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34 Fun Gifts for Hip Grandparents

Cool grandparents want more than macramé hand warmers and Snuggies. They want to have fun with their Golden Years. Sure they’ll play shuffleboard, but they’d rather do it blindfold, on a cruise ship, with margaritas. This gift is list is for grandparents who live with vim and vigor.

Got a hip grandparent? My grandpa can still shake it with the best of them, and totally appreciated the fun gift I got him.

Senior Moments Board Game

Senior moments aren’t just for seniors anymore. Any time you walk into a room and forget why you’re there—that’s a senior moment. Have a fun family gathering and beat back the time when the real senior moments come: this game keeps your memory sharp and on point while making you laugh.

Prices Vary

Racing Granny/Speeding Grandad

Wind them up and watch Nana and Pop-pop race! Your grandparents are the first ones to joke about moving more slowly and taking more time to do things than they used to—that’s why you know they still have a great sense of humor. And that’s why they’ll love this funny pair of figurines.

Prices Vary

Cardboard iPad TV Stand

Your granparents have all the latest tech gadgets—smartphones, Bluetooth earpieces, flat screen TVs, and tablets. But you know they still long for the days of old-fashioned phones and vacuum-tube TVs with wood paneling and plastic knobs on the front. They can have it both ways with this hilarious tablet stand.


Bungy Pump Walkathon

Granny is a powerwalker and grandpa hops so fast down the sidewalk the neighborhood jocks can’t even keep up. They can take their walking game to the next level with these dual purpose walking poles. One setting flexes, and works out their arms while walking, and the other keeps it rigid, for stability over the rough terrain.

Prices Vary

Grandparent Talk

Hip and interested grandparents will love this game. It’s received so many awards from parenting and educational organizations that we can’t begin to list them all here. This deck of fun and interesting conversation-starting cards bridges the generation gap and keeps the lines of communication wide open.

Prices Vary

Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother

…Like A Grandmother. It’s not in the skin cream, it’s not in the tanning salon, it’s not in the “work” a grandma has done to keep old age at bay—it’s all in the attitude. This book is the first non-traditional look at the modern art of being a grandma.

Prices Vary

Yoga By Numbers Starter Package

Leave the knitting circle, bridge club, and Bingo night behind. Gram and Gramps want to try new things., meet people, and do activities that will keep their minds and bodies sharp and healthy for another decade or two, at least. Get them started with a home yoga package—everything they’ll need to get up to speed before hitting the local studio.

Prices Vary

The Bucket List Journal

They have a mental list of things they want to do in their retirement—but they’ll admit, sometimes some of those awesome ideas just slip out of the brain. They won’t miss a things with this journal. It comes with maps and plenty of space to plan and record all their Golden adventures.


Golf Parscription

“Playing eighteen holes today, sweetheart—doctor’s orders!” Every grandpa wishes he could say that after breakfast. Now he can, and he won’t be fibbing, because he’ll have a personalized prescription to go hit the links. Signed by a doctor and everything: grandma can’t argue with that!

Prices Vary

The Buddha Board

Let go of the past, don’t worry about the future. The only real moment is now—so why sweat the small things? Life is fleeting, and the Buddha Board reminds you of that. Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy the art they create, let it go, then move on to the next beautiful moment in life.

Prices Vary

Flask Book Box

It’s always happy hour somewhere. And there’s no better time to celebrate this fact than during old age. However, not everyone looks kindly on having a nip of the old hooch, so this gift is a perfect way for the grandparents to keep it under wraps—at book club, for instance.


Underwater Dogs Calendar

Dogs! Being hilarious! Underwater! Okay, a calendar might be a stereotypical grandparent gift, but this one is special. It’s off-beat, goofy, and filled with certifiably laugh-out-loud photos of dogs chasing balls in the water. For the tech-savvy grandparents, it includes QR codes that link to live-action videos.

