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36 Gifts for Gardeners with the Green Thumb

Great gifts for gardeners will be ones that either help them garden, make them happier in the garden, or help them recover from a gardening session. Here you’ll find tools, decorations, and cleaning items that will make their lives even better.

36 Gifts for Gardeners- with the green thumb.

Gardener’s Seat

Every gardener needs a place to sit, and this gardener’s seat is especially designed to hold all of the things they need, while remaining highly portable. They’ll use it all the time, thinking of you each time they do. Great gardener gift!


Bug Thwarting Hat

It might make them look like a beekeeper, but if you’ve ever tried gardening when the mosquitos are in full force, you’ll know that this is a great gift that will help them stay out there and garden more. It provides full facial coverage against all types of bugs.


Yoga Pose Garden Sculptures

Here’s the right combo for those that like to garden and also do yoga. It features three cute sculptures in yoga poses. They’ll get a kick out of it each time they see it, and can put it in the spot where they think it looks best. Perfect for a gardener that likes to decorate their space.


15-Piece Gardening Tool Set

Make sure they have all the tools of the trade when you equip them with this 15 piece gardening tool set. They’ll of course have spades and shovels, but there are a lot of other tools in this set that will come and handy, and they all fit perfectly in the box.


Pickling Jar Sets

At the end of the summer it’s time to haul in all the bounty from the gardening that’s been done. This produces an excess of vegetables that need to go somewhere before they go bad. Pickling works well for many types of veggies, and preserves all that hard work.


Gardener’s Compost Container

Help them keep their compost in order with this compost container. If you’re not sure whether they compost or not, most gardeners compost, so this will be a thoughtful gift. Even if they already have a compost system, this can supplement what they already have.


Potted Plant Hand Truck

Sooner or later a gardener is going to want to move a large, heavy potted plant from one location to another. Maybe they want to give it more or less sunshine or just like the look of it somewhere new. This is the perfect way for them to move it with ease.


Gardening Pendant

Let them show off their hobby with this gardening pendant. It’s a beautiful piece that is sure to start up conversations with other gardeners. It features a spade and a watering can, two tools that every gardener is very familiar with.


Birch Handle Angle Weeder

This weeder is angled so that it’s easier on the hand, allowing them to weed longer with less discomfort, or finish easier jobs with ease. Weeding is one of the most thankless jobs a gardener will do, so any help is appreciated.


Canadian Year-Round Rain Barrel

Most rain barrels need to be brought in for the winter, lest they burst. This year round rain barrel can stay out all year, thanks to its patented design. It also has a series of screens to keep out animals. There’s a spout for easy watering of plants.


Zen Dog Garden Sculptures

Give their garden that Zen-like quality with these garden sculptures that features dogs dressed as monks with their eyes closed in prayer or just inner peacefulness. Perfect for the gardener that is also a dog lover or that is very spiritual.


Seed Keeper

This book is the perfect companion for any gardener because it helps them keep things straight when it comes to what they’ve planted and what still needs to be planted. It can get confusing, and this acts as a sort of seed diary.


Solar Outdoor Thermometer

They’ll always have an accurate reading of how hot it is outside while they’re gardening with this outdoor digital thermometer that is powered by the sun. It also displays the time so they’ll never forget an important appointment because they lost track of time in the garden.


Guided Garden

Make things paint by numbers easy with this guided garden that takes all the guesswork out of gardening and grows vegetables with just a bit of effort. It’s already packed with weed controller and comes pre-seeded so all they have to do is set it up where they want it.


Self Watering Planter

This self watering planter makes it so they don’t have to go through the task of watering the plant every day. It uses a special system that prevents the water from evaporating and instead contains it and feeds it back to the plant.


3D Garden Pinwheels

These pinwheels make a great addition to just about any garden, and when the wind catches them just right they provide a whimsical feeling. They are made from stainless steel, so they’ll last and last even through the elements.


Rolling Garden Cart

This garden cart has everything they’ll need to properly garden, and rolls around so that everything is right where they need it. A much better system than returning again and again to the shed for the things that you need.


Living Roof Birdhouse Kit

This birdhouse has a two in one feature where it houses birds inside and plants on the top. The perfect multitasking addition to a garden that is all about plants and birds. If they’ve talked about loving the birds in their garden this gift is spot on.


Outdoor Misting Fan

When the temperatures start to really climb in the middle of summer, even a few minutes gardening can seem like hours. Keep them cool with this misting fan just like the ones used to keep elite athletes from overheating during games.


Pineapple Planter

Each one of these pineapple planters was cast out of concrete by an actual pineapple. That makes them unique, and also the perfect planter to grow a pineapple from. Pineapple trees are pretty easy to grow using a pineapple core.


Nail Brush

There’s a double meaning to this nail brush. First it’s made out of a nail, and second it’s designed to help a gardener clean all the dirt and debris from under their nails. Gardener’s will tell you that this is one part of gardening that is no fun, so help them out


Elephant Garden Sculpture

This sculpture is great for any gardener that has a love of the magnificent beast that is an elephant. There’s a certain peacefulness that it brings, and it works nicely in all types of gardens. Perfect for a first piece, or for an elephant loving gardener.


