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50 Cool and Unique Gifts for New Boyfriends

It can be hard finding cool gifts for new boyfriends, because you don’t want them to get all weird about it, and you just want to do something nice and show that you care about them. You’ll find gifts below that he’ll love, but that aren’t too lovey dovey.

Here are the list of gifts to choose from when you want to get your boyfriend something special without freaking him out with something extra mushy. They let you keep things nice and breezy while also professing a deeper like for each other. It can be hard sometimes to express how you feel without rocking the boat or disrupting the status quo.

Tetris Alarm Clock

If you don’t know whether he’s a fan of Tetris or not, chances are he is, and this Tetris clock will be a welcome gift. The numbers are made up of Tetris blocks that enter in from the top of the clock and work their way down just like in the game to form the time.


Classic Mickey Mouse T Shirt

What’s more classic than Mickey Mouse? Give him a shirt that will help him keep in touch with his inner child. This shirt comes with a Mickey icon that is already pre-faded so it looks like it’s been around as long as Mickey Mouse himself.

Prices Vary

50 Things Every Guy Should Know

This book is a lot of fun, and your guy will either learn something from it, or confirm that he already knows all of the things in the book. Even if he knows most things, it’s unlikely that he’ll know all 50 so this is a great book to help fill in the gaps.


Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Here’s a bottle opener that takes an icon from Star Wars and uses it for another purpose. This is the spaceship that Han Solo manned, and most guys that are fans of Star Wars look up to Han as the definition of being cool under pressure.

Prices Vary

Coca-Cola 15-Can Bottle-Shaped Fridge

Does he love to have his daily Coke? If so this Coca-Cola fridge will keep a two week supply cold, and adds a bit of novelty to a man cave. Every good man cave needs to have a soda fridge, just make sure he prefers Coke over Pepsi.

Prices Vary

Lego Simpsons House

The world of The Simpsons joins the LEGO universe with this true-to-series replica of the Simpson abode. If he’s a fan of the show he’ll love this as a gift, because it includes all of the main characters, allowing him to place them in various rooms of the house.


Ticket Stub Diary

Keep track of all the fun places you two go together with this ticket stub diary. It’s a way to keep stubs organized rather than a shoebox or just throwing them out. It’s a great way to document the good times you share together.


Butt Face Towel

This towel helps him keep things straight and avoids the dreaded “did I just do what I think I did?” toweling off sequence. It’s a way to make sure that one end stays on the bottom half and the other end stays on the top half. Hygienic, useful, and effective.

Prices Vary

Sonic Foamer

If your man fancies himself a beer connoisseur he’ll love this beer foamer. With the touch of a button he’ll be able to add the perfect amount of head to his beer, releasing scents into the air that help him appreciate the subtle flavors.

Prices Vary

Personal Water Filter

Does your main like extreme adventures, the kind that might get him lost in the woods? If so make sure that he has one of these personal water filters with him, and a good GPS phone as well! It’ll allow him to have filtered water from lakes and streams in a pinch.


Meat and Snack Attack Gift Basket

You can’t go wrong with this gift basket from Manly Mans. It is loaded with meaty goodies and snacks, and will fuel him through a big game viewing or two, and be a hit with his buddies as well. He may even share with you.


Nailed It Desk Organizer

This desk organizer is perfect for any guy that gets pretty sure of himself after he hits a homerun on a work project. It’s a way to add a bit of fun to his workday, and get him thinking of you while you’re apart.


Storm Head Lamp

This head lamp comes with some pretty cool features, like having a red light on it for night vision that doesn’t disturb others. It also has a strobe light on it if he wants to wear it on a night run so he’s highly visible.

Prices Vary

Satin Pajama Pants

These pajama pants are well reviewed and made of satin so they’ll be extra soft and smooth on his skin. They have a classic look to them and he’ll love having something he can wear around the house and feel amazing in, but he probably wouldn’t buy it for himself so help him out.

Prices Vary

Portable Outdoor Tabletop Grill

This grill can go where the action is, and makes a great choice if you’re always wishing you could have grilled food on your various adventures. Works for tailgating, picnicking, camping, and any other time where it doesn’t make sense to lug a full size grill.


