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18 Gifts for Foodies & Adventurous Eaters

Getting the perfect gifts for foodies is easy, just think like a foodie! Think about delicious foods, wine pairings, and all that gourmet dining has to offer, and then give gifts that put food and eating on a pedestal and you’ve got it.

These are the best gifts for foodies and adventurous eaters! No foodie should be without their own Wine Pairing Towel.

Wine Pairing Towel Set

Every foodie knows that there’s the perfect wine to drink with any food. This wine pairing towel set gives the right food to have with the wine you have on hand, or vice versa. A great learning tool, or a cheat sheet when put on the hot seat.


Gourmet Dipped Fancy Berries

These berries are dipped in rich, delicious chocolate so they taste amazing and are something that they’ll never forget. Foodies demand a higher grade of quality and sophistication, so if you know they’re something of a food snob be sure to get the good stuff.


Delicious Snacks Club

Give your favorite foodie the ultimate gift with this monthly snack club membership. Each month they’ll receive a different snack, so their palate will never tire of the same boring snack month in and month out. It’s a great way to discover new snack ideas.


Foodie Dice

There’s never a dull moment with this dice set. They’ll never be short on ideas for what to make because they simply roll the dice and honor what they say. They may have pan fried beef and mushrooms with basil, or any other concoction the dice come up with.


Deluxe Snack Attack

This snack set has everything a foodie could want when it comes time to get their snack on. They’ll really enjoy this because there’s savory and sweet and everything in between. The best part is the wide assortment, so they can try many things and never get bored.


Foodie Fight Game

Challenge other foodies with this foodie fight game and see who really knows all there is to know about food.This is like Trivial Pursuit but all about food. It will really test out their knowledge, and at the same time it will teach them a thing or two about food.


Chocolate Covered Oreos

When you cover an Oreo in chocolate you have made it even better. Sure, you can buy chocolate covered Oreos in the cookie aisle, but foodies want things a cut above what the mainstream is eating. These are made with a little more care and taste much better.


Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

This survival kit helps any foodie when they are on the go and relying on others to meet their needs. It includes an assortment of spices so that no matter how bland or boring the food is that they’re presented with, they can doctor it up just right.


Heirloom Recipe Journal

They can keep their favorite recipes in this heirloom recipe journal, and keep them for posterity. It’s a great way to start a new family heirloom, and to help pass on all the knowledge they’ve gained from a lifetime of eating awesome food.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This molecular gastronomy makes making the food just as fun as eating it. The food just doesn’t look unusual and enticing, it has unique quirks to it that make it an experience to behold. Foodies are at the root of gastronomy, so this just make sense.


Kitchit Gift Card

Give them the gift of gourmet food cooked right in their own kitchen with a gift card from Kitchit.com. They’ll send over a world class gourmet chef to cook up a meal right in their own kitchen. They just sit back, relax, and enjoy the meal with good company.


Flavors of America Salt Collection

These salts each have a different flavor to them, so they can experiment and see which ones they like best. Salt can make or break a meal, so using the right salt with the right flavor is key. Help them out with this set of salts and they’ll thank you for it.


Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

This cookbook stand makes a stunning addition to any kitchen counter, and is great for the DIY foodie that loves cooking the food just as much as they love eating the food. When not in use it looks like an antique cookbook stand, and when in use it holds books just right.


Table Topics

Great food tastes even better with great conversation, and these cards help make any meal more interesting. Just pull out a card and you’ll be given a question that gets the ball rolling in just about any situation you may have pop up.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but unfortunately it’s also the most often skipped meal of the day. Make sure that they are less likely to take a pass on breakfast by giving them the means to make a killer breakfast sandwich quickly and easily.


Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Plank

This grilling plank makes a salmon fillet taste absolutely amazing, and is the perfect gift for a foodie that likes to spend time cooking on the grill. It’s also great for veggie kabobs and other meats, and infuses it with a very special taste.


Oven to Table Entertainment Platter

If you know a foodie that loves to entertain, this platter makes a great gift. It lets them serve hot appetizers and hors d’oeuvres right out of the oven. They’ll be able to serve up warm items that would otherwise go cold on other platters or plates.


Cheese Pop Chart

Every foodie worth their salt knows a lot about cheese, and this pop chart shows them all they really need to know in a nutshell. It has it laid out according to where the cheese comes from and goes through all of the different varieties so they’ll become a pro in no time.


5 DIY I Foodie Gifts

DIY I Love You Kitchen Towel

Give them a towel they’ll see all the time, because let’s face it, the kitchen is their favorite room in the house. These kitchen towels are extra cute and have a simple phrase of I Love You which never gets old no matter how many times you hear it.

Chalkboard Handle Cutting Board

This cutting board comes with a special chalkboard handle so they can write little messages on it, erase them, and write more on it. It’s a way to separate this cutting board from other cutting boards and it’s fun to leave sweet messages to each other.

Monogrammed Plate

There’s nothing quite like having a plate with your name on it, and with these monogrammed plates you’re giving a foodie the gift they want but didn’t know they wanted it. They can become the nightly plates or just for special occasions.

DIY Gold Silverware

Take ordinary silverware and make it a little more extraordinary by turning it gold. They may not want to eat off of them since it just uses spray paint to get the job done, but at least they can be used for decoration.

Giant Donut Cake

This cake looks like a giant donut, the kind Homer Simpson wouldn’t be able to pass up. This is a great gift for a foodie that loves donuts and will love the novelty of an extra large donut-looking cake.


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