Lawn and Garden Ladder

This ladder is specially designed to be used in the garden. That’s why it has a wider base so that it can be placed on softer surfaces. It displaces the weight more evenly so that it won’t sink down, and instead provide a sturdy base for the user.


Flower Globe Garden Stakes

These garden stakes are made beautifully and feature flower patterns on them. They’ll get lost among a patch of wildflowers, or they’ll take center stage, depending on how they want to use them. One thing is for sure they are going to love them.


Folding Utility Wagon

This wagon lets them haul around heavier things, or lots of their tools, or several plants. It is sturdy and won’t break on them. It folds up for easy storage, so when gardening season is over, it gets out of the way so they can get to other things.


Koala Tree Hugger

This koala tree hugger is the perfect way to spruce up the outdoor space and keep a gardener company. It gives the impression that the koala is just hanging out on a tree, just like actual koalas do. Koala loving gardeners will be happy with this.


Pit and Pendulum Zen Garden

Bring some Zen magic into the garden with this pit and pendulum piece. This is one of the more peaceful things that you can do in a garden, watching it swing back and forth and clearing the mind. For many, gardening is therapeutic, and this helps even more.


Succulent Living Wall

Here’s a way to have art that’s actually alive. It features succulent plants that only need infrequent watering in order to maintain their life. It not only looks great, but is quite the conversation piece when company is over.


Bird and Nest Copper Garden Stake

This garden stake features a bird and its nest made out of copper. It gives the garden a classic feel, and is especially nice when there are plenty of birds frequenting the garden, perhaps by a birdbath or a birdhouse.


Seed Money

These coins are actually seeds, and they come in a little coin purse. It’s a fun way to grow things, and is a break from the ordinary types of seeds gardeners use. It’s a good gift to give to a gardener that has seen it all, because they’ve probably not seen this.


Hummingbird Swing

This swing is specially designed to attract hummingbirds to it. These birds are some of the farthest flying birds out there, and with so much energy expended they deserve a place to rest. Gardeners will enjoy watching the birds make use of this swing.


Butterfly Puddler

Here’s a neat little piece that just about any gardener can get on board with. You simply add water to it, and as the water dries it attracts butterflies to it. They’ll come back again and again, filling the garden with the beauty of flapping butterflies.


Leaf Stepping Stones

These stepping stones give the garden a classic feel, while also adding to its visual appeal. They can be used where they’re needed, and resemble large fallen leaves. If you’ve noticed they need some stepping stones, these make a great choice.


Tree to Be Kit

This kit has everything they need to plant a future tree. Growing a tree from a seed requires a lot of patience and a long view. With all of the supplies included in one kit they’ll be able to do it with no trouble, and think of you when they see their tree grow.


Ceramic Bee Feeder

With the plight of honeybees across the planet, it’s important to help them out by giving them what they need. This ceramic bee feeder does just that, providing bees with sugar water that they can bring back to the hive.


Cat and Mouse Garden Sculpture Set

In the perfect garden, cats and mice would get along in harmony. That’s what looks like is happening here, with a cat not giving chase to a mouse but simply coexisting with it. It’s a nice piece to add to a fun garden.


8 DIY Gifts for Gardeners

DIY Fairy Doors

Add a bit of fairytale magic with these fairy doors. They make it look like a tree has occupants in it that use a door. It’s the perfect add on to a grandparent’s garden, as the grandkids will love the idea that their garden is full of fairies.

Amigurumi (Crocheted) Gnome

This gnome is crocheted to look like the garden gnomes that are so popular. They can decide whether they want to put this outside like a regular gnome or keep it inside as an indoor reminder of their favorite hobby.

DIY Birdhouse

This birdhouse looks awesome, and they’ll show you how to repurpose an old wooden clock into a birdhouse. They even show you how to fill the birdhouse so that the birds will be comfortable inside. Looks great in any garden.

Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter

This is a great way to give them the gift of succulent plants using a cedar pallet to hold them. Succulents make a great gift because they’re so easy to take care of, and can survive in many different conditions.

DIY Plant Markers

These plant markers make it easy to identify plants, and are made using chopsticks and wine corks. The perfect way to take miscellaneous items and turn them into something useful. They give a nice big label for plants instead of the small plastic ones they come with.

DIY Wooden Planter Stand

This stand gets their plants up off the ground so they look better and are easier to water and move. They are sturdy even though you make them yourself, and they walk you through all of the steps so you will be able to replicate them exactly.

Pallet Garden Tutorial

Here’s a way to surprise a gardener with a full functional pallet garden. Pallet gardens keep everything separated nicely so you can easily identify them later. It also helps to keep it all labeled so there is never any wondering what something is.

Gardener’s Soap

Gardener’s get their hands dirty, there’s just no way around it. They don’t just get them dirty, they get them really dirty. So help them out with a bar of this gardener’s soap that is wrapped up for extra scrubbing power.


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