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37 Perfect Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriends

Your boyfriend is on the other side of the planet! At least, it feels that way when you are in a long distance relationship. There are some gifts that can help bring you closer together despite the thousands of miles that separate you. You’ll also find a lot of great ways to celebrate his special day or your special day together. Whether you’re looking for a holiday or just a way to say “I love you,” this list has it all.

You’re here, but your heart is across the state or country. Keeping a long distance relationship going is tough. This list of gifts will let him know that you think of him on all occasions, big and small.

Under the Same Sky Mug

What better way to start the morning than to know that you are loved. This mug will remind him that he’s got you and you guys are sharing the same big sky. This mug is not too cute for him to bring to the office either. It’s the perfect balance of decorative and sensitive; it’ll let the office know that he’s taken without making him look whipped.


Love Themed Guitar Picks

For the musical man, you can get him these guitar picks that will help him really feel the love while he’s strumming away. They are sweet and thoughtful without being too cute that he won’t actually use them. It’s a sweet reminder of you every time he reaches for that other woman in his life.


Aromatherapy Portable Oil Diffuser

The fact is that your boyfriend is indeed a boy. He’s going to have some smells that need to be neutralized, especially if you ever plan to visit. This gift is for you as much as it is for him. Instead of having the perpetual smell of laundry hanging in the room, go ahead and invest in this oil diffuser to let the Aromatherapy scents fill his domicile.

Prices Vary

Travel Toiletries Kit

This convenient kit meets all the guidelines to go straight into a carry on bag. He’ll have his shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, and everything he needs in prepackaged single use packets. He can keep squeaky clean without getting into your costly goods. Avoid an argument over your shampoo and get him his own.

Prices Vary

Leather Duffle Bag

While you’re at it, go ahead and splurge on him a little and get him this high end duffle bag. He’ll be flying in style with this little bag. It’s the envy of every guy’s eye. Fashionable and rugged enough to say, “I’m a man, but I’m well kept.” The best part is when everyone asks where he got it. “It was a gift from my girlfriend.”


AAA Roadside Kit

When you’re not with him, he’s going to forget the little things. You know, like making sure his car is not going to break down at every moment. Since you aren’t around to remind him about oil changes and all the other things he should do to keep his car going, get him this kit that is AAA approved for every roadside emergency.


Desktop Starter Set

Sometimes, long distance relationships don’t start that way. If the man in your life just got a new gig, help him get set up for success. These desktop sets are bold and sharp. They’ll bring him a little extra respect and organization getting him started on the right foot. You can’t put a pricetag on success, and under $50 is quite a deal.

Prices Vary

3D Mechanical Safe Puzzle

Life is tough when you’re in a committed relationship but you can’t really go out with the guys. This functional safe will keep him buy for awhile. Best of all, when he finally finishes the construction, he has a safe that can actually function. This is a great place to keep personal letters and notes.


High Quality Rolltop Commuter Bag

If your relationship is long driving distance, consider this commuter bag. This bag offers all the functionality he could possibly want for the weekend getaway. There’s plenty of storage for devices, charges, and more than enough clothes to take you out on the town for a few romantic date nights.

Prices Vary

Go Clean flight bags

These bags make a great addition to any traveler’s arsenal. With these bags he can leave, arrive, and leave again with everything organized and clean. No need to worry about spills, messes, or cross contamination with clothing. It’ll save him the headache of laundry and let him really focus on you during a visit.

Prices Vary

Carry On Cocktail Kit

There are a few options to choose from. Whether he prefers the Old Fashioned or a Bloody Mary, he can bring on exactly what he needs to make a couple of cocktails for the flight. He’ll arrive ready for a night out on the town with his beautiful partner at his side. This is especially useful for the reluctant frequent flyer.


Salt Shotgun

When you’re home alone, there are plenty of things you can do to occupy your time. None are more fun and rewarding than unloading a spray of salt bullets toward the annoying fly that just won’t leave out the window on his own volition. In case of emergency, this can also be used as home defense to shoot intruders blind.

Prices Vary

Tactical Pen

When it comes to self defense, the pen is mightier than the sword. A sword can’t fit in your pocket or look inconspicuous. This tactical pen can handle of his self defense needs whether he’s writing a coded message to you or knocking a foe unconscious.


Carry On Bag with Shelves

When he comes for a visit, he needs a place to keep all of his belongings. Instead of giving him a drawer or buying more furniture, clear out a little space in the closet and he can hang his bag. This will also allow him to pack much quicker since you already know he’s going to wait until the last minute to get everything together anyway. This will guarantee he won’t miss his flight.


Tactical Notebook

The advancements in self defense weaponry these days are incredible. While he’s reaching into his pocket for a pen, he can ward off any assailants with this armored notebook. This notebook can stop a knife or a bullet as well as serving as a great offensive weapon to strike an assailant down. These self defense mechanisms can serve as a layer of protection while you can’t keep an eye on him.


