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19 Awesome Gifts for Loving Godparents

Gifts for godparents can be something they cherish for years, as long as you get it right. The following gifts speak from the heart and show the godparents just how much you and your child appreciate them.

19 Awesome Gifts for Loving Godparents

Willow Tree Guardian

Any godmother would love to receive this figurine, which stands six inches tall and gives the look of being hand carved. A godparent is meant to act as a guardian of the child in the event of a tragedy, so it makes sense to capture this in a figurine.


Godmother Personalized Photo Frame

Put the best picture you have of godmother and godbaby in this personalized godmother frame and it will make a very thoughtful gift indeed. It’s a beautiful wooden frame with baby’s name carved into it as well as godmother carved on top.


Godfather Pint Glass

Their godfather will love having a pint out of this special pint glass which features two little baby feet. Godfather is printed in a nice script, and the glass comes with the initials of the artist making it a very special gift for them to cherish for years.

Prices Vary

Godparents Belief Bowl

This is a great way to say thank you to the godparents after the baptism. It’s a Belief Bowl, and is an original design made out of clay and glaze. It comes in different colors, so be sure you check out the selection and pick the one you like best.


Godparent Wood Angel Ornament

This wood angel ornament looks great on the tree, and is pretty highly customizable. You can choose whether you want godmother or godfather carved into the ornament, as well as the godchild’s name and a brief message.


Godmother Mug

This godmother mug is sure to become her new favorite mug. It reads “Godmothers are a special blessing from above.” and features a scripted font of Godmother at the rim of the mug. It has a pretty floral design for a nice calming look.


Godparent Personalized Keepsake

This is a pretty personalized keepsake that they can put on their desk or on a shelf, and be able to be reminded that they’re appreciated again and again. It reads “Walking beside me, to help and guide me. You’re always there in love and prayer.”


Whiskey Rocks Glass Set

This whiskey rocks glass set is perfect because it features some stylings from The Godfather, and has the Italian words for godfather and godmother carved into them, padrino and madrina. This is a nice set that you can break up if the godfather and godmother are not husband and wife.


Godparents Love Frame

This frame is perfect for either a godfather or godmother because it reads “Godparents are a special gift from God.” You simply put the picture of your choice in the middle, and you automatically have a stunning gift to give.


Godparents Personalized Mug

This personalized mug is special because you get to put their name on it. The rest of the mug is also customizable, with baby’s name and a special message that is sure to put a smile on their face every morning with their coffee or tea.


Godparents Cross Pin

This cross pin is something that a godparent can keep forever and can be a reminder of the baptism and how special their godbaby is to them. This is something that you can get for both the godfather and godmother so they each have their own.


Godparents Engraved Picture Frame

This engraved picture frame is special because it is engraved with the child’s name at the bottom, and showcases the photo very well. Choose a photo that you think best captures the new relationship of godparent and godchild.


The Godfather Logo T-Shirt

This is a fun shirt to give to the new godfather, the logo from The Godfather trilogy. It’s one of the most famous uses of the term godfather, and will definitely be appreciated by any godfather that’s also a fan of the films.


Godfather Touching Poem

This poem is sure to bring a tear to the eye of even the most manliest godfather, and sums up the special bond that exists between godparents and godchildren. There is also a godmother version available with the same touching poem.


Doodle Godparent Mug

These mugs are made especially for godparents, and they look like something a child put together, with a unique artistic design. The messages are very poignant, and put right where they can see them as they sip their beverage of choice.

Prices Vary

Godfather Personalized Frame

This personalized frame is sure to sit proudly on his desk and it is personalized with your child’s name on the bottom right corner. It has godfather engraved at the top of the frame, and you can either put a picture of the two of them or just your child in it.


The Godmother Mirror

This mirror is something that their godmother can use everyday, and be reminded of the love that she has for your child, as well as your appreciation for her taking on that role. Any gift that gets used daily is a good gift.


My Godparents Poem and Frame

Having a beautiful poem next to a pretty picture of your baby with their godparents is a nice way to capture the love between all involved. This is a gift that you can buy one of if the godparents are married, or you’ll need two of if they’re not.


Custom Godparents Frame and Message

This is one gift that you can’t go wrong with. It looks so professional they’ll think you had it professionally done, but the price is rather reasonable. It looks great on the wall and will be something they can cherish over the years.

Prices Vary

7 DIY Gifts for Godparents

Fingerprint Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is made using a charm that features your baby’s fingerprint. It’s an example of art imitating life, capturing the size and scale of their little finger and turning it into a wearable piece of artwork for their godmother.

DIY Keepsake Keychain

This keepsake keychain is made out of the artwork that your child makes, and is a nice gift to send to the godparents to remind them of your child each day. It will be on their keychain and they’ll see it all the time.

Baby Fingers Casting

Send them a cast of your baby’s tiny fingers so they’ll always remember how tiny they were on the day they were baptized. This really captures just how small and helpless the baby was, and why it’s necessary to sort out their godparents.

Shadow Boxes with Kid Stuff

You can turn your baby’s shirts into something worth hanging on the wall for their godparents. It’s a great reminder of how small they used to be once they start getting older, and it looks really cute on the wall.

Silhouette Portrait

This silhouette portrait should probably done when they’re a little older so that they have a more unmistakable silhouette. It turns out really nice, and if you follow the instructions you’ll be able to replicate it exactly.

Stamped Washer Necklace

This washer necklace is stamped with three words: Love. Family. Home. Since this is a how-to, you can simply change the last word to something else, like the child’s name so that’s it’s personalized and more relevant.

Tiny Polaroid Magnets

These little Polaroid style magnets are the perfect way to send little update pics of your little one to their godparents. They are mini and cute and the pics will be useful because they can help them hang things on their refrigerator and be reminded of their godchild.


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