Cool Water Body Spray

Cologne is always a gift that a man will appreciate, and Cool Water is a brand that has stood the test of time. This is a body spray that has the distinct smell to it that adds an air of sophistication to him without going overboard with an extreme scent like cologne provides.


Laser Beard Trimmer

Help your man look his best with this beard trimmer that uses laser beams to guide him through a trim. It can be hard measuring things up just eyeballing it, and a laser provides the precision that will make the straightest lines possible.

Prices Vary

Krav Maga Self Defense DVD Set

Every guy would love to be good at a martial art, and Krav Maga is one of the coolest ones to know because it will put an end to just about any fight in a matter of moments. This DVD set includes both basic and advanced training so he can gradually improve.


Ultimate Remote Control

Show him that you’re OK with letting him be in charge with the remote by giving him a more powerful remote control. This comes with an LCD viewing screen on it, allowing better access to menus making it easier to pull up the show or movie he wants.


Popular Science Subscription

Tap into his analytic brain with this subscription to Popular Science. This is one of the best books for when he’s “in his office” taking care of “important business”. It gives his mind something to chew on while the rest of his body is otherwise engaged.


Mobile AirDesk

No matter where your guy is he’ll be able to be comfortable on his laptop with this mobile desk. It has compartments for everything, is super light, and has holes in it so the laptop stays nice and cool. Great for being productive on the couch or while on the go.


Stoneware TV Dinner Trays

These trays are a fun way to serve up a meal, and mimic the classic TV dinner tray. They’re also a pretty good way to serve up a meal to keep it healthy, with bigger portions for the main and side dishes and a tinier spot for a bit of dessert.


Audio Gaming Chair

This makes the perfect gift for any guy that got himself the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One. If he did then you know he’s a gamer, and every gamer is looking for an awesome playing experience. This chair provides comfort and has features that make gameplay better.


Cocktail Shaker and Bar Tool Set

This set will help complete an at-home bar and comes with everything he’ll need to mix up the perfect cocktail. Includes a shaker and the necessary bar tools that every professional mixologist has as necessities, like a stirrer, tongs, and a strainer.

Prices Vary

Him as a Bobblehead

Any sports fan has probably dreamed of having a bobblehead made in his likeness. It’s the ultimate “I made it.” symbol and this one is highly customizable to mimic his look and favorite team. Sure to take a revered spot in any man cave.


Goonies Mug

If you know he’s a fan of The Goonies this mug makes a great gift. It features the pirate logo from Willie’s ship the Inferno. This is sure to conjure up memories of the movie and don’t be surprised if he lets out a boisterous “Hey you guys!”.


Shot Glass Checkers Set

Here’s a checkers set that is sure to produce games that you don’t remember playing later on. Each piece is a shot glass, and you can fill each glass with a liquor and the rules are the same as checkers only you do a shot when you get jumped and two when you get crowned.

Prices Vary

Neck and Shoulder Pro Massager

Help him stay loose and relax his muscles with this massager that works the neck and shoulders. This is where most guys hold a lot of tension, especially if they’re in front of a computer all day for a living. It provides a good amount of force to work out the kinks.

Prices Vary

Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

Treat your man to a hot shave like they used to give in barber shops across the country. These days it’s harder and harder to find a place that will give you a classic shave, but he can recreate the scene with hot shaving cream every morning.


Darth Vader Onesie

If you can tolerate the way he looks in this, you should win Girlfriend of the Year. It’s a fun way to let him be comfy on cold nights, and harness his Dark Side as Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, in a onesie.

Prices Vary

Smartpet Robot Dog

Get him a dog that he won’t have to clean up after or buy food for with this robot dog that uses his smartphone for a face. It uses an app to give the dog different facial expressions, and the dog will be able to do tricks and move around. Get the Tech Pet app for it.


The Beer Machine

This little gadget bills itself as your personal microbrewery in miniature form. It conditions your beer inside your refrigerator and makes it so he can enjoy a nice cold beer right out of the fridge. Comes with beer mixes so he’ll be able to get started right away.


