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30 Good Firefighter Gifts for the Fireman and Firewoman in Your Life

Here are some foolproof gifts for firefighters that will have them wondering how you always manage to pick just the right gift. From sentimental to life-saving, we’ve got you covered with the best gifts to get the fireman or woman in your life.

30 Unique Gifts for Firefighters- these gifts will make them smile, may save their life someday, and will show them how much you appreciate what they do.

Fireman Gnome

Here’s the right gift if you know a fireman that also likes to keep a garden. It’s a fireman gnome that will look great standing next to other gnomes. He’s got an infectious smile and a firehose draped around his neck and shoulders so he looks the part.

Prices Vary

Rescue Knife

Every firefighter needs a good quality knife, and this knife is specifically designed to help in rescue situations. It has a hook cutter that is designed to be able to cut through seat belts and clothing so they can get people out of their cars.


Paracord Survival Bracelet

This survival bracelet is made out of paracord, so if some is needed in an emergency they can have it handy. It has the firefighter emblem on it, so it looks good on their wrist and looks like a normal bracelet until it’s needed.

Prices Vary

Fire Hose Tool Roll

This tool holder is made from used fire hose, so it’s going to be extra durable and the perfect holder for a firefighter. They say you shouldn’t take your work home with you, but this is a good way to give them a related gift they can use to store their tools.


Fire Rescue Logo Cuff Links

These cufflinks will be just the thing when they need to dress up for a special event. It will help them look stylish, but also show off their affiliation as a firefighter in a subtle way. Probably only other firefighters will notice the emblem.

Prices Vary

Firefighter Night Light

This night light is just the thing to have in the bathroom so you’re not fumbling around for the light switch in the middle of the night. It features a scene from a firehouse, complete with a row of firefighter gear that’s ready to go.


Fire Chief Service Car

This scale model of a Harley Davidson fire chief service car is sure to become their new favorite piece of decoration in their home. This is the perfect gift for a firefighter that aspires to be a fire chief, or one that loves Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Prices Vary

Fireman Zombie Hunter Mug

This is a funny gift for a fireman that also likes zombie movies and TV shows. If you know they’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you can be sure that they’ll love a gift like this that alludes to them having a pretty killer night job.

Prices Vary

Slim Minimalist Wallet Money Clip

If someone that you know and love needs a wallet that can keep up with their lifestyle, check this out. Created using recycled fire hoses from around the United States, these slim fit wallets are about as durable as they come! With space for everything inside, it’s a no brainer.

Prices Vary

HCSB Firefighter’s Bible

No matter what, every firefighter needs to have a copy of this brilliant bible. Created to celebrate and commemorate the hard work that these heroes do, this standard Christian bible comes in a great design and has not only the religious teachings, but also inspirational quotes relevant to our everyday heroes.


Socksmith Firefighter Socks

Firefighters are, for very good reason, extremely proud of the work that they do. If you are also proud of them, pick them up a pair of these fire service themed socks that come decorated with axes, hoses, fire trucks and more! A wonderfully simple gift to make them smile.


Sportula Products Maltese Cross

When they’re not putting them out, does the firefighter in your life enjoy grilling between the flames? Perfect, then this gift is for them. This fun fire & rescue Sportula features a high quality design and even a laser cut fire department Maltese cross…how cool is that?


Firefighter Maltese Cross Pillow with Personalized Name

With a reflective strip, the fire department Maltese cross, and the ability to personalize with their name, this firefighter pillow will make just about any employee of the fire service giddy with glee. A thoughtful gift, they will treasure it for year and years to come.


Channellock Compact Rescue Tool

Brought to us by Channellock, this 87 rescue tool is definitely worth the investment. Great as a gift, the tool itself can be used as a spanner wrench, cable cutter, gas valve shutter and even a pry bar; ideal for servicemen everywhere. High quality and created in the USA.


Antique Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener

Inspired by a design that is over 100 years old, this vintage fire hose nozzle has a brilliant secondary job. Instead of putting out fires, it can now be used to open up a frosty cold one thanks to the attached bottle opener! A genuine conversation starter that will be used for years.


Pine Ridge Fire Department Set Of Coasters

Check these out. Absolutely stunning to look at, they would make the ultimate present this Christmas for the person in your life that serves (or served) in the fire department. Made from polyresin, these coasters have been decorated with a fire dept. theme and have even been hand painted.

Prices Vary

Personalized Firefighter Wristlet Keychain

Created with the intention of looking just like turnout gear, this wristlet keychain is the perfect gift for the firefighter that you love. Durable and extremely high quality, the wristlet features a reflective strip, and the best part is, it can be personalized with the name of your choosing.


Firefighter Rescue Turnout Fire Gear Bag

With a pocket specifically designed for a helmet, this turnout gear bag is perfectly suited to make any firefighter’s life that little bit easier. Ideal as a Christmas present, the polyester bag boasts tons of storage space and is seriously durable. Designed with a fire fighter logo, it looks incredible, too.