Prices Vary

The Grandfather Cap

Give him a baseball cap he can’t refuse—this one. He knows he pulls all the strings anyway (we won’t let Grandma bust that bubble) so go ahead and let him proclaim it to the world. He’ll love the fact you give him the respect due a true Don—and his buddies down at the hardware store will start calling him Vito.


Only the Best…

The cream rises to the top! We live in a merit-based society. Show up, work hard, do a good job, and your effort will be rewarded. And if you’re the best, you’ll get promotion after promotion. The same is true with parenting: the very best get the best promotion out there: they get bumped up to Grandparent status.

Prices Vary

Cool Grandma

So she might have traded in her step aerobics class for water aerobics, her Harley for a Hoveround, and bourbon for a glass of wine, but she’s still cool enough to rock an oversize black hoodie any day of the week instead of an old-lady sweater with 3-D puppies on the front. Get her this sweatshirt to prove it.

Prices Vary

Foodie Dice

You’re never too old to play with your food! This cool game keeps dinner time fun and interesting every night of the week. There are over 186,000 combinations possible here—that’s enough dinners to last five hundred years. And at the pace medical science is advancing, they may be able to use them all.


Widescreen Webcam

Nana and Pop-pop are tech savvy, and love nothing more than a nice, long video chat with the kids and the grandkids. Get a pair of these widescreen webcams and they won’t miss a thing: the whole family will fit in the picture, and they can record the conversations to watch at their leisure.

Prices Vary

Dino Gramps Shirt

Grandpa is a monster and he’s not afraid to show it. He’s long past the days of button-downs and ties, and he thanks his lucky stars he can spend the day in casual attire. He’ll wear this t-shirt with pride, and be the envy of everyone on the block when they realize how cool he is.


Hands-Free Book Stand

One thing that sets your grandparents apart from the crowd is that they aren’t afraid of new gadgets and they want to stay hip to the latest technology. They may prefer a real book over a kindle, but they’re all in with a book stand that lets them sip their lunch cocktail while reading their favorite mystery novel.

Prices Vary

Old Man’s Cutlery

The old guy won’t hide from the fact that his teeth are long-gone and he’s cut up too many steaks to remember. He just wants to cut to the chase, and slurp life in like a huge smoothie. We bet he’ll actually try to puree that beef casserole when no one’s looking!

Prices Vary

Felony Pride

The Gramps have a laptop and a tablet—they’re the ones you see in the grocery store with that device tucked in the cart where their kids sat long ago. This sticker will let everyone who’s shopping on Senior Wednesdays that they have a grandkid who’s not afraid to steal—second base, that it.


Senior Moment Sign

Clean up at 547 Glenview Drive! Some retired folks fill their front yards with garden gnomes, pink flamingos, bird feeders, or cure animal statues. Not your grandparents! They let everyone know what’s up when they put this sign out in the front yard for the whole worlds to see.

Prices Vary

Slang Flashcards

What it do, playa? Run a pigeon to the homies and let’s roll deep! Your grandparents might not be quite there yet—and you can’t blame them. They kept up with phrases like bitchin, gnarly, and the bomb when your parents were growing up. Give them this book and they’ll be spittin’ hot fire in no time.

Prices Vary

Compact Printer

She may be hip, she may be cool, but there’s no way Grandma is ever going to stop taking pictures of her favorite things—grandkids are first on that list, of course. This compact printer with a fashionable hot pink cover will let her print those pictures and show them off to anyone and everyone.

Prices Vary

Over the Hill Hearing Enhancer

High tech hearing enhancement is finally here! Gramps knows as well as you do that the old ears aren’t what they used to be. Have a laugh together with this funny gag gift. He can keep it next to the couch, put the cell phone on speaker, and you can shout at one another across the continent.

Prices Vary

Grandparents Survival Kit

Parents need a weekend—or maybe even a week or two—off from being parents. That’s when they drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and drive off giggling. Next time, parents—include this Grandparent’s survival kit: they’re hip enough not to need it, but they’ll kick out of it for sure.