IPA Beer Soap

IPA, or India Pale Ale is a beer that is well-liked among craft beer drinkers. It’s loaded with hops, and this soap has been made with an IPA that has won awards for its deliciousness. They say he can lather with his lager, creating a new bathing experience.


Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

He’ll be able to use a computer just about anywhere with this full size keyboard that is actually a laser projection. It means it won’t have to suffer through a miniature sized keyboard, or worry about lugging around an actual keyboard.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Bacon Goodies Set

If he loves bacon give him all the bacon-themed items he can handle. This set is packed full of goodies like band-aids, soap, floss, lip balm, toothpaste, and mints. It even comes with a bacon colored rubber wristband that says BACON ADDICT on it.

Prices Vary

Foosball Table

Here’s a sport you both can play together! A foosball table can be put just about anywhere, but a man cave holds it best. It’s easy enough to learn how to play and get good at it, so it’s something you can challenge him at, and win!

Prices Vary

Engraved Baseball Bat

Every guy that’s a baseball fan has dreamed of having a bat engraved with his name, just like the pros have. This bat is customized to have his name on it, written in script so it looks very professional. It’s sure to hold a special place in his heart.


Batman Silhouette Ring

This Batman ring is in the shape of the classic logo and is cut out to look just like the insignia. You’ll want to make sure that your man is something of a fanboy before getting this, and he should probably own at least one other Batman product to know it’s the right fit.

Prices Vary

Golf BBQ Tools

Combine two of his favorite things and you’ve got a winner with this golf themed barbecue tool set. Includes a full seven piece set so he’ll never be in need of anything while he’s manning the grill. Get him ready for a summer full of grilling and golf with this thoughtful gift.


Deluxe Travel Kit

This is a travel kit that has gone deluxe, and features plenty of high-end goodies that will make him feel like he’s on vacation no matter which hotel he’s in. There’s a face wash, a moisturizer, shaving cream, after shave, and a shampoo so he doesn’t have to use questionable hotel freebies.

Prices Vary

Ninja Professional Blender

This blender gets very good ratings and is powerful enough to turn a bunch of fruits and vegetables into a tasty smoothie. Help him be healthier by giving him an alternative to sodas and unhealthy snacks. It’s also great at making frozen mixed drinks.


Pocket Projector

Is that a projector in his pocket or is he just happy to see you? This allows him to play a movie or video on his phone and give it a much bigger screen. Great for impromptu movie watching complete with plenty of snuggling.


Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

This screwdriver resembles a semi-automatic weapon, but instead is designed to help him get things done around the house. Manual screwdrivers are so last century, and it’s time to give him a serious upgrade for DIY projects.


Pizzazz Pizza Oven

This is a pizza oven that uses a clever way of heating up a frozen pizza, wings, and other goodies. It’s also great for reheating leftovers. The food spins around and is heated up just like a real pizza oven, but takes up way less space.


Shark Week Anniversary Collection

He can celebrate 20 years of Shark Week with this one collection, featuring some of the best programs over the last two decades. He’s sure to get his shark fix with 4 DVDs full of all sorts of facts and footage on what many consider the world’s deadliest predator.


Beer Buckle

The Beer Buckle lets him hold a beer without the need of any hands. Great for when he’s grilling and needs his hands free. It holds either bottles or cans, and keeps them right where he needs it for easy access.


Bose QuietComfort In-Ear Headphones

These in-ear headphones have the same quality and amazing sound that the over the ear headphones provide, plus the noise canceling you’ve come to expect from Bose. They’re more portable now, letting him go anywhere and still be in his own world.


Race Car Driver for a Day

Give him the thrill of being a race car driver, even if it is just for one day. This gift is an experience like no other, letting him get behind the wheel of a real racing car and taking it out for a spin on a closed track.


Around the World Wine Chest

Take him around the world with this gift basket that includes wine and goodies from all over the globe. It’s a well thought out basket that gives him plenty to discover, and is great any time of the year for whatever reason.


Gourmet Sandwich Maker

This sandwich press will make a nice melty and perfectly toasted sandwich any time he’s up for one. When you make a sandwich as tasty as the ones this produces he won’t be shackled to the local sub shops, he’ll be able to make his own at home.


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