth wraps which you can dye at home.

Diy Newborn Beanie

Put your crocheting skills to work by creating this newborn beanie hat, which can be made in the most beautiful colors and finished off with a contrasting strip and a pretty button.

Diy Natural Baby Toys

This tutorial will show you how to make a stunning wooden toy for a fraction of the price of store-bought, and even comes with a recipe for baby-safe natural wood polish, too.

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