Bluetooth Earbuds

For those late night phone calls, he needs a quality way to hear your beautiful voice. This is especially useful if he has noisy roommates who just can’t be quiet while he’s on FaceTime with you. This way you can have those private little chats and they can be just that: Private! This is also something that he’ll be able to use on a daily basis.

Prices Vary

Open When Letter Box

This is a simple way to show your love and affection. You can get as creative as you want. Some of these can be for particular holidays or you could have a few letters that are for “Really Bad Mondays.” You write letters to cheer him up and remind him just how much he means to you. Then you label them for when he should open them: Birthday, Anniversary, Bad Day, Good Day, Feeling Lonely, etc.

Prices Vary

18 DIY Gifts for Long Distance Boyfriends

Wooden Frames

Your significant other is living the life as a bachelor. You’re probably tired of looking at his blank walls when you visit. Every night on video chat you are reminded of just how drab his place looks. With a little sweat investment, you can make these beautiful frames. When you gift them his way, fill them with pictures of you guys together, or just great pictures of you.

Origami Lampshade

Another way to help him spruce up his place is with this eye-catching lampshade. For the novice folder, this will take some doing. Give yourself a day to put together this beautiful lampshade. You can pair it with a simple light kit from a home improvement store to complete the lamp, or build it for a lamp he already has in his place.

Polaroid Magnets

Magnets always have a place to go in the household, so why not make magnets for your boyfriend to look at and remember you by. These Polaroid magnets are a great gift for a long distance boyfriend, because they allow him to look at you every day. They’re also easy to make and really cute.

Photo Coasters

Keep his tables free from water rings even when you’re apart with these wonderful photo coasters. With some cork, Mod Podge, and laminate pages, you can create these tangible memories to remind him of you whenever he needs a place to set his drinks. They are heartfelt and useful.

Memory Jar

For a simpler, but still meaningful, gift, try this memory jar. It consists of writing all of the wonderful memories you share with him on pieces of paper to fill up the jar. You can decorate the jar however you want. When he is missing you, he can read through the memories in the jar.

Photo Booth Picture Strip

Another cute picture project is this photo booth picture strip. Photos make excellent gifts, because they give us something to look at when we miss someone or a memory. This photo booth strip gives a stylish twist to any four digital pictures you have that will give him something to remember you.

Lipstick Art

One of the worst parts of being away from each other is missing out on physical connections. This lipstick art is a great way to give him something that will remind him of your kisses and your love. Use some of your favorite lipstick colors to great a personal piece of art for him.

Pop-Up Photo Box

For those moments when he is missing you, this gift will help him feel connected again. A pop-up photo box is stylish and contains several photos for him to look at when distance makes him lonely. You need a wood craft box, photos, wood stain, and a wood burning tool to create this heartfelt gift.

Instagram Calendar

This Instagram calendar is a perfect gift to keep help him keep track of important dates while getting to look at great memories you share. To make this calendar you’ll need twelve great pictures of you or anything he likes, poster board, calendar pages, and ribbon or yarn. This easy DIY makes a useful gift.

Love Map

This is an especially adorable gift to give your boyfriend if you are in a long distance relationship. The love map takes sections of maps and allows you to show places that are significant in your relationship, like where you met. All you need are some maps and a frame to do this project.

Photo Cuff Links

If your boyfriend has a job which requires him to wear suits, or he enjoys wearing suits, these cuff links will make a thoughtful present for him. He can take a picture of you on the go with him using these photo cufflinks. All you need are some blank cuff links and shrink dink paper.

Kiss Flip Book

Give him a way to get kisses where ever he is with this kiss flip book. This is a cute and simple DIY project to show your boyfriend that you are always giving him kisses. All you need is a photo of you blowing a kiss, a red marker, and some ribbon for this gift.

Personal Picture Clock

Everyone needs to tell if they’re running late, and this personal picture clock is a great way to keep your boyfriend punctual. Use any photo that reminds him of the time you’ve spent together and a clock template to get the numbers aligned correctly. The only other items needed are a board and clock parts.

Canvas Portrait

For an elegant yet simple gift, try this canvas portrait DIY. It is incredibly simple but does take some time to make. Take a picture of the two of you that you love and transfer it onto canvas using a gel medium. With this gift, he will always have you with him in his home.

What I Love About You Book

A cute, little gift that will remind your boyfriend why you love him whenever he is feeling lonely is this “What I Love about You” book. It is easy to make and just requires your imagination when coming up with everything you love about your significant other for each letter of the alphabet.

Latitude Longitude Wall Art

This wall art is a perfect gift for anyone who loves subtlety. Hidden within the coordinates is a place that your boyfriend holds dear to his heart, whether it’s where you both first met or where you live away from him. All you need is a frame and burlap to get this project going.

Music Lyric Plate

All people have to eat, and this DIY project gives your boyfriend a special plate to eat off of and remember you by. All you need to do is write the lyrics to a song that is special to you both on a blank porcelain plate and you have a wonderful, personalized gift.

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