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36 Funny Gifts for Kids with Dogs – They’ll Think These are Hilarious

If you are shopping for a little one in your life that adores dogs, the best things that you can get them are all here in this awesome list of dog gifts. From clothing to games, this list has a wide selection of gifts suitable for children who are proud to be pooch lovers.

Gifts For Kids With Dogs

English Bulldog On A Trike T-shirt

Don’t be a bully, buy a bully and give it as a gift. This awesome t shirt is absolutely perfect for kids everywhere who adore their doggies. With a big ol’ Bulldog riding a trike printed on the front, it’s a great way to announce their love of this great British breed.


Pug Squishy

Just looking at the funny face of a Pug is enough to de stress anyone; but if you need to squeeze a little more out of your calming down time, you should check out this hilariously funny (and effective) stress relief ball that has been lovingly shaped into the beautifully squishy face of a Pug.

Prices Vary

ADORE Standing Misfit the Farting Pug Dog Plush

You know that feeling? The one where you press on your stomach and out pops a big stinker? This Pug knows too. This cute and cuddly pet plush Pug has a slight problem with gas and will fart like there’s no tomorrow every time some one presses on his stomach.


Ugglys St. Bernard Electronic Pet Dog

Some find him cute, some find him funny, but the Uggly’s St. Bernard is one funny pooch. Designed to feature over 30 gross noises, he is the perfect companion for anyone that finds toilet humor hilarious. He may be grim, but he will be one of the best friends you will ever have.


SummitLink Realistic Gross Party Pooper Fake Poo

Fake poop is a classic prank, there has probably been fake poop around for just as long as the real thing thanks to the fact that people find feces funny! This plastic poop looks as smelly and gross as the real thing; who knew looking like poo could make a product great?


Cute Pug Ice Cream Cone T-Shirt

They should change the saying cute as a button to cute as a pug, ’cause gosh are they cute. If there is a child in your life that loves pups and pooches, they would truly appreciate this adorable cartoon pug ice cream cone that has been printed onto a comfortable, colorful t shirt.

Prices Vary

Dabbing Pug Shirt T-Shirt

If you thought dabbing was cool before, you will be amazed at just how much cooler it is when performed by a pug. That’s right, on this t shirt you will find nothing more than an icy cool pug dabbing like they’ve never dabbed before. Check it out.

Prices Vary

Walter the Farting Dog

Walter the Farting Dog is a classic book that kids have enjoyed for years and years. If you are looking to get some dog gifts for the puppy loving child in your life, you should get them this book that follows the adventures of one very windy pooch; it is even part of a book series.


AQUEOUS Cute Corgi Dog Butt Coin Purse

Have you ever wondered where the Queen of England keeps her loose change? Neither have we…but if we had to hazard a guess it would be in one of these awesome Corgi butt plush coin purses. Your coin collection will be safe, warm, and so well protected that even the sun won’t be able to reach it.

Prices Vary

Akita Dog Decorative Throw Pillow

Hi! It’s nice to meet ya, while you’re here, take a look at this Akita. Perfect for kids that love the breed, this Akita plush pillow is adorably cute, soft and extremely cuddly. Suitable as a cuddle buddy, sofa surfer or resident member of your bedspread, it really is a great purchase.

Prices Vary

Ambesonne Shower Curtain

Introducing the shower curtain that will make all other dog lovers jealous! Dog gifts don’tt come much better than this cool curtain that is donning a cute print of a cute pup soaking in the tub with a shower hat and rubber duckie. It is waterproof and even machine washable.


Dachshund On A Skateboard T-shirt

Dachshunds are stunning dogs; these little pups have earned themselves the title of sausage dog, and it is easy to see why. Check out this fun t shirt that would be perfect for anyone who loves their dogs long and sausage like, as there is a dachshund printed on the front riding a skateboard. Cool!


Island Dogs Fake Poop Pen

Is there a little one in your life that seems addicted to toilet humor? Make all of their Christmases come at once and grab them this awesome (yet gross) pen that is shaped to look just like a steaming log of poo. Funny, useful and a great conversation starter.


Dog Jokes: Funny and Hilarious Jokes for Kids

Kids that love dogs will appreciate this brilliant book the next time they are due to receive a gift. Written by a well loved children’s author, this joke book is titled ‘Dog Jokes’ and contains, well, dog jokes; tons of them. Check it out right here.


Pug Doll Lying Dog Plush

This sleepy pug is the ideal cuddling companion for the sleepy little dog lover that you know and love. Young or old, this pug pillow will be loved by everyone that meets it. Plush in design, it is soft, comfortable and uncontainably cute. For a closer look, follow the link.

Prices Vary

Black Labrador Retriever On A Bike T-shirt

Take a look at this fun kid’s t shirt that is absolutely ideal for any dog loving little one. Labs love to fetch, but when they’re retrieving from long distances, they could do with a set of wheels. The dog printed on the t shirt has found itself a set and is riding a bike. Cool.


Husky Dog Neck Pillow

Cars aren’t always the comfiest, sometimes you need a little extra boost of cushioning to support everything above your shoulders and keep you comfy. This particular car cushion is designed to look just like a dog, bringing a whole load of style to the interior of your car. A great gift idea.


Corgi Butt Phone Case

Is the little one in your life due a phone upgrade? If so, help them along and grab them this cute corgi phone case. Soft and fluffy to the touch, the case looks just like the rear end of a corgi, complete with legs and tails. A perfect way to commemorate their love of dogs.