St. Florian Patron Saint of Firefighters Coin

Sentimental, keepsake items often make the very best and most meaningful gifts at Christmas time. This double sided coin features an image of St. Florian (the patron saint of firefighters) on one side, and the hero’s valor prayer on the other – super colorful and ready to make them realize how much they are appreciated.


Personalized Firefighter Station Blanket

Designed to give the impression of real-life turnout gear, this brilliant blanket is perfect if you have been looking for a gift to get the everyday hero in your life. With warm fleece on one side, and cotton ripstop on the other (including a reflective strip and your personalized text), they can now comfortably nap wherever.


Firefighter Support Welcome Home Door Mat

This indoor welcome mat is unlike any other and is guaranteed to make the fire department worker that you know and love extremely happy this Christmas time. With the word ‘home’ along with a Maltese cross, the themed mat will be right up their alley.


Firefighter Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

Handcrafted by a veteran, this firefighter themed bottle opener is incredible. The solid pine board is home to a cast iron bottle opener and a delightful plaque that sums up what it means to be a firefighter. With a galvanized bucket directly below, they can neatly collect the caps without a worry.


Patriot Apparel Thin Red Line Fire Firefighter T-Shirt

Created by Patriot Apparel, this firefighter t shirt would make any and every firefighter proud every time they slip it on. With a red axe atop the flag of the United States, and also the fire department logo, it really is the ultimate present to get the hero that you know, love, and share your life with.

Prices Vary

Fire Hose Wallet

This wallet is made out of a used fire hose, and is sure to become their new favorite wallet. Talk about durable, this is probably the last wallet they’ll ever need, with the rough canvas of the fire hose making the perfect material for the job.


Fire Hat Birdhouse

They’ll have a lot of fun watching birds make use out of this birdhouse that is shaped like a fire hat. It can hang up in their garden or backyard and birds will find that it’s the perfect place to set up shop and start a family.

Prices Vary

Firefighter Ice Cube Tray

These ice cubes are in the shape of a firefighter emblem, and are the clear choice when fixing a drink for a firefighter. The trays themselves are bright red with the word firefighter across the top of them, so it’s easy to distinguish between trays.


Fireman Nutcracker Ornament

For a Christmas gift for firefighters you can’t go wrong with this nutcracker ornament. It’s a traditional style nutcracker, but he’s dressed like a fireman, and can be brought out every Christmas to take center stage on the tree.

Prices Vary

Fire Hose Belt

This belt is made out of a firehose, so it’s going to last a lifetime, and pays homage to the job that they do. It’s a great belt to wear with a pair of jeans when they’re not on the job, and is sure to be a conversation starter, since not many people will wear it.


Best. Fireman. Ever.

Tell it like it is with this Best. Fireman. Ever. framed tile. It can be hung on the wall to make a fitting statement, and lets them know just how you think of them. You can either feed their ego, or instill even more confidence in them that they know their job.


Firefighter Stainless Steel Flask

This stainless steel flask is just what they need to store their favorite sippable beverage. It’s durable, but also stylish thanks to the firefighter insignia it has on the side of it. Regardless if they drink every day or not, it’s still a cool gift.

Prices Vary

Professional Power Massager

Use this professional power massager to really get in there and loosen up tight muscles, helping them to fully relax when things get extra stressful at work. It is handheld so you can control where it goes, but powerful so it can get into knots and work them out.


Retro Heated Travel Mug

This heated travel mug will make sure that they’ve always got a steaming cup of coffee ready to drink. It’s an excellent way to keep coffee, tea, or hot cocoa hot from home to the fire station. Plus it’s red to match the firefighter motif.


Firefighter’s Prayer Steel Dog Tag

These steel dog tags will keep the Firefighter’s Prayer close to their chest, and hopefully keep them safe as they go about their duties. They not only have the prayer on one side, but the firefighter emblem on the other.

Prices Vary

Heated Slippers

After a tough day on the job, nothing beats coming up and kicking back with your feet up, especially with these heated slippers on. Perfect for those times when they want to snuggle up at home after a stressful shift.


Firefighter Watch

A stylish watch that is in line with the firefighter way of life thanks to the emblem it has at the center of the watch. They can wear this when they’re off duty or on duty, as it goes with a wide range of different attire.

Prices Vary

Canvas Fire Hose Utility Tote Bag

Here’s a tote bag that can hold some of their stuff, and also is very in line with the job of being a firefighter because it’s made from fire hose material. This is a used fire hose, so it comes with some character already built into it.


Firefighter Figurine with Poem

This figurine will show them how much you care, and they’ll be reminded of it every time they see it. There’s a poem on its base that is referencing their caring heart, and how people benefit from what they do.

Prices Vary

Volunteer Firefighter iPhone Case

Help a volunteer show off their firefighter status with this sharp-looking iPhone case. It features a firefighter emblem on top of flames and a black background so it uses pretty striking imagery. It keeps their phone safe and just looks cool.