Personalogy Family Game

This funny twist on trivia games tests your knowledge of your family. Instead of answering the questions yourself, you try to predict the other players’ answers. Find out just how much your grandparents know about you and how you think. You’re going to be surprised!

Prices Vary

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Hipster fixed gear bikes are all the rage—but did you know that at the turn of the 20th century, track cycling was the most popular spectator sport in America? Your grandparents might not be old enough to remember than, but they’re cool enough to know a hip pizza cutter like this when they see it.


Geezer Glasses

He’s gone from sharp eyes to bifocals to holding things an inch away from his face so he can read them—all with a great sense of humor. Give Grandpa the gift of what they call “Coke Bottle Lenses” and he’ll drop right into his best Mr. Magoo imitation, ‘cause he’s funny like that.

Prices Vary

Eyefi Card

Wonders will never cease! They’re so hip they switched over to digital cameras years ago, and now they can transfer those amazing pictures right to the computer with no wires or adapters at all. This cool card syncs pictures straight from the camera to phones, tablets, or laptops. A grandparent’s dream.

Prices Vary

Nice Underwear

Okay, we’re not sure that this means, at all—but we do know it’s one of the funniest doormats we’ve ever seen. If your grandparents are cool and have a funky, quirky, off-beat sense of humor, we bet they’ll put this one out at the front door right away.


Harry Potter Kindle Cover

Undercover lover—that’s what Grandma is. She doesn’t want everyone to know that what she’s really reading on her kindle fire is the latest lusty pulp fiction. So she throws them a curve ball, and makes them all think she’s reading a Harry Potter book. Grandma is sneaky—it comes with the wisdom of years, sonny.

Prices Vary

Senior Moments Calendar

Laugh, Laugh against the dying of the light! There’s no reason to go down fighting when you can go down laughing your guts out. This calendar puts a new spin on what it means to be a senior, with a funny new picture for every month of the year.

Prices Vary

The Clapper

Clap On! Go tongue in cheek with this funny grandparent gift. We all know the commercial is hilarious—but what your grandparents don’t tell you is how much they’d actually love one of these handy gadgets. Sure, they’re spry and active all day long, but when couch time comes, they want to sit and chill. And clap on, clap off!

Prices Vary

7 DIY Gifts for Grandparents

Picture Hangers

They’re hip, cool and young at heart, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have pictures of their grandkids hanging around the house. And in the case of this DIY gift for grandparents, we mean it literally. This tutorial shows you how to make a funky way to display all the pictures, and change their favorites every day.

Fly Away Bookmarks

Made especially for Grandma and Grandpa bookworm—because retirement means finally having the time to read for pleasure and leisure—this DIY bookmark projects teaches you how to combine reading and grandkid pictures. Believe us: they really do want them, and these bookmarks are a clever way to deliver.

Family Clock

This clock makeover turns an ordinary wall clock into a family heirloom that your grandparents will cherish forever. Why? Two reasons: one, you took the time to make it yourself, and two, it has pictures of their lovable little monkeys in place of the numbers.

Photo Coasters

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! We weren’t lying when we said grandparents want as many pictures of their grandkids as they can get. This DIY, though lets them be the cool grandparents they really are: they can celebrate that early Happy Hour and set their stiff Manhattans down on these original coasters.

Custom iPhone Case

Last picture one—we promise. Grandma is hip enough to have an iPhone, so take her cool to the next level by making her this custom iPhone case. She can text, facetime, browse the web, or just plain chat on the phone the old fashioned way, all with her grandkids right in her hand.

Butterfly Flower Pot

We stayed away from birdfeeders, gardening tools, yard elves, and the rest of the predictable grandparent gifts, but this butterfly pot is just too cute to pass up. The materials are very simple—all you really need is a flower pot and some kid-friendly paint—and the result is a beautiful flower pot grandma will love.

Keepsake Pouches

No matter how hip she is, grandma needs a coin purse to keep all that annoying loose change from floating around at the bottom of her big grandma pocket book. If your children are old enough to color, they’re old enough to make this DIY grandparent gift with you.

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