Prices Vary

If My Dog Could Talk Personalized Name Book

Imagine if you could give your child a book that has been personalized to tell a funny, fictional story of their actual pet pooch. Now you can thanks to this great product; simply add the name of the dog, name of the child, and pick the image closest to your pup, then let the fun begin.


ADORE Standing Cory the Farting Corgi

Cory the corgi is no ordinary dog, this pretty pup has a bit of a wind problem. Gently press his stomach and listen as he farts to his heart’s content; cute, loveable and full of detail, he is a great gift idea for the dog obsessed child that you know and love.


Walking Animal Balloons Pet Dog Balloons

Fill the air around your little one’s next party with these adorable and awesome dog balloons. Designed to look just like a real dog walking, every breed in this six pack of balloons looks just great thanks to their high quality design and brilliant detail. Check them out right here.


Doggie Doo Famous Dog Poop Game

Doggie Doo is the board game all about, well…doggie doo. Feed this pooch until he is full, then squeeze his leash and listen to his body gurgle and groan as he processes all that food. Then, kids must pick up as many of his poops as they can to win the game! Fun, educational and gross.

Prices Vary

Boston Terrier On A Bike T-shirt

If you think that Boston terriers are an adorable little breed, you will love love love this cute t shirt that has a picture of one riding a push bike. Available in children’s sizes, it is the perfect present for the little one in your life that loves dogs doing silly things.


Funny Sleep Doge Dog Eye Mask

By now, almost everyone must know about the doge dog. This hilarious meme went insanely viral and has ended up with one shiba inu leaving the world in stitches. If one of the kids in your life loves this little guy, get them this eye mask that looks just like him. It’s pretty cool.

Prices Vary

Corgi On A Trike T-shirt

If the Queen of England loves corgis, they must be doing something right. The person who loves these regal dogs in your life deserves to be bought this hilarious and pretty darn cool t shirt that features a corgi sitting aboard their very own trike; perfect for kids.


101 Hilarious Dog Jokes For Kids

This joke book contains over 100 hilariously funny jokes all about cool canines. With pictures included, the book automatically becomes a whole lot funnier to the target market: children. If you know a little one that loves to laugh and hold a leash, this is the book for them.


Luck Dog Bulldog Dentist Game

Become a dog dentist and prepare to feel the pressure of a poorly pup. This bulldog will have a different sore tooth every time his mouth is opened – if you pull at this tooth he will bite down. To win, simply don’t get eaten; got it?!

Prices Vary

Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet Dog

Anything grim, gross or gory appears to be irresistible to children everywhere. If you are looking for some dog gifts for kids, none are more gross than the Ugglys pet dog. This sniffling, snotty dog loves to burp, fart and be overall disgusting thanks to over 30 built in sounds.

Prices Vary

Chihuahua On A Tricycle T-shirt

Chihuahuas in handbags are overrated; if you really want your teeny tiny pooch to look stylish, sit them aboard a trike! As demonstrated on this cool kids t shirt, tricycles make chihuahuas look even more awesome than they already are. Take a look at the t shirt here and see what you think.


Walter the Farting Dog: Banned from the Beach

Check out the fifth and final book in the Walter the Farting Dog book series. In this adventure, Walter is banned from the beach for a windy accident and spends his holiday stuck in the beach house! See what happens by grabbing the book now and having a read.

Prices Vary

Golden Retriever On A Bike T-shirt

Does your little one live for dogs? Would they be perfectly happy being surrounded by hundreds of puppies at all times? If so, you need to get them a t shirt that reflects their love. The following t shirt features a beautiful golden retriever riding a bike; what more could a little dog lover want?


Bag of Dog Farts Cotton Candy

Do you know someone who loves dogs so much that they would appreciate a bag of dog farts? This hilarious gift is perfect for children who are absolutely dog crazy. Made from delectable cotton candy, this hilarious bag of treats is a great gag gift idea that you know will be well received


French Bulldog On A Tricycle T-shirt

Bulldogs are cute, French bulldogs are even cuter! One of these adorable little dogs has been drawn riding a little tricycle and printed onto the front of this kids t shirt. Highly detailed and with cool colors, this t shirt is a brilliant gift idea for any little ones you know that adore dogs.


Soggy Doggy Board Game

Get ready for some high fun, high paced action thanks to Soggy Doggy. The aim of the game is to take turns giving him a bath, without getting caught when he shakes. Stay dry and make it all the way around the board and you win; get wet, and you go back to the start.


Pug On A Scooter T-shirt

Pugs are popular, everyone knows that! These cute little pooches have a face worth dying for and loving eyes that we just can’t resist. If you know of a child that loves pugs more than anything else, you should grab them this awesome t shirt that shows a little pug riding a scooter. Funny and adorable.


3 Diy Dog Plush Toys for Kids

Diy Quigley the Corgi Free Tutorial

Head over to Fluffmonger to check out this completely free sewing pattern tutorial on creating your very own DIY plush corgi. With a video tutorial AND written instructions, this project can be fun, simple and most importantly easy on the bank balance. Take a look now.

Diy Belgian Shepherd Dog Plush

Are you a fan of Belgian Shepherds? Or do you know of someone who is? If so, this DIY guide could be for you. On the following page you will find all of the necessary information needed to create your very own stuffed dog toy in your very own home. Simple and fun to make.

Diy Puppy Plush From an Old Bath Robe

Do you happen to have an old bath robe laying around the house? If so, don’t throw away; instead use it to create your own plush puppy that you can either keep or give to a child in your life as a surprise gift. With all the instructions here, you can start straightaway.

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