Got Hose? T-Shirt

Taking a page from the Got Milk? campaign, this Got Hose? t-shirt is sure to get a laugh from those that see it. It’s the perfect gift for a firefighter that has a good personality and comes in an array of colors so you can match it to their taste.


This is How I Roll Wall Clock

Here’s a cute play on words with an image that drives the message home. Not many people can say that they roll in a fire truck, which makes it all the more special, and something that they’d want to show off by way of this clock.


Zero Gravity Immersion Chair

After a tough day at the office fighting fires, help them relax it all away in this zero gravity immersion chair. They’ll feel weightless and their body will be able to fully relax as they recline all the way back, with their feet and legs elevated.


Fireman’s Prayer Statue

The Fireman’s Prayer never looked so good than on this statue, featuring a stoic looking firefighter that will make a stunning piece to their home decor. It has an antique bronze finish to it so it looks quite impressive on a shelf.


Survival Tool

Chances are they already have an ax and other tools on the truck, but this survival tool is a combination of lifesaving pieces of equipment all in one. There’s an ax, a pry bar, a hammer, and a nail puller, so they can overcome a myriad of obstacles.


Recycled Fire Extinguisher Vase

With this gift you’ll be giving a subtle nod to their profession while providing a beautiful base made from a recycle fire extinguisher. You can choose between cool colors and warm colors to help it blend in with their existing color scheme.


My Other Car Shot Glass

This cute shot glass lets everyone know that they get to drive around in style when they’re on the job in a big red fire engine. Having a fire truck for your other car is something that not many can boast about, making this a great gift.

Prices Vary

15 DIY Thank You Gifts for Firefighters

Lifesaver Gift Pouch

Let them know they’re a lifesaver with this Lifesaver gift pouch. It’s a pouch that has a customized message on the tag, and Lifesaver candies on the inside. It’s a fun gift, and one that will freshen their breath at the same time.

DIY Etched Mason Jar Mugs

These mason jar mugs are sure to be a hit with a firefighter because you can customize them to fit their life. Etch in whichever design, word, or pattern you want, and once the mugs have been etched you can fill them with things they’ll like.

Homemade Beeswax Candle

These candles look like something you’d buy in a store, but they are homemade. They make a great gift for anyone, and a good way to say thank you to a firefighter for all of the hard work they do each day to keep us all safe.

DIY Smores Kit

Everybody loves s’mores, and firefighters should be especially adept at toasting marshmallows because they’re working in their element. And hey, if there are any toasting mishaps, who better to have around for help?

Gift Card Snow Globe

A gift card may not be the most creative gift out there, but when you go through the trouble of presenting it within a snow globe you are on to something. Follow these instructions, or change them up if it’s not a Christmas gift.

Garlic and Herb Dipping Oil

Putting together a gift basket with garlic and herb dipping oil along with a fresh loaf of bread to dip into the oil makes a great thank you gift. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to get them something they can enjoy with family and friends.

Candy Bar Poster

Here’s a tasty way to show your thanks to that special firefighter. You arrange different candy bars to create a thank you note that they will find most delicious. Get your creative juices flowing with this poster idea.

Make Them a Cornhole Board

There’s a good amount of downtime when you’re a firefighter, and that means that they’ll need activities to keep them busy. A good game of cornhole is fun, and can be stopped at a moment’s notice when their services are required.

Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Even firefighters need to get pampered, and this vanilla brown sugar body scrub is just the ticket. It will slough off dead skin cells and reveal soft smooth skin, while smelling great and made out of all natural ingredients.

46 Pun Intended Thank You Gifts

If you’re still looking for fun ways to thank the firefighter in your life, here are 46 more ways to say thank you, all with delicious puns attached to them. Scan the list and come up with your best pun-intended thank you gift ideas.

Diy Cornhole Boards

Cornhole is a fun family game that can be played outside in the summer months, or inside when the days are colder. With this brilliant article, you will be able to make your very own cornhole boards that can be painted in any way, shape or theme that you like. Follow the link to find out more.

Diy Cozy No Sew Throw Blanket

No sew DIY tutorials are the best; they are simple, fun, and often leave you with something truly awesome. This particular tutorial will teach you how to create a no sew throw blanket that will bring comfort, warmth, and coziness to the recipient’s life that they will be ever grateful for.

Diy Reusable Lunch Bags Tutorial

Lunch bags are brilliant, but they are no friend of the environment. Luckily, if someone in your life takes a packed lunch to work every day, you can use the information found here to make them a set of reusable lunch bags to keep their food fresh and their conscience clear.

Diy Secret Pocket Pillow Tutorial

Would you love to find a way to send someone a simple ‘I appreciate you’ message in the mornings? Not to worry, as this DIY project has got you covered. In just a few simple steps you will be able to create a secret pocket pillow that will allow you to give loving messages whenever you desire.

Diy Rice Bag Eye Mask Tutorial

Firefighters have a taxing job, so it would make sense that they suffer from headaches from time to time. With this article, you will be able to competently and confidently sew your very own DIY rice bag eye mask; the mask itself can be kept in the freezer and will relieve pain and discomfort when